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Avalas, Infinite Battlefield

Brahm, prone on the floor, rolled out of the way of the ogre's flail. A horrid thing, clad in iron peeled up at the end like spikes, it wielded a heavy chain affixed to a cinder block the size of a small dog. The ogre dragged the block back, leaving a dent in the steel ground, preparing for another throw. Brahm quickly struggled to his feet.
The block hit squarely on his shield, which he'd only barely been able to raise in time. The shockwave hit his bones, and nearly knocked him prone again; the clang of the impact rang out, joining the cacophony of clashes and clanging. Soon, he would drop the shield, he wouldn't have the energy to get back up, and his head would be crushed under the flail. He thought of an egg crushed under a boot with a crackling crunch.
The sky was a dull red, the air as bright as the afternoon sun. The smell of blood ached in the air. Brahm looked past the ogre standing over him, at the infinite battlefield he was trapped in. In the carmine expanse, he saw the great cubes. Massive planes of steel, each covered in poor lost souls like him, each locked in hopeless battle like he was. He could hear the clanging from their swords, each clash adding to the chorus, growing ever louder, congealing into a high-pitched tone, an ever-present humming of lingering war. He let out a sigh, giving up. There wasn't any escape from this. All that there was here, was the cubes... flying.... closer.
The two closest cubes collided with each other, each the size of a mountain and flying at hundreds of miles per hour. When the steel surfaces collided, it let out a horrifying screeching, metal bending and tearing and cutting through metal, the two cubes split apart into four.
The ogre dropped the flail, covering its ears and nearly falling over. Brahm, seeing his chance, leaped up and tackled them to the ground, bashing them in their face with his shield. The bloodcurling screech still saturating the air, it was joined by the repeated crunch of the ogre's face, dozens of cracks and blows, until all that was left was a bloody pulp, chunks of bones swimming in the blood. Avalas smiled upon him, and he could feel the energy of Acheron pouring into him, strengthening him off the death of the bestial thing. Muscles straining, he breathed in the blood-stained air, powered through the curdling scream of the plane, and roared.

My heart overflows with bitterness
Have you ever cleaned yourself in blood, since nobody had water?
I have.
Have you ever killed a man so you could feed him to your daughter?
I have.
They say it's an adventure, but I haven't had one yet.
All I've had is blood, and tears, and pain, and pus, and sweat,
and still they tell me righteousness waits just one victim more.
War's not Hell, but it's right next door.
*-*Hamlett Morning, halfling poet, after being drafted into a hobgoblin military junta

There is a world for those who have been claimed by evil gods of war. It is a world of pointless bloodshed, full of death. It is populated by all manner of evil men, awesome machines of waging war, brutal dictators and heartless tacticians, and great iron fortresses of all kinds and sizes. It is called Avalas, the first layer of the outer plane of Acheron, where Lawful Neutral and Lawful Evil souls are brought for their eternal punishment.
There is no ground in Acheron. There are only immense steel cubes floating in the infinite void. Most of these cubes range from the size of a house to the size of a mountain. Some are as small as an apple, some are as large as a moon. The evil gods of war have each claimed one of these cubes to be their divine domain, and they are populated with cities and forts to train their minions and send them to their deaths in the name of victory and in the name of Avalas.
These cubes fly through the air at great speed. Often, their courses collide, and they ring out with a great clangor. This clang is added to the great hum of the plane, where the echoes of all past collisions still linger in the air, growing ever louder, making it impossible to concentrate on anything but violence. Nobody can sleep in Avalas- if not because of the horrible deeds they've been forced to do, then because the sound of the plane keeps them awake. There is no silence in Acheron. Play Link 1 and Link 2 and Link 3 at the same time, all looped. You can play around with playback speed to get the desired effect.
The most reliable way to reach Avalas, which you should never hope to do, is the river Styx, which empties into this plane from Avernus. Unlike on other planes, the Styx has no place to flow in Acheron, and it crashes from cube to cube, falling ever downward in a series of deadly waterfalls. The merrenoloths know how to navigate the river even here, however, and will ferry lost souls for a price.
Separately, in the world of Ultimate Law rests the deific embodiment of Cosmic Order, which is named Primus.#/media/File:D&DPrimus.JPG) Arising from a pool of primordial energy, it towers over the clocks and gears of its plane as tall as a mountain. Its right hand is bathed in a light of many colors; its left hand is bathed in darkness. These are gateways to Arcadia, the good world of Law and work; and to Acheron, the evil world of Law and desolate war. If you trek to the center of Mechanus, and speak to Primus, perhaps it will pick you up in its left hand and the darkness will bring you to Avalas. Very few people find that easier done than collecting a merrenoloth's fee.
Failing either of those, this world can be reached through sparse portals in the material plane. In the mountains south of Kraznodar, over the gorges and ravines, it is said there is an abandoned mine somewhere among the peaks. On the last day of summer, heat's last dominion before the earth starts to die, a deep red light can be seen from inside the mine between noon and dusk, and a person who wanders in will be stranded in Avalas.
If you ever wander the desecrated site of some horrible war, be careful. Under the most wretched of the corpses, or in the darkest pool of blood, there may be a pit to the first layer of Acheron, from which you can never escape.


Common advice for those traveling to Avalas is not to bring food or water. You will be cut down in battle long before you need it anyways.
Spells such as tiny hut, magnificent mansion, rope trick, and demiplane, or magic items such as a rod of security are important for traveling the plane, as without taking magical means of security, you will not be able to last for 8 hours without coming into conflict with another denizen of the plane.
The other denizens of Acheron have far less to lose than you do as a mortal. They will be resurrected by whatever dark god claimed them, and you will be dead.

The best way to survive on this plane for a long time is participating in it. You survive in Acheron by killing.
  • Bloodlust. While in Acheron, a creature gains temporary hit points equal to half its hit point maximum whenever it reduces a creature to 0 hit points.
The plane itself rewards you for prolonging the war. And nowhere on the plane is this more useful and relevant than on Avalas, where the plane is most populated and most brutal.

Nishrek, home of the orcish gods

When the blood-red sky makes their blood run dry, Gruumsh One-Eye goes strong!
When their blood goes splat and their bones go flat, Baghtru Leg-Breaks on!
When your blood runs hot or you start to rot, Yurtrus claims his own!
When your blood gets spilled and your lust is filled, Luthic brings you home!
Nishrek is believed to be the largest cube in Avalas. Each side is as large as a continent on the material plane, and each side is flooded with every orc, troll, and ogre who ever lived.
The terrain of Nishrek is a flat, barren plain, spotted with dug trenches and conical pits, sparse brushes and nets of barbed wire, and iron citadels and infernal war machines. Here, the goblinoid forces of Maglubiyet land and wage war against the orcs of Gruumsh and his kin.
Sample Map
Gruumsh's Iron Fortress. Gruumsh One-Eye, father of the orcs, lives in a massive Iron Citadel. This fortress can hold entire orcish armies within its walls when Gruumsh needs to protect them. Bards tell tales of orcish armies retreating inside the walls and battering off invading goblin forces for many weeks. Likewise, tales tell of orcish armies which Gruumsh did not deign to protect, and were cut down and slaughtered banging on the outside of the walls, begging for sanctuary.
Luthic's Caves. Beneath Gruumsh's Iron Fortress, and spreading out for many hundreds of miles, Luthic Cave Mother of the Orcs has built an expanse of tunnels in which her followers stay. She clawed apart the rocks herself with her long claws. The orcs in these caves are more likely to be mages or clerics, arts which Gruumsh frowns upon among his own direct followers.
Yurtrus' Fleshslough. Yurtrus, the orc god of disease, built a tower of flesh on Nishrek, from which he does horrible things to those unlucky enough to stumble near. He has absolute control over reality within the tower, his domain, and amuses himself with the pain of the condemned souls of Acheron. The orcs are especially vulnerable, as Gruumsh has decreed that orcs to weak to fight will be fed to Yurtrus to be flayed of flesh- a fate worse than death.
Vaprak's Layers. Vaprak the Destroyer, god of ogres, trolls, and brutal lesser giant-kin, is rumored to live in some cave somwhere on Nishrek. Most scholars say the god lives in the depths of the Abyss, but the strong presence of Vaprak's worshippers in Avalas can't be simply brushed off.
  • An abandoned Iron Citadel, infested with rust monsters who are trying to eat the fortress and the cube itself. One has curled into a cocoon of some kind.
  • An abandoned Iron Citadel (could us the golgari mansion map (GGR)), infested with bone devils trying to recruit soldiers for the Blood War. They may try to recruit the players, but will change course to try to cut a deal of some kind if they realize they're mortals.
  • An abandoned Iron Citadel, home to a hill giant (haugjotnar) bitter and regretful that he rejected his master Grolantor in life. They may be accompanied by ogres, all sitting around a campfire and feeding off each others' bitterness. The campfire is the flesh of the dead.
  • 2 Orc Red Fangs of Shargaas traveling with 1 Orc Hand of Yurtruus. They each travel on a Giant Bat, and will abduct adventurers to bring them to a nearby flesh tower to be flayed.
  • A goblinoid war party, consisting of a bugbear, two golins, and a hobgoblin. They either ambush the party, or try to convince them to join them in war against the orcs.
  • A particularly adaptive troll. Whenever it takes fire, cold, lightning, poison, acid, psychic, or necrotic damage, it deals an additional d4 of that damage type to anyone who hits it with a melee attack or is hit by it's melee attack for the next minute.
  • A young blue dragon magically chained up by a band of orcs, forced to fight for the orcs.
  • A small band of orcs hunting down a Canoloth (MTF). They may try to enlist the players . The Canoloth might do likewise, offering its services as a soldier.
  • A rogue Inevitable (the Marut (MTF), for example) attempts to force the party back to the material plane, where they belong.
  • An Orc War Band. Roll on the following tables:
Warriors (ordinary orcs) 6d6
Eyes of Gruumsh 2d6+2
Orogs 2d6+2
Claws of Luthic (VGM) 1d4
Hands of Yurtruus (VGM) 1d4
Nurtured One of Yurtruus (VGM) 6d4
Leadership: Roll a d8.
1 Tanarruk (VGM) Quadruple each kind of orc in the composition table.
2 Blade of Ilneval (VGM) Double each kind of orc in the composition table.
3-4 Orc War Chief
5-6 None Halve each kind of orc in the composition table.
Special Creatures: Roll a d8.
1 2d4 ogres
2 1d6 trolls
3 1d6 bearded devils
4 An oni
5 2d6 spineD devils
6 A malebranche devil
7 A frost giant
8 3d4+2 hell hounds
Nishrek Adventures.
  • The party has been trapped in Avalas, and must survive a night inside an Iron Citadel until allies can show up and bring them back to the material plane.
  • An Ichor-Iron Golem has been terrorizing local villages, then escaping through a portal to Nishrek. The party must track it down by following the trail of demonic ichor it leaves behind, and shut it down.
  • A hobgoblin general has hired the party to clear out an Iron Citadel populated by an Orc War Band.
  • A hobgoblin general has hired the party to track down the knowledge to create a Tanarukk (VGM) from a mountain sage, kidnap an orc and transform them into a Tanarukk, and bring that Tanarukk to Avalos to overthrow a particular Orc War Chief and cause enough instability to take the War Band down.
  • A yugoloth has offered its service in exchange for the party infiltrating some of Luthic's caves, and finding a catatonic Ultraloth being held captive.

Clangor, home of Maglubiyet, goblin lord

When Maglubiyet conquered the goblin gods, he left their home in the multiverse abandoned, and he brought their afterlife to Avalos to wage war on Gruumsh's orcs. His hobgoblin warlords brutally train the goblins and bugbears into deadly legions, and are sent off to Nishrek, from which they will never return.
The surface of this cube, each face the size of a large island, is mostly covered in steel battlegrounds in which the goblins train, which are dotted with the entrances to a vast network of cave tunnels inside the cube. These fields are always ringing with the clashing steel of warring goblinoids, repeatedly killing each other in anticipation of their mission against the orcs. These training grounds are bordered by wide metal cities full of barracks and forges with which to train and arm goblin soldiers.
In the cave system inside clangor, there are underground monsters who have made a nest here. There are also runaways from the fighting attempting to survive in the caves alone rather than live out eternity in the pointless bloodshed.
Grashmog, Heart of Battle. Maglubiyet lives in a steel temple six times the size of the largest temples on the material plane. It is where dead goblinoid souls first appear in Acheron, and where they are anointed by the evil clerics of The Iron One to begin their eternal vigilance.
Legions of clerics reside here, clerics of death and clerics of war.
Huggelkolohk. Legends tell of the bugbear god Hruggek residing in Pandemonium, or Hades, but in truth he lives in Acheron. He has dug out a complex of intersecting tunnels, full of sharp turns, bridges, hidden compartments, and alcoves. Hruggek is the god of ambushes, and all three kinds of goblinoid and more sneak around in Huggelkolohk; bugbears and trolls hide in alcoves and beneath bridges to strike passersby down in one sneak attack, goblins and kobolds crawl about in parallel passageways in the walls to strike through arrow-holes, and hobgoblins and humans exercise wit and tactics by organizing small parties to survive in this realm of surprise for as long as possible. By Hruggek's design, it is nearly impossible to tell when you first pass from ordinary caverns beneath Clangor into Hugglekolohk.
Draukari. The kobold god Kurtulmak has scraped out a labyrinth here for the more lawful-leaning kobold followers of his, outside his realm in Baator. It is a massive complex of narrow winding corridors which only a small creature can fit through. Mostly kobolds live in these caverns in infinite games of brutality against each other, but it is not uncommon for a band of goblins to be sent down into Draukari for training by fire.
  • A band of goblinoids, consisting of two goblins, a bugbear, and a goblin. They're squatting in a camp outside a collapsed iron citadel.
  • 2d6 bugbears. They all play musical instruments.
  • 3d4 kobolds traveling with 3d4 goblins. They're traveling as a band together looking for an orc who's come to Clangor, but are likely to turn on each other at a moments' notice.
  • A hobgoblin carrying around chained and exhausted orc slaves who she plans on killing to gain the temporary hit points from Acheron's Bloodlust in a pinch.
  • Osko and Nimlagger, a bugbear Death Knight and a hobgoblin Death Priest (use the drow matron mother stats (MTF), but replace dark elf abilities such as Fey Ancestry with hobgoblin abilities such as Martial Advantage.)
  • A goblin cleric anointing a murdered human to claim them for Maglubiyet instead of whatever dark god (if any) they were fighting for before. If the goblin is left uninterrupted, that human will be risen by Maglubiyet to begin fighting and training eternally on Clangor.
  • An Adamantine Bullette. It is covered in plates of adamantine, each peeling up at the edges into rusting spikes. Its teeth are made of jagged shards of adamantine. (Use the bullette stat block, but it is immune to critical hits, its weapon attacks deal magical damage, and it can burrow through solid metal. ) Ordinarily, adamantine cannot rust, but the magic of Acheron takes its toll.
  • A tanarruk (VGM) has found its way to Clangor, and will give the players an ultimatum: help it storm Grashmog, or die. It may or may not be accompanied by an orcish war band, half of which has already fallen in battle.
  • Three goblins and a hobgoblin trying to subdue an escaped hell hound.
  • A goblinoid war party. Roll on the following tables:
Foot Soldiers (ordinary goblins) 3d4
Brutes (ordinary bugbears) 1d6
Warriors (ordinary hobgoblins) 1d4
Hobgoblin Iron Shadow (VGM) 1d4-1
Hobgoblin Devastator (VGM) 1d4-1
Worgs 2d6+2
Leadership: Roll a d8.
1 Hobgoblin Warlord Double each kind of goblinoid in the war party's composition.
2-3 Hobgoblin Captain
4-5 Bugbear Chieftain
6-7 Goblin Boss
8 None Halve each kind of goblinoid in the war party's composition.
9 Nilbog (VGM) Hahaha!
Special Creatures: Roll a d8.
1 2d6 winter wolves
2 An imp
3 2d4 imps
4 A merregon devil (MTF)
5 An orthon (MTF)
6 2 helmed horrors
7 1d2 lamia
8 A barghest

Clangor Adventures:
  • An ally has been trapped in the caverns of Huggelkolohk. The party must descend into the core of Clangor to find them before a goblinoid war band does.
  • Kalbussin, a bugbear blackguard (MTF), runs an iron citadel which has been overrun by dozens of nilbogs. He tasks the party with rounding them up without killing them, so that he may consume their essence and be rid of the creatures forever. It is extremely difficult to tell an ordinary goblin and a nilbog apart unless the nilbog gives it away.
  • Goblinoids have been invading the material plane, but their spies have all been captured or worse. The players are hired to find a way to get to Clangor, discover where the spies are being kept, and storm that fortress to release the spies and hopefully gather information on the location of their next assault. And then get it all home without dying.
  • As it turns out, Garl Glittergold (god of the gnomes) had no idea that Kurtulmak was still trapped in that labyrinth he left him in! He begs the players to dive into Draukari to try to find Kurtulmak, and set him free. Glittergold equips the players with some powerful, quintessentially gnomish equipment and gives them a special gnomish artifact to present to Kurtulmak as a sign of good faith.
  • An orc war chief from Nishrek has offered the party a Talisman of Ultimate Evil if they bring her the head of a hobgoblin death priest from Clangor, and retrieve a Talisman of the Sphere which they had stolen from the chief. The death priest in question is in the tower of an ancient keep filled with undead hobgoblin revenants. Once the party has retrieved the Talisman, they must bring it safely back to the orc war chief, surviving the ire of powerful creatures who know what the party holds.

The Hive Fortress of Bralm

Can you count to one? Good, good.
Can you count to three? Good, I see.
Can you calculate momentum from its speed and density?
Can you estimate the area of work you'll oversee?
Can you integrate, diff'rentiate, a slave's integrity?
Can you do the math, or hold the whip, did you place the bricks right where they go?
Oh, I know!
I know just what you'll be.
Bralm is the goddess of industriousness, and takes the form of giant insects such as scorpions, ankhegs, and most commonly an enormous wasp. In the afterlife of Acheron, she has built a great golden city with great steel walls on one side of a mile-wide cube. Like eusocial insects, in life her people lived within their natural place in society, from the kings and queens to the lowliest slaves, each knowing where they were supposed to be. In the afterlife here in the hive fortress, those of her worshippers who perpetuated those systems are rewarded with the chance to continue their eternal service.
The walls are heavily fortified with great monsters- especially gelugon ice devils, osyluth bone devils, and flying spinagon spine devil warriors. Outside the walls, the rest of Bralm's cube is laid barren and infested with soul larvae she has collected from Hades.
Inside the walls- inside her domain -however, there are no such horrors. There is only the role you are meant to play in the clock-like society, and if you know your place and kiss the feet you're meant to kiss you will always be granted safe haven within the walls of the Hive Fortress. If you ever get tired of civilized society you're always free to leave of course... and continue to taste the desolation of Acheron for all eternity.
City Encounters.
  • A corrupted pentadrone which barks orders at the players, commanding them to partake in the week-long construction of a golden tower, or else fall victim to its squadron of spined devils. This pentadrone knows infernal, and its melee weapon attacks deal an additional d4 necrotic damage on a hit. In addition, it can cast dominate person 3 times per day, using Intelligence as its spellcasting ability.
  • An ankheg with intelligence 18, which dutifully keeps peace and order in Bralm's realm as thanks for its awakening.
  • A priest of Bralm (use the statistics of a lawmage (GGR) or an archon of the triumvirate (GGR)) desperately chasing down a gaggle of rust monsters before they can cause any further damage to the city or its walls.
  • A dwarf slave trying to convince the other slaves to rise up and kill their oppressors. If the players do not intervene, flip a coin; on a heads, another slave tackles them and fights them until one of them is unconscious in the hopes of maintaining order; on a tails, two human guards and a giant scorpion beat the shit out of them.
  • A shopkeeper selling their wares for the low, low price of bringing them three kidnapped soldiers from outside the city. They offer rare Acheron equipment, exotic monsters trained to be used as mounts, and the performance of mysterious favors.
Mounts Equipment Services
A giant wasp (medium) . An ersatz eye (VGM) that gives you true sight if you have just gouged out your eye with a special dagger provided by the shopkeeper. It will infect you with a disease from the DMG, chosen by the DM. The murder of any non-lycanthrope humanoid of CR 5 or less, as long as you know their name and they are not a member of a royal family.
A rust monster (medium) . Spiked +2 chainmail that deals an additional 1d6 piercing damage to any creature you hit with an unarmed strike or who hits you with a melee attack from within 5 feet. The enchantment of any item, giving it an additional +1 to attack rolls and damage on weapon attacks made using it unless it is already a +3 weapon.
An ankheg. A set of solid gold plate which you must be lawful evil to attune to, and which allows you to cast dominate person once per short rest. Permanently changing your physical appearance in any way which could be imitated by the spell disguise self.
A giant scorpion with the "magic weapons" trait. An iron gauntlet which gives the wielder a fly (hover) speed equal to twice their walking speed as long as they are on Acheron. Permanently destroying any non-artifact magical item the party has on-hand.
A brown bear whose skin peels up like rusty iron plates, dealing 1d6 piercing damage to any creature within 5 ft which hits it with a melee attack. A wand of rust. It comes with 6 charges and regains 1d4+2 charges daily at dawn. You can expend one charge to corrode and destroy up to one square foot of a nonmagical ferrous metal object that is not being worn or carried within 30 feet of you. Ten minutes of being unnoticed by any of Bralm's guards or employees. When the time is up, they will know they missed something, but not what unless it is obvious.
Wilderness Encounters.
  • A bone devil giving out 10 gold pieces for each living soul larvae brought to it.
  • A quadrone, four tridrones, twelve duodrones, and 24 monodrones, all working in a section of field killing soul larvae in an attempt to remove non-lawful influences from the plane.
  • A nagpa (MTF) who tracked down the soul of a humanoid of interest to them, and is destroying soul larvae in the hopes of squishing the right one and gaining its memories and knowledge.
  • A pit, at the bottom of which is a riddle: "blood, sweat, and the reaction to their fruitlessness." If a creature answers "tears," it reveals the layer of Gaeza, a guardian naga, who will grant a wand of wonder to any party with good creatures, and will defend the item with their life if any evil creatures are present.
  • A green plant with a black-and-yellow caterpillar sitting on it. It is unclear how such a fragile living thing has survived here for any length of time, but it doesn't die.

Bahgtru's Moon

Bahgtru is the son of Gruumsh, and the orcish god of strength. It said that he guides every orc's axe, and because he is stupid he dutifully follows the orders of his superiors: Ilneval the tactician, and his father. But every millennia or so, Bahgtru tires of his treatment and the condescension of the other orcish gods, and rebels against his father. He sets up his own divine realm on the same steel cube, one hundred miles on a side, and begins a great tournament to satiate his own bloodlust and desire for strength.
These periods represent moments of weakness in the orc kingdoms of the material plane. When Bahgtru splits from Gruumsh, there is direction without strength, and there is strength without direction. At least, it is said.
  • An empyrean from Ysgard, who came to see what sort of challenges might be waiting in a plane of evil.
  • An ancient black dragon torturing weaker orcs. They may set their eyes on the party.
  • A beached dragon turtle, which begs to be returned to the elemental plane of water as it beats off orc warriors to the best of its abilities.
  • A cadaver collector (MTF), collecting bodies before they can be raised or claimed by Bahgtru.
  • One of Bahgtru's orc champions:
A mutant orc whose skin reacts to bloodlust of the plane, regenerating their health constantly instead of gaining only temporary hit points on a kill. Use the statistics of a Frost Giant Everlasting One.
An orc "kissed by Surtr," who is one with the aspect of fire. They fly by jetting fire behind them, and bathe their enemies in flame before beating them with their bare hands. Use the statistics of an Adult Red Dragon.
An orc touched by a leak to far realms deep, whose mind was awakened and whose body was mutated to match the eldritch energies. Use the statistics of a Star Spawn Hulk
An orc who ate the heart of an ice devil, and conjures the cold winds of Levistus before impaling rivals in war. Use the statistics of a Frost Salamander
An orc whose forearms have been amputated, and several leather whips have been magically grafted onto each stump. They are now a recluse to devours the flesh of the already-dead. Use the statistics of a Corpse Flower


I carefully held the stars
Let them breathe shyly in my arms
They slipped gently over my mortal bones
Like an ethereal river
Like a waterfall of souls
-Camelia Dragusin, dragonborn poet
When the Styx flows from Hell into Avalas, it splashes into a torrent of dark water, abruptly falling from its ghastly coursing into a vertical flooding waterfall. At the place where this began, where it first enters Avalas, the sudden delving deluge completely subsumed an entire floating cube: the cube of Reizmis. Its surface is naught but thick cakes of rust, it's lateral motion halted, but it still spins in place within the Styx all these millennia later.
The Doomguard is an organization of apocalypse-worshippers; while they do not destroy everything they came across, they yearn for the multiverse to return to the same state as Limbo, where entropy is maximal and all of the elements cascade together. They have piloted a base in orbit around Reizmis: a red stone chaos ship, a kind of spelljammer made of smooth, inky stone and gold that runs on a limo engine. They have set up a mine inside Reizmis in the torrent of the Styx, and may be able to get the players in or out... if their ideals align somewhat with the Doomguard's.
CHAOS SHIP use the statistics of a WAR SHIP (Ghost of Saltmarsh), with the following changes:
  • The chaos ship has a travel speed of 6 miles per hour (144 miles per day).
  • The chaos ship has a Dexterity score of 8 (-1).
  • The chaos ship has resistance to fire, cold, and lightning damage, as well as bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage from nonmagical weapons.
  • The chaos ship loses the Movement: Oars and Movement: Sails movement options and gains the following movement options:
Movement: Engine. Armor Class 12. Hit points 100, -15 ft. speed per 25 damage taken. Speed (fly) 60 ft.
  • The chaos ship gains the following possible action: "Warp. The chaos ship can use its Helm to warp with its spelljammer," as well as the following warp option:
Warp: Spelljammer. Armor Class 15. Hit points 50.
The chaos ship can cast plane shift on itself and all its crew and passengers once per day.
Encounters on the Outside of Reizmis. Reizmis is fully submerged in the river Styx, and those crawling on the outside of the cube are like to face its wrath. Even if you are immune to the deleterious effects of the river, its inhabitants will come calling: use the underwater encounter tables from Xanather's Guide to Everything, but any creatures summoned have the following changes: their alignment becomes evil if their intelligence is 5 or greater, the gain immunity to necrotic and poison damage and resistance to fire and cold damage, and a PC hit by such a creature's melee weapon attacks must succeed on a DC 13 Wisdom saving throw or suffer from short-term madness (DMG).


Achaierai (uh - chai - ir - eye) are bird-like fiends which dwell in Acheron, especially in Avalas.
They appear as colorful bird-like creatures the size of a rhinoceros, who run on four bird-like legs like a horseor an antelope and have no wings. They are evil fiends, always lawful evil and delighting in the torturing of the chaotic dead.
Large fiend, lawful evil
AC 16 HP 68 (8d10 + 24) speed 40 ft
Str 18 (+4) | Dex 13 (+1) | Con 16 (+3) | Int 11 (+0) | Wis 15 (+2) | Cha 17 (+3)
Saving Throws Constitution +6, Charisma +6
Skills Acrobatics +7, Insight +5, Perception +5
Damage Resistances blugeoning, piercing, and slashing from nonmagical weapons
Damage Immunities fire, poison
Senses darkvision 60 ft, passive perception 12
Languages Infernal, either Modron or Abyssal
Multiattack. The achaierai makes two melee attacks. Only one attack can be with its beak.
Beak. Melee weapon attack. +7 to hit, reach 5 ft, 9 (2d4+4) piercing damage on a hit.
Claw. Melee weapon attack. +7 to hit, reach 10 ft, 7 (d6+4) piercing damage on a hit.
Smoke Cloud (recharge 4-6). The achaierai releases a black cloud of fiendish smoke in a 20 ft cube extending from itself. Each creature within the cube must make a DC 14 Constitution saving throw. On a failure, the creature takes 7 (2d6) poison damage plus 7 (2d6) psychic damage, and is under the effects of the confusion spell until the end of their next turn. The creature takes half damage on a successful save.

Achaierai Encounters.
  • A pack of three achaierai trying to route the players off, setting an ambush.
  • Two bearded devils, each riding achaierai like mounts. If given the chance, the mounts will turn on the devils.
  • An achaierai offers to temporarily serve as a mount for a party member in exchange for a fiendish favor at a later date. It will either ask them to kill a fellow party member at an opportune moment, or it will ask them to kill a weakened NPC.
  • An achaierai offers to temporarily serve as a mount for a party member in exchange for a fiendish favor at a later date. As soon as the player mounts it, it will dash that player as far away from the rest of the party as possible and devour them. Alternatively, it will wait a day or two and steal a magic item in the party's sleep.
  • An achaierai with 4d6 hobgoblins in chains, whom it will force to fight the party to the death. If the achaierai is killed, the hobgoblins will shed their chains, 1d6 of them will leave, and the rest will continue to fight the party anyways.

Finally Brienne said, "How old were you when they marched you off to war?"
Why, no older than your boy," Meribald replied. "Too young for such, in truth, but my brothers were all going, and I would not be left behind. Willam said I could be his squire, though Will was no knight, only a potboy armed with a kitchen knife he'd stolen from the inn. He died upon the Stepstones, and never struck a blow. It was fever did for him, and for my brother Robin. Owen died from a mace that split his head apart."
"The War of the Ninepenny Kings?" asked Hyle Hunt.
"So they called it, though I never saw a king, nor earned a penny. It was a war, though. That it was."
-George Martin, dwarven novelist
submitted by Dorocche to DnDBehindTheScreen

4-HO-MPT + DCK "flip" - between the realm of living and dying

about a week ago, i decided to say fuck it and take a long sought after plunge into my hedonistic fantasies and take these three compounds together. i had mixed psychedelics with dissociatives and psychedelics with empathogens before, but never tried all 3 in one trip. this trip came at a pretty good time; i had a fairly light trip 2 weeks prior that was quite cathartic, and before that i had not tripped in a significant capacity since new years. i had recently got in some MDMA that i was eager to test as well, so i decided to make a night out of it. although i have forgotten some of the minutiae of the trip, the experience itself is definitely one of the more unique ones i've had. my apologies if this gets lengthy; feel free to skim at your discretion.
weighing out and planning my dosing for the night. i settle on 20 mg 4-HO-MPT and 80 mg MDMA to start, and 25 mg DCK + a 40 mg MDMA redose for a bit later. haven't eaten anything major in the 4 hours preceding. typically i get some anxiety when im about to dose, but this time i feel pretty calm actually. in the interim, i empty my bladder and make sure i have ample water available, etc.
i consume my initial dose (20 mg 4-HO-MPT + 80 mg MDMA) along with ginger for nausea and magnesium for body tension/bruxism. it is almost exactly midnight when i take the initial dose.
i begin to feel like i am coming up. im a bit surprised at how quickly i am feeling the effects come on, however i dont let that deter me. i feel a bit more restless and energized, however i also feel a strong desire to settle down and try to relax through the come up.
effects are continuing to come on fast. i am laying in my bed at this point and i am already feeling some increased tactile enhancement. at this point, i put on a playlist i made to accompany this experience that approximately aligns with my trip "schedule," so to speak. the first 30 minutes of the playlist is comprised of a calm, nature-inspired ambient EP i stumbled upon earlier this year. i set my color changing lightbulb to green to match the vibe.
i find it hard to find a comfortable position to lay in; i can feel the liquid contents of my stomach sloshing around, and i am almost fully convinced that if i lay down completely, it will all come pouring out of asshole since my muscles feel so strange. a bit of a ridiculous thought to entertain, but i decided it would be best to not risk it for the time being.
instead, i am sprawled in a weird half sit, half laying down position. i am utterly entranced by the feeling of my sweatpants fabric against my hand, so i begin to massage my legs. this distracts me from my stomach well enough. it is hard to focus on the music because i am stuck between unadulterated ecstatic psychedelic bliss and the turnings of my stomach. i decide to cut the music so i can fully settle myself. a drink of water reinvigorates me. at this point i begin to get body tremors, which i seem to get on just about every substance. each tremble of my muscles sends waves of energy to my brain, and i continue to massage myself.
at this point, i am just touching myself all over my body and squirming in a tactile paradise. i stand up for a bit to light a scented vanilla candle in the room in hopes to please as many of my senses as possible. it is hard for me to walk over to light the candle, but i manage to complete the task. i quickly rush back over to my bed because at this point i can feel the weirdness of the 4-HO-MPT coming on vividly. i continue to touch myself all over; my hand grazes my penis for a moment and the pleasure i feel is absolutely immense. just one graze has inflated my penis to an orgasmic half erect state, with each throb sending pleasure waves throughout my body. i begin to question the pleasure i am feeling; how much pleasure is too much? can you overdose on pleasure? if you can, then it seems i will be finding out in the coming hours.
"this is definitely the most intense experience i've had," i think to myself at this point. this is not true, however the amount of stimulus i am feeling at this point is overloading my brain. all i can think about is how good everything is, can be, and will be. i am experiencing more visuals than i expected to, as typically 4-HO-MPT is a bit light on the visuals compared to 4-AcO-DMT or LSD ime. i decide to turn off the green light so that my room is illuminated only by candle as i continue to lose myself in the pleasure overriding any normal thought processes. audio hallucinations begin to kick in (something that i seem to get much more strongly than others). they sound like alien oscillators generating sliding tones at frequencies my ears are not at all accustomed to.
"wait, why am i not listening to music right now?" i pop my earbuds in and and align myself with the planned playlist. DHL by Frank Ocean. wow. i am immediately entranced. it feels like Frank Ocean is right next to me, singing to me specifically, like the instrumentation was perfectly crafted and refined to match the wavelength that i am operating on. it feels so god damn good to just roll around in my bed, "dancing" to the music. every movement feels so natural and perfect.
i have to pause after listening to that song just to recollect myself, and then i dive back in. In My Room by Frank Ocean. fitting, i think to myself, since i am also in my room lol. much of the same stuff happens. after this song begins the next part; The Slow Rush by Tame Impala. this is where shit starts to get weird. the opening track, One More Year, begins to play. the opening sample already has me grooving, and then the drums kick in. i move my hands to the rhythm and get lost in the tracers they leave behind. unlike when on LSD where the tracers seem to fade, these tracers had a much more persistent appearance to them (think like solitaire on windows XP). as i gaze at these tracers, it feels like my mind and therefore reality itself is melting completely. at this point the song is at its breakdown/bridge. the song elements begin to stack on each other with greater and greater intensity, building up to an absolutely thunderous drop. after this occurs, my mind feels like it has been shattered completely.
the song fades out and i again pause my listening to try and comprehend what the fuck i just experienced. this turns out to be a mistake; i am now at the point where what you and i know as comprehension is not possible. the flickering candle begins to mess with my visuals in an interesting way as light seems to morph rather uncharacteristically. this puzzles me to a great extent, and reality is no longer making sense at all (again, comprehension is not possible). i close my eyes and get lost in the CEVs. 4-HO-MPT gives me a lot of circular, tentacle looking visuals, which were present at this point. i interpret the patterns as appearing quite thick and heavy, which begins to pervade my thoughts as my understanding of my thoughts takes on a similar appearance, if that makes sense.
i look at my phone and struggle immensely to just read the time on the lock screen, however i manage to ascertain that it has been an hour and half. what that means, i am not quite sure, however i figure now is as good a time as any to consume the MDMA redose and the DCK.
i consume the two substances orally and wash it down with water. just the feeling of rehydrating myself brings great joy, as i feel like i am suckling water out of the teat of mother earth herself. i thank the powers that be for water, truly an amazing chemical.
i decide to resume my music listening with the next song on the album, Instant Destiny. i get about halfway through before i rip my earbuds off. like i said, reality no longer makes sense, and with that comes an inability to listen to music in any meaningful way. my senses are so acutely aware of everything that is happening that my brain, which has been rendered mush at this point, cannot process all the information it is receiving. i try to put them back on a few minutes later, but decide that at this point music will no longer be useful. the aforementioned audio hallucinations have also proved quite distracting to my listening experience.
there is something demanding my attention at this point, however i cannot really determine what exactly that is. i begin to feel a sensation in my brain that feels like a tendril sliding in between the cracks of my brain to interact directly with my conscious being. soon, there are multiple tendrils weaving into my brain, massaging it and making their way to what feels like the essence of my being. what happens at this point is truly ineffable, however i can try to describe it with a note i wrote a little bit later in the night as i began to come down: "i interfaced with god?"
it was not "God" in an abrahamic sense or really any sort of religious god, but rather some sort of intelligent power that was operating on an entirely different plane of understanding compared to i. soon this interaction faded as the tendrils weaved out of my skull. i almost felt like it injected some sort of unknowable truth into my brain. this feeling, combined with the seeping in of the DCK + MDMA redose and the still present feeling that my brain was melting left me with one thought: "holy fuck, i really did it this time. i died." my ego has completely dissolved.
part of me is truly convinced that i am either in the process of dying or already dead; trapped in between realms. shall i fight for my life or shall i accept my death? the other part of me is thinking that there is no way i died off of the relatively safe drugs that i consumed. evidence seems to be stacking up against this thought, though. the fact that reality is literally melting before me could only mean that my brain was ceasing operation. everything in my visual field is becoming unrecognizable as my room takes on the character of what i interpret in this state to be some sort of purgatory. "holy fuck, i really did it this time. i died." this thought loops on repeat in my brain. "did i die? am i dying? what do i do?" i look to my phone to try and maybe get help, but i am again unable to understand anything and decide that it is no use. maybe i am going crazy.
i am feeling so many different emotions at once. sadness for the life i am leaving behind as i think about how my mother, my father, my brothers, my friends, etc. would react to my death. pleasure (obviously) because i am on a cocktail of substances. overbearing distress as my animal brain tries to claw itself back into the real world. happiness as the sweet release of death tries to wash over my body. paranoia as i try to ward off fears of completely losing my mind forever and just try to make sense of one thing that is happening.
at some point, i decide that any effort to push myself into either the realm of the living or the realm of the dead is no use; i shall leave it up to fate to run its course with me. tranquility begins to take over.
the DCK has kicked in fully by now, as has the redosed MDMA. i am no longer able to really think at all. the audio hallucinations are the only thing i can seem to focus on by now. the detuned waves of buzzing alien sound intermingle with the sounds of my house creaking and my roommates talking and moving around to create yet another incomprehensible mess. i begin to hallucinate sounds of impish/elvish creatures laughing and talking on top of the sound waves, although i cannot tell if they are aware of me or if i am merely eavesdropping. it feels as though my brain is a radio that is tuning into a different channel of reality, so to speak. nothing of what they said was understandable to me, however i do remember one phrase quite vividly which i shall try to recreate: "shneeckle snorf." i have no clue what the fuck that could mean.
my mind is completely empty. what i am experiencing at this time is truly ineffable. there is so much love in the universe.
to use a psychonautical cliche: "The psychotic drowns in the same waters in which the mystic swims with delight." beforehand i was struggling to tread water, trying not to drown. now i am swimming.
i am beginning to regain some awareness of my condition. it seems that the 4-HO-MPT is waning in effects. as i regain awareness, i am wholly surprised that i am even alive at all. i am grateful that i somehow ended up back in the realm of the living. it is so amazing to even just think in a somewhat familiar manner again. each thought that passes through my mind feels like a thick, heavy, and gooey flow of candy-coated sweetness that reaffirms my return to the real world. my bodily sensations feel like that as well. everything is so thick and laden with love. i spend the next 45 minutes trying to make some sense of my experience.
HOLY FUCK i need to piss. i stumble over to the bathroom and unleash a torrent of urine upon the toilet. the feeling of emptying my full bladder brings me to an almost orgasmic sensation. i emerge from the bathroom and decide that a bowl of weed would do me quite well. i have to creep through the house to try and locate the bong, feeling like a secret agent or some shit.
i finish smoking a small bowl. the weed combines very nicely with the bevy of substances that i am on, bringing back some psychedelia while also enhancing the dissociative and empathogenic effects. i turn on a light and sit in front of my mirror and make funny faces while watching my appearance morph. i look young, old, beautiful, ugly, as patterns snake around on my face. i mutter to myself "damn, i would be so hot with a beard."
alright, back to my bed. i lay under the covers and unwind as my mind slowly meanders. the weed makes me quite horny, and i try to masturbate, however stim dick + dissociation renders my penis unable to offer anything other and a slight chub.
i think i passed out for about 30 minutes because i remember at this time feeling like i had just been awoken, however it is quite possible that i was awake during that whole time and just simply experienced a dissociative induced lapse in memory. i look at memes for the next 30 minutes and drift off to sleep at 6 AM.
the day after i feel quite calm and empty, in every facet. my brain is not very active at all, and i feel quite drained. there is a bit of an afterglow, however it is more accurately described as confusion as i continue to try and piece together my thoughts of what happened the previous night.
i am still quite drained and my mind continues to feel empty. it is very hard for me to get out of bed, but once i do i am able to go about my day and function somewhat normally.
the week after this experience was quite interesting. my mind is still in a less active state, although i do not find that my cognition itself is impacted too greatly. feelings of tiredness began to wane by the middle of the week. i felt markedly less anxious and more comfortable existing in general compared to my previous baseline state, although time will only tell if these effects will continue. oh yeah, and i decided to grow my beard out... lol. this will definitely be a trip that i will think about for a long time.
TL;DR - took a lot of drugs, dissolved my ego, experienced what i could only perceive as the state of dying, interacted in some capacity with higher intelligences, felt overwhelming, unimaginable bliss throughout. overall, great combination of substances, would do again.
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