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r/SpaceX Crew-1 Official Launch, Coast & Docking Updates Thread


Mission datasheet

Hi dear people of the subreddit! The mod team here as usual to bring you live updates during SpaceX's first operational crewed mission to the ISS. This time Crew Dragon is going to carry four astronauts to space. We hope you all excited about this mission just like us! 🚀

Your host team

Reddit username Twitter account Responsibilities Currently hosting?
u/Nsooo @TheRealNsooo Thread & Ascent ⭕
u/CAM-Gerlach @StarFleetTours Coast & Press Conference ⭕
u/hitura-nobad @HituraNobad Coast & Docking ✔️
u/zlsa @ForestKatsch Coast ⭕

Watching the mission live

Link Note Currently On Air?
NASA TV Crew-1 Coverage starting 4 hours before launch ✔️
SpaceX Crew-1 Coverage starting 4 hours before launch ⭕
SpaceX Crew-1 Rendezvous & Docking starting 8 hours before docking ✔️

About the mission

Following Dragon’s second demonstration mission (Demo-2), NASA certified SpaceX for operational crew missions to and from the space station. Crew-1 is the first of three scheduled Dragon flights over the course of 2020 and 2021. The return of human spaceflight to the United States with one of the safest, most advanced systems ever built is a turning point for America’s future space exploration, and it lays the groundwork for missions to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.
Source: SpaceX


Time 🚦 Time zone 🌎 Day 📅 Date 📆 Time ⏱️
Primary launch window 🚀 UTC Monday November 16 00:27
Primary launch window 🚀 EST Sunday November 15 19:27
Estimated arrival to ISS 🛰️ UTC Tuesday November 17 04:00
Estimated arrival to ISS 🛰️ EST Monday November 16 23:00

Official mission overview

SpaceX and NASA are targeting Sunday, November 15 for Falcon 9’s launch of Dragon’s first operational crew mission (Crew-1) to the International Space Station (ISS) from historic Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The instantaneous launch window opens at 7:27 p.m. EST on November 15, 00:27 UTC on November 16. Following stage separation, SpaceX will attempt to land Falcon 9’s first stage on the “Just Read the Instructions” droneship, which will be stationed in the Atlantic Ocean. As part of the Commercial Crew Program, NASA astronauts Mike Hopkins, Victor Glover, Shannon Walker, and JAXA astronaut Soichi Noguchi will fly aboard Dragon on its first six-month operational mission to the ISS.
Source: SpaceX

Crew Dragon

Crew Dragon, designed from the beginning to be one of the safest human space vehicles ever built benefits from the flight heritage of the current iteration of Dragon, which restored the United States’ capability to deliver and return significant amounts of cargo to and from the International Space Station. Dragon has completed 16 missions to and from the orbiting laboratory. To support human spaceflight, Crew Dragon features an environmental control and life support system, which provides a comfortable and safe environment for crew members. The spacecraft is equipped with a highly reliable launch escape system capable of carrying crew to safety at any point during ascent or in the unlikely event of an anomaly on the pad. While the crew can take manual control of the spacecraft if necessary, Crew Dragon missions will autonomously dock and undock with the International Space Station. After undocking from the space station and re-entering Earth’s atmosphere, Crew Dragon will use an enhanced parachute system to splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean.
Source: SpaceX

Vehicles used

Type Name Location
First stage Falcon 9 v1.2 - Block 5 (Full Thrust) - B1061 KSC LC-39A
Second stage Falcon 9 v1.2 - Block 5 (Full Thrust) KSC LC-39A
Spacecraft (pressurized) Crew Dragon C207 - Resilience KSC LC-39A
Trunk (unpressurized) Crew Dragon trunk v2 KSC LC-39A
ASDS Just Read the Instructions (JRTI) Atlantic Ocean
Barge tug Finn Falgout Atlantic Ocean
Support ship Go Quest Atlantic Ocean
Crew recovery ship Go Searcher Atlantic Ocean
Crew recovery ship Go Navigator Atlantic Ocean
Core data source: Core wiki by SpaceX
Ship data source: SpaceXFleet by u/Gavalar_


Name Position Nationality/Agency Seat
Michael S. Hopkins 👨‍🚀 Spacecraft commander United States - NASA Seat 2
Victor J. Glover 👨🏿‍🚀 Pilot United States - NASA Seat 3
Soichi Noguchi 👨🏼‍🚀 Mission Specialist 1 Japan - JAXA Seat 1
Shannon Walker 👩🏻‍🚀 Mission Specialist 2 United States - NASA Seat 4


Time Update
T+1d 6h Welcome Ceremony finished
T+1d 5h 50m Dragon hatch open, Crew boarding ISS
T+1d 4h 55m ISS side of the hatch is open
T+1d 3h 48m Docking completed
T+1d 3h 41m hard capture started
T+1d 3h 36m Softcapture ring retracting
T+1d 3h 34m Softcapture
T+1d 3h 29m Departing Waypoint 2
T+1d 3h 23m Waiting 6 minutes for a full nighttime to allow crew to see the docking port 
T+1d 3h 22m Ground is Go for docking
T+1d 3h 20m Arrived at waypoint 2
T+1d 3h 05m Soft-capture ring extending & continuing to waypoint 2
T+1d 2h 43m Approaching Waypoint 1 at 3:34 UTC 
T+1d 2h SpaceX Host change: u/hitura-nobad
T+1d 2h 31m Ground is GO for proceeding through waypoint 0 at 03:09 UTC (about 10 minutes from now.)
T+1d 2h 25m The crew are suited up, and the leak checks were good.
T+1d 1h 59m Dragon Resilience is now 7km from ISS. The next checkpoint (waypoint 0) is 42 minutes from now, when Dragon crosses through 400m.
T+1d 1h 57m The approach initiation burn has been completed.
T+1d 1h 45m Kate Rubins (aboard the ISS) and Dragon have confirmed good comms.
T+1d 1h 29m Mission control Dragon (in Hawthorne) and ISS (in Houston) are GO for approach initiation burn at 02:22 UTC.
T+1d 0h 45m Approach initiation burn is scheduled for 02:22 UTC (just over one hour from now), 15 minutes earlier than scheduled. This will require the crew to don their spacesuits earlier as well.
T+1d 0h 1m 24 hours after launch, and Resilience is T-2 hours 46 minutes from the scheduled docking with the ISS.
T+23h 11m Dragon is currently about 50km away from the ISS, preparing for the final approach and a docking in about 4 hours 21 minutes from now.
T+23h 9m The final coelliptic burn has been completed, placing Dragon into an orbit 2.5km below the ISS.
T+23h 2m Slew is in progress, and Dragon crew can see it. (I expect this is the alignment in preparation for the final coelliptic burn.)
T+22h 51m "The vehicle knows where it is, and it knows where the space station is. So it will perform the right burns for the approach." But does it know where the station isn't?
T+22h 50m This next burn coming up in about 18 minutes is the coelliptic burn, the last of the 5 major burns for this approach. This burn will be between 25-35 seconds.
T+22h 26m Transfer burn was nominal, but crew could not see dV information on their displays.
T+21h 33m Transfer burn coming up soon, a 30-second burn to bring Dragon's apogee to within 2.5km of ISS.
T+21h 31m Crew is planning to begin stowing unnecessary items to prepare for approach to ISS.
T+21h 29m Michael Hopkins signs off with: "We are 21 hours into a 6-month mission. All for one, Crew-1 for all."
T+21h 27m Michael Hopkins, concluding the tour: "When you first are selected as an astronaut and come in for basic training, you go through about two years of training. [...] Each unflown astronaut gets a silver pin. But once you pass that 100km mark, you get that gold pin. And we have one member of our crew who does not have the appropriate accoutrement for that accomplishment. So we're very happy to give Victor Glover his gold pin for 100km."
T+21h 27m Shannon Walker: "Eat, drink, and wait for the next engine burn."
T+21h 26m The area above the control panel is used for storage as well. Shannon is explaining how to drink water from a water bottle in zero-G: "Gently rotate the bottle to push the water to one side, then you can drink [without air]."
T+21h 26m Shannon Walker: "With 4 of us in here, it's quite a bit more crowded than when it was just BobnDoug."
T+21h 25m "Here is the powered payload, which is basically a refrigerator that holds ice cream. No, uh, it's science materials."
T+21h 24m After a brief mic issue, Soichi Noguchi discusses the lower area, beneath the seats: "I'm sitting over the mid-deck lockers, and this is quite a roomy area."
T+21h 23m Victor Glover, discussing the hatches. "About 24 hours ago, we entered Resilience through that side hatch. We don't open that again until we're splashed down. [...] We enter the ISS with the forward hatch, up here."
T+21h 22m "Touchscreen is quite nice [...] We also have some backup buttons here to accomplish critical functions."
T+21h 20m Media event aboard Resilience is beginning, with Michael Hopkins opening with a live tour of the Dragon capsule.
T+19h 42m New SpaceX livestream link for rendezvous and docking
T+19h 00m SpaceX host change: u/zlsa here, hosting for the next few hours. Feel free to ping me if you have any feedback!
T+16h 57m Crew awake
T+16:45:00 Norminal burn
T+16:35:00 Close Burn (602s 57.7 m/s)
T+15:50:00 Boost Burn (97s 9.02 m/s)
T+07:00:00 Crew went to sleep
T+06:05:00 Heaters reported working, were brought offline by a over conservative limit
T+06:00:00 SpaceX Host change , please ping u/hitura-nobad during daytime UTC if you have any feedback or want something added to this thread
T+04:10:00 Astronauts have requested approximately 15 minutes of privacy from the cameras in their capsule. One might conjecture that nature has come calling upon one or more of the crew.
T+04:00:00 Heaters are re-enabled with a higher resistance tolerance setting to gather additional data on the problem
T+03:45:00 Meanwhile, the crew are adjusting the cabin temperature to get cozy and ready for sleep
T+03:40:00 Teams continue to work the issue with the propellant heaters to ensure the Dragon can safely dock with the space station tomorrow night
T+03:35:00 The zero-G indicator is confirmed to be a "baby Yoda" figure
T+02:45:00 While mission critical, the team has plenty of time to work to resolve the issue before the docking attempt
T+02:40:00 A whole team is working on the propellant line heater issue.
T+02:37:00 Not time critical, but 3 of 4 are out while only 2 can be out for docking to be possible.
T+02:36:00 SpaceX CORE says three propellant line heaters are showing "high resistance. So they are currently marked alarmed by the software."
T+02:35:00 We did see 3 line heaters are reading high resistance, so the are currently marked alarmed by the software, we do have a team looking into it to look at recovery options. The implication here is there is a flight rule that requires us to have at least 2 of 4 working, currently 3 of 4 on the same quad are disabled, temperature margins are ok but that is something we are investigating.
T+02:30:00 That's a wrap for the press conference! Sorry for the lack of updates, I didn't want to miss my chance.
T+02:05:00 Live
T+02:00:00 2 Hours, press conference starting!
T+01:45:00 Press conference delayed to 02:30 UTC/9:30 PM EST, while things continuing to go nominally in the Resilience capsule,
T+01:34:00 Pres conference about to go live!
T+01:26:00 Stay tuned for the press confrence, coming up in just a few minutes! Hopefully we'll be able to ask one of your questions!
T+01:25:00 Crew has now donned their more comfortable clothing and are about to start their meal
T+00:01:02 "The view is beautiful" from the Dragon capsule
T+00:01:01 Boost burn is as scheduled at 16:20 UTC, additional phase burns may be required prior to that but are not believed to be needed at this time
T+00:01:00 Pilot Victor Glover and Mission Specialist Soichi Noguchi have doffed their suits, now Commander Micheal Hopkins and Mission Specialist Shannon Walker are now going to do the same
T+00:56:00 Phase burn was completed nominal and all dracos performed well
T+00:53:00 Phase burn is proceeding nominally to raise Dragon's apogee to 10 km lower than the ISS
T+00:51:00 Phasing burn is continuing, crew is finishing doffing their suits and getting ready to eat dinner
T+00:47:30 Second stage has performed its de-orbit burn, and
T+00:47:00 This should last about 10 minutes, raising Dragon's perigee
T+00:46:00 First phasing burn has begun (53.8 m/s)
T+00:44:00 Alpha TCS loop is now back up and alerts are cleared for now...good news!
T+00:42:00 Crew are continuing to doff their suits and minimizing motion while the settling burn takes place for ulleage
T+00:38:00 GO for first burn, still looking to clean up TCS alerts but not a blocker on first phase burn
T+00:33:00 Currently working to clear the thermal loop caution and spike was seen in both loops, but currently expected to clear it.
T+00:32:00 Cabin environment looking good, GO for suit doffing
T+00:29:00 While a minor anomaly in a TCS loop occurred as reported by official sources on the webcast, the mission is proceeding regardless of the issue. We will provide more updates on this when and if they will become available.
T+00:28:00 Mission control is assessing the cabin environment to ensure it is safe for the crew to doff their suits
T+00:27:00 Mission control says they are "go" for the first major post-launch thruster burn to begin the Crew Dragon's maneuvers to rendezvous with the International Space Station
T+00:25:00 SpaceX mission control says a “pressure spike” in one of the Dragon’s thermal control system loops caused the spacecraft to switch to a backup loop. Engineers believe the prime loop is healthy, but are still studying the issue.
T+00:23:00 Mission control is studying an “alert” associated with the capsule’s thermal control system.
T+00:22:00 SpaceX reports the Dragon’s nose cone has opened normally, and checkouts of the forward Draco thrusters are healthy.
T+00:20:00 Let us know your questions to ask NASA at the post launch press conference scheduled for 9 PM ET/02:00 UTC
T+00:15:00 This is u/CAM-Gerlach, taking over and going to be your representative at the press conference!
T+00:14:00 I was u/Nsooo and now u/CAM-Gerlach going to take over hosting.
T+00:12:10 Dragon separation.
T+00:09:29 Falcon 9 has landed!
T+00:08:50 Second engine cutoff. Nominal insertion orbit.
T+00:02:37 Main engine cutoff. Stage separation. Second engine ignition.
T+00:00:58 Max-Q, the maximum aerodynamic pressure on the vehicle.
T+00:00:30 Power and telemetry nominal.
T+00:00:00 Liftoff! Falcon 9 and Crew Dragon clears the tower.
T-00:00:45 LD verifies it is GO for launch.
T-00:01:00 Falcon 9 pressurized for flight pressures and in startup.
T-00:05:00 Crew Dragon is on internal power.
T-00:07:00 Engine chill.
T-00:10:00 Dragon crew displays configured for launch. GO for launch!
T-00:19:00 Weather still looks GO at the moment.
T-00:35:00 Propellant load underway. LOX and RP-1 fillup has begun.
T-00:39:00 Launch Escape System armed.
T-00:40:00 Crew Access Arm retracted. Visor close for crew. Arming launch escape system.
T-00:44:00 GO for Crew Access Arm Retraction, Launch Escape System arm and propellant load.
T-01:00:00 T-1 hours. GO for launch! Vehicle healthy and SpaceX teams tracking no issues.
T-01:11:00 Minor F9 watch item resolved. SpaceX closeout team left the Crew Access Arm and leaving the pad soon.
T-01:28:00 Good side hatch leak checks.
T-01:34:00 Falcon 9 comm checks completed.
T-01:42:00 Hatch closed. Leak checks underway.
T-01:43:00 Foreign Object Debris (FOD) removed from the hatch sealing. SpaceX closeout team ready for hatch close.
T-01:52:00 10 minutes margin in the schedule for troubleshooting.
T-01:56:00 Leak check double check, hatch reopen. Not planned, SpaceX catched a minor pressure drop.
T-02:05:00 Crew Dragon hatch has been closed.
T-02:20:00 Seat rotation. Suit leak checks next.
T-02:22:00 Comm checks completed. Next up is seat rotation to launch configuration.
T-02:26:00 Full crew comm checks underway.
T-02:36:00 All four crew members ingressed Crew Dragon and occupied their assigned seats.
T-02:43:00 Commander Mike Hopkins and CORE comm checks.
T-02:46:00 Crew ingress underway.
T-02:53:00 Astronauts are in the elevator to climb up to ingress Crew Dragon.
T-03:02:00 Crew arrived to historic pad 39A.
T-03:15:00 SpaceX ingress and ascent CORE Jay Aranha announces crew is on their way to the pad in time.
T-03:17:00 Astronauts are in the Tesla Model X. They soon start their way to pad 39A.
T-03:20:00 Crew walkout.
T-03:25:00 Crew walkout expected in a couple of minutes.
T-03:44:00 Suit donning and checkouts completed.
T-03:50:00 ISS position uploaded to Crew Dragon's computer.
T-03:56:00 SpaceX teams tracking no issues, ready for crew ingress. Falcon 9 and Dragon are healthy, weather still a watch item.
T-04:00:00 Crew suit donning is underway.
T-04:05:00 NASA handed off crew to SpaceX.
T-04:12:00 Crew weather brief underway.
T-04:24:00 Webcast went live. Crew Dragon propulsion propellant pressurization completed.
T-05:00:00 Falcon 9 went vertical earlier today. Crew Dragon IMU aligned and configured for launch.
T-05:27:00 Primary concerns are cumulus cloud rule, flight through precipitation and surface electric field rule violation.
T-05:30:00 Launch day forecast by the 45th Space Wing shows a 50% chance of launch weather criteria violation at T-0.
T-05:31:00 Tonight's launch of Crew-1 is GO at the moment, confirmed by SpaceX but they keep an eye on onshore winds.
T-05:32:00 Welcome everyone, I am u/Nsooo and I am gonna be your host all the way until coast period.
T-1 days Thread went live.

Crew Dragon's status

Crew Dragon is currently in Kennedy Space Center's historic Launch Complex 39A waiting its liftoff.

Crew Dragon's last known orbital position

Apogee ⬆️ Perigee ⬇️ Inclination 📐 Orbital period 🔄

Crew Dragon's destination orbit

Object Docking port Apogee ⬆️ Perigee ⬇️ Inclination 📐 Orbital period 🔄 ETA ⏱️
Insertion orbit 🌎 N/A TBA km TBA km 51.64° TBA min At SECO
ISS 🛰️ Harmony forward 421 km 418 km 51.64° 92 min TBA

Falcon 9 first stage's assigned place of landing

Location 📍 Downrange distance 📏 Coordinates 🌐 Sunrise 🌅 Sunset 🌇 Time Zone ⌚
Atlantic Ocean, Earth 🌍 510 km 32.0667 N 77.1172 W 06:37 17:08 UTC-5

Lot of facts

☑️ This will be the 106th SpaceX launch.
☑️ This will be the 98th Falcon 9 launch.
☑️ This will be the 21st SpaceX launch this year.
☑️ This will be the 1st journey to space of the brand new Falcon 9 rocket B1061.
☑️ This will be the 1st launch with more than 3 crew members since 2011.

Launch related Informations


Time 🚦 Time zone 🌎 Day 📅 Date 📆 Time ⏱️
Primary launch window 🚀 UTC Monday November 16 00:27
Primary launch window 🚀 EST Sunday November 15 19:27
Estimated arrival to ISS 🛰️ UTC Tuesday November 17 04:00
Estimated arrival to ISS 🛰️ EST Monday November 16 23:00

Weather - Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Launch window Weather Temperature Prob. of rain Prob. of weather scrub Main concern
Primary 🌦️ showers 🌡️ 25°C - 77°F 💧 20% 🛑 50% Multiple convective rules (⚡)
Source: www.weather.com & 45th Space Wing

Useful Resources, Data, ♫, & FAQ


Link Source
SpaceX SpaceX
NASA Commercial Crew SpaceX
Official press kit SpaceX

Social media

Link Source
Subreddit Twitter SpaceX
SpaceX Twitter SpaceX
SpaceX Flickr SpaceX
Elon Musk's Twitter SpaceX

Media & music

Link Source
TSS Spotify u/testshotstarfish
♫♫ Nsooo's favourite ♫♫ u/testshotstarfish
SpaceX FM u/lru

Community content

Link Source
Watching a Launch SpaceX Wiki
SpaceX Fleet Status SpaceX Fleet
FCC Experimental STAs SpaceX wiki
Launch Maps u/Raul74Cz
Crew-1 Paper Model u/AXM61
Flight Club live u/TheVehicleDestroyer
Flight Club simulation u/TheVehicleDestroyer
SpaceX Stats SpaceX
Discord SpaceX lobby u/SwGustav
Rocket Watch u/MarcysVonEylau
Reddit-Stream njr123
SpaceX Time Machine u/DUKE546

Participate in the discussion!

🥳 Launch threads are party threads, we relax the rules here. However, we remove low effort comments in other threads!
🔄 Please post small launch updates, discussions, and questions here, rather than as a separate post. Thanks!
💬 Please leave a comment if you discover any mistakes, or have any information.
✉️ Please send links in a private message; if you send them via a comment, there is a large chance we will miss them!
✅ Apply to host launch threads! Drop us (or u/hitura-nobad) a modmail if you are interested. I need a launch off.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question in connection with the mission?
Feel free to ask it, and I (or somebody else) will try to answer it as much as possible.
Crew Dragon berths or docks to the ISS?
Crew Dragon will autonomously dock to the ISS.
Do you want to apply as a host?
Drop us a modmail.

submitted by ElongatedMuskrat to spacex

A "Guide" to the P5R2 Superboss Battle

Introduced with the newest part of the Persona 5 Royal collab is the superboss battle with Caroline and Justine, the two Velvet Room twins. This is a challenging battle, even by JP standards. However, it should be possible for GL even without grasta enhancements. This is the video I'm using as a reference: https://youtu.be/cK_ybHIj1bE (many thanks to 但丁紅茶 for this strategy).
The Team:
  • Frontlines:
    • m!Mariel: Manifest weapon, Dream Ring, +35 SPD Badge, HP Restore (Staff) Grasta, MP Restore (Staff) Grasta, MP Consumption- (Staff) Grasta, Awakened VC Grasta, 293 SPD. Skills: Aurora Force, Pure Cradle, Cure Leaf.
    • m!Suzette: Manifest weapon, Discipline Bracelet +0, +30 PWR Badge, 3x Pain (Lance) Grasta, Awakened VC Grasta, 202 SPD. Skills: Demonic Thrust, Dragon Assault, .
    • AS Ciel: Cherry Blossom Cloud, Tempered Ring, +35 PWR Badge, 3x Pain (Bow) Grasta, Awakened VC Grasta, 232 SPD. Espressivo, Vivace, Elemental Song.
    • m!Claude: Manifest Weapon, Silver Snow Ring, +18/+11 SPD/LCK Badge, T3 Wind (Bow) Grasta, 2xT2 Wind (PWSPD) Grasta, Awakened VC Grasta, 253 SPD. Skills: Forefather, Acute Inciting, Stormbite.
  • Reserves:
    • AS Foran: Dark Spirit Naginata, Akatsuki Bracelet, +25/+25 PWSPD Badge, 2x Pain (Lance) Grasta, HP Restore (Lance) Grasta, Awakened VC Grasta, 313 SPD. Skills: Pierce from Heaven, Tiger's Roar Flash, .
Enemy Skills:
  • Caroline (the top enemy):
    • Magic Zone: Self-explanatory
    • Maragidyne: AoE fire magic attack
    • Mamagunadyne: AoE earth magic attack
    • Diarahan: Restores 100% of max HP
    • Vajra Blast: AoE null slash attack + pain
  • Justine (the bottom enemy):
    • Dekunda: Clears the twins of all buffs/debuffs (but not status effects)
    • Mabufudyne: AoE water magic attack
    • Magarudyne: AoE wind magic attack
    • Diarahan: Restores 100% of max HP
  • HP Stopper
    • All-out Attack: Deals damage equal to 99% of target's current HP and cancels the current zone
Finish the P5R2 storyline and then go to the top of Lucniva and tap on the blue icon.
Phase 1: This is just going to be a setup and AF phase from 100% to 75% HP.
  • Turn 1:
    • Mariel: Swap for AS Foran
    • Suzette: Demonic Thrust
    • AS Ciel: Espressivo
    • Claude: Forefather
    • Caroline: Observes you (does nothing)
  • Turn 2:
    • Pop AF
    • Bring them down to 75% (First HP Stopper)
Phase 2: The goal is to slowly build up AF with a consistent rotation.
  • Turn 1:
    • AS Foran: Swap for Mariel
    • Suzette: Swap into Reserves
    • AS Ciel: Vivace
    • Claude: Acute Inciting
    • Caroline: Magic Zone
    • Justine: Dekunda
  • Turn 2:
    • Mariel: Pure Cradle
    • AS Ciel: Elemental Song
    • Claude: Forefather
    • AS Foran: Swap into Frontlines
    • Caroline: Maragidyne
    • Justine: Mabufudyne
  • Turn 3:
    • Mariel: Aurora Force
    • AS Foran: Pierce from Heaven
    • AS Ciel: Vivace
    • Claude: Stormbite
    • Caroline: Mamagunadyne
    • Justine: Magarudyne
  • Turn 4:
    • Mariel uses Pure Cradle
    • AS Foran: Swap into Reserves
    • AS Ciel: Vivace
    • Claude: Acute Inciting
    • Caroline: Magic Zone
    • Justine: Dekunda
  • Turn 5:
    • Repeat starting from Turn 2
  • After a few loops, the AF bar should max out on Turn 3
Phase 3: Pop AF and bring Caroline down to 50% while leaving Justine alive. You want Justine to have enough HP left over to build up a second AF bar.
Phase 4: When AS Ciel and Claude attack, they should use Basic Attacks until the AF bar is full then switch to Vivace and Stormbite respectively. They should also be buffing/debuffing with Espressivo and Acute Inciting/Forefather respectively whenever they are about to expire (do not wait for them to fully disappear).
Suzette should keep both poison and pain up with Demonic Thrust and use Dragon Assault at all other times.
  • Turn 1:
    • Mariel: Aurora Force
    • AS Foran: Pierce from Heaven
    • AS Ciel: Attack
    • Claude: Forefather
    • Justine: Mabufudyne
  • Turn 2:
    • Mariel: Pure Cradle
    • AS Foran: Pierce from Heaven
    • AS Ciel: Attack
    • Claude: Acute Inciting
    • Justine: Magarudyne
  • Turn 3:
    • Mariel: Pure Cradle
    • AS Foran swaps for Suzette
    • AS Ciel: Espressivo
    • Claude: Attack
    • Justine: Dekunda
  • Turn 4:
    • Mariel: Aurora Force
    • Suzette: Demonic Thrust (or Dragon Assault)
    • AS Ciel: Attack (or Espressivo)
    • Claude: Forefather (or Attack or Acute Inciting)
    • Justine: Mabufudyne
  • Turn 5:
    • Mariel: Pure Cradle
    • Suzette: Demonic Thrust (or Dragon Assault)
    • AS Ciel: Attack (or Espressivo)
    • Claude: Acute Inciting (or Attack or Forefather)
    • Justine: Magarudyne
  • Turn 6:
    • Mariel: Pure Cradle
    • Suzette: Demonic Thrust (or Dragon Assault)
    • AS Ciel: Espressivo (or Attack)
    • Claude: Attack (or Acute Inciting or Forefather)
    • Justine: Dekunda
  • Turn 7:
    • Repeat starting from Turn 4
  • After a few cycles, you should reach 50% HP (Second HP Stopper)
Phase 5: Upon hitting the HP Stopper, they will do their All-out Attack and heal themselves to full (however, the 75% and 50% HP stoppers are now gone).
  • Turn 1:
    • Mariel: Swap for AS Foran
    • Suzette: Demonic Thrust
    • AS Ciel: Espressivo
    • Claude: Forefather
    • Caroline: Diarahan
    • Justine: Diarahan
  • Turn 2:
    • Pop AF and bring Justine down to 25% while leaving Caroline alive. You want Caroline to have enough HP left over to build up a second AF bar.
    • Caroline: Vajra Blast
Phase 6: This is the toughest phase due to the starting and ending phase transitions.
The starting phase transition is tricky because Vajra Blast is likely to afflict someone with pain and we will not be able to fit a status cleanse into the rotation until Turn 4. Just pray that the pain doesn't kill anyone early.
Like Phase 4, when AS Ciel and Claude attack, they should use Basic Attacks until the AF bar is full then switch to Vivace and Stormbite respectively. They should also be buffing/debuffing with Espressivo and Forefather respectively whenever they are about to expire (do not wait for them to fully disappear).
Be very careful when approaching 25% for the ending phase transition. You want to have Suzette swap in on the same turn that you bring Caroline down to 25% HP.
  • Turn 1:
    • AS Foran: Pierce from Heaven
    • Suzette: Swap for Mariel
    • AS Ciel: Espressivo
    • Claude: Attack
    • Caroline: Maragidyne
  • Turn 2:
    • AS Foran: Pierce from Heaven
    • Mariel: Pure Cradle
    • AS Ciel: Attack (or Espressivo)
    • Claude: Attack (or Forefather)
    • Caroline: Mamagunadyne
  • Turn 3:
    • AS Foran: Tiger's Roar Flash
    • Mariel: Aurora Force
    • AS Ciel: Attack (or Espressivo)
    • Claude: Forefather (or Attack)
    • Caroline: Vajra Blast
  • Turn 4:
    • AS Foran: Pierce from Heaven
    • Mariel: Cure Leaf
    • AS Ciel: Attack (or Espressivo)
    • Claude: Attack (or Forefather)
    • Caroline: Maragidyne
  • Turn 5:
    • Repeat from Turn 2
  • When you think you can bring Caroline down to 25% HP (Third HP Stopper)
    • AS Foran: Pierce from Heaven
    • Mariel: Swap for Suzette
    • AS Ciel: Vivace
    • Claude: Stormbite
    • Twins: All-out Attack
Phase 7: The final AF. This is a big DPS check because you will not have Pierce Zone to help you. Try not to screw up your finger taps and blow up the final 25% of their HP. Congratulations! You have cleared what is easily the toughest superboss in the game.
Edit: I guess it would help if I mentioned what you get for fighting them. They have a tiered reward system where you can earn rewards for each HP Stopper you manage to reach.
  • Attempt the battle:
    • Grasta (PToH): +10/+10 INT/END, Proficiency Debuff Resistance +50%
  • Reach the 75% HP Stopper:
    • Grasta (Trickster): Joker's personal grasta. +15/+15 PWSPD, buffs VC
    • Grasta (Guide): Morgana's personal grasta. +15/+75 INT/MP, buffs VC
  • Reach the 50% HP Stopper:
    • Grasta (PToH): +300/+50 HP/MP, All Type Resistance +10%
    • Grasta (PToH): +300/+10 HP/SPD, Increase effectiveness of Baton Pass
  • Reach the 25% HP Stopper:
    • Ring of Fortune: +142/+175 PDef/MDef, +40 LCK (Great for AS Radica)
    • Grasta (PToH): Almighty Grasta. +10/+10 PWINT, +25% Type Damage
  • Beat the battle:
    • Grasta: Celebration of Victory. +300/+50 HP/MP, Continuous HP and MP regen.
And of course, there's also a 100 Chronos achievement.
Edit: Minor corrections thanks to u/Typical-Cookie
Edit: Made a correction to AS Ciel's moveset.
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