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Everything You Will Need To Know About CAA, NRC, PROTESTS, JIHAD and VIOLENCE


CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act)

In India a New Act was Passed was in Our Legislative assembly which soon became an "ACT" Its called CAA_Act,_2019) This Act Allows Religiously Persecuted Minorities from Nations Like Afghanistan..Pakistan..Bangladesh.. These Miniorities Inculdes.. Hindus..Sikhs..Jains...Parsis..Christians..And Buddhists


Reasons Why Muslims Are not inculded in this act is firstly
⌬ They are not MINIORITIES in these countries..
⌬ NO MUSLIM in Last 70 Years of India's Indepence has ever came to india asking for Refuge..On Basis Of Religious Persecution.
While Other Religious Communities Like Hindus And Sikhs Face Grave Danger in These Countries

Reasons Of Decline

➛ | ⊛Religious Discriminations.
➛ | ⊛ Forced Conversion.
➛ | ⊛Land Of Miniorities Forcefully Taken By Govts).
➛ | ⊛No Rights For Hindus. Link-2.
➛ | ⊛Discrimination. LINK-2.


➤ Untill 2 years ago ..In Pakistan A Hindu Marriage was not even Considered LEGAL.
➤ Many Girls Are forced there to Marry muslim Guys..If they Refuse They get kidnapped raped and forcefully Converted. LINK-2.
➤ Thousand Of Temple Are vandalised Destroyed Or taken as a Land Property Of Govt. LINK-2.LINK-3. LINK-4. LINK-5.
➤ Hindus And Other Community Are Constantly Targeted... Their Houses Burned,Women Raped, Faith Under Danger, Fear Of Security And Many More Persecutions And Discriminations They have to Face in these Countries LINK LINK-2.
➤ Pakistan Court Says Marriage with A 14 year old Girl is Valid Because she had her first Period
All These Factors Have Resulted In Decline Of All These Miniorities Downfall Their % Of Population Is Decreasing Heavily.. And Unlike Christianity/Islam Religious Communities like Sikhs, Hindus, Jains Mainly Got One Place To go And thats India.. there isnt many countries with These religion as majority.. Note That NEPAL is The second Biggest Country After India That Holds A Hindu Population. And Nepal Isnt Even Strong Enough Economically, Area Wise, Location Wise, Army Wise That Only Leaves India To Rescue These Communities And Give them Home

Now One more thing About CAA.

It doesnt Take any rights of any citizen of india it just adds and another method for these persecuted miniorties to gain citizenship of india.. all other religious/non-religious people can still get citizenship easily... To explain it Easily.. ★▬▬▬✫▬▬▬★▬▬▬★▬▬▬✫▬▬▬★

CAA is just an extra OPTION to Gain Citizenship

★▬▬▬✫▬▬▬★▬▬▬★▬▬▬✫▬▬▬★ Like... If You ever open an app for first time it shows you to sign up..using many different Options like Googleplay/Facebook/Gmail.. etc..you get the idea right? CAA Just Adds additional Method of Sign up.. Like Lets for an example If an app adds additional Sign up Method Through twitter.. the other communities in this case (phone number, email,fb login ones) cant call this discrimination..it will sound stupid.. but thats what is happening in India..
How Many People Will Benefit From CAA?
Well According to Intelligence Bureau a total of 31,313 persons belonging to minority communities from these three countries have sought Indian Citizenship. These individuals have claimed religious persecution in their countries. Of these, 25,447 were Hindus, 5807 Sikhs and 55 Christians. Further, there were 2 Parsis and 2 Buddhists.
So, How Does Someone Proof He/She Is Religiously Persecuted? Whats The Criteria To Benefit From CAA?
BJP leader and Assam Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Friday said that it's very difficult for anyone to provide proof of religious persecution or fear of religious persecution Since CAA is meant for people from select religions, applicants will have to submit proof of them being from one of those [religions]. Secondly, they will have to submit documents to show that they came to India prior to 2015, and lastly some proof that they were citizens of the three countries for which CAA is applicable,” Sarma said.
“For Assam, we have requested the Centre to include the proof that applicants had applied for inclusion in the National Register of Citizens (NRC). All these claims would be verified by intelligence agencies and only after they are given a green signal will the applicant get citizenship,” Sarma added.

Danger to Secular Fabric Of India?

CAA Excludes Muslims... So It Has Been Raised as an issue That it is "Unconstitutional" "Danger To Secularism" "Anti-Muslim" But Then Why Are These Laws And Rules Exist?
Govt Controls Temples But Not Churches And Masjids ──────────────────────────────
Only Hindu Temples in India Are Govt Controlled
Contributions Made to the temple Are Used By Commisionners To fund Govt Programmes Temple Collection Are Not Used to Setup Veda Pathashalas Unlike Masjid' Collections are Used to setup Madarsas Church's Collection are used to Setup Convent Schools.Bizarrely, the state government can use the money generated by a temple(donations, income from assets etc)LINK. LINK-2. for purposes that have absolutely nothing to do with not just the temple, or other temples but even those which have nothing to do with Hindus or Hinduism! Interestingly, none of this applies to mosques, churches or gurudwaras. The government has no legal authority to take over the management of a non-Hindu place of worship.
Different Laws For Hindus, Muslims And Christians ──────────────────────────────
In a truly secular country, all citizens irrespective of religion would be covered by a single set of laws. In India, however, people of different religion beliefs are covered by different laws. While Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists are covered by the Hindu code bills (Hindu Marriage Act, Hindu Succession Act etc.), Muslims are covered by Muslim Personal laws and Christians are covered by Christian Personal laws. So, Hindus, Muslims, Christians & Parsis inherit property differently, have different rules for marriage, divorce and adoption among other things. Some separation of religion and state indeed!.
Different Laws For "Miniority" Schools And "Majority Schools" ──────────────────────────────
Did you know that even though minority schools (not all, but many) receive money from the government in the form of grants/aid, they need not comply with the regulations of the Right to Education Act? While the government has clearly not spared even private schools that receive no money from the government, from RTE regulations that force schools to reserve 25 per cent of their seats for children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds (reimbursed by the govt.), it had not dared to go anywhere near minority schools. Note that Hindu schools receive no such exemption.
Subsidies For Haj But Not For AmarNath Yatra ──────────────────────────────
I find the concept of the state Fundinga pilgrimage using tax-payer money rather strange. A truly secular country would not subsidize any pilgrimage- period! However, the Indian Govtspent Rs 836 crores on Haj subsidies in 2012 . The Supreme Court passed an order that directed the government to phase out this subsidy within 10 years.
Role Of Political Parties ──────────────────────────────
What makes this a whole lot worse is that political parties and large sections of the media are seen as being over-eager to win the favour of the minority communities. Take for example, the unfortunate and condemnable Dadri lynching episode during which Mohd. Akhlaq was lynched by a mob. Needless to say, this incident was shameful.But by no means was it unprecedented. Akhlaq's family received compensation of Rs 45 lakhs and 4 flats in Noida from the state government of Uttar Pradesh and the incident received almost 24 hour TV coverage for days on end.
At roughly the same time, animal rights activist- Prashant Poojary, was brutally hacked to death in an equally shameful incident. The mainstream media did not cover the incident till there was outrage on social media channels. I am yet to see a report on any compensation paid to the family of Prashant Poojary by the state government. (The Sangh Parivar- a private organization, paid Rs 10 lakhs to the family). Recently Arvind Kejriwal(CM Of Delhi) Announced Salary Hikes For Imams Of all Mosques In Delhi
Unfortunately, incidents like these send the signal (rightly or wrongly) that the Indian state & sections of the Indian media value the life of a member of one religious community more than the life of a member of another religious community - hardly something that would happen in a secular country.
Graphics Made By Our Friend u/Sayriously007 On Secularism Of India ★▬▬▬✫▬▬▬★▬▬▬★▬▬▬✫▬▬▬★

CAA And Launtenberg Amendment(USA)


What Is Launtenberg Amendment

Lautenberg Amendment, Public Law 101-167, was enacted on 21 November 1989 and has been renewed annually by the US Congress since.
The amendment provided special treatment to people from historically persecuted groups without requiring them to show that they had been singled out - that is - the members of these groups would not have to prove persecution in their individual case.
The amendment clearly specifies “Jews, Evangelical Christians, Ukrainian Catholics or Ukrainian Orthodox” who are the nationals from the former Soviet Union, Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania.
This law was expanded in 2004 to include Jews, Christians, Baha’is and other religious minorities from Iran.
Unlike Lautenberg which concerns itself with religious minorities living in other countries, CAA doesn’t concern itself with religious minorities living in PAB who want to come to India on grounds of persecution.

CAA only concerns itself with providing a pathway to citizenship to those religious minorities from PAB who are already living in India.

Therefore, contrary to popular misunderstanding, CAA 2019 doesn’t insult PAB countries by encroaching into the minorities in their territories. CAA only concerns itself with the the people who are living in the Indian territory, and at this point, have nothing to do with PAB governments.
Also, Pakistan and Bangladesh have shown no concern for their nationalities who have illegally immigrated into other countries. They have never been enthusiastic for their repatriation. The former even betrayed its loyal Bihari Muslims stranded in Bangladesh, state-less, after the 1971 liberation war.
The CAA provides a cut-off date of December 2014, after which, any religious minority from the neighbouring countries, who flees to India, cannot avail the benefits under the act.
Secondly, unlike Lautenberg, which has clear political and foreign policy goals, CAA is grounded in history of the subcontinent.
There is no justification, except for realpolitik, behind US only putting Iran and not its ally Saudi Arabia’s name in the Lautenberg amendment.

On the other hand, CAA incorporates a reasonable classification (not discrimination) on solid historical grounds:

⌬ Only Islamic nations are selected because of the long history of systematic persecution of non-Muslims in the name of Islam in the subcontinent. The subcontinent has been diverse, and of course where there is diversity there would be some tension between different communities (even within same communities, such is the human nature). However, the Islamic persecution stands out, not just because of the depth of the emphasis on religious factor, but also its length and breadth
⌬ While persecution of non-Muslim minorities occurs in many Islamic nations, only Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh are selected because of the cultural and geographical affinity that render Indian subcontinent as one unit in history.
⌬ The bill includes only Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi communities and not, say, Ahmadiyyas (a Muslim sect that is also persecuted in Pakistan) for the similar reason that it doesn’t include Iran, Saudi Arabia, or other Islamic nations.
⌬ The Act restricts its domain so as not to interfere into issues of sectarian or communal strife or internal matters of a religion.
⌬ The CAA makes a point to not appear as if it is taking sides in theological questions of Islam (whether Ahmadiyyas are Muslims or not) or even the geopolitics of religion worldwide.
The CAA, very carefully, avoids encroaching on political as well as religious sovereignty of Islamic countries as they perceive it, while dealing with people in its own territory.
Also, since the partition of the subcontinent happened to carve out a separate Muslim homeland, most of the people who fled to India from PAB before December 2014 are non-Muslims. Ahmadiyyas, as a new sect, in fact, were quite zealous, and one of the most ferocious supporters of demand for Pakistan.

NPR (National Population Register).

The Second Thing Protest Are Going For..
What Is NPR?


A census is the procedure of systematically acquiring and recording Information about the members of a given Population. This term is used mostly in connection with National Population And Housing Census other common censuses include traditional culture, business, supplies, agricultural, and traffic censuses. The United Nations defines the essential features of population and housing censuses as "individual enumeration, universality within a defined territory, simultaneity and defined periodicity", and recommends that population censuses be taken at least every ten years. United Nations recommendations also cover census topics to be collected, official definitions, classifications and other useful information to co-ordinate international practices. ★▬▬▬✫▬▬▬★▬▬▬★▬▬▬✫▬▬▬★

NPR Includes Everything It Inculdes Foreigns Residing in a locality.. But Census Only inculdes The Data Of citizens

So Whats the Problem ? An Nation is Supposed to Do Census Or A Registry To Better Understand The DemoGraphics To lay out its Policies/Programmes Efficiently

NRC( National Register Of Citizens)

The Third Thing Protests Are Going For
What is NRC?.
Whom Will It Affect?
Illegal Immigrants that have mass Immigrated from Bangladesh and other Countries in very large numbers and are responsible for changing the demographics of many places in India.LINK-2...
★▬▬▬✫▬▬▬★▬▬▬★▬▬▬✫▬▬▬★ How Can You Prove Your Identity? ★▬▬▬✫▬▬▬★▬▬▬★▬▬▬✫▬▬▬★ 1.Voter ID.
2.Driving License.
3.Birth Certificate.
4.PAN Card.
5.Ration Card
6.School Certificate.
7.School FootPrints.
8.Property Documents.
10.Your Name In Voter List From 1971-2020.
11 . Three Witness That Will Prove Your Citizenship.
12.Permanent residential certificate
13.Government service/employment certificate
14.Refugee Registration Certificate
15.Bank or Post office Accounts
16.Any LIC policy
17.Court records/processes
Links That Mention What Documents you Need. Link-2. Link-3.
Apart From This If Your Name Doesnt Show Up in NRC List You Can go To Tribunals.. If In Case You Dont Have Enough Money.. The State Bears Your Expenses And Provide You a Lawyer. ★▬▬▬✫▬▬▬★▬▬▬★▬▬▬✫▬▬▬★
If a person doesnt have any one of these.. a Logical person can easily think.. How can someone live/Survive in a country without ANY of these things.

How Many Illegal Immigrants are there?

🇦🇫 Afghanistan: 13,000.
🇧🇩 Bangladesh: 1,50,00,000 LINK-2. Security/Smugglers Problem: WORLD BANK REPORT
🇲🇲 Myanmar(Burma): 50,000-1,00,000. Refuge Report.
🇵🇰 Pakistan: 7,700
🇲🇲☪️Rohingyas: 40,000 Link-2
These Stats Remove The Arguement That Where these New 31k Citizens Will That Will Come To India Through CAA..Will Stay..Earn.. ?
The Illegal Immigrants are Around 1.6-2 Crores when We Are Already Harbouring 1.5 Crore Illegal Immigrants After A Succesful NRC(if it happens) Then We Can Easily Make Place For The Persecuted Miniorities.


In Dec 2019 Amit Shah Said NRC Will be conducted Nationwide And Repeated in Assam..
But..On Feb 04 2020 Home Ministry Of India Said That It has No Plans Of Implementing NATIONWIDE NRC as of Now NRC is Likely To Stay In Just ASSAM As Of Now..
From The Little Details That We Have Gotten This Far We Can Conclude An Assam Like Nationwide NRC Will Be implemented(if it would).


Is It Implemented Yet?
Is It Passed In Legislative Assembly?
Is It even Drafted Yet?
So Why Are these People protesting against something.. that DOESNT EXIST...HASNT BEEN DRAFTED.. PASSED..? ──────────────────────────────
Answer: Radical Islamic Extremism: Report By ED Link-2

So Why These Riots Got More Violent Now?

To Gain More International Appeal As Trump Was Visiting While These Protest Was Going On
Many Radical Islamist Leaders Were Seen Throughtout The Protests Talking About "Chakka Jams" "Crashing Indian Economy" " Representing India in Bad Light" LINK. LINK2.
More than 42 People are KILLED , 300+ INJURED, 123 FiRs lodged, 630 DETAINED till now.


How Anti-CAA Protests Distort The Truth ────────────────────────────── ★▬▬▬✫▬▬▬★▬▬▬★▬▬▬✫▬▬▬★

Freedom Of Speech?

Many Protestors,Famous Celebrities And Other Media Personalities Are Claiming They Are Not Able To Express Their Opinions Freely.. They Are Being Silenced..The Current Govt Is Fascist And Comparisions To Hitler's NAZI GERMANY Are Being Drawn.. But If These Personalities Were really being Silenced They Wouldnt have been able to Stand One Day In Shaheen Bagh or Protest at any other Place, No Violence in Shadow Of "Peaceful Protests" Would Have Occured Nor these People Would Have been Given This Freedom To Call The Current Govt Fascist.. If It was Really True..
Muslim mob forces owner to shut shop in Chennai for selling pen with pro-CAA inscription
Pro CAA rally attacked in Lohardaga by Peaceful Massive stone pelting. LINK-2
Poor Residents Of a Colony Denied Access To Water For Their Pro-CAA Stand In Kerala LINK-2
Kerala Governor Heckled By Students For Pro-CAA Remarks

Jamia Milia & JNU Incidents

On 15 December 2019
In Jamia Nagar, Delhi, three Delhi Transport buses were torched as protests took a Violent Turn Police forcefully entered the campus of Jamia Milia Islamia University and detained students. According to video footage, the police used batons and tear gas on the students. The University varsity even postponed its exams and declared winter break for students after the first protest saw stone-pelting by the agitators and use of tear gas by the police in response. Source
Allahu-Akbar, Naar-e-Takdeer Chanted By Students
Several Allegations of Police Brutality Has been Made... Investigations Are Going On ──────────────────────────────


★▬▬▬✫▬▬▬★▬▬▬★▬▬▬✫▬▬▬★ From When CAA Was CAB.. Protests Started.. And Soon Enough They took An Ugly Turn
Bharat Mata Se Azaadi.
Hinduon Se Azaadi.
Chanting Pakistan Zindabaad.
Bas Naam Rahega Allah Ka.
Jinnah Waali Azaadi.
Hindu Women in Burqas & Broken Swastika.
Shahada,theres No God Other Than Allah On Tri Colour.
────────────────────────────── ★▬▬▬✫▬▬▬★▬▬▬★▬▬▬✫▬▬▬★


THE TRUTH Of "Muslim Violence". LINK-2. Link-3. LINK-4. LINK-5. LINK-6. LINK-7.
Acc To OpIndia A Fake Video Of Saffron flag being placed on a masjid is being circulated.
If You will Google Muslim deaths in Delhi Clashes.. You will See Foreign Media Like WSJ...BBC...NYT Talking abt muslim torture in delhi they are victims this that... Dont Forgot These are The Terrorist Sympathisers WSJ. BBC. NYT.
How many Citizenships Of any Citizen Stripped Till Now?
Violence Mainly In BJP- Led States? ────────────────────────────── This Misinformation Is Being Spread That The Violences Only Happened in BJP ruled States Because They Sponsored these Violence.. The Truth Is Violence Started With Delhi Which is Under Arvid Kejriwal(AAP) then Other States Like Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Kerala etc.. From Which Only UP Is Under BJP..
How Much Violence Have They Caused Till Now? ──────────────────────────────
Trains Burned.
Public Property Damaged.
Communal Slogans/Posters Raised. LINK-2.
Many Extremist Leaders Talking About Jihad/Making India an Islamic State Appeared And Made Innocent/Heroes By Media. LINK-2. LINK-3.
Acid Thrown At Police.
Journalist/Media Houses Responsible For Spreading False News/Propaganda. Wall Street Journal.RajDeep Sardesai. NDTV.


ISIS now using viral image ig Muslim Man Beaten Up in Delhi Riots to call For 'retaliation' SOURCE
Section 144 Imposed in Affected Parts Of Delhi For 1 Month Source


I have Stated All Statements In this Post With Facts/Sources/links And Refrained From Adding any of my Personal Opinion...But This "SPREAD OF MISINFORMATION" is purely my personal opinion..i dont have any sources to back this statement..please use your own brain to figure whether its good or not
This Govt Has Been Really Incompetant while Dealing with Spread of Misinformation.. i think its one of the reason this whole thing got so massive.. They should have been more careful.. Second Thing.. The Media Today is very biased too..Common Man doesnt have enough time to research this much about any topic ..he relies on others..word of mouth.. Tv..Internet...Trends that has lead to soo much misinformation..lies.. to travel far.. I would Suggest That one should refrain from watching Debates Blindly Following Celebs/Journalists.. Watching Primetimes(where the reportejournalist pushes its opinions on you) and just stick to straight news.. and fact check from 2-3 sources when he has to pass any info to another person
I Hope That Answers all Your Questions!! Thank You
Edit: This Post is Completed as Word Limit Came -_-
submitted by MrCuteDiaper to politicalhinduism

🚀🚀🚀Some DD on $PLM🚀🚀🚀

Y'all seem to like rocket ships so I added some in the title. Note that this does not indicate that it will grow. Do not buy just because you saw rocket ships.
What is Polymet Mining Corp?
Leadership and Management:
  • Jon Cherry (President and CEO) - 27 years in the mining industry, including 20 years with Rio Tinto. Previous experience includes the establishment of the Eagle Mine in Michigan, and associations with the Resolution Copper project based in Arizona. Bachelors in environmental engineering from Montana Tech, and a licensed professional engineer.
  • Patrick Keenan (CFO and EVP) - 25 years of experience in finance relevant to the mining industry, with around 20 of those years at Rio Tinto. Held several CFO positions prior to joining Polymet, including with Rio Tinto’s Energy Group based in Australia, Kennacott Utah Copper in Salt Lake City, and Rio Tinto Diamond in London. Bachelor’s in accounting from the University of Utah.
  • Andrew Ware (Chief Geology Officer) - 25 years of global mining industry experience, in locations including but not limited to Australia, Mexico, and Peru. Previous projects include the Eagle Mine and Tamarack Ni-Cu, both for Rio Tinto. Bachelor’s of applied geology from the University of Wales in Australia.
  • Rio Tinto is a mining giant, third only to BHP and Glencore, with a market cap of over $90 billion. Despite the fact that all three executives here appear to have come from Rio Tinto, many other members have not.
What are their existing mines?
NorthMet Project
  • Open, three-pit mine in the Mesabi Iron Range in Minnesota, with around 19,000 acres of land.
  • 100% Polymet controlled operation.
  • 225 million ton mining plan.
    • Notably includes 1.16 billion pounds of copper, 170 million pounds of nickel, 6.2 million pounds of cobalt and other miscellaneous metals such as palladium, gold and platinum.
    • In comparison, the highest yielding copper mine in the U.S owned by a single party is Bingham Canyon%20of%20molybdenum.) (Rio Tinto), producing around 34 billion pounds of copper annually.
  • Created 360 jobs in direct employment, with 1,000 new jobs in the region.
    • $515 million annual boost to local economy.
  • One of the first large commercial mines in Minnesota within the last 20 years.
  • Glencore invested $50 million into the project as a convertible loan.
  • Designed to minimize environmental impact of mining operations, primarily to prevent seepage into local bodies of water.
  • Polymet’s only mine.
Mining in Minnesota:
  • 5th most valuable state based on non-fuel minerals produced (2016) behind Nevada, Arizona, Texas, and California. Note that this does not only reflect the potential of the land, but also how developed mining is in a certain region.
  • Very little existing mining presence. If you go on the Wikipedia page for American copper mines, Polymet is basically the only relevant company in Minnesota.
  • The Duluth Complex is one of the largest copper and nickel deposits in the world.
  • Introduction of thousands of sustainable long-term jobs.
  • Tens of millions in tax revenues annually.
2020 Quarter 1 Filings:
  • Successfully acquired all necessary permits in order to insure the smooth continuation of operations in compliance with local and federal laws.
    • Obtained federal ROD and Section 404 Wetlands Permit in March of 2019, the last necessary permit to ensure the validity of the operation.
  • $265 million offering completed in June 2019, backed by Glencore. As a result of this offering, Glencore ownership of this company rose to 71.6%.
  • Engaged in a series of financing agreements with Glendore since 2008, including equity ownership, as well as convertible and non-convertible debt.
  • Net loss of $7.4 million (1 cent per share), compared $5.8 million (2 cents per share) of the previous year period. The increased loss was due to additional studies related to engineering and further evaluation of the mineral resource and investment losses on restricted deposits.
  • Mineral rights in and around the NorthMet orebody are held through mineral leases with RGGS Land & Minerals Ltd., L.P. and LMC Minerals. RGGS lease ends in 2048 provided Polymet continues lease payments (5,123 acres). LMC lease ends in 2028 provided Polymet continues lease payments (120 acres).
  • Proven and Probable mineral reserves were estimated to be 254.7 million short tons grading 0.294% copper, 0.084% nickel, 80 ppb (parts per billion) platinum, 268 ppb palladium, 39 ppb gold, 74.42 ppm (parts per million) cobalt, and 1.06 ppm silver. PPB and PPM describe the concentration of the mineral.
  • 2019 statement increased Proven and Probable mineral reserves by 14% to 290 “million short tons grading 0.288% copper, 0.083% nickel, 75 ppb platinum, 264 ppb palladium, 39 ppb gold, 73.95 ppm cobalt and 1.06 ppm silver.
  • Goals and objectives for the next 12 months include:
    • “Successfully defend against legal challenges to permits.”
    • “Maintain political, social and regulatory support for the [NorthMet] Project.”
    • “Continue engineering and optimization of the [NorthMet] Project.”
Potentially Risks and Negatives:
  • From 2019 Annual Information Form (AIF): “[Polymet] is dependent on a single mineral project. The NorthMet Project accounts for all of the mineral resources and mineral reserves and exclusively represents the current potential for the future generation of revenue. Mineral exploration and development involves a high degree of risk that even a combination of careful evaluation, experience and knowledge cannot eliminate, and few properties that are explored are ultimately developed into producing mines.”
  • From 2019 AIF: “Polymet is investing heavily in various facets of the NorthMet Project, which is subject to a number of risks that may make it less successful than anticipated, including:
    • legal challenges to permits received;
    • delays or higher than expected costs in obtaining the necessary equipment or services to build and operate the Project
    • adverse mining conditions may delay or restrict production of expected quantities of minerals.”
  • From 2019 AIF: “Future activities could be subject to environmental laws and regulations, which may have a materially adverse effect on future operations, in which case operations could be suspended or terminated.”
  • From 2019 AIF: “Because the price of metals fluctuate, if the prices of metals in Polymet’s ore body decrease below a specified level, it may no longer be profitable to develop the NorthMet Project for those metals and Polymet could cease operations.”
  • From 2019 AIF: “Company success depends on key members of management. The loss of the services of one or more of such key management personnel could have a material adverse effect on the Company. Polymet’s ability to manage exploration and development activities, and hence success, will depend in large part on the efforts of these individuals.”
  • From 2019 AIF: “Polymet’s metals exploration and development efforts are highly speculative in nature and may be unsuccessful.” Note that while they do appear to be the first in the area, it also means that there’s no guarantee that there’s actually resources there.
  • From 2019 AIF: “Polymet has had no production history and does not know if it will generate revenues in the future.”
  • From 2019 AIF: “PolyMet has a history of losses, which it expects will continue for the future. If the Company does not begin to generate revenues, it may either have to suspend or cease operations.”
Additional Notes:
  • From 2019 AIF: “Actual mineral reserves and mineral resources may not conform to the Company’s established estimates.”
  • Their CEO is holding a lot of shares. CFO and Brad Moore (EVP and Government Affairs director) also picked up a substantial amount within the last week as of 6/21/20). Insider holdings accounts for ~72% of shares.
    • Note that their CEO purchased in March.
  • A 10 to 1 reverse split is being considered in the upcoming shareholder conference.
  • Tesla has an arrangement with Glencore for cobalt, which may be relevant to $PLM.
Events Concerning Q2-Q4 and the Future:
  • On 6/16/20, Polymet announced that the Minnesota Supreme Court had agreed to review their appeal on an air permit.
  • On 6/12/20, Polymet announced that one of their EVPs, Brad Moore will retire on July 12, 2020.
  • On 3/18/20, Polymet announced a $30 million dollar investment from Glencorp in convertible debt.
Important Upcoming Dates:
Price Targets:
  • As of 13:47, 6/21/20, the price of $PLM rests at $0.435.
  • WSJ sets a high at $1.50, low at $1.50, and median at $1.50.
  • CNNMoney sets a high at $1.50, low at $1.50, and median at $1.50.
  • Consensus appears to be a buy.
  • The shareholder meeting on Wednesday.
  • Discovery of any notable traits on land they have access to.
  • Acquisition of more land.
  • Significant developments in mining operation.
  • Beginning of mining operation.
Conclusion: Please note that this section contains opinions, which should not influence your decisions.
Could be the place to make a quick buck due to the shareholder meeting on Wednesday. Some executives also picked up a substantial amount of shares recently, which could potentially indicate confidence. Brad Moore bought shares at $0.46 (which is actually higher than the current price), causing him to average up. However, holding more shares before a shareholder meeting is generally common practice for executives, which should be kept in mind. Over the longer term, I can see this as a very firm investment due to their associations with other mining giants as well as the experience of their executives. Their mine is already looking in good shape and they have obtained all key necessary permits, and is unlikely to be opposed by the state due to the economic benefits brought by the existence of the mine, along with the care when dealing with environmental impacts. The company is also backed by a $100+ billion company in Glencore, which owns most of the company, making this company even more stable.
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