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Fifa 11 - Page 3 - Polish Soccer

Uncommon: Going up in style Win a division title in FIFA Ultimate Team Seasons 20.6% Rare: 39.17% Uncommon: Star pupil Complete an entire day's Daily Objectives in FIFA Ultimate Team 11.1% Very Rare: 26.19% Uncommon: Master builder. Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 has virtually the same licenses as in the previous game with some notable casualties, such as faithfully recreated stadiums, but these are replaced by other, no less. CRLP (Complete Romanian League Patch) is a stunning addon which introduces the first Romanian League, "Liga 1 Bergenbier" in your favorite game. Reach 200 club appearances with a player in FIFA Ultimate Team 10.2% Very Rare: 11.79% Rare: Top Flight Football Earn 2020 FUT Champions points to achieve your first qualification for FUT Champions Weekend League 26.7% Rare: 33.88% Uncommon: Vision for Division. He is a member of the National Soccer Hall of Fame. FIFA EDITING - YOUR HOME FOR FIFA STUFF: FIFA 11 WORLD CUP. Want to show off your lineup?

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Arranging your team EA Sports' popular post-release piece of DLC that featured in FIFA 09 returned for FIFA 10, costing $4.99/400 MS points. All you need to know about every single FIFA 20 League SBC, including release dates, rewards, challenges requirements, best solutions, cost and value price. Full list of FIFA 18 Leagues. Download - FIFASite.pl – Najlepszy portal FIFA w Polsce https://kaksdelatcvetok.ru/download/?file=1171. UEFA, the Union of European Football Associations, and the governing body of football in Europe. Poland national football team. Team P W D L F A GD Pts Form; 1: team hasn't moved: Sydney FC: 26: 16: 5: 5: 49: 25: 24: 53: D Drew 1 - 1 against Adelaide.

Activity code fIFA 13 Official Patch: :.

FIFA 20 is a good year for the Argentinian league and their players, with so many gems hidden in South America. Upgrade and Get 200+ More Leagues. This mod adds the The Vanarama National League (English 5th Tier) in FIFA 20: Changelog. Another Italian League (Serie A) player. Frank Lampard has warned his Chelsea players not to get carried away by climbing to third in the Premier League and stretching their unbeaten streak to 11 games. In their last 6 games in Premier League, Southampton have managed to win a total of 5 Wolverhampton - Southampton 23/11/2020 21: 00 Burnley are on a run of 4 consecutive home defeats in their domestic league. FIFA 10 - Polish League Patch 10 - Game mod - Download.

Latest Polish Football League Table, team, results. Poland

The FIFA KOREA K-League Super Patch is FIFA KOREA's official patch that offers. Build your dream squad with live UEFA Champions League and Europa League content updates in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. In it there are various updates for FIFA 10 like boots, gloves, faces, scoreboard, transfers and so on. Image Hosted by [HOST]r the success of our Ukrainian Premier League Patch we are now back with a new league addon, the Turkish League Patch 13! Teams FIFA 21 Nov 20, 2020 SoFIFA blog. Previously known as the Football League Second Division, the League One commonly begins in early August, while finishing in late May after the promotion play-offs. The game has 52 finished stadiums from 12 countries, including new stadiums, and a total of 30 and 82 seats.

PES 2020 Smoke Patch 20 For PC - PES Patch

Sims Livin Large Patch Download. Arguably the best is Pedro de la Vega, also who made our FIFA 20 winger recommendations.

UEFA Champions League Season 1998-99 Download

Virtual Pro League - The Ultimate Pro Clubs Portal https://kaksdelatcvetok.ru/download/?file=1166. Embark on a 15 years Career and. This one, already live for PC and anticipated for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the next week or so, again skimps on any radical changes, and instead offers further iterative polish. Sign-up to receive emails about EA SPORTS FIFA and EA products, news, events, and promotions. Fifa free giveaway ps3 and xbox. Fifa 17 REPACK - GAME REPACK AREA. Champions League winner Lewandowski named on shortlist for.

FIFA 2020 GAME PATCH Polish FIFA Patch

Aficio Sp 3410dn Driver Download. UEFA works to promote, protect and develop European football. Windows Xp Sp2 Ethernet Driver Download. FIFA 17 Full Repack by FitGirl https://kaksdelatcvetok.ru/download/?file=1158. D Drew 1 - 1 against Brisbane Roar FC on. Posted by: SomersGaming in FIFA 20, Mods June 29, 2020 0 5, 110 Views This mod adds the The Vanarama National League (English 5th Tier) in FIFA 20. I have paid for a game to play against people like me, people that want to enjoy of a game without laggers, crackes and people like that, that is ruining the game.

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England live football table: Premier League, Championship, Playoff Championship, League 1, Playoff League 1, League 2, Playoff League 2, Blue Square Premier, Conference Premier Playoff, Blue Square North, Blue Square South, Conference North Playoff, Conference South Playoff, FA Cup Qualification, FA Cup. Polish league patch fifa 11. FIFA MANAGER 14: LEGACY EDITION + CRACK FULL GAME. FIFA Superstars Add Center. In 1921 the league was resumed and the first champions of Poland were. Archives; Forums; FAQ. The home of Welsh premier League on BBC Sport online.

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My First Weekend League and How EA Ruined It (WL Recap)

Due to the fact I've never reached the Weekend League before, I thought I'd summarise my WL for you guys, the headings are in bold if you want to skip through them. Hope you enjoy.
Having upgraded from FIFA 18 to FIFA 20 in March, after a worldwide pandemic was announced, I found myself starting my Ultimate Team club with very little ambition or hopes for the future. Being a college student in Ireland who commutes 750km (466mi) a week, I also found an excuse to purchase FIFA Points more frequently than the average FIFA player, which partly explains my current team. I had been an avid FUT player back in the so-called 'Golden Days' of FIFA and its online community, probably spending close to thousands of hours building my 184 team and repeatedly winning Division 1 in both FIFA 14 and FIFA 15's Ultimate Team modes, rarely, if ever investing real life currency into the game. I went on to not purchase FIFA 16 at launch, likely due to a sense of boredom and monotony with regards to the various game modes I had milked months of entertainment out of. I later had the opportunity to play the game via Game Sharing on the Xbox One, however I did not possess the same drive to play it as I had for two years previous. As I grew older, the game underwent a number of changes, and it became immediately apparent that FUT was officially the Cash Cow of the franchise. Gone were the days of players receiving cards based on merit, instead players who had potential to entice children and adults alike to purchase packs were given hugely upgraded cards.
Looking on from the sideline, I became disinterested in the new Ultimate Team, and would not buy another FIFA game until FIFA 17 in December 2018. I played friendlies against mates and also played the career mode periodically, however I once again never committed to making my Ultimate Team, once again. Moving on eight months or so, I picked up a second-hand copy of FIFA 18 for 10 euro in Gamestop. I once again enjoyed playing career mode and friendlies against friends, even falling in love with a team from the Polish First Division known as Sandecja. I switched Sandecja with West Ham in career mode, going on to win the Europa League after seven seasons with the club, another highlight being when I beat my mate 4-2 while he played as Real Madrid.
I've gone through my experience with FIFA to date as a means of communicating, to you, the reader, how inexperienced I am at the online side of this game. While I placed blocks in Minecraft or spent hours conquering all of the Mediterranean Sea in Rome: Total War, my friends would play FIFA, playing their forty games at the weekend and completing SBC's. As I go forward with this recap, I am really trying not to come across as a whiny child who wants to whinge about how unfair this game is. We have all seen the threads on why this game is 'unfavourable', to say the least. I am attempting, as a below-average player, to purely make observations on the game, my own level of skill, as well as the actions of other players I have met along my first ever Weekend League journey.
The Preparation
I thought it would be important to mention that my new controller that I had purchased three weeks prior to this event decided to stop working entirely shortly before the event. I was forced to use my controller that I received with the console at launch, that had a faulty left bumper. Surprisingly, I had not broken this controller in a fit of rage, and instead had simply dropped it one day when i took my headset off. Obviously, this is not an excuse for my poor game-play, but it took some time to realise that I was able to switch to another player using the right stick.
I had had no intentions of taking part in Weekend League in this FIFA, after hearing friends of mine break down in the Xbox Party over the games, refereeing decisions, and general injustices experienced by them. I am, by no means a cool, calm and collected person when I am losing, least of all in FIFA, however, as FIFA had always been a means of immersing myself in more football content, I was generally fairly satisfied to mess about when playing the game, as evidenced by the fact I lost more than 10 straight online seasons playing as Sandecja against my mate in FIFA 18. I had been desperately playing games in Rivals prior to reaching 2000 FUT Champion Points, in an attempt to upgrade my left-back spot, which was being occupied by Marcelo. 93 Mendy eventually made his way into my team, which was ideal, as weeks prior, I had completed the 96 Modric SBC which provided scope for a green link to both himself and 85 Varane at LCB.
Ironically, there was not much preparation on my part for the event, I refused to put the time aside to invest in some Squad Fitness Cards, and at the time of the event beginning, I had but 8 Gold Squad Fitness cards in my club. All that was left for me to do was to wait for Friday to roll around, and start my Weekend League journey. I was completely aware of my own ability, and honestly, was not expecting to gain a spot on the Top 100 at any point throughout the week. I had set myself the optimistic target of Silver 1, understanding that I would be doing well to reach Silver 3 at all.
The Team
My team has changed fairly frequently over the last few weeks, with upgrades across the entire field. I played the squad in a 4-3-3 (4) formation, which is supposedly meant to be an optimal pick for hybrid teams, which this one is.
I went with Winter Refresh Areola (87), who has been the epitome of a polar goalkeeper. This man will save shots that not even Roy Keane in his prime could save. Other times, I will find him signing autographs in the crowd as the opposition whips in a corner. Overall, he is a solid pick however, with good links to Varane and Hernandez being the reason I picked him up in April.
The Defence
In the RB position I have stuck with Winter Refresh Lainer (88) since I picked him up from the Bundesliga SBC in April. This card was easily my best player for a long while thereafter, and with 93 pace, he excels at legging it up and down the wing to assist the forwards.
RCB was a position that had been occupied by FUT Birthday Lucas Hernandez for the past few weeks, however currently in that position is Shapeshifters David Alaba (88). I picked him up the day before the Weekend League began, in the Party Bag SBC. This may seem like a poor pull when the other cards possible to be packed are considered, however this card fit my team perfectly, gaining a green link with Lainer, Sabitzer, and Hernandez, and a red link with Areola.
At LCB, FUT Birthday Hernandez (88) settled in nicely, replacing Varane, who moved to the bench following the acquisition of Alaba as mentioned prior. This card has always been solid for me at the back in Rivals, with bountiful pace as well as upgraded 5* Skill Moves which are completely wasted on me.
At LB, to nobody's surprise, is Summer Heat Mendy (93). This card is almost wasted at LB, having stats that would put any position to shame. As I attempted to earn this card by assisting ten goals in Rivals Wins, I would play him at ST in a 3421 formation. As a result of that success, I implemented this formation under my Ultra-Attacking tactic, and would start every game with this tactic over the Weekend League, more on those tactics later.

The Midfield
At LCM, Flashback Luca Modric (96) held down his position quite easily. I feel like EA released Modric, Mendy and Perisic around the same time in order to force Bundesliga/La Liga hybrids, and I can honestly say I am delighted they did. Modric has contributed to an insane amount of goals along with my other midfielders, and coupled with a hunter chemistry style, he gained amazing pace and shooting boosts before I made a number of changes to the squad which reduced these boosts.
At CAM, I used End of An Era David Silva (94). I was unfortunately unable to afford the premium version of this card, however the 94 version is easily the best CAM I have used on a FIFA to date. Despite not having 99 Pace, like a number of other cards that may be used in the CAM spot, he makes up for this with an incredible passing accuracy and a thunderbolt of a left foot which unleashes a flurry of finesse shots all across the board.
The last midfield spot is occupied by TOTSSF Marcel Sabitzer (92). Sabitzer, in spite of only having 3* skills and a 4* weak foot, truly keeps up with Modric and Silva on the right hand side of midfield, flanked by his fellow countryman Stefan Lainer. Originally a CAM, he does supreme work in his new spot.
The Forwards
When EA released the Summer Heat Ivan Perisic (94) card, to me, it was like the stars had aligned. As a LW player in a 4-3-3 (4) formation, he would receive 8 chem with two orange links. Naturally, I said goodbye to all of the totssf moments cards that were unused in my club, and traded a squad in for him. He is, simply put, incredible. The numbers he puts up for me, a below-average player, should encourage anyone who may be saving him for an sbc, to instead build a squad around him. With a Hawk Chemistry Style he has 99 Pace. Need I say more?
A converted CAM, Prime Icon Socrates (91) puts in a good shift at ST, having more goals than games, and half as many assists before the Weekend League event. I pulled him from my one and only Prime Icon Upgrade pack, and am delighted I did. At 6'4", he is (literally) head and shoulders above the rest of the attack.

Dodgy camera quality but the web app doesn't show assists.
In the RW position sits Ones To Watch Thorgan Hazard (86), who was drafted in purely because I did not enjoy playing with Inform Gnabry. To be fair to the younger Hazard brother, he has far exceeded his expectations, notching a goal every three games, (24/72). He links up particularly well with Socrates and Lainer, who often create goals with fine interplay.
The four subs I used most frequently were Shapeshifters Lucas Moura (87), Player Moments Trézéguet (87), Raphael Varane (85), and Inform Allan (86). Moura would come on for either Silva or Sabitzer, generally around the 60 minute mark, and often times Allan would also come on for either Modric, or whichever other midfielder had tired the second most. Varane would make an appearance as a third CB in a back five, whenever I went two goals up in the second half, while Trézéguet would come on usually for Hazard or Perisic to hassle the tiring opposition and assist the ailing forwards of my team.

The Weekend League
On Friday, I met up with a group of friends and (socially distant), played Mario Kart Wii for the day. We also watched Team America: World Police, which I cannot recommend enough for purveyors of comedy. To be frank, I had completely forgotten about Weekend League and organised to meet them. I find it is exceptionally important to meet with people of your own age after being at home for so long, it is somewhat liberating.
At about nine o'clock, I returned home and prepared myself for what was about to come. I logged on to FIFA, went into a party with a mate who was playing Rivals, and I entered the FUT Champs page. In the first game I played, I went 2-0 down almost immediately to a French TOTSSF side, however I pulled it back to 2-2 in the 69th minute. Normally, that would be nice, however, this was the first event in a recurring series of events I will refer to as a 'Hey Wildfyre, F**k You', or 'HWFY', moment. As I broke forward in the 71st minute after Areola intercepted a weak pass from TOTSSF Mbappe through to TOTSSF Ben Yedder, the servers decided they'd had enough and kicked me out of the game. Now. It is important to mention this now before somebody calls me out for it, but no, my internet connection is not the issue. Everybody in my home connects to their mobile data during the day. I was in the party, chatting to my mate, no lag, no reverb, completely fine when this happened. There was no lag in-game, nor was there any freezes, the game simply could not handle the sexy Alphonse Areola interception, and gave up. You can imagine how shocked I was, that in my first ever game of FUT Champs, the servers died. I was rightfully frustrated, you would expect that a multi-billion dollar corporation could handle a weekly online event, but I digress. I don't wish to turn this essay into me simply complaining for 5000 words after all.
I gave EA the benefit of the doubt and continued playing throughout the evening. I actually forced a rage-quit halfway through the first half of the second game I played, after a Socrates brace and a Hazard masterclass gave me a 3-0 lead. Thus far, I was surprised that I hadn't been completely annihilated by my opponents, given how frequently it happened in normal Division Rivals. Regardless, I continued onto my third game, where I held my 193 opponent to 0-0 until the 67th minute, I would even go as far as to say I was dominating him in all aspects of the game. Wait. What's that? Do I hear the familiar chirping of a HWFY moment? Oh yes, there it is. My opponent was the unlucky one this time, disconnecting midway through an attack. Two out of three games end in a disconnection. Luckily for me, I don't receive a loss on my record, and simply am reverted back to Game 3. Naturally, I was slapped 5-2 by a Messi, Mbappe, Neymar front three, I never really grabbed a foothold in the game, and if anything, proved to Setién how important it is to make that front three his priority in his remaining time in charge of the Catalan club.
By my count, it has been one game since a HWFY moment, so naturally, EA pulled through and caused two in the fourth game. Firstly, in a corner kick situation, the man-mountain David Silva leaped like Michael Jordan and beat the pre-pubescent Socrates to a header, and Areola was left stunned as the ball looped over his cranium. At this point, I had become accustomed to this game testing my patience. I was at peace with myself. And then the EA Servers apologised to me for that header by disconnecting me once again. So far, that is a 60% disconnection rate. Alas, I will allow it again. Covid-19 is sure to have effected how many employees can work on the servers at one time. I would say that is a character flaw of mine, letting people off too easily, but again, I digress.
In Game 5, I learned that I do not know how to take penalties. Seriously. This game improved penalties for the most part, according to my friends, however I simply can't convert them. This proved to be my downfall, as TOTSSF Benzema punished me akin to Ryan Giggs against Arsenal, linking up with TOTSSF Toni Kroos to score in the 89th minute after a fine TOTSSF Ter Stegen save directly down the middle. I won Game 6. It was fairly standard honestly, Socrates grabbed a brace and Perisic put the game to bed in injury time to give me a 3-1 win. My good spirits were thrown off a rather high ravine, only for the spirits to be impaled on a piece of drift wood in a fast-moving rapid below, tumbling down a waterfall which led into Katie Hopkins' back garden. If you misinterpreted that metaphor to be a good occurrence, you need to sort yourself out mate. EA served me another HWFY moment, disconnecting me in the third minute of the game. I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to my mate who was in the Xbox Live Party with me at the time, as he was forced to listen to me curse the EA Gods to the high heavens for twenty minutes after. I switched over to SSX3 for the evening, which is an example of an EA title which instils only joy, and doesn't rely on lootbox mechanics and depression mechanics to influence my playstyle. If you play on Xbox, this game is backwards compatible from the original Xbox, and is also enhanced for the Xbox One X. A massive bargain.
I started off the day with a fairly standard win, missing a penalty in the process, as well as causing the opponent to rage-quit at 60'. I lost Game 9 3-0, courtesy of a Prime Icon Henry hat-trick. I went on to win the next two games, once again fairly standard. At this point my record was 4-7, and I had entered Bronze 1. I was doing much better than expected, and could have done even better without disconnections and HWFY moments. I progressed rather poorly in the next game, I was beginning to pick up on mistakes I would make during games, more often than not relying on the left bumper to switch players, completely unaware that I could use the left stick. The lack of switching input often resulted in spectacular mini-rants about the positioning of my players, which my mates would often have to listen to. Game 13 resulted in another disconnection on my part, taking our total number of disconnections at this point to 5. I had been 2-0 down for the majority of the game, but nevertheless I was not impressed. I probably voiced my displeasure for quite a while to my mates.
Game 14 ended prematurely in the first half, with the score tied at 1-1. This was due, in full, to the other guy's EA Agent spilling his coffee over his control board, resulting in a disconnection on his part. In Game 14b, I was mercilessly embarrassed by a TOTSSF Benzema and PIM Gullit strike-force duo, who repeatedly sweated the ball across the six-yard box and left Areola with an egg on his face. In Game 15 Areola made an incredible save from a Perisic free-kick, catching the ball on his chest and deflecting it off the crossbar into his own goal. I am honestly not sure whether this man is a future-legend or whether he'll be playing for Bolton in three years. This was the only mess-up he made, and we actually went on to win the game 4-1, with a hat-trick of assists from David Silva and a brace from Modric putting the game beyond the opponent's reach.
There was somebody at EA watching down on me with a face of pity that evening, as I was graced with a 186 opponent for the first time during the Weekend League event. I won the game 8-0, and I have to tip my fedora to the man who sat there for 12+ minutes as I kept scoring with Socrates. The EA agent then fired three consecutive lightning bolts at my team, rendering them unable to move their legs, as they were, without any mercy, struck down thrice by three consecutive 193 teams. I called it a day there, ending Saturday with a record of 7-12.
This was it. Judgement Day. Already having surpassed my expectations by reaching Silver 3 before 20 games played, I hopped on the Xbox this morning with a optimistic outlook on life. It was raining outside, but even the s****y weather and world situation couldn't dampen my spirit. The Law of Attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person's life. Now, if you ever need proof that there is a higher deity out there somewhere, look no further than my Sunday morning. I would go on to win five games out of five that morning, forcing a 12-minute rage-quit to clinch Silver 2, leaving me with ten games to get three wins. Games 21,22 and 23 all were close to the end, however, I relied on a late brace from Lucas Moura off the bench in Game 22 to win 3-2, and I also finally scored a penalty with Socrates in Game 23 in the 82nd minute to officially enter the Silver 1 bracket. I was buzzing at this point, my record was 11-12, and I decided to push on to try and get to Gold 3. Game 24 was, perhaps the best game of the entire event. Having gone 2-0 down and later 3-1 down, a fightback spear-headed by Perisic and Hazard resulted in Extra Time. The sides still weren't separated after Extra Time, which left only one thing. In all my time playing Ultimate Team, I had never had a penalty shoot-out before. My one saving grace in this penalty shoot-out however, is that I am very good at saving penalties, due, in part to the fact there is a 33% chance to save a shot with Areola. And save them, he did.
Allan converted the first penalty, placing his penalty in the bottom-right corner, punching his fist in the air triumphantly as he turned and walked back to a delighted MuddaRusha side. It was then that PIM Vieira stepped up for the opposition side. He went right. Areola went right. The ball went right. Right past the right post as Areola turned it around the corner flag. 1-0. Lucas Moura stepped up then to take my sode's second penalty. Unfortunately this Brazilian was unable to replicate his fellow countryman's effort, placing it wild. Told you I can't score penalties. TOTSSF Savanier stepped up for the opposition and coolly placed it beyond Areola's outstretched hands. 1-1. It was then that the man, the myth, the legend, Socrates, stepped up and placed the ball on the penalty spot. He banged the penalty in top left hand corner, to the jubilation of the many fans who had rocked up to Old Trafford to watch this monumental match between MuddaRusha and Your Girls XI. Areola also parried away the opposition's third spot-kick, leaving Mbappe evidently heartbroken. David Silva had his weak shot saved, as the keeper kept his feet firmly planted on the soil beneath him. TOTSSF Ben Yedder converted, placing the ball straight down the middle, leaving Areola on the ground. It was then that Ferland Mendy sent Mandanda the wrong way, firing the ball to the left of the French keeper. The final penalty taker, a young man known as Neymar Jr, started his run-up head on to the ball, and for what seemed like an eternity, jogged up to the ball, side footing the ball to the right side of the goalmouth. Areola also jumped to the right, and with his fingers outstretched, parried the ball away for a MuddaRusha win. And like that, we went even at 12-12.

I bought him when he was very expensive, his price has crashed recently I believe.
At this point, I needed 2 wins from 6 games to clinch Gold 3, which was much, much more than I had ever envisaged before I registered. What followed, unfortunately, were three 194 teams, all of which had a mix of TOTSSF Ultimate red picks, and a number of Prime Icons. I was up against it, and lost all three matches comprehensively. I bounced back in Game 28, forcing a rage-quit against a 191 squad courtesy of a Stefan Lainer goal and assist for Hazard inside ten minutes. Game 29 played out similarly enough to Games 25,26 and 27, I got annihilated by my old friend Marcelo, who had changed to a CAM, along with Neymar.
This was the last game. Game 30. My record was 13-16. If you had told me I would win 13/29 games I would have laughed in your face. I was drawn against a 193 Bundesliga/Prime Icon team. Of course. I took the lead inside 20 minutes with a finesse shot outside of the box, thanks to Ivan Perisic. What followed was a quick flurry of goals from POTM Kai Havertz, which left me 2-1 down before half-time. I brought on Moura, and Allan, as standard, hoping to salvage the game. And salvage I did. I scored a brace with Socrates, with my two Brazilian Super Subs assisting one each.
The funny thing about life, is that a number of different cultures and religions have all come to the same sort of conclusion about our lives, here on Earth. That conclusion, is that often times, everything eventually comes full circle, to create a cycle. My Weekend League was no different. You may have noticed a significant decrease in the amount of HWFY moments throughout this account. They may have happened here and there, along the way, gameplay-wise, however to include them would detract from the biggest HWFY moment of them all. At 79 minutes, of my final Weekend League Match, while leading the game and dominating for the win, I was logged out of the EA servers one. last. time.
I had finished 13-17, with a total of five disconnections resulting in five DNF penalties for me. I had clinched Silver 1, which was my ultimate goal, but had been royally pounded by EA in the process. Like I said before, I hate to be the guy who jumps on the EA reddit whenever he gets ruined by the game, but this was too tragic a story not to tell.

So near, and yet, so far
Observations Overall, I am not really in a position to complain about the gameplay I experienced over the weekend. Naturally there is going to be bugs and glitches all over the place, such as Areola chesting the ball into his own net, or hardware issues leading to goals on my part. In general, FUT Champs is certainly a step-up from Rivals, and that is to be expected. In terms of other people's attitudes in-game, I found them to be much less toxic than in Rivals, unless they are ahead by a large margin.
The players I found the most trouble dealing with would definitely be Mbappe, Benzema and Henry. These three players tore my team to shreds on all occasions, my pacey defense simply couldn't deal with them. I had Mbappe curling shots in from miniscule angles, Benzema leaving ten outfield players broken in a heap, and Henry, simply, is untouchable in attack.
As for the EA Servers ruining the Weekend League for me, if anything it encouraged me to attack quicker and much more frequently during the games, just in case, in the cases of games 3a and 14a, the other player disconnects during a draw. Having a goal advantage results in a win in those occasions, this new factor, being the possibility the EA servers committing Seppuku, almost inspired attacking gameplay for me, which says a lot, considering I was playing a 3421 formation in-game as it was.
As you can see above, the team is laid out in a 4-3-3 (4) formation to begin with. This is the case for defensive, balanced, and attacking playstyles. I would always begin each match in an ultra-attacking playstyle, where-in Mendy moves to CM alongside Silva, Sabitzer and Modric move out to the wings, and the front three remain the same. If I was leading coming towards the end of the match, I would change to an Ultra-Defensive playstyle, wherein Silva generally would come off for Varane, and I would switch to a 5-4-1 formation. I found 3421 to be extremely effective on the counter-attack.

I personally love to pass my way into an opponent's box in this year's FIFA, which doesn't appear to be the meta from what I have experienced. I found teams with a front three along with attacking midfielders tough to deal with if I was dispossessed going forward, as Alaba, Hernandez and, to a lesser extent, Lainer, would run out of steam fairly quickly in the second half.
Overall, I would probably say the Weekend League was a success for me, as I achieved my goal and more. I don't plan to compete next week, but will probably return the week after, hopefully with a Summer Heat Bruno Fernandes card on the bench, or in the team somewhere. It was certainly an experience, to say as little as possible lest I cry. I may be back next week. In the meantime, enjoy your week.
submitted by WILDFYRE2620 to FIFA

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bloppyploppy 1 1 Comment
falcone23 1 1 Comment
Fuckie_Chinster 1 1 Comment
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Official: [Last Minute Advice] - Sat Afternoon, 09/28/2019

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wedditttt 18 30 Comment
UnitedStatesofMurica 13 13 Comment
cougarboozin 12 29 Comment
DOCTOREVlL 11 12 Comment
RockyMountainGoat 10 14 Comment
Jedi_Sandcrawler 10 10 Comment
redrabbit1289 9 9 Comment
LB54 8 8 Comment
IrishDart 8 8 Comment
EricMory 7 8 Comment
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Official: [Simple Questions and League Issues] - Sat Afternoon, 09/28/2019

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Hotshot1231000 0 0 Comment
aloha05 0 0 Comment
jshanley16 0 0 Comment
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Official: [Trade] - Sat Afternoon, 09/28/2019

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IllustriousSnowman 3 9 Comment
cookingGuy02 3 6 Comment
shellsquad 3 4 Comment
PolishBearSneeze 3 4 Comment
Stombie8 3 3 Comment
Jay2jake 3 3 Comment
SrAjmh 3 3 Comment
tommy1010 3 3 Comment
charlorlor 3 3 Comment
Acetrainer196 3 3 Comment
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Official: [WDIS Flex] - Sat Afternoon, 09/28/2019

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DaRandomBro 13 17 Comment
OGpeaceful_OST_tunes 9 15 Comment
TeamInstinct04 6 6 Comment
llamas-1 4 4 Comment
BullyYo 4 4 Comment
the_2nd_banana 3 10 Comment
mythbuilding 3 7 Comment
Pockets__ 3 5 Comment
Exciples 3 3 Comment
Good_Time 3 3 Comment
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Official: [WDIS K/TE/DEF] - Sat Afternoon, 09/28/2019

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MexicanResistance 5 10 Comment
shitblizzard412 1 8 Comment
Fuckie_Chinster 0 1 Comment
ohioguyle 0 1 Comment
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CheekyFifaCunt_7 0 0 Comment
Ndriver13 0 0 Comment
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Official: [WDIS QB] - Sat Afternoon, 09/28/2019

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mjornir 9 10 Comment
peleyoda 8 8 Comment
bmclachlin 6 8 Comment
dlhtxcs 4 4 Comment
mvanigan 2 2 Comment
CXDXOXP 1 4 Comment
ExistingStomach0 1 1 Comment
DoctorMcTits 1 1 Comment
Tacosmodernlife 1 1 Comment
JoakimMVP 0 4 Comment
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Official: [WDIS RB] - Sat Afternoon, 09/28/2019

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the_2nd_banana 7 10 Comment
WhiteCoco4u 6 7 Comment
husla67 6 6 Comment
OGpeaceful_OST_tunes 5 15 Comment
TestosteroneTank 4 4 Comment
Curious_Yak 2 2 Comment
deevysteeze 1 5 Comment
youngslyboltsup 1 1 Comment
Joemandi33 1 1 Comment
Trav-Nasty 1 1 Comment
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Official: [WDIS WR] - Sat Afternoon, 09/28/2019

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Alexkono 11 12 Comment
-deluxer- 6 21 Comment
slimtrippins 5 7 Comment
Court_Vision 5 5 Comment
Al0haa 4 4 Comment
jeanyanndecannes 4 4 Comment
lumberjawsh 4 4 Comment
tiredofstanding 4 4 Comment
tenfingersandtoes 3 3 Comment
mattieboy1231 3 3 Comment
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