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Tons of games are available here. The Total War games are a venerable series of historical strategy games with unit-shuffling battles and large-scale nation management. Here's Why The Walking Dead Is Failing The once beloved post-apocalyptic zombie drama has hit a bit of a rough patch. What other items do customers buy after. Cheats: Escape From Hell. SCDKey is a leading global digital gaming marketplace.

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Play 13 Days After: Survival Game for Free at 8c.com. It has its quirks but for 11 bucks you really can't beat it (seeing as 7 Days is much more expensive and they're about on the same level after 7 Days last update). The devil sends zombies to earth. Added 30s cooldown after the player is stolen from unless the player attacks the Pego, in which case it will ignore the cooldown - Prevented Pegomastax from robbing same-team - Fixed issue where passive tames would not resume eating after being knocked out and eventually starve - Increased SFX distance for Ichthyornis and Hesperornis. GAMIVO is a platform to find, compare and buy digital game keys. Zombie Shooting Action Upgrade Survival Defense Games Nitro Click to find more games like this.

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Your mission is to stop the undead creeps by eliminating every single one of them, befor they do that with you. Why won't survival hunter get any changes? - Page 8 https://kaksdelatcvetok.ru/download/?file=1282. Oppido is the Owner and Operator of Pleasure Point Computers in Santa Cruz, California. It's a shame that the game. Play the shooter game that helped define horror shooters available in a web browser. Games - Over 20, 000 Free Games.

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The publication contains features similar to a pocket edition with some differences, but is also available to run on devices such as HoloLens. Days After Survival Online Games. This time around, the scale is beyond anything yet seen in first-person games. The open world gameplay of the Elder Scrolls series is continued in Skyrim, as the player character can explore the land at will and ignore or postpone the main quest indefinitely. Comments; Shares (Image credit: Private Division) 2020 still has. These are our collection of games related to 13 days after survival, with titles such as 13 days after survival, 30 days honey game, 13 more days in hell and many more online games that you can play for free at flasharcadegamessite.

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I checked my download folder and it had 70gb file size and then when i resumed and downloaded 2 gb, my file size went up to 72gb. Days After Survival By BubbleBox on March 1, report Kill zombies. Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure, Crayola Scoot, Semispheres and 45 more for PC Windows. Game & Hack Information Game players who find it hard to play some games. The game engine builder is well-known Unity Game Engine. And guess what when i resumed the download it started from 0%. But dont worry.

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Check our Homepage to find the best games of today and the past month, with a list of the best-sellers and the newest games of 2020 and the past. 13 Days After Hacked. Girl, 2, has 50-50 chance of survival after flu turned into rare inflammation of the BRAIN, forcing doctors to put her in a coma as they battle to save her Layla Thomas developed the flu two weeks. Try to survive in this country. Experience the new generation of games and entertainment with Xbox. Deep, open-world survival games are always good for a laugh.

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13 Days After: Survival - Play Free Games: : FreeGames.com resource. Divinity: Original Sin 2 (PC) CD key. New Games Next in 00: 00.

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Last Days Survival Guide is amazing. Games 13 days after survival hacked. Pixel Battle Royale Multiplayer. Whatever game you are searching for. Among the labyrinth of empty streets, the survivors fortify camps to resist zombie hordes and sneak outside to find relatives and. I enjoyed this more than FarCry 4. It was great to have a sabre toothed tiger as a companion to deal with the pesky dholes and wolves.

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Set in a brutally unforgiving post-apocalyptic world overrun by the undead, 7 Days to Die is an open-world game that is a unique combination of first person shooter, survival horror, tower defense, and role-playing games. 13 Days In Hell Hacked https://kaksdelatcvetok.ru/download/?file=1271. Play all unblocked games and hacked games on your site, we add 5 best unblocked games every [HOST] our site 13 Days After Survival - hacked unblocked games ardaayenotbozebo. Link to the email inbox: You get the link after the purchase. The world war is over, nobody survived and most people are zombies now. Survival mode was added to the game for all platforms on March 29, 2020.

Destiny 2 Update 3.0.0

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Source: https://www.bungie.net/en/News/Article/49819


Vendor Armor

  • Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit vendors now all reward a Prime version of their respective ritual engram for completing the weekly challenge.
    • These engrams award the ritual's new Season of the Hunt armor on a knockout list until the full set has been obtained.
    • Once the full set is obtained the engrams drop re-rolls of the ritual armor as well as world weapons. (Note this is on a per-ritual basis; each ritual engram assesses separately.)
    • All armor dropped from these engrams is high stat armor.
  • The base (non-Prime) version of Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit engrams now drops world armor until the respective ritual set has been obtained from the Prime ritual engram.
  • Once the ritual set has been obtained from the Prime ritual engram, low-stat ritual armor will drop.
  • Zavala, Shaxx, and Drifter now sell low-stat versions of their new Season of the Hunt armor. Armor must be obtained from the ritual's Prime engram before it can be purchased.


  • Engram previews for most gear engrams have been removed.
  • The following engrams had new versions created in Season of the Hunt: Legendary World, Prime, Crucible, Gambit, Vanguard, Gunsmith, and Iron Banner. Older versions of these engrams will be removed from the game in Season 13.
    • Players with a back-stock of these engrams in the Postmaster are advised to extract and decrypt these engrams before the end of Season of the Hunt.


  • Spider has made several changes to his inventory as follows:
    • He has grown jealous of the large stocks of Legendary Shards Guardians have saved up, and now covets them. To that end he will no longer part with Legendary Shards.
    • He has obtained Enhancement Prisms to sell but will part with no more than three per week for each customer.
      • He has priced these at 400 Legendary Shards each.
    • Enhancement Cores are now fixed in price at 30 Legendary Shards each (they do not ascend with each purchase) but are limited to 5 per day for each customer.
  • Zavala's and Shaxx's Boons and the Eververse's Gleaming Boons have been deprecated and can be dismantled to recover their original full purchase price.
  • Economy, Currencies, Faction of the Nine, Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, Future War Cult faction tokens, and all Rare destination materials can now be safely discarded and can be deleted as a full stack.
  • Banshee-44 and the Spider will still accept planetary materials from Vaulted destinations for the duration of Season of the Hunt.
    • These materials will be deprecated in a future season and players are advised to spend them during Season of the Hunt.
  • Season Pass
    • Season Pass rewards have been refreshed for Season of the Hunt.
    • Additional Bright Dust has been added to the Season Pass reward tracks as follows:
      • Free Track: Added 5,200 to the already present 2,300, for a total of 7,500.
      • Paid Track: Added 2,600 to the already present 400, for a total of 3,000.
    • Weekly Bounties will now award 100 Bright Dust
  • Eververse
    • Starting in Season of the Hunt, Bright Engrams will now contain all Eververse content from Season 1 to three Seasons prior to the current Season (excluding content from special events like Festival of the Lost, the Dawning, etc.). Here are some practical examples:
      • Season of the Hunt: Bright Engrams contain all content from Seasons 1 through 9.
      • Season 13: Bright Engrams contain all content from Seasons 1 through 10.


  • All existing and new Ghost Shells except the Generalist Shell now have energy levels and access to mods with various energy costs instead of being pre-loaded with specific perks.
  • Ghosts now have four mod slots. Three are unlocked by default, and the fourth is unlocked by Masterworking the Shell.
  • Kill Tracker functionality remains only on Ghosts that originally had access to that perk.
  • Other pre-existing Ghost perks have been turned into mods and some have been made into more globalized versions of their past functionality.
  • A selection of mods are available on all Ghost Shells by default, with the remaining ones obtainable via various gameplay sources (information on where to find these mods can be learned from Collections).
  • No mods will be obtained from the Eververse and Eververse purchased Shells will have no advantages or functional differences from Ghost Shells earned in game.


  • All Sparrows intrinsically fast-summon now.
    • Newly acquired or reacquired from Collections sparrows no longer roll on the Speed Demon(fast-summoning) perk.
    • Players are advised to re-pull any sparrows they presently are using that have fast-summon to gain a new perk combo.

General Fixes

  • Matterscourge ornament can no longer be reacquired from Collections.
  • Last Perdition on Shaxx now dismantles for less than its vendor cost.
  • Universal Ornament item descriptions no longer refer specifically to Year-3 items.
  • Emotes now display flavor text on the item detail screen or when being previewed on the Eververse store.
  • Added icons to weapons that were missing their release watermark.
  • Exotic Ciphers can no longer be added to a player’s Vault.
    • Players saving an Exotic Cipher in their Vault must remove it and spend it before they can acquire a new one.
  • Armor affinity now display on player inspect.


  • Lectern of Enchantment weekly bounty no longer references Nightmares on Io or Titan.
    • Progress is now made from defeating Nightmares on the Moon.

Power & Progression

  • Powerful sources, weekly rituals with Powerful rewards released with Shadowkeep no longer grant Powerful rewards.
    • These rewards have been moved to new rituals released with Beyond Light.
  • Once the character's gear Power has reached the soft cap (1200 in Beyond Light), it will now be possible to receive small Powerful upgrades from some normal drops.
    • These will come from strikes, Crucible, and Gambit as well as some Seasonal sources, and are not subject to daily nor weekly lockouts.
    • These can drop until the Power Cap (1250 in Beyond Light).
  • Reduced the Power level of some vendor token rewards.

Player Identity

  • Login screens now have a dark background.
  • Updated the Full-screen Menus to have a dark background style.
  • Player waypoints now display Season Rank, HUD waypoints.
    • Character Creation:
    • Changed selection from "Male" & "Female" to "Masculine" & "Feminine."
    • Guardian head and hair models have been replaced with improved versions.
    • Several color swatches have been changed to better represent the applied color.
    • Players previous head selections are still used.
  • Added toggle functionality to the character screen, allowing the player to make a choice between Light and Dark subclasses.
    • Character screen visuals updated depending on player choice between Light and Dark.


  • Triumph Screen Updates:
    • Navigation has been added to Triumphs and Seals to toggle between Active and Legacy content.
    • Legacy Triumphs and Seals have a new visual style to distinguish them from Active content.
    • Medals, Exotic Catalysts, and Lore have been given their own section within the Triumphs screen.
    • Improved Lore screen added for better book/page navigation.
    • Triumphs now display both the current step reward and final completion reward.
  • Triumphs have had an overhaul and are now categorized in a new way.
    • Lifetime Triumph sets will persist across all Seasons and introduces new players to the core aspects of Destiny.
    • Destination Triumph sets will move to the Legacy section when the related destination enters the Destiny Content Vault.
    • Seasonal Triumph sets will move to the Legacy section at the end of each year.
  • Legacy Triumph Sets and Seals are found in the Legacy section.
    • Legacy sets will not apply to your Active Triumph Score.
    • Players can still see their Legacy set scores and which Triumphs they completed in time.
    • All the Legacy Seals and their related Triumphs can be seen on the Legacy page.
    • Titles for completed Legacy Seals can still be equipped
  • Several new Stat Trackers were added to the system including, but not limited to, weapon-type Stat Trackers gated behind new Triumph completions.
    • Prophecy Dungeon Stat Trackers have been moved to the Open World category matching other Dungeon related Stat Trackers.



  • Hand Cannons
    • Aggressive
      • Increased Rate of Fire (RoF) from 110 to 120.
      • Broke out Aggressive Hand Cannons, allowing custom tuning of stats (e.g. damage falloff for 100 range in this subfamily now starts at 32m).
    • Adaptive and Precision
      • Range stat now has more impact on minimum damage falloff range for both archetypes.
      • Damage falloff for 100 range now starts at 25m, was 20m.
    • Precision Hand Cannon
      • 180 RoF magazine scaled up by 37 percent.
      • Note: This also affects Exotics with that RoF.
    • Lightweight (folded in to Adaptive)
      • Moved all Lightweight Hand Cannons (150 RoF) to the Adaptive subfamily (140 RoF).
    • This includes Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten.
      • One Exotic Hand Cannon will retain 150 RoF.
      • We aren’t going to leave it to speculation.
      • It’s beautiful.
      • It does Solar damage.
      • It makes enemies explode.
      • It’s Sunshot.
  • Sniper Rifles
    • Adjusted how aim assist (AA) is affected by Sniper Rifle Zoom rating. The lower the Zoom the lower the AA and vice versa. Scopes with around 50 Zoom are unchanged.
    • Lowest-Zoom scopes have a large reduction in AA cone angle.
    • Highest-Zoom scopes have a small increase.
  • Auto Rifles
    • Adaptive
      • Damage per bullet reduced from 15.75 to 14.25.
      • Note: Prior to Season of the Worthy, damage per bullet was 13.75.
  • Scout Rifles
    • Increased how much each point of the AA stat widens the AA cone.
    • At maximum, the AA cone is now 15 percent wider.
  • Rocket Launchers
    • Increased reserves by 1 or 2 rockets depending on Inventory stat.
  • Perks
    • Outlaw - Reload speed increase felt insufficient with certain subfamilies and combinations of rolls (e.g. Aggressive Hand Cannons).
      • Increased Reload stat bonus from +50 to +70.
  • Merciless
    • Increased Inventory stat from 36 to 55 (this increases reserve ammo).
  • Mountaintop
    • Reduced splash damage by 33 percent, increased impact damage such that total damage is 5 percent lower than before.
    • Reduced projectile velocity multiplier from the Micro-Missile perk from 1.4 to 1.2. (i.e., now 20 percent faster than other breech Grenade Launchers instead of 40 percent).
    • Reduced in-air accuracy. Now has significant projectile error while in-air (around 7 degrees without the Icarus Grip mod, substantially less with).
  • Falling Guillotine
    • Reduced Heavy Attack damage by ~24 percent to bring in line with other Swords.
    • Note: Falling Guillotine will continue to be slightly above average, just not to the extent that it is now.
  • MIDA Multi-Tool and MIDA Mini-Tool
    • MIDA Mini-Tool
      • Moved the "Mida Synergy" trait to the intrinsic, similar to how the (Baroque) version works.
      • Added the following perks:
        • Hip-Fire Grip
        • Kill Clip
    • NOTE: There is an issue with the Masterwork on this weapon that prevents it from being upgraded. This will be fixed in a later update.
    • NOTE: The Gunsmith will begin selling a version of this weapon on November 10 with no infusion cap.
  • Sturm and Drang
    • Drang
      • Moved the "Together Forever" trait to the intrinsic, similar to how the (Baroque) version works
      • Added the following perks:
      • Accurized Rounds
      • Moving Target
      • NOTE: There is an issue with the masterwork on this weapon that prevents it from being upgraded. This will be fixed in a later update.
      • NOTE: The Gunsmith will begin selling a version of this weapon on November 10 with no infusion cap.
  • Ruinous Effigy
    • Transmutation Spheres
    • Reduced the damage of the aerial melee attack by 25 percent.
    • Significantly reduced the damage of the drain effect on enemy combatants.
  • Arbalest
    • No longer strikes shields multiple times, but its efficacy against shielded targets has been increased.
  • Jade Rabbit
    • Armor Piercing Rounds swapped to High Caliber Rounds.
    • This fixes an issue that could prevent the Exotic perk from triggering.
  • Traveler's Chosen
    • Reduced muzzle flash intensity.
  • Point of the Stag
    • Increased Point of the Stag's Max Power Level to 1310.
  • Divinity
    • Fixed a bug that prevented some weapons from dealing precision damage to the Divinity cage (e.g. Eriana's Vow).

Energy Type Requirements

  • All of the weapon-oriented armor mods (e.g. Hand Cannon Loader, Fusion Rifle Ammo Finder, etc.) have been changed to be any energy type.
    • As a result of the above change, all Arc Charged with Light mods now activate their second perk if you have any other Arc mod equipped on the same armor piece, or if you have any other Arc Charged with Light mod socketed in any other armor piece you are wearing.

Enhanced Mod Rebalancing

  • All mods that have an Enhanced version of that mod (e.g. Enhanced Hand Cannon Loader) have had the base mods’ efficacy increased to match that of the Enhanced version of the mod.
    • As a result, those Enhanced mods have been deprecated, and the base mods’ energy costs have been adjusted upward slightly (but are still lower than the equivalent Enhanced mods).
  • Some mods have moved to different slots to create more competition for mod sockets across armor pieces (for example, the Fast Ready mods have moved to the Arms socket).

Raid Mods

  • Starting in Season of the Hunt, Last Wish, Garden of Salvation, and the upcoming Beyond Light raid armors will now drop with a fifth, dedicated armor mod socket that is exclusively for the mods related to that raid.
    • Anti-Taken mods from Last Wish will only function in the Last Wish raid.
    • Anti-Hive mods from the Leviathan raid will be deprecated.
    • Anti-Fallen raid mods from Scourge of the Past will be deprecated.
  • Last Wish and Garden of Salvation armor acquired prior to Season of the Hunt will not have this dedicated armor socket but will still be able to use the mods related to that raid in the new Legacy armor mod socket.

Combat Mods

  • All armor released in Beyond Light and Season of the Hunt, all Last Wish and Garden of Salvation armor acquired starting in Season of the Hunt, and all Armor 2.0 Exotic armor pieces (including those already possessed by players) will have a Combat style mod socket.
    • In Season of the Hunt, this socket will accept all Charged with Light and Warmind Cell mods.
  • All Armor 2.0 armor acquired during Seasons 8 through 11 have had their Seasonal mod sockets replaced with a single, unified Legacy mod socket that can socket all Charged with Light mods, all Warmind Cell mods, all Nightmare Hunt mods, all Garden of Salvation mods, and all Last Wish mods.
  • Banshee-44 now has a chance to sell armor mods from Black Armory, Season 10, and Season 11.

Anti-Champion Mods

  • Anti-barrier rounds will now penetrate Taken Phalanx shields.
  • All Anti-Champion mods have been shifted to armor, rather than taking a weapon mod slot.


  • Increased Hunter's dodge cooldown by a few seconds
    • (E.g. Tier 4 original cooldown: 22 sec. New cooldown: 26 sec)
  • Orbs of Light have been changed to Orbs of Power as they can now be consumed by Light and Dark subclasses.



  • Removed Legacy Nightfall and Heroic story mission nodes.
  • Nightfall: The Ordeal
    • Adjusted Adept recommended Power level to 1180, matchmaking is available at 1150.
    • All versions of Nightfall: The Ordeal now fill player ammo at the start of the activity (like Grandmaster has always done).


  • Merged Gambit and Gambit Prime into a single mode
    • Single round.
    • Gambit Prime encounters, with all a large boss combatants reduced in potency.
    • Gambit Prime mote targets and drain.
    • Gambit Prime blockers, with the Phalanx taking the place of the Captain for 10 motes.
    • Gambit Prime invasion cadence, with longer cooldown between invasions.
    • Gambit boss fight, with increased Primeval health and Slayer buff potency.
    • Removed Gambit Prime armor perks.


  • Updated the Crucible's featured modes:
    • Control
    • Elimination
    • Rumble
    • Glory: Survival
      • Both Survival and Survival: Freelance will be available.
    • Weekly rotator
      • Clash
      • Mayhem
      • Showdown
    • Private matches
    • Limited Availability
      • Iron Banner
      • Iron Banner: Freelance
    • Weekend Availability
      • Trials of Osiris
  • Trials of Osiris
    • Trials of Osiris Power level requirement increased to 1210.
    • Weapons or armor that have ornaments applied to them now correctly show the ornament icon during the Trials intro.
    • Added Adept weapons and weapon mods to Flawless chest rewards.
    • Additional information here (link TWAB).
  • Maps
    • Added physics blockers to some out-of-bounds areas on Altar of Flame.
    • Added physics blockers to some out-of-bounds areas on Exodus Blue.
    • Added physics blockers to some out-of-bounds areas on Cauldron.

Monument to Lost Lights

  • Added the following to the new Monument to Lost Lights vendor in the Tower:
    • Exotic quest weapons from Year 1.
    • Most Exotic quest weapons from Year 2.
    • Exotic Season Pass and quest weapons from Year 3 through 8, 9, and 10.
    • All past pinnacle and ritual quest weapons.
    • Vaulted Raid’s Exotic Weapons.
  • All Exotics require an Exotic cipher, large amounts of Glimmer, a large amount of one planetary materials, and a small amount of Masterworking material.
  • Legendary weapons require a second Masterworking material, rather than an Exotic cipher.
  • Amounts vary between weapons.
  • Added a repeatable source of Exotic ciphers - visit Xur to learn more.
  • Added a new currency, Spoils of Conquest, acquirable only from raids.
    • Spoils of Conquest can be used to acquire Vaulted raid’s Exotic weapons from the Monument to Lost Lights vendor.


  • Fixed an issue where dying while holding Riven's Heart could cause the Heart to disappear.
  • Removed flashpoints.
  • Removed the following Shadowkeep challenges from the Moon:
    • Rune table
    • Repeatable campaign missions
    • Nightmare Hunt completion and time trials
    • Pit of Heresy completion
    • Garden of Salvation completion

Quest Notifications

  • Added notifications in the player's HUD that display whenever a player acquires a new quest, progresses to a new quest step, and completes a quest.
  • Tracking a quest with an associated map location automatically adds a waypoint to that associated location.
  • Added a shortcut to the current Season's Triumphs within the Seasonal tab of the Quest Log.

New Light

  • Greatly expanded the New Light experience
    • Introducing a new introductory campaign that both new players and veteran players can experience.
    • Cosmodrome makes a return as a destination along with new activities and a new NPC.
    • Created additional new user experience tutorials to help explain equipping weapons and armor, quests and bounties, lost sectors, strike matchmaking, and more.
    • Veterans can experience this new campaign should they choose by retrieving the "A Guardian Rises" pursuit from the Quest Archive.
  • The Pain & Gain Exotic quest for Riskrunner has been replaced
    • This quest has been folded into the New Light campaign experience.
  • Subclass Acquisition
    • New Light players who do not have a veteran account with all subclasses unlocked will now acquire alternate subclasses from Ikora
    • New characters can earn pursuits to unlock their additional subclasses by speaking with Ikora after their first strike.
    • All subclass pursuits are class scoped just as their subclasses are.
    • Alternate characters with missing subclasses can acquire them by speaking with Ikora and accepting the subclass pursuit package.
  • Added a new vendor to the Tower, located to the left of the Postmaster.
    • The Quest Archive Vendor functions much like the Destiny 1 Abandoned Quests Kiosk as well as a way to acquire older pursuits.
    • The kiosk has subpages that group the pursuits just as they are seen on your Quests page.
    • Going forward any pursuits abandoned will go to this vendor.
    • Older pursuits can now also be found on this vendor.
    • This is to help ensure that vendors do not become overwhelmed by older content.
  • Triumphs are now unlocked as part of the New Light experience
    • Prior to this moment you will not be able to navigate Triumphs if your account has not yet unlocked them.
    • Unlocking Triumphs on any character enables them for all.
    • There are categories of Triumphs under Lifetime that unlock as a result of claiming adjacent Triumphs.
  • The Season Pass and its rewards are now unlocked as part of the New Light experience
    • Unlocking the Season Pass on any character enables it for the entire account.
    • The first time you unlock the Season Pass you will earn 5 free ranks, up to rank 5.
    • Rested XP is also not enabled until the Season Pass has been unlocked.
    • The moment that the Season Pass is unlocked both Rested XP and Challenges are enabled.
  • Destinations unlock via XP if you do not own the expansion associated with that destination.
    • Unlock Order:
      • Cosmodrome
      • Europa
      • EDZ
      • Nessus
      • Tangled Shore
      • Dreaming City
      • Moon
  • Crucible and Gambit
    • These activities are now unlocked after reaching the Tower and picking up the associated pursuit from Lord Shaxx and Drifter respectively.
    • Completing the first step of either pursuit unlocks the entirety of the activity types modes.
    • These pursuits can be acquired when returning to the Tower after your first strike.
    • They can be picked up, but they will not advertise on the vendor waypoint/tooltip until you've progressed through the game further.
  • Strikes can be unlocked after completing the first step of the strike introduction pursuit provided by Zavala.
  • The Forsaken campaign now has the same introduction behavior as Shadowkeep and Europa.
    • All players regardless of expansions owned get to experience the first mission of the Forsaken campaign upon unlocking the Tangled Shore.
    • Completing this activity is a requirement for unlocking Free Roam on the Tangled Shore.
    • Accounts that own Forsaken will automatically be given the remainder of the campaign and may continue as they see fit.
    • Accounts that do not own Forsaken will be able to pick up the remaining campaign for Forsaken from the Quest Archive vendor once they've purchased it.
    • Accounts that do not own Forsaken can still explore the Tangled Shore and the Dreaming City after having unlocked their patrol zones.
  • Beyond Light
    • Veteran characters who log in and qualify for the start of the Beyond Light campaign will be automatically launched into it.
    • New characters who log in and qualify for the start of the Beyond Light campaign, but have not completed the New Light quest, will not be automatically launched into it.
    • This does not disable a new character from manually starting the Beyond Light campaign.
  • Chaperone Acquisition
    • There is now an alternative pursuit for acquiring the Exotic Shotgun, Chaperone.
      • This pursuit may be acquired via Shaw Han on the Cosmodrome or the Quest Archive Vendor in the Tower.
      • This pursuits requires ownership of Beyond Light.
    • The pre-existing pursuit for Chaperone continues to exist as-is and remains part of the Forsaken expansion. ###Misc
  • Fixed a bug that prevented online friends from showing up in the roster on Stadia for players with over 100 friends.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally prevented players from earning progress on bounties when joining an activity in progress.
    • This most notably impacted Iron Banner bounties, and also caused players to have their artifact power bonus enabled.



  • PC players with compatible NVIDIA cards and drivers will be able to take advantage of Destiny 2 integration with NVIDIA Reflex, reducing "click-to-display" latency during gameplay.


  • Updated lighting in a number of areas on EDZ and Nessus.
  • Updated lighting and sky atmosphere for EDZ.


  • Due to the challenges of voice recording during a global pandemic, different actors had to be used for the following characters:
    • Osiris (Brazilian version)
    • Eris (Brazilian version)
    • Eris (Polish version)
  • We intend to return to the original cast as soon as possible.

Advanced Rendering

  • Lighting improvements and better dark area standardization.
  • Please revisit your brightness settings and tune to your taste.
  • We recommend HDR black point is set to the default middle value for best results.
submitted by DTG_Bot to DestinyTheGame

The fight for WorldBox, or how a game you worked on for 8 years may be stolen from you without you even knowing it

The fight for WorldBox, or how a game you worked on for 8 years may be stolen from you without you even knowing it
My name is Maxim and I’m an independent game developer ( indie dev ). That means that I create a lot of games on my own, and so far self-publish them without the help of bigger firms. All of my income comes from the games I create - it’s my livelihood.
This is my story on how a game I’ve been working on for over 8 years has been nearly stolen from me without my knowledge.
And how I’m not the only one.

When you spit out your coffee

The story begins with me working on the latest WorldBox update - the community has been waiting for it for a few months already. Boats are all the rage, and everybody is going wild with anticipation. When a message hits me on the community discord.
"Somebody copied the game - it looks just like yours".
You don't think much of it. There are many copy-cats out there of successful titles. If a new indie is trying to have their shot at a different populous type of game - have a go at it! It's harder than you think - but no problems there.
"They called it worldbox in the app id".
Aham, why would somebody do that? You assume negligence over maliciousness at first. Believe in the good of the people.
"And they filed a trademark for WorldBox".
Ok. The boats update will have to wait now for a bit longer.


I've been working on WorldBox since 2012, with the first prototype released on newgrounds and kongregate. In between other games, I continued work on it, and finally released a mobile version in 2018. It grew a lovely and highly active community since then - and I've kept it updated as much as possible.
With millions of downloads it is definitely my most successful game so far, and that’s thanks to a very active fan base which I’m very grateful to have.
Growing a community for a single developer is not easy - it can be quite challenging. A lot of work behind the scenes is involved - and next to the reddit and discord I also attend game conferences from time to time for this purpose.

The conference

Worldbox at DevGamm conference in Minsk in 2019
One of which was DevGamm in November 2019. It was a big trip, which me and my brother took - and apart from an exploding laptop charger it was very positive. Or so we thought.
It's really cool to see people play the game in front of your eyes. You see them explore and discover new powers - you hear invaluable feedback. You connect with really cool people! At least most of them.
For other people attending dev conferences is about discovering new games, new developers - or just plain and simple hanging out with like-minded people.
And then there are others. Let's say, the wolves in sheep clothes. Or in this case "the only 🕴️ suit at an indie game conference". They approach you - see the buzz your game is making, and involve you in a friendly chat.
They speak highly of their own business skills. They present solutions to company formations, taxation, business models. They talk about "how to be successful in the game business". They are already very successful and proud of their own "product" - run and developed by a company of 30+ people. It sounds impressive of course.

The offer

Then they say that they like your "product", and want to buy it right away. For some very big amount, right now.
Now let's take a step back - it's not the first time it happened. You politely listen, make internal notes and evaluate the offer later on. And that's what you're here for, right? Expand the community, expand the business horizons. Stay friendly, create new connections.
You evaluate behavior - are they passionate gamers? Or rather cold business people. Do they understand the joy that games can bring, or do they see them solely as products that make money? I’m sure you can guess what I was thinking.
You check out their game - it looks like a copy of a popular game you know. It seems to make a lot of money as well. It’s in the top #5-#9 on the Apple Appstore in the "Adventures" category - that's a lot of $! Enough to run a company of 30+ people and then some.
The main hook seems to be a free trial for 3 days, after which you pay $9.99 per week(!) to play the game. Something smelled sus.

The answer

So as with many other people who offered to buy the game - you politely decline. It's not the right time. Not only did I not feel like this was the right partner for me at that point - but I also felt like I haven't achieved the full vision of the game yet. Selling would focus too much on making money. Changing the code so other developers would understand it, etc. I want to focus on making it fun. Take my time to polish it. Bring updates to existing players.
They asked again 3-4 more times, over the messages and calls, over the following months. You stay polite, stay in touch.
But they... behind the scenes... are already preparing how to take advantage of what you created.

Connecting the dots

"Maxim, somebody filed a trademark for WorldBox"
You check out the company, it doesn't ring a bell. It was just registered a few months ago. You look up the business owners - they also don't ring a bell. You cross-check other companies they are involved in... bingo. They are in other companies owned by the "🕴️suit". You even find his email address mentioned in the formation documents.
Main culprit: found.
Then you check their other products... a minecraft mod for which you pay $9.99 per week. Rings a bell? Mhm.
Business model: match.
Then you check their website, their privacy policy - same structure as the other few companies you already connected to the 🕴️suit. They even have the same mistakes in the shared privacy policies - copy/paste errors.
Marketing materials: match.
So while they were still "negotiating" with you, they already created a new company in February with the purpose of launching a competing copy-cat game. And steal your trademark from under your nose.
Does that sound like trust-worthy business partners?
You could say I dodged a bullet there…

Their main money maker

If we look at their "product" which he was very proud about - let's analyze it. It's called "Raft Survival : Ocean Nomad". The surprising thing about it is that it uses the name "Raft" in the title. But it's not affiliated with the popular Steam game "Raft" that was launched in 2017.
How come? How come a copycat can use the name of the original game?
You guessed it... trademarks.
Around the time the first Raft steam trailer was released, somebody filed for a trademark for the name "Raft". Used exclusively for mobile games.
Most likely the main developers didn't notice it - I mean who checks these things constantly? They were focusing on the desktop version - it takes all your attention.
And who filed for the trademark? None other than our dear Mr. 🕴️Suit : https://uspto.report/TM/87605582
We found a pattern.
They look out for interesting and simple game ideas to copy, and then they blindside the ( often inexperienced ) indie developers by making a publishing a very simple copy-cat version, and then quietly filing a trademark for that name.
That way they can use the wording in advertisements, on the app stores, etc. They could even take down the original games based on this!
So they are taking advantage of a good name you build up with your sweat and tears, and they’ll just blatantly use it to destroy the joy of gamers who expected to play your game. Instead they get a really bad copy and are tricked out of their money.


What’s the copy game about?

It’s a simple version of WorldBox. All sprites are either similar, or changed from the original game. Some sprites are even stolen from MineCraft ( owned by Microsoft ).

The game itself has the name “worldbox” in the id, which is a clear trademark infringement. ( Trademarks don’t have to be registered for them to be valid. )
It also links to facebook, vk ( russian facebook ), and other social media pages which have “worldbox” in the name, or “worldbox_god_simulator” in the url.
E.g. the VK.ru page is called “WorldBox God Simulator” :
All of them seem to have been deleted in the past few days. But the game remains up.
Some comparisons : ( Left is the original, right is the copy )




At the launch of the game it was filled with a lot of 5 star reviews. These were very simple, with messages like “Good application, very good for first download”.

Which many people thought to be fakes used to artificially increase ratings.
The Worldbox community also found out about the trademarks as well, and started discussing it on reddit, and a few youtubers even made videos with the hashtag #saveWorldbox to show their support.
They also left hundreds of reviews to the product from STAVRIO LTD, which received “interesting” replies considering the whole situation :

Too bad reviews only sting a little.

This is still happening

Since I was first informed about this they filed even more trademarks for WorldBox. In the EU, in Australia, Canada, S.Korea and other countries. There are many filed trademarks pending in many jurisdictions.
They are also filing for even more trademarks in other jurisdictions for the “Raft” trademark - at the same time.

Community response

It was great to see how the community dug up all of this, and went decidedly against the copycat. While I couldn’t talk with people - since I’m talking with lawyers currently - people took things into their own hands. They did research, they even examined the copy’s game assets. They rated the game based on their feelings.

And it has been important. It still is. With over 5 trademarks being filed by the copycats the future is uncertain.
The community based #saveworldbox was the right reaction - I'm really proud of the community here for having found these things out and started a process against it! It seems so far these guys have been getting away with it because nobody really cared that they are behaving unethically.
For me the battle is far from over and I appreciate all of the support we can get. Be it videos or posts, or spreading awareness. It’s not ok to attempt to steal somebody’s hard work like this.

My goals

What is my goal in all of this?
  1. Protect WorldBox
Protect WorldBox, since it’s my life’s work. I’ve been working for over 8 years on this, and if a copy cat wants to make a game - they can make their own name and work on that; instead of trying to mislead users that want to play the real WorldBox.
  1. Warn other indie devs
Put attention on these business practices, so other indie developers understand how important filing a trademark early on is. It’s actually relatively cheap as well.
  1. Highlight app store abuse
Showcase a net of malicious firms that abuse the Apple Appstore and Google Play store in many ways. Show how they are connected, and how they circumvent the rules and TOS that count for other developers.

Hopefully get the app stores to put a stop to these malicious actors, and stop their bad business practices. These apps are deceiving to app store customers and leave everybody with a bad experience.

Next steps

In our case I’ve sat down with my lawyers, and we have started a process to protect WorldBox. It’s time intensive, and my biggest worry is that it affects future updates. But I trust in the talented lawyer teams to create a case against these firms and to protect WorldBox at all costs.
That involves a lot of things, even speaking to people who were previously involved with these firms, etc. It’s going to take some time.
This post is also a big warning to other aspiring indie devs, and what to watch out for.
This has been a very time consuming October, and already now the next patch has been delayed due to this - for this I have to apologize to the community. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to finishing boats, sigh.

Appendix: A web of companies

Who are all these people and companies? ( all this is information is public knowledge, that you can research yourself )

The main firm ( JustMoby ) is owned by 🕴️ Alexander Novikov. That was the man I met at the games conference. His business card mentions that he’s an “investor”.
Another owner of JustMoby is 🇷🇺 Egor Agafonov - he is also in the company registry one of the owners of STAVRIO LTD. The company behind the worldbox copycat.
And finally 🇧🇾 Eugene Kluchinski is also an owner of most of the firms. He’s listed on LinkedIn as CEO of JustMoby LTD. Companies house attributes him a majority of shares in terms of voting rights.
Most of the firms have one of these 3 people directly involved. They have a lot of shell companies registered - most of the firms seem to have a holding firm in 🇪🇪 Estonia, and a LTD in the 🇬🇧 UK. Some are listed at the same address as STAVRIO LTD.

Most of the estonian companies share the same registration email, have been filed with the same lawyer firm, but only differ in who the registered director is.
It’s important to understand that a company registration doesn’t require people to be present in the office. So you can easily have a dev team in Russia under one company, and then you can just open up 10 different companies at some PO box in the UK or Estonia to publish them.
So if Apple’s AppStore team decides to take down your app or account because too many customers had a bad experience and complained ( e.g. if they unknowingly get charged $9.99 per week for some copycat game ), then now they can ( although it’s against apple TOS ) move their app to some other firm you registered, and republish there under a slightly different name. And the cycle of fake reviews and scammed customers begins again.
Let’s just say that a net of shell companies is normally not required if you look at the most successful game developers. And it reeks of very dubious business practices.

Hostile work environment?

Many ex-employees mentioned publicly that the company seems to prefer copyright infringements, dubious pricing practices and is used to having their accounts taken down from app-stores due to many policy violations. The reviews in Russian, but you can use google translate to understand it. To one of reviews A.Novikov replied directly.
From the reviews we can see that the sad part seems to be that the development team seems to have talented and underpaid members; which seem to detest the owners/managers. But ultimately it’s the leadership - the owners - of these companies that count here.

Tip of the ice-berg

After reading the reviews from past employees, it becomes more clear why there is a big net of company registrations which re-publish the same apps. It seems they simply create more and more firms to re-publish the apps again and again; or to mitigate the risk when one of them gets taken down.
Because for example Redbeet Interactive ( the makers of the original Raft game ) would sue them, then they just have to close a subsidiary. If we also would sue them successfully, they’d also just have to close a subsidiary. At least that’s most likely their thinking.
But the main hustle would still be on - they’d just pop up a few more companies and publish clones there again. And keep continuing with their trial and error approach until one of them gets enough downloads / subscriptions. Unless Apple and Google step in and identify that all of them are connected, and take them down at the same time.
Also it seems that they have established a practice where they automatically give their apps fake reviews over time. It’s interesting that neither Google Play nor the Appstore have detected this and flagged them for this.
Redbeat Interactive developers aware of Ocean Nomad and has been dealing with them for a while now. Even received rude emails from Ocean Nomad team.

A small selection of shell firms

Please check a table with better formatting here

# JustMoby

🕴️ Alexander Novikov, 🇷🇺 Egor Agafonov, 🇧🇾 Eugene Kluchinski
Main developer team, owned by 🕴️Aleksander Novikov
Lists games that are listed by other companies. E.g. “Ocean Nomad - Raft Survival” ( TREASTONE ),
https://vk.com/puzzleitru is the official page for https://puzzleit.ru which lists JUSTMOBY as the copyright holder.
https://vk.com/justmoby.games - official vk group of justmoby
The same VK admin as that group, has also created copycat “worldbox” pages on vk.ru which are linked from the copycat game.


🇷🇺 Egor Agafonov, 🇪🇪 Zerar Goren, 🇧🇾 Eugene Kluchinski
Main WorldBox copycat firm ( Google Play account )
Estonian firm lists 🕴️A.Novikov’s email address in registration papers.
Play Store, AppStore


🇷🇺 Egor Agafonov, 🇱🇻 Anatolijs Belavskis, 🇧🇾 Eugene Kluchinski
Raft copycat firm for the mobile versions
Has 🕴️A.Novikov email in registered emails.
Play Store, AppStore


🇷🇺 Egor Agafonov, 🇪🇪 Zerar Goren, 🇷🇺 Sergei Grishin
Has a “SpeedTest” app where you pay $19.99 per month to check your internet speed… JustMoby tried to trademark “SpeedTest” in the EU unsuccessfully.
Play Store, AppStore


SONAKAI ( СОНАКАЙ ) and Adeco Systems
🇷🇺 Andrey Zenchuk
“CEO of Adeco Systems” ( LinkedIn ) works in “UniSoftGames”. They list on their website the name as JustMoby. Ex-employee reviews make it look like this was also the dev house. Possibly before JustMoby was formed.

# UniSoftGames

UniSoftGames s.r.o
🇷🇺 Aleksandr Matveev
Raft copycat firm Steam release. Same games listed on the website as Treastone games.Also lists "Day 13 - Zombie Survival" which seems to have been taken down everywhere. Previously published by “PlayHotGames” for which the website doesn’t work any more.


Feoni LTD and Feoni Holding OÜ

🇷🇺 Egor Agafonov, 🇺🇦 Liana Roi, 🇱🇻 Vladimirs Tanukevics
Official email for the justmoby estonian firm points here. Also Feoni is listed as creator of Ocean Nomad facebook page
Registered for “real estate activities
Play Store

# Furtabas

Furtabas Ltd and Furtabas OÜ
🇷🇺 Egor Agafonov , 🇧🇾 Eugene Kluchinski, 🇱🇻 Andris Zeimuls-Prizevoits
Games are now published under “PuzzlAdventura” name.
Play Store


( phonetic version of “Jigsaw Puzzles” / Джигсо Паззлс )
🕴️ A.Novikov 90%, 🇷🇺 A.Novikova 10%
Russian legal company for puzzleit.ru and other puzzle games. One of the real companies with office in Russia and internet known as JustMoby
10% owned by A.Novikova ( HR manager at JustMoby )
Also has 100 Doors Horror game on app store - same as MakSton Play
Play Store, AppStore

# Sweet Games Box

Denis Sonin, 🇱🇻 Sweet Games Box
Linked to 🇱🇻 “Feoni SIA”
Publishes the Jigsaw Puzzles game on apple app store.Previously the games were published under “Sweet Games Box”. But that account doesn’t exist anymore. Now they are published by an individual account.
AppStore, AmazonStore

# Vategue

Vategue OÜ
🇧🇾 Eugene Kluchinski
Registered around the same time as the other 3. Registered email points to 🕴️ A.Novikov

Trademarks trolls be trolling

Against WorldBox : ( search on https://www3.wipo.int/branddb/en/ and order by “App. Date” )

Against RAFT : ( search on https://www3.wipo.int/branddb/en/ and order by “App. Date” )


Appendix: Comment from Lawyer

Our usual advice in such situations is to register trademarks once your app starts getting popular and register it in all main jurisdictions where most users or money come from. With a trademark it's easier to ban "clone games" and bring cases to courts, but if you register only the name of the game, this may not guarantee characters and gameplay won’t be copied and used, but under a different name.
But it is possible and necessary to act by a combination of legal and non-legal methods. Track all activity of the clone app, find it in all app markets, all social networks and all marketing materials. Begin actively filing complaints asking you to remove controversial content with a link to your copyright. This can work, especially given the stringency of US copyright laws (specifically the DMCA). In the case of the Worldbox game, the similarity of the gameplay is obvious, I think, to everyone. Therefore, marketplaces are likely to side with the original game.
In this case, a competitor registers trademarks to use the Worldbox name in the main jurisdictions. But in almost all countries there is an opposition and objection procedure, and by attaching proof of the originality of the application and the date of its creation, much ahead of the appearance of a new game, there is every chance to cancel these applications and register your own.
By the way, the very fact that a competitor registers exactly the word Worldbox is already suspicious: why register the name of someone else's game when yours is called "God Simulator"?
Alina Davletshina, senior associate at Versus.legal


This post is exclusively to inform people about JUSTMOBY LTD, "ООО Джигсо Паззлс", puzzleit.ru, Treastone LTD, STAVRIO LTD, Adeco Systems, Gamesunisoft / Unisoft Games, FEONI LTD, MUSHTRIP LTD, FURTABAS LTD, JUSTMOBY OÜ, STAVRIO OÜ, TREASTONE OÜ, FURTABAS OÜ, VATEGUE OÜ, Feoni Holding OÜ companies and main people that behind them (Alexander Novikov, Egor Agafonov and Eugene Kluchinski).
Please always stay polite, don’t use offensive language in comments, social media or any other correspondence. Thank you for being part of a great community of world builders!
I do appreciate all the help I can get - all your posts and videos really make a difference. Thank you for your on-going support!
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