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Piano in 162 is a sample library featuring a Steinway Model B grand piano and comes in various formats including.

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The auto arranger for fast spiccatto is killer too. You can use it in the main melody or in the background of your tracks. LA Scoring Strings - Key Switching Instrument Banks with LASS - Audiobro - LASS2. Lan Employee Monitor 3.7 serial keygen. Mapped samples are shown in blue and keyswitches for the eight main articulations are marked in pink, while yellow and green keys at either end of the keyboard turn functions such as monophonic legato and 'Live Mode' on and off. Well, after using LA Scoring Strings for a while, I actually have to say it comes no where close to Symphobia.

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Free Vst, plugins & tutorials with step by step guides. The numerical score can then be translated into a qualitative representation (such as low, medium, high, and critical) to help organizations properly assess and. Audiobro LA Scoring Strings 2. The legato transitions are insane and the best I've hear so far. WAV, MASSIVE, SPIRE, SYLENTH, ABLETON) 45 views per day Big EDM – Progressive House Tools (WAV, MIDI, SYLENTH1, SPiRE, MASSiVE) 38 views per day. Elysion is our big answer to big questions!

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Jan 15 Windows Version 2.0 1.5 19 Jan 12 macOS Version 2.0 1.5 19 Jan 12. LA Scoring Strings (LASS) brings a whole new level of expressiveness, realism and real-time playability to sampled strings, according to audiobro. La Scoring Strings 2 Download Free Torrent Lass 20 146 my latest blog post. With elegant design and an emphasis on usability, the Cinematic Studio Series brings you that true Hollywood sound at a very affordable price. If you're a composer, orchestrator or arranger working in media today, Cinematic Strings is an inspiring tool, and award-winning must-have product. LASS Legato Sordino 2.0 Now Available ****. Argentina 26-51 England: Debutants impress in Buenos Aires.

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Is LASS 2.5 still worth it? . Audiobro LA Scoring Strings (LASS) Full Version [4 DVD] LA Scoring Strings (LASS) brings you a whole new set of tools and sonic profiles providing a new level of expressiveness, realism, real-time playability and program-ability to sampled strings. Cinematic Strings 2.1 (KONTAKT) - (Tas-ix) Cinematic. We have even fought hard to defend your privacy in legal cases; however, we've done it with almost no financial support - paying out of pocket to continue providing the service. LA Scoring Strings (LASS) – a set of new stringed bow instruments, LASS 2 has more than 60 new patches, it is possible to simultaneously and easily have access to programming all patches, new patches Legato are much more powerful than before also included CC decay knobs For all legato patches, the new ART patches include several new features including real-time performance, you can also. East West Quantum Leap Hollywood Strings, Vienna Symphonic Library Orchestral Strings I and/or Appassionata Strings I + II, Audiobro LA Scoring Strings 2.0 and Cinematic Strings 2.0.

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Ten advices for scoring ebony booty crack 7619 The Original. We are very excited to announce the LASS Full 2.5 update. KONTAKT 6 PLAYER is a free application that runs all Native Instruments' KONTAKT instruments, as well as a large number of instruments from other companies. Embarcadero RAD Studio XE 2020 15.0.3890.34076 cracked. Download Audiobro La Scoring Strings Crackle Finish. Audiobro - home of LA Scoring Strings, Modern Scoring.

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Audiobro La Scoring Strings Keygen Password keygen dvd x player spy hunter 2 cheats hints. Why this matters About the campaign About the campaign Campaign Leader Lisa Daniels. Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL) - uses Vienna Ensemble for playback. Kontakt Libraries - Free Download. Vibrato patches can be found in many other libs but LASS vibratos' are apparently expressive in upper octaves. La scoring strings 2.0 crack.

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Hey Guys, Very surprised this hasn't been posted here yet - especially given the activity over at the audiobro forums. VirtualSoundStage 2.0 is now successfully installed and activated. These ensembles were all recorded individually in a large film scoring studio. LA Scoring Strings 2.5 (LASS) brings you a whole new set of tools and revised sonic profiles providing a new level of expressiveness, realism, real-time playability and program-ability to sampled strings. In Boccanegra, Verdi composed an opera which utilizes the lower male voices of baritone. Audiobro LA Scoring Strings 2. $45.00.

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More information Show less. ARC stage tool for LA Strings not working right?? https://kaksdelatcvetok.ru/download/?file=143. LASS Full 2.5 - home of LA Scoring Strings, Modern Scoring https://kaksdelatcvetok.ru/download/?file=133. The series was recorded with incredible care, consistency and attention to detail in a world-class scoring stage. At the heart of its sound are Real Legato performance sample patches and a unique layered ensemble approach. LA Scoring Strings has long been hailed by cognoscenti as. LASS 2.0 is available as a download only and runs on the free Native.

Top 500 Players in the NBA (Episode 8)

I will answer all questions in the comments on specific rankings.
360. Caleb Swanigan (Portland Trail Blazers)
6’8, 23.4 years old
In 20 games for Portland, Swanigan averaged over 60% shooting from the field and looked much more comfortable than he did in Sacramento. Swanigan opted out of returning to the bubble, but in his last game, before the season was suspended, he did show some potential with an 11 point/5 rebound performance against the Phoenix Suns. We’ll see if he gets more opportunities for the Blazers next season.
359. Jaylen Hoard (Portland TrailBlazers)
6’9, 21.4 years old
This isn’t a statistical ranking and more of an eye-test: I like what I saw from Hoard in the playoff minutes he got against the Lakers. He averaged over 16 PPG in the G-League and has a great tendency for offensive rebounds (1.1 offensive rebounds per game). We’ll see if he can prove me right next year or make me look stupid.
358. JaKarr Sampson (Indiana Pacers)
6’9, 27.5 years old
Sampson is a fun player to watch. He brings a lot of positive energy to the Pacers when he is on the floor and made 77% of his shots at the rim (minus garbage minutes). As Sampson told Forbes.com about his role in 2020:
“Be aggressive and bring that dog out there on the floor, do all that dirty work. I feel like every time I step on the court that’s what I do.”
357. Ante Zizic (Cleveland Cavaliers)
6’11, 23.7 years old
It was announced recently that Zizic is leaving the Cavs to play in Europe. It’s a shame because I really thought he should get more playing time this year, but he played in a career-low 22 games. Take a look at his PER-36 stats:
15.6 PPG, 10.8 RPG
He was a liability on the defensive end though (20th percentile STL%, 47th percentile BLK%, -1.5 DPBM). Good luck in Europe, Ante.
356. Goga Bitadze (Indiana Pacers)
6’11, 21.1 years old
Goga was stuck behind Sabonis and Myles Turner, but they picked him despite the center depth for a reason and I still love Goga as a huge underrated prospect. In 6 G-League games, Goga averaged 19.2 PPG, 13.3 RPG, 4.0 APG, 3.3 BPG, and shot over 35% from 3. His game gives major Jokic vibes, watch out for him next year.
355. Luke Kornet (Chicago Bulls)
7’1, 25.5 years old
Kornet scored a season-high 25 points this past season against the 76ers..with Joel Embiid guarding him. He drastically improved inside the 3-point-line this year (27% to 43% mid-range) but the trade-off was his 3P% dipping (37% to 28%). If he can get his 3P% back to usual levels he can move up this list next year.
354. Terance Mann (LA Clippers)
6’7, 23.9 years old
Mann has a solid all-around offensive game (9.8 PPG, 5.5 RPG, 5.3 APG, PER36) and could be a key contributor to the Clippers next season. In the season finale, Mann put up a very impressive 25 points, 14 rebounds, and 9 assists while flowing very well within the offense. The kid has some potential.
353. Frank Ntilikina (New York Knicks)
6’5, 22.1 years old
Ntilikina was just starting to find his groove before the season was suspended. As an interim coach at the time Mike Miller stated to the New York Post in March:
“I think Frank has a really good direction to what he’s doing right now,” Miller said Tuesday. “I think offensively he’s continued to grow. We’re seeing more playmaking, we’re seeing more scoring, we’re seeing overall more command. He’s done a great job of running our offense, getting us into our actions, knowing who he’s playing with. I think he’s really done a good job and you’re seeing a lot of growth out of Frank.”
He is still a negative asset on offense (although he did shoot over 40% on corner 3-pointers) but he did become a plus-defender for the 1st time (0.4 DBPM). This is a low ranking but I am remaining optimistic that he can put together a positive season in 2021.
352. Thabo Sefolosha (Houston Rockets)
6’7, 36.3 years old
Thabo was a solid veteran leader for Houston, but his impact was mostly seen in the locker room. This was likely his last season in the league, playing 14 seasons in the NBA is no small feat. Fun fact: Sefolosha is 26th all-time with a career 2.0 DBPM.
351. Brandon Knight (Detroit Pistons)
6’3, 28.8 years old
Watching Brandon Knight put up 19 against the Phoenix Suns in February made me think that he still has “it”. Injuries derailed his career, and being traded for Andre Drummond by the Cavs was seen as a joke, but Knight shot nearly 40% from 3 in 9 games with the Pistons. Unfortunately, he could not prove himself more due to the season being suspended and the massive contract he signed last decade is over now and he will be a free agent before the 2021 season. Does he still have a spot in the league? I hope so.
350. John Henson (Detroit Pistons)
6’11, 29.7 years old
Henson started developing a 3-point-shot later in his career (13 attempts before 2019, 67 since) and a look at his PER36 stats show an interesting story:
13.3 PPG, 9.7 RPG, 2.5 BPG, 1.4 SPG
Henson also showed a very nice skillset in the paint, shooting a career-high 64.4% from 2-point-range. If he can continue developing that outside shot, he could be a nice role player in his 30’s.
349. Anzejs Pasecniks (Washington Wizards)
7’1, 24.7 years old
A solid player with value in the low-post, Pasecniks was originally the 25th pick of the 2017 draft who got his chance to shine this year in 27 games for the Wizards. Paseniks shows nice potential to have a future as a 2nd string big man and he averages nearly 12.9 PPG PER36. We will see if he has more of a chance to shine in 2021.
348. Semi Ojeyele (Boston Celtics)
6’7, 25.7 years old
Semi averaged a career-high 37.8% from 3 while becoming a plus-defender for the 1st time in his career. He’s also had a GQ article for having “the best body in the NBA”. As he is assisted on nearly 80% of his shots, Semi will likely have to develop his offensive game further to remain in the league.
347. Jalen McDaniels (Charlotte Hornets)
6’10, 22.6 years old
McDaniels only played 16 NBA games but showed some serious potential, enough to crack the top 350. In 16 games, he averaged 5.6 PPG while shooting nearly 38% from 3 at 6’10. Jalen was also solid in the G-League with over 15 PPG on nice efficiency as well. He’s still raw and needs to put on some weight, but there is for real potential with him.
346. Jared Dudley (LA Lakers)
6’7, 35.2 years old
Dudley petitioned to make the Lakers and it worked. Although his headlines were mainly off-the-court where he is one of the more outspoken players in the NBA, he still shot over 40% from 3 for the 4th time in his career. Jared was one of the more underrated role players of the 2010’s, and he was able to make it to the next decade.
345. Wilson Chandler (Brooklyn Nets)
6’8, 33.3 years old
This past season, after his suspension was over, Chandler averaged a career-low in PPG, FG%, and PER. He is set to be a free agent in 2021, and I do think he could make it another year or 2 as a role player but that’s the max I see. He was once considered a fringe top 100 player just 3-4 years ago. Wilson is an example of how quickly things can change in the league.
344. Matt Thomas (Toronto Raptors)
6’5, 26.1 years old
Dude is a nasty scorer bottom line, and he absolutely lit up the Milwaukee Bucks near the end of the season. Thomas shot an incredible 47.5% from the 3-point-line and is in the 99th percentile for eFG%. There was a (somewhat) limited sample size which explains his ranking, but I honestly would be shocked if he were not at least top 250 in 2021.
343. Edmond Sumner (Indiana Pacers)
6’6, 24.7 years old
Sumner improved his FG% from 34.4 to 43.0 in 2020 and has a nice, well-rounded offensive game. His best ability is finishing at the rim for a guard (87th percentile) and he is also a plus-defender. We could see an expanded role for him on Indiana next season.
342. Courtney Lee (Dallas Mavericks)
6’5, 34.9 years old
Lee shot over 44% from 3 on the year, although taking garbage minutes out, he shot just 34% according to CleaningTheGlass. His 4-year $48 million dollar deal is now expired, but Lee does have value as a role-playing spot-up shooter in the league still if a team takes a chance on him.
341. Bol Bol (Denver Nuggets)
7’2, 20.8 years old
Bol being ranked this high is on gut feeling more than anything, but in limited time while in the bubble, Bol did shoot over 44% from 3 in 7 games. He has dangerous potential and his per36 stats are over 16 PPG, along with 2.5 BPG. He has all the tools to be a star and based on numerous simulations I have done, there is a decent enough chance he can become one.
340. Willy Hernangomez (Charlotte Hornets)
6’11, 26.3 years old
This spot is low due to the small sample size, but take a look at Willy’s per-36 stats:
18.2 PPG, 12.9 RPG, 2.8 APG, 53.2% from the field.
Here’s another thing: every single season of his career, Willy has put up a 19+ PER (19.2 in 2020). I don’t know where he could get a chance, but he needs one. Maybe its’ overseas at this point.
339. Quinn Cook (LA Lakers)
6’2, 27.4 years old
Cook is not only an NBA player but a children’s author as well. He released his 1st novel “The Cook Book” shortly after the season was suspended. As for his actual game, Cook is an accurate scoring point guard but scoring is really his one NBA level ability. Still, that’s the best ability to have, Cook just did not have much of an expanded role to do so this year.
338. Mychal Mulder (Golden State Warriors)
6’4, 26.2 years old
Shortly before the season was suspended, Mulder was the go-to clutch player in a win over the 76ers. This was a player who averaged 0.5 PPG for Kentucky in 2016. Let that sink in, Mulder worked his way up and is a true underdog story who earned a multiyear contract from the Golden State Warriors. His shooting efficiency needs improvement, but I expect him to be in Golden State’s rotation next year.
337. Patrick Patterson (LA Clippers)
6’9, 31.5 years old
Patterson was Mayo’s high school teammate and an NBA fan would have been shocked 10 years ago if told that Patterson would last in the NBA much longer than OJ. Patrick struggled last season with the Thunder but regained some footing this season and shot over 39% from 3 (71st percentile). On defense, he rarely commits fouls but also is near the lowest percentile in both STL% and BLK%. Still, he had a role assigned with LA, and has played it well enough.
336. Marquese Chriss (Golden State Warriors)
6’10, 23.2 years old
Chriss showed some major potential this past season and was one of the biggest comeback stories in the entire league. Yes, he is not in the top 300, but make no mistake Marquese is moving in the right direction. He averaged a career-high 54.5% from the field, 76.9% from the free-throw line, and a 19.5 PER. Then take a look at his PER36 stats:
16.5 PPG, 11.0 RPG, 3.4 APG, 1.9 BPG, 1.2 SPG.
Draymond is getting older, and Chriss could legitimately be the starting power forward for the Warriors many times next season.
335. Chris Silva (Miami Heat)
6’9, 23.9 years old
Similar to Chriss, Silva’s PER36 stats are nice as well. His eFG% of 59.4 during nongarbage time minutes is in the 74th percentile, and Silva is in a stable system within the Miami Heat organization. He has potential as a shot blocker too (87th percentile for BLK%). I think at the least he will get a few more chances to prove himself next year.
334. Dion Waiters (LA Lakers)
6’4, 28.7 years old
Waiters had a nice 19 point performance to end the season, and no player arguably had more of a roller-coaster season than Dion had. On the court, he only played 10 regular-season games and shot less than 32% from 3 and was a net negative asset on offense and defense, which explains why he has barely played in the playoffs. Still, I would say given the right amount of energy he can be a walking bucket given the circumstances.
333. Wenyen Gabriel (Portland TrailBlazers)
6’9, 21.4 years old
Gabriel is for real now. I don’t know what happened the previous offseason, but he got some minutes with Portland and looked great. He can hit from outside (over 41% from 3 with the Blazers) and he also averaged 5.3 PPG and shot 40% from 3 while also shooting over 60% from the field against the Lakers. He’s a sleeper.
332. Donta Hall (Brooklyn Nets)
6’10, 23.1 years old
Hall averaged over 6 PPG and shot over 77% from the field in 5 bubble games for Brooklyn. For Brooklyn, he recorded a 17.2 PER and Hall had the top offensive rating in the entire G-League to go along with the 4th highest defensive rating. If his shot is not in Brooklyn, I think it’s for sure elsewhere in 2021.
331. Jerome Robinson (Washington Wizards)
6’5, 23.5 years old
Robinson weirdly progresses to a solid scoring player in every simulation I did in 2K during the pandemic, despite the fact that he did not get much playing time before the bubble. Robinson proved 2K right once the league returned to action. In the bubble, Robinson averaged 14.8 PPG while shooting 36.7% from long range. This catapulted his ranking, he is fun to watch smooth scorer, and I would be surprised if he did not have a spot in the Wizards’ rotation next year.
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OOTP Clone Wars Part 5 - Wild Card and Division Series Edition

Welcome back!
In our last edition, we saw 10 teams make the playoffs, with many a record set along the way. Now it's time to cut the field to just four. Who will emerge victorious? Who will suffer a cruel playoff demise? Stay tuned to find out!
AL Wild Card Game (MIN vs. TOR)
This intense and very close game was quite the way to start the playoffs! Just kidding. The Donaldsons crushed the BullDoziers, 53-27. Sorry Minnesota. Toronto got off to a hot start, scoring 28 runs in the first four innings, while allowing just two. Backed by an incredible game from LF Donaldson where he hit for the cycle (his complete stat line was 10-10, 2 HR, 2 2B, 1 3B, 13 RBI, 7 R, 0 BB, 0 SO, 0 SB), Toronto just never really gave Minnesota a chance, and handily won to advance to and ALDS matchup against the WAR Machines.
Box Score
NL Wild Card Game (SF vs. ARI)
This game was a little more exciting, considering it was between two pitchers who only didn't win their divisions because they shared them with not only each other, but also Kershaw. The game started off in the Overpaid's favor, and through five innings, they held the Don't Look at Me's to only a single hit, while they reached base seven times and managed to string together enough hits to score in the bottom of the fifth. However, San Fran responded quickly, and in the top of the seventh, two singles and a double led to a quick lead change. Don't look now (or ever, if you're Yasiel Puig), but San Fran might have made the necessary push to make the NLDS! But not so fast...
Actually, yes so fast. SP Bumgarner and CL Bumgarner held Arizona to only one hit in the final four innings of the game, and after making it a two-run game in the top of the seventh, San Francisco held their lead and won the game 3-1. The Underpaids started the game with a run of seven hits to SF's one hit, but ended it by allowing seven hits and only getting one. I guess they still weren't paid quite enough to get a playoff win. San Fran advances!
Box Score

American League Divison Series (TOR vs. LAW)

Some of these series recaps will be quicker than others, and this is one of them. I'll still go game by game, but won't bore you with too many details.
Game One
As expected, the team comprised of one of the best players in baseball history managed to pull this one off. They overcame a 2.0 IP, 6 ER start by their starting pitcher (just kidding, this is literally every game for them), to beat the Donaldsons by a final score of 47-26. Honestly, there's not much else to say.
Box Score
Game Two
In a shocking twist of fate, the WAR Machines only won by 19 runs this time around. They got right to work, putting 30 on the board in the first two innings, and finished the game leading 53-34, one game away from advancing to the ALCS. (Spoiler alert: they do.)
Box Score
Game Three
See: spoiler alert. 58-31. That's all you really need to know. Honestly, Toronto never really stood a chance, and while they managed to score over 25 runs every game, that just isn't enough to beat the LAW.
Box Score

American League Division Series (BOS vs. DET)

Game One
The Red Brox were strong from the start in this game, leading 10-2 after a 3-run top of the fifth. However, they failed to shut out the Miggy's in any inning after that, and after giving up 4, 5,6 runs, they eventually fell to Detroit in game one, 24-14.
Box Score
Game Two
Boston struck first again in this one, but only amassed a 3-0 lead before Detroit struck back. They scored five in the second, seven in the third, and then 14 in the fifth to eventually win the game 35-17. They look to claim their ticket to the ALCS in the next game.
Box Score
Game Three
Again, this game was a tale of Boston taking the lead early and then falling apart at the end. They were up 12-5 after three innings, but giving up six or more runs in all but one of the last six innings of a game is surprisingly not a great way to hold a lead. Mark this one down as a Detroit victory, and another division series sweep. The Miggy's won 52-24 and advance to the ALCS to play the menacing WAR Machines.
Box Score

National League Division Series (SF vs. NYN)

Game One
Finally, our first division series pitcher's duel! I was expecting low scoring games in this series, and that's exactly what happened. Game one scoring opened up in the bottom of the second, with CF Syndergaard smashing a two-run homer and giving the Noahs an immediate advantage. Behind great pitching from both sides, there was only one more hit allowed (by the Don't Look at Me's) until the sixth inning. Then, a double, single, sac bunt, and sac fly led San Fran tying it up at two. It remained even for the next two innings, but then the deciding run was scored. With a 3-1 count, SS Syndergaard smacked a solo shot to left field, giving the Noahs the lead, and ultimately, a 1-0 lead in the series.
Box Score
Game Two
San Fran wasn't ready to give up, and opened up game two strongly, with a two run first inning. New York kept trying to come back, and managed to get runners on second and third with one out in the fourth, But San Fran held strong. Then finally, in the bottom of the fifth, three singles and a wild pitch let the Noahs get back in the game, recreating the 2-2 tie from the previous game. This was broken when, in the seventh, CF Syndergaard decided he just wasn't done hitting dingers. He crushed a 423-foot homer, and after some additional smallball from New York, the Noahs took a 4-2 lead, which they managed to hold on to, winning game two and putting themselves one game away from the NLCS.
Box Score
Game Three
With everything on the line for San Fran, we saw the best pitcher's duel of the postseason so far. Through seven innings, Bumgarner allowed only three hits, and Syndergaard allowed just two. No runs had scored going into the eight inning. Then, San Francisco hit a bump in the road. Bumgarner walked the first batter. Then, RF Syndergaard laid down a sac bunt, the play went to second, and the runner was safe. After another sac bunt, New York was threatening to score, with runners on first and second and no outs. And in clutch fashion, 2B Syndergaard came through, smacking a line drive single past the shortstop, and making the score 1-0. New York's pitching didn't let up, and although they allowed a two-out double in the bottom of the eighth, they closed out the game with no runs scored against them, and only three hits allowed. New York sweeps in a series of close games, and advances to the NLCS!
Box Score

National League Division Series (CHG vs. LAC)

Game One
Playoff Kershaw didn't show up for this one. This was a pitcher's duel through and through, but I think you can easily determine the outcome by one sentence: Kershaw through eight innings of 5-hit, shutout baseball. The Guys Who Fuck just couldn't fuck quite hard enough, and after giving runs in sixth and seventh innings, they fell to the dominant pitching of LA, 2-0.
Box Score
Game Two
This game started out in similar fashion. Through six innings, Kershaw allowed only one hit, and on the back of an eight-batter top of the fifth, LA held a lead of 2-0 going into the top of the seventh. But then, 2B Wood decided to make things a little more interesting. He hit a solo home run, narrowing the lead to one, and putting Chicago in position for a potential comeback... which Kershaw absolutely did not allow. That was the only run he gave up, and then on top of that, he made sure the lead was secure by hitting his own 2-run home run in the bottom of the eight. LA wins 4-1!
Box Score
Game Three
With their playoff hopes on the brink of death, Chicago started out strong in game three. They struck first with a solo shot from RF Wood in the bottom of the third. And then, they suddenly owned a 3-0 after the sixth, when the other corner outfielder, LF Wood, decided to hit a 2-run dong. Going into the ninth inning, they were up by three, and looking at a real chance to stay alive in the NLCS. But LA had something to say about that. They led off with a single, then they followed that up with a triple, and then smacked a... no, just kidding. They did manage a triple to score a run, but it was with two outs, and the game ended in a 3-1 win for Chicago. They had just fucked around and make the series 2-1, the only non-sweep of the playoffs so far!
Box Score
Game Four
LA wanted to get past that loss and close things out in game four, and after only four total hits for both sides through five innings, they strung together a couple singles and took a 1-0 lead in the top of the sixth. Kershaw allowed two hits through the next three innings, but continued to shut Chicago out through eight innings, and was handed the ball to close things out in the ninth. But then Chicago opened with a double, and followed that up with a single, and this time I'm actually not kidding, because the Guys Who Fuck then hit a one-out single to tie the game. With runners on first and third, LA intentionally walked the next batter to load the bases with one out, and the winning run 90 feet away. RF Wood, who homered in game four, then proceeded to strike out. Two outs, bases loaded. And C Wood decided this is the right time to fuck and delivers a walk-off single! Chicago makes an incredible comeback and wins this one 2-1, forcing a game five!
Box Score
Game Five
And here we are. The final game. The winner goes to the NLCS, and the loser goes home. I'll tell you right now, only one run was scored in this game. I'll also tell you that after seven innings, the game was still scoreless. Kershaw had pitched a masterpiece, allowing only three hits, and even though LA had managed to put six men on base, none of them had crossed home plate. And then, in the eight, a leadoff triple was hit. Four pitches later, there was a passed ball, and the only run of the game scored. And I'll also tell you this: the crowd in LA was not cheering. That's right, in the most incredible turn of events, the seemingly impossible happened. In a five-game series, the 138-win, NL West-winning Los Angeles Cy Youngs were defeated by a team of relief pitchers who really know how to fuck. What a series, and what an upset. Chicago advances to the NLCS.
Box Score


And with that incredible ending, we come to the end of part five! Thanks for reading, and check back soon to find out who will be moving on to represent their leagues in the World Series! (That part should be up much sooner, since I'm done with school for the semester and can spend my winter break playing OOTP.)
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