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Super impressive drugstore makeup - only $100 full face.

Hi guys!
I got so excited when I noticed that out of my whole collection, I was using only drugstore products daily. I checked their total cost on Walgreens' website, and everything came out to $100.
I just want to share this list, because I used to find it overwhelming getting into makeup two years ago. In order of application:
  1. Australian Gold Botanical SPF 50 Tinted Face Sunscreen - $13. Lays well under makeup, good for no foundation days.
  2. CYO Long Lasting Foundation Lifeproof - $7. My 3rd bottle. Super coverage, sometimes use tiny bit for light coverage. Life-like finish over my sunscreen.
  3. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Face Sponge - $6. Soft and bouncy when moist. Cleaned every morning. Used to apply the above foundation and the below elf powder under eyes. However, this is duped by the paw-paw sponge by shopmissa, which is $1. (but here I wanted to see everything on one site. shopmissa has some 10/10 dupes)
  4. e.l.f. Studio High Definition Powder - $4.20. Just for under eyes. Sets smoothly, my eyes have normal creases, and this keeps the foundation from pooling in those creases.
  5. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay - $8. Used as setting powder for my oily self. I know this is weird, but keeps me matte for 5 hours and looks smooth.
  6. e.l.f. Studio Kabuki Face Brush - $4.20. Used to apply the above powder gently. Dipped into the clay powder and tapped off excess against the metal handle fo the kabuki.
  7. Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Blush - $13.50. Most expensive thing here, but I like how it blends, and the cool pink color suits me well and can be built up. Definitely can be replaced by something cheap, making the total ~$90.
  8. Wet n Wild Flat Top Brush - $3.50. Used for blush, great amount of control and can pick up a lot of pigment. Could be used for foundation but I prefer the sponge. Also good for bronzer since it covers a lot of area.
  9. Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighter - $5.30. PERFECT. Everyone and their mothers owns this, absolute pinnacle of highlighting. I also use it to set my eyeshadow primer to make colors pop.
  10. Wet n Wild Brushes - Crease, Smokey Liner, and Angled Liner. $1 each = $3. Crease for the large crease colors and blending, also for highlighter; Smokey Liner for the bottom lash line color and some black blended into the top lashes; then Angled Liner for my eyebrows.
  11. Milani Eyeshadow Primer - $8. Eliminated oily eye lids for me. I pat it on with my finger and set with the highlighter. Can be duped by shopmissa for a dollar.
  12. Wet n Wild 10-Pan Eyeshadow Palette in "Nude Awakening" - $5.30. PERFECT. Beat my tartelette palette. Ive been using this for a year and used up half of each color, it blends perfectly and the shades look great together. I love the shimmers on the bottom lid.
  13. Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit Hi-Shine Lipstick in "Devil's Advocate" - $5.30. PERFECT. I use a dot then blend out with my finger. When it's sheered out like this, it's my perfect mlbb color. Looks natural and still half full after 2 years of twice daily use.
  14. L'Oreal Paris Lash Paradise Washable Mascara - $11. PERFECT. Many people's favorite mascara for good reason. I like two layers for super sultry lashes. I use on the bottom lashes as well without smudging, but nothing has every smudged for me. Pretty sure it can be duped since it's quite expensive, and most mascaras are identical.
Comes out to $97. I'll probably be using these exact products for the rest of my life unless I find cheaper dupes. I hear the foundation is discontinued so eventually the stock will be all sold out.
I love all these products so much, they're my little babies and bring me so much joy every morning. I've also minimized my skincare routine to 5 products, and it's relieved a lot of stress in my life by cutting down choices and the feeling of drowning in STUFF. It also feels good to know I only spent a $100 on makeup, and I'll be linking my friends this post when they want advice on starting a makeup routine :3
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Here is how Bungie should make Destiny Great Again

So this is going to be kind of a long one, so strap yourselves in...
I am a D1 Beta veteran and have been playing the game mostly non-stop since 2014. There have been the occasional hiatus here and there, due to a number of reasons (content drought, other games to play, school, work, etc...). There have been rough times for the franchise and great times as well. I have been through it all (thick and thin), like many others here, and want to see this game grow in the right direction. My goal with this post is to discuss all of the aspects of the game that can be improved and how to make the DLC / seasonal models work for both Bungie and the players - they are a company that needs to make money, but also are people that need lives as well. I have a lot on my mind and want to get it all out there, so I will be splitting this up into multiple posts with editing in links to each at the end, as I finish the other topics. So let's start with one of the bigger problems right now - Seasons:
  • Seasonal model is too bland and boring with little to no meaningful content.
  • FOMO (Fear of missing out) is a huge problem and makes players feel like they 'must' play the game, rather than 'want' to play the game.
  • Bounties being the #1 thing to do every season is repetitive and boring - uninspiring for a 'new' season to have basically the same game play loop over and over.
  • Bounties forcing players to do certain things, use certain weapons, abilities, etc. is not fun and and players feel like Bungie is telling them how to play the game, rather than having the freedom to choose themselves.
  • The seasonal pass is not healthy for a 'looter-shooter' whose main objective is to get the best loot. It takes away any meaningful progression when an exotic weapon, its ornament, ship, emote, finisher, and all the good looking armor / ornaments, etc. are all in a season pass that can be grinded for in a matter of days (ties back to the bounty problem as well) or bought for real money at the end of the season.
  • Actual content / loot is very much lacking and play time is artificially inflated by having time-gates on many seasonal events / activities.
  • First off, for the overall structure, this needs to be re-tooled completely. The idea of having the 3 seasons was great, as it helped mitigate the content droughts experienced by the 2 expansions per year model (or none in D1 Y2). This worked pretty well in D2 Y2 (Forsaken Annual Pass) as the seasons had enough content to make the year feel full of stuff to do. There was some time-gated content, but besides the forges, it wasn't to artificially inflate play time.
    • If creating 3 seasons of D2 Y2 style content is too taxing on Bungie, then reduce it back down to 2 DLC packs that include more content and actually satisfy the payer base - Each DLC should have the following:
      • 1-2 new strikes
      • 1-2 new crucible maps
      • 1 new gambit map
      • full refresh of vendor armor and weapons (crucible, vanguard, and YES, factions too! - more on that later)
      • Small story or running narrative throughout the season to keep the interest in the world - maybe a cut scene after certain community efforts or different activities are released in the season.
      • more than 1 new exotic per class + a couple of RNG drop exotic weapons in addition to whatever exotic weapon quests / secret exotic missions.
      • If there is a 'seasonal activity', then make it more like a Court of Oryx, Blind Well, or Archon's forge that is a permanent addition to the game - save the match-made activities for the big September expansions - for example, give each of the big expansions a menagerie, but themed around the current events - Hive/Taken for something Oryx-themed, or Fallen/Siva for something Siva-themed
    • Also to fill the gaps, some content could come out in the in-between times. So for example, a year of Destiny could look like this:
      • September - Large Taken King / Forsaken - Style Expansion
      • New Dungeon in between Expansion and DLC 1
      • January - DLC Pack 1
      • New Raid in between DLC 1 and DLC 2
      • May - DLC 2
      • New Dungeon in between DLC 2 and next big September expansion
    • The above is just an idea for something that would really keep people interested for the entire year, with meaningful content. Maybe 2 dungeons is too much (maybe shorter ones?). The raid might be smaller than Last Wish or King's Fall (more like Garden of Salvation?), or they forgo a larger raid and do raid lairs - similar to D2 Y1. Many possibilities, but vex offensive, sundial, and seraph towers are just boring activities that disappear in 3-4 months.
    • All of the events can continue as well to help freshen up the game now and then and bring some revenue for Bungie.
  • The FOMO can most likely be addressed in what was outlined above. New activities / areas should not be removed from the game. That is not an evolving world. It is one that changes, then goes back to normal afterwards. The only meaningful thing that has happened is rescuing Saint-14 and now he resides in the tower, or the death of Cayde in Forsaken. I would say these types of events are what push the narrative forward and our actions need to have meaningful impact on the world around us - need to see the change. Building the portal to kill the undying mind, then it just magically disappears
    • The one that could have been the best is the Dreaming City - the curse was great and killing the raid boss starting the cycle was fantastic. The only problem is that there was no conclusion - the curse has been happening for over 1.5 years. Besides that flaw, this is the type of FOMO that should be in the game - playing in the Dreaming City and then the next day, it's all of a sudden different, there's a cut scene telling you that a fireteam beat the raid and now we have to fight this curse and build up the blind well charge, to going in the dungeon to (hopefully) stop the curse. New players don't experience this same order of events, or the cut scene, the change from Day 1 of Forsaken, but the content is still there - the raid, dreaming city, blind well, shattered throne.
    • Another type of FOMO that is good is the Day 1 experience or exploration of new things / quests, etc. When people discovered the black spindle mission in D1 or Whisper of the Worm / Outbreak Perfected in D2, THOSE were events that could only be experienced when first stumbling upon them. The missions are still there, but the community collaboration and cooperation to figure out these puzzles and missions was great. The 'You had to be there' statement works well when it happens more (seemingly) natural, rather than a schedule expiration we have with seasons now.
  • This has been beat to death on this sub, but to re-iterate, bounties are not what Bungie should focus on being the core gameplay loop.
    • First off, the XP needs to be taken away completely from all the regular bounties and seasonal bounties.
    • If XP is in bounties, it should only be in temporary event bounties, like Iron Banner or any of the live events.
    • Put all of the XP into activities, like strikes, crucible, gambit, raids, etc. We should into get more XP from a single bounty than we do from completing an entire raid.
    • For seasonal aspects, bounties can stay for extra rewards, but the activities or missions should be the most rewarding, not the bounties
    • Add back armor and weapons to bounties (this ties into Trials as well). This will give specific loot to chase and an incentive to do certain bounties, instead of a feeling that you MUST do bounties for XP and the season's currency.
  • Fixing the actual bounties is very simple (2 options):
    • If specific energy types (void, solar, arc) need to be used for a bounty, it should synergize with the modifiers in activities that week / day.
      • EX - If the weekly heroic strike burn is Arc, with brawler that day, then Zavala's weekly bounty should be for 150 Arc kills (not solar or void), and one of his daily bounties should be for 25 melee kills (not grenade kills)
    • Modify the objectives of most bounties to be more general. Only the gunsmith should require specific weapon kills (more on that later). Just let bounties be like - get kills in strikes, play 10 crucible games. This way people can pick up bounties if they want (again, no XP please), but don't feel forced to, and they can also just play the game however they want, instead being forced to use either off-meta weapons, or things a player doesn't like.
  • The seasonal pass is a good idea if there was no other progression in the game - Battle Royals and MOBAs don't necessarily have leveling, progression, or loot to grind for - that's why seasonal passes work in those games. For Destiny, it has taken away any incentive to do much outside of grinding XP (bounties). Other than getting rid of the season pass, the only way to make it not interfere with the core game, is to reduce it to ONLY cosmetics. No armor, no weapons, no exotics. Only ornaments, materials, shaders, etc... Even dialing back the amount of cosmetics would be great - many miss the days of D1 when earning certain cosmetics from activities (not XP) was exciting - it showed your accomplishment (seeing guardians with glowhoo in the tower as an example). There are too many cosmetics in the pass and it (the pass) and eververse have taken away from actually earning meaningful accomplishments in-game (showing off).
  • When looking at the actual content we get from the current seasonal model, it is not hard to see why so many dislike it, but to fix it ties into many other issues - first being the above, talking about doing 2 bigger DLC packs versus 3 seasons. The other big issue being the amount of items earn-able in-game versus how much is in Eververse and the season pass. There is a huge in-balance that needs to be shifted to more in-game rewards. Bungie has been doing this for nearly 6 years, yet the amount of content is declining per update - something management-wise needs to be done at the studio. This is not an issue that we can just give Bungie a solution - it is a problem that they have to sort out on their own. If it is too hard for them to make 3 pinnacle weapons (re-skins of current weapon models) because Trials of Osiris needed gear, which was literally COPY AND PASTED into D2, then there are much bigger problems behind the scenes than we originally thought.
There are many more problems with different aspects of the game that I will go into more detail about in separate posts - links will be added below as I finish them.
Overall, Destiny has always been a great game, with great mechanics, fun gameplay, and just a great experience to play day in and day out. The problem right now is that many, many people (myself included) aren't as motivated to log on everyday like before. Datto has put it very well a couple of times now - 'There is so much to do in the game, but none of it really matters.' The other overa-arching problem is feeling like you have to keep coming back to finish the 'checklist'. We, as a community, want to feel motivated to get on the game everyday - we should want to log on ourselves, not Bungie telling us to log on the do bounties.
*Make Destiny Great Again!* Hahaha
  • Seasons don't work in their current form - go back to larger (x2 a year DLC pakcs) with other content in between DLCs, like an extra dungeon or raid lair
  • FOMO should be natural and not forced expiration - events should change the world and move the narrative forward (i.e. Cayde's Death, The Dreaming City Curse, etc...)
  • Bounties are a bad focus - remove XP from them, give them gear rewards, make them more generalized, not so specific to force certain load outs.
  • The season pass needs to be removed or re-worked, in a looter-shooter, it doesn't make sense as the point of the game is loot - remove all armor, weapons, and exotics. Or just scrap the idea altogether.
  • Content is very light - from the loot, gameplay, etc. Bungie needs to re-allocate resources as the amount of gear is less and less each season and more of it is just re-skins. This is a Bungie problem not actual investing in making gear for the game, nothing we can do to fix it.
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