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Crossfire 2.0 no recoil hack

Cracked vortex Crossfire vs. Diamondback Review - Best Comparison

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Key crossfire Red Dot - Vortex Optics

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Vortex Crossfire 2.0 MOA Red Dot Sight CF-RD2 For Sale

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Crossfire Cheat 2020-2020

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Hack stainless Steel Guide Rods Smith & Wesson Shield 2.0 9mm

In order to prevent recoil injury, position the Red Dot so you have at least four inches of eye relief. Hard Anodized Finish: Highly durable low-glare matte finish helps camouflage the shooter's position. VORTEX OPTICS Crossfire 2 MOA Red Dot CF-RD2 check that. Update Malam Lost Saga Replace Hero (Full Hero) Ch. Script: RapidFire, No-Recoil (shield.

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OldSchoolHack - Game Hacks / Cheats

SnoWest Snowmobile Magazine is rider owned and operated; from the mountain to the pages, get it first here. Make sure the mount is solidly seated in the base groove. Mounted on Remington 300 ultra mag. It has a black-silver-red color color pattern. Crossfire 2.0 no recoil hack.

Vortex Crossfire II 2-7x32mm Rifle Scope - CF231001 for

Precision-Glide Erector System: Uses premium components in the zoom lens mechanism to ensure smooth magnification changes under the harshest conditions. Add in the included GlassPak binocular harness for quick optic deployment in the field and superior protection and comfort - The Crossfire HD truly is a rare find. It's simple, easy and free. [Release] Logitech No-Recoil script - MPGH. Overview 1.1 Advantages 1.2 Disadvantages 2 Availability 3 Variants 4 Trivia 5 Gallery 6 Videos 7 External links The Kar 98K (Karabiner 98 Kurz) is a bolt-action rifle used by Nazi Germany against the USSR's Mosin Nagantduring World War II. Much like its competitor in CrossFire, this gun acts likea sniper rifle with a mounted scope.

Some tips to get platinum on all assault rifles

Some tips to get platinum on all assault rifles
So, I just recently got platinum for all assault rifles. And while doing that, I got some tips that you guys may use to get platinum as well. I will give some tips for the camo challenges (except the get kills challenge, get kills with 5 attachments challenge, and get kills with no attachment kills, but I recommend playing hardcore for those) including recommended loadout, perks, scorestreaks, etc. As well as rating the difficulty from 1-10.
Note: This is my first reddit post and I do not have really good English so bear with me lmfao

First things first:

- This is my personal habit but I don’t recommend using your weapon xp cards immediately. Because you will never know when you will use them for more important weapons. Instead I recommend using double weapon xp cards. These cards will double your weapon xp depending on the type that you are using (Green: Double weapon xp for the next 24 hours; Blue: Double weapon xp for the next 10 matches). You should use these one by one to avoid wasting it when you're gun is max.

- You can ask your friends to donate you some weapon xp cards. If you don't have any of those things, you can just simply start playing games and complete the first challenge (get kills).
- Expect that you will get angry sometimes while doing the challenges. If that's so, I recommend resting, play other games, etc. And you can just come back to CODM later on.
- The lethal grenade should be something that damages the enemy just a little for an easier kill. A good lethal is a thermite. All tactical grenades are good in terms of easier kills, but I recommend the flashbang and concussion
With that said, let's start with the tips.

Kill enemies with hipfire challenge:

Recommended Modes: Domination, Hardpoint
- You have to risk pushing the objectives to get some to lots of kills.
Recommended map: Nuketown, firing range, hijack, and other small maps
- Do I have to explain this? Of course to easily get these hipfire kills, you have to go to a close quarter map to easily get these hipfire kills.
-But, in a situation where you keep finding yourself in medium to long range maps, you have to do a specific rotation around the map to find yourself fighting in close quarters with enemies. These rotations include pushing the spawn of the enemy. Just pray that you won't encounter plasticfoods on the way there. You can also flank for easy kills
Recommended Perks: Lightweight, Scavenger, Dead Silence
- Lightweight is to get closeflank enemies faster for easy kills.
- Scavenger is to kill as many enemies as possible.
- Dead Silence is to avoid enemies from hearing your footsteps and to not make them expect that someone is coming from behind them.
Recommended Scorestreaks: Shock RC, UAV
- Shock RC is to keep an enemy still for a few seconds and get a free kill. But for this to happen, you must follow the Shock RC to its target.
- UAV is to find the nearest target to push and kill.
Recommended Specialist: Transform Shield
- This is to stun an unexpecting enemy for an easier hipfire kill.
Recommended Gunsmith Build:

This is for slow fire rate guns. Nothing to say about this really.

This is for high fire rate guns. The extended mag is to avoid the sudden reloading when trying to kill somebody.
Overall Difficulty 5-6/10

LongShot Kills:

Recommended Modes: Domination, Hardpoint, Hardcore
- I'm sorry for pro players, but to easily get longshot kills, you have to camp. You have to camp at spots where you can see the objective and you can easily see players. Hardcore is to make killing enemies easier. I swear hardcore took longshots only 30mins-1 hour to complete.
Recommended maps: Crash, Highrise, Terminal, Scrapyard, Crash, Rust, and Crossfire ONLY
- These are all the maps where you can get 3-20 longshots. But you have to of course find a good camping spot in order to get those longshots. If a gun's recoil is to high, don't bother getting longshots in crossfire. But the other maps are good. But the best maps for this challenge are Crash and Rust because of the good long range camping spots in those two maps.
Recommended Perks: Flak Jacket, Scavenger, Third Perk is up to you
- Flak Jacket is to survive any explosive attacks that any enemy will use.
- When you run out of ammo, you can just sprint to a random scavenger pack from an enemy you killed. Then you just go back to your camping spot
- Dead Silence is to avoid enemies from hearing your footsteps and to not make them expect that someone is coming from behind them.
Recommended Scorestreaks: Shock RC, UAV
- Shock RC is to see if an enemy using dead silence is coming to you. This is to also stun an enemy for a few seconds for an easy kill.
- UAV is to find targets. And to be aware of any flanking enemies.
Recommended Specialist: Transform Shield
- This is to have extra cover and maybe block any entrance going to your camping spot
Recommended Gunsmith Build:

This is to decrease recoil especially for guns with high recoil.
Overall difficulty: 7-9/10
Just because sometimes a kill won't count as a longshot.

Headshot kills

Recommended Modes: Domination, Hardpoint, Kill Confirmed
- You have to play tactical and rush at the same time (if that makes sense).
- You also have to get used to your aim and fix your sensitivity settings so you can easily lock on to somebody's head.
- You also have to prioritize ADS bullet spread accuracy. ADS Bullet Spread Accuracy is how accurate your bullets are when firing while ADSing. In simpler terms, "does your bullet go where you want it to go."
Recommended maps: Crash, Shipment 1944, Hijack, and other small to medium maps
- All I have to say is the closer you are to your enemies, the easier headshot are. But for low recoil guns, you can also go to medium ranged maps and still expect to get some headshots. But I recommend the small maps for high recoil guns like the Type 25
Recommended Perks: Lightweight, Scavenger, Dead Silence
- Lightweight is to get closer to enemies faster for easy headshots.
- Scavenger is to kill as many enemies as possible.
- Dead Silence is to avoid enemies from hearing your footsteps and to not make them expect that someone is coming from behind them.
Recommended Scorestreaks: Shock RC, UAV
- Shock RC is to stun an enemy to make headshots easier to get.
- UAV is to find the closest targets.
Recommended Specialist: Transform Shield
- This is to flash an enemy making it easier to land a headshot
Recommended Gunsmith Build:

This build prioritizes ADS Bullet Spread Accuracy to make sure that you bullets will go where you want it to go. You may also remove the ranger foregrip and replace it with the Tac-Laser for low to no recoil guns. The extended mag is to shoot longer while going for that headshot. I also recommend a sight to be more accurate, but that is up to you, the sight you put is also up to you but I recommend the red dot sight.
Overall difficulty 7-11/10
This is seldom but sometimes a kill will count as a body shot even though you clearly aimed at the head.
My experience
- To be honest this is kinds rage inducing but it is all worth it at the end, when you see that long list of platinum achieved camos. If you ever come close to raging, find a way to relax and do something else. Then, when you come back to CODM, you will see yourself completing the challenges faster.
So overall this took me 3 weeks to complete.
1-4 days per gun depending on the difficulty.
The gun that took me the longest to complete the challenges is KN-44. *it took me 4 days to complete it, it was not fun lol.
P.S. For those who are already wondering, yes I will be doing something like this for other guns. Except for the SMG, and Pistol since I completed platinum on those guns before I though of doing something like this.
Again this is my first reddit post so don't @ me if this is not the usual reddit post that you see lol😂
submitted by eleanorreigbey to CallOfDutyMobile

What you need to know about ADS BSA, and why it is necessary.

What is ADS BSA?

If you haven't seen Path.exe's video on ADS BSA (Aim Down Sights, Bullet Spread Accuracy), here it is: https://youtu.be/Rxl1xkImdGA
He did a pretty good job showing how it works.

Why do we need ADS BSA system?

I don't speak for the devs, so this is just an assumption. ADS BSA is an arbitary weapon balance system. While Path.exe and Hawksnest may not like it, I personally think it is balanced and necessary for the following reasons.
1.Snipers need to have relevance at long ranges.
ADS BSA system limits the feasible ranges of all automatic weapons. It is why MSMC cannot challenge a sniper headglitch on the far ends of Crossfire map no matter how good your recoil control is. It is simply not meant to. There would be no point to using snipers if all automatics can be lasers.
2.BSA builds are a tradeoff. You can't have it all, don't be greedy
It wouldn't be a very interesting game if there are no-brainer attachments. Almost all BSA attachments are a trade off with Recoil Control, Movement, or ADS Speed. There is always a certain build that is suitable for certain situations, and no "one-size-fits-all" build. Trading BSA with other stats should be a conscious and informed choice.

Conclusion and BSA advice

-All BSA+ attachments (Tac laser and Granulated Grip for example) improve BSA the same amount.
-All BSA- attachments (Stippled Griptape and No stock for example) worsens BSA the same amount.
-It takes 2 of BSA+ attachments to cancel out the effect of 1 BSA- attachments
-BSA on all weapons is balanced for multiplayer maps.
-in BR, if you want to feasibly use automatics past 40m, you need to have a net BSA+ build. Do NOT put any attachments that has BSA- such as No Stock, or Stippled Grip because it will limit your feasible range below 40m. The more BSA+, the better your feasible range.
-The automatic weapon that has the best base BSA is GKS.
submitted by barasia283 to CallOfDutyMobile

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