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Bellator 244 (Reasonably in-depth) Preview of Tonight's Card

Some info on the card, as best as I could pull it together in time. Please forgive any typos.
Ryan Bader (27-5) vs Vadim Nemkov (12-2)
  • Bader rides a 7 fight win streak, and is 8 fights unbeaten
  • 28 year old Nemkov is riding a 6 fight win streak
  • They have a common opponent in former champ Phil Davis, and both beat him by split decision (Bader twice by SD). These 3 are 21-5 Davis’ only losses in his past 12 fights. Davis recently scored a finish win over the last competitor to beat Nemov (King Karl Albrektsson) and is rumored to be fighting Lyoto Machida (in a years-later rematch) who’d lost to former MW champ Mouasi in a close fight after retiring Chael Sonnen with flying knees the fight prior.
  • Nemkov’s last 4 wins came against future/former MMA champs
  • 2 fights ago Bader sparked Nemkov’s mentor Fedor Emelianenko to win the HW tournament (and vacant HW belt formerly held by current no2 contender 22-1 Vitaly Minakov). His last bout was a no contest vs lineal Bellator HW champ Cheik Kongo (who’d given then lineal champ Vitaly Minakov his first career defeat in a close fight).
ANALYSIS: This is a choice matchup, and represents the 2nd title shot a FedorTeam member has earned in Bellator, AND an opportunity for Nemkov to avenge his mentor while capturing FedorTeam’s 1st Bellator world title. Bader has the wrestling chops, and has adapted the wrestler’s penetrating step to power his lead left hook/jab which took out King Mo and Fedor easily, and consistently wobbled Kongo before the (possibly imaginary) eye poke that ended the no contest bout. Stylistically Bader boxes very well, and uses dynamic movement to power his strikes as well as get those single and double-leg takedowns. He’s expert at getting the wrist-ride in GnP situations and currently presents a massive threat on the feet and ground. In recent years he’s developed a cage-intelligence that perhaps he didn’t have earlier in his career, and making less ‘mistakes’ pays off bigtime at the higher weights, where getting caught more often means getting stopped.
Vadim uses multiple feints, circling, and hands-to-feet/feet-to-hands combinations, coupled with powerful Sambo grappling. One of his best traits is the variations on combo’s he uses. He doesn’t repeat himself very often, other than coming down the middle with a straight right catch n’ counter to low kicks (although he’s shin-check capable if the angle isn’t there). Bader isn’t really a kicker, and that works out for him he won’t have to adjust his game majorly. Carvalho is a kicker, and he got owned practically every time he kicked low at the multiple-time combat sambo world champion.
Nemkov is quite the MMA-kickboxer, and his submission prowess is considerable, but he’s not invincible and Phil Davis had some moments in their fight, especially toward the end. Deep waters have been his undoing earlier in his career, and though the issue hasn’t re-emerged 25 minutes with Bader is going to be a new level of cardio-challenge for him if he can’t put major damage on early in the fight. The 28 year old will need to bring his best game ever, because Bader is capable of KO punches even with the lead hand, throws a very crisp 1-2 as well, and the way he throws his lead hook can look the same as when he’s going to shoot for a single or double until the last moment. Bader is more explosive than Davis, his stamina is excellent, and he doesn’t telegraph punches.
Nemkov’s low kicks might be a liability if Bader is waiting to catch and counter or grab a single/high crotch/knee tap TD or blast him back to the cage. If he keeps strikes below the knee the little bit of extra range could see him piling on damage that’ll impact Bader’s penetrating step as the fight goes on - without exposing himself to takedowns as much. Much like Marciano working the body/arms to win Nemkov needs to punish the legs and inhibit Bader’s movement, then come upstairs. His other best avenue to victory is snatching a submission in a scramble. He’s a protege of the greatest big-man scrambler in history Fedor Emelianenko, so although unlikely, a sub shouldn’t be counted out entirely from the equation especially early on before they’re really sweating heavily.
Bader’s best bet is a wrestlef\cking (if he can), blast double to the cage, stuff him, put his weight on him and work toward that wrist ride and bash him out like he did Linton Vassell at Penn State. If he can get the positions but Nemkov has too much in the chin department, he could still win via ‘Mitrioning’ (as he did to Matt at Mohegan Sun IIRC eating only 1 or 2 strikes in 15 minutes basically deserving three 10-8 or 10-7 rounds. Bader’s other best avenue to victory is that amazing lead hook/jab to wobble him and spring into wrestle/GnP mode, but Nekmov mixes his straight right and looping punches marvelously and loves to kick on the break as well as go hands-to-feet. He does some things like jab off the counter and mix in high kicks to keep the guard honest. Punching at him without a kick threat might be problematic. Reducing the factors speeds up Nemkov’s fight computer much as it has Fedor’s to this day. TO THIS DAY. Rampage doesn’t kick, Fedor just boxed him up like a champ.*
PREDICTION: Leaning Nemkov 55% to win best guess 3rd round stoppage for Nekmov, or a UD for Bader as they go deep in the 4th, 5th. If it goes the distance, it might be a fight where one of them wins the early rounds, the other the deep waters and the middle turning-point round is the decider. Nekmov comes out strong and keeps a pace, I think he’ll have a slight advantage early and it’ll come down to ‘can he put enough hurt on Bader in the first 3 to make sure getting drowned in the deep waters won’t possibly kill the win absent a finish?”
The winner of this is the no1 LHW on the planet with Jon Jones abandoning 205 for HW waters, although former HW Grand Prix finalist and lineal Rizin LHW champ Jiri Prochazka fighting someone amazing for the UFC title and winning could make a case, considering his prolonged success and finish rate.
Julia Budd (13-3) vs Jessy Miele (9-3)
  • 37 year old Budd had her 11 fight win streak snapped by Cris Cyborg in January. Prior to that she’d made 3 successful defenses of the inaugural Bellator wFW belt she’d won vs Marloes Coenen in 2017)
  • 35 year old Miele is riding a 4 fight win streak, most recently defeating common Budd opponent Talita Nogueira (then 7-1) by split decision last October.
  • Budd and Miele have another common opponent Charmaine Tweet (who Budd defeated and Miele lost to)
ANALYSIS: So this is Julia’s rebound fight following the 4th rd stoppage loss to Cris Cyborg, and she’s fighting a young lady with momentum, so quite possibly a win here puts her in line for a rematch (or a 3rd bout vs Arlene Angerfist Blencowe if a presumed Cyborg/Angerfist title fight goes Arlene’s way). Whether or not Cyborg retains or Arlene captures the gold, Miele almost certainly gets a shot if she can defeat Budd. She can’t get a better win than the former longtime champ, and she’s coming off a win over a recent title challenger in Talita Nogueira. Assuming Cyborg/Angerfist is imminent for announcement, we can safely consider this a title-shot eliminator.
PREDICTION: I think Budd will prove too much, but if Miele can turn Julia on the cage when they inevitably end up clinching there and stuff the TD threat, she’d mostly have the front kicks and strong straight punches to worry about, and there are opportunities there, as Cyborg showed, using flurries of looping punches around the guard to counter Budd’s teep and stamp kicks at range. That’s a great way to close the gap, but it’s difficult to implement and takes great speed/cardio. Advantage Julia the Jewel, but not a given. Miele has been winning and were she not talented, she’d have lost badly to Nogueira.
Valentin Moldavsky (9-1) vs Roy Nelson (23-18)
  • Moldavsky - a teammate/student of Fedor - rides a 4 fight win streak.
  • Moldavsky’s only pro loss came by split decision to new ONE Championship signing Amir Aliakbari (currently 10-1, with his only loss coming to Mirko CroCop in the 2016 Rizin Openweight Grand Prix Finals which followed his semi-final defeat of Moldavsky)
  • Nelson and Moldavsky have a common opponent in Javy Ayala - whom they both beat by UD. Ayala was Nelson’s last victory in the cage.
  • Big Country Nelson comes in on a 4 fight losing streak (recently to Frank Mir, and previously to Mirko CroCop, Sergei Kharitonov and Matt Mitrione)
ANALYSIS: This is an opportunity for Moldavsky to get a big name on his resume. He should be the favorite and for good reason, but Roy has that power and a lot of elite experience. Stylistically Nelson is able to wrestle as needed, and is hard to hold down, his offensive tools on the feet are mostly uppercuts and overhands along with a respectable stiff jab but he doesn’t keep a pace like he used to, and as Frank Mir showed in his last fight, can be kicked in the legs quite a bit (something FedorTeam members in general do seem to go to as the opportunity arises). Moldavsky leans toward the grappling end of the FedorTeam Sambo spectrum, but in this matchup we might end up seeing them basically kickbox if Valentin can’t hold him down (it’s almost certain he can get him down, based on his approach in fights and success rate sealing TD’s). It’s possible if the standup isn’t going well Big Country will wrestle, but he’s aware of the sambo chops Moldavsky has and may be wary of clinching or shooting power singles/doubles. I think the most likely outcome is a lopsided Moldavsky decision or 3rd round stoppage, but it’s HW and when both guys have stopping power uncertainty is the only certainty.
This fight should be a banger, because whatever youth and sambo takedown edge Moldavsky might bring to the table, Roy is extremely hard to keep down. Now a caveat to that would be Moldavsky training with the great Fedor, who was a famously hard GnP puncher. Fedor’s other team members all have great power striking on the ground so it’s possible Nelson if grounded can’t take the heat, but we’re talking Roy Nelson chin, it would have to be some mighty shots to get it done. FedorTeam members do love to bring GnP under the armpit in certain positional situation it should be noted. It’s the ones they don’t see that hurt the most (as Fedor found out vs Hendo ironically). I don’t think it’s likely Big Country can outwrestle Moldavsky, BUT I’m wrong a lot, and that has been his go-to of late, when the standup isn’t going his way.
John Salter (17-4) vs Andrew Kapel (15-6)
  • Salter comes in off 2 wins (over Costello Van Steenis and Chidi Njokuani), and has only 1 defeat in his last 10 bouts (to former champ Rafael Lovato jr who retired undefeated at 10-0 due to health concerns following a title win over Gegard Mousasi
  • In his 21 career bouts Salter has only been to decision once (in his last fight vs Van Steenis)
  • Kapel rides a 5 fight win streak, his last loss coming to Taras Pikhunyk in Sep 2016. He’s won 7 of his last 8 bouts.
ANALYSIS: Salter got shoved aside for a title shot when multi-weight legend and UFC MW contender freeagent Gegard Mousasi entered the promotion beating former champ Shlemenko, and subsequently Salter had to withdraw from a Lovato jr titleshot eliminator (later losing to Lovato when re-booked). In spite of that he’s won 9 of his last 10 including taking Mousasi’s protege Costello Van Steenis out of the title chase with a (dynamic and highly competitive) decision win, and the only man to defeat him also beat the top contender Mousasi (who fights WW champ Douglas Phenom Lima soon for the vacant MW belt) before retiring, so no-one active in the promotion has a win over him. That’s a good place to be, I have him ranked 3rd in the promotion behind Mousasi and Tokov and ahead of Machida, Edwards, Vanderford, Aguair, Van Steenis and others.
Kapel got a major HL reel stoppage against King Mo, smoothing in a fist when Mo caught a kick and looked to catch-n-counter. Salter is more apt to kick than keep it mostly hands like King Mo, and is a southpaw, but stylistically he will present a somewhat similar look, although he isn’t past prime like Lawal was by the time of that bout. Salter will pressure to the cage, and has both wrestling chops, and a bjj black belt to make life hell over there. Kapel wants to be wary of Salter’s varied striking, but also keenly tuned in to Salter’s setting up of cage-stuffing and even takedowns in open waters at times. Also, he should be wary of ending up on top of Salter on the ground, as dude can really slap some gnarly submissions on.
Both of these men are serious, but I think stylistically the advantage lies on Salter’s side. He’s an able striker (although the unpredictable and dynamic Van Steenis did outstrike him, and Lovato jr was competitive on the feet) but has a fully integrated skillset, and can take the fight where it needs to go (with the lone recent exception of Lovato jr who is a brilliant grappler on a level above). The winner of this bout is (by my measure) one of the two top contenders to the Mousasi/Lima winner along with 29-3 AnotolyTokov (who hasn’t been announced for a fight yet since the return to Bellator events started a few weeks ago). Machida lost the pre-Lovato-retirement title-shot eliminator to Mousasi that snapped his 4 fight streak, and is now newly confirmed to be fighting Phil Davis at LHW in September which I imagine is a LHW eliminator for the BadeNemkov winner, so he’s likely out of the MW picture for now.
Josh Hill (19-3) vs Erik Perez (19-7)
  • Hill rides a 3 fight streak, and has wins in 5 of his last 6 bouts.
  • Perez comes in off a loss to Toby Misech at B235, and had 5 straight wins prior.
  • Perez is a UFC veteran who went 6-2 in the promotion.
ANALYSIS: Even in the absence of former champ Kyoji Horiguchi, bantamweight in kinda on fire right now in Bellator. Submission wizard Patchy Mix is fighting 24-2 Juan Archuleta for the vacant belt, Sergio Pettis just defeated Ricky ‘The SBG killer’ Bandejas for what was thought to be the no1c slot following a win over Ricky Bandejas (now 13-3), but Scott Coker has indicated it might be Kyoji Horiguchi (who to be fair did twice beat the BW champ Caldwell before losing his other belt in Rizin and vacating Caldwell’s former belt due to injury).
At BW Raufeon Stots is now 14-1 he’s making some noise, James Gallagher and Cal Pacino are both coming into a presumable millionth-try re-booking on win streaks, and Hill wants to get in on that top contender action. Perez had momentum, but lost it vs Misech so a win here doesn’t really put him that deep in ‘the conversation’, especially once Horiguchi fights NYE in Rizin and then looks to recapture Bellator gold during Rizin’s usual early in the year break from events. Both of these competitors have a great deal of experience, and to differing degrees both can rise in the ranks with a good convincing win. If ever 2 guys wanted to get a monster highlight reel finish it’s this fight right here. Standing out at BW right now isn’t as easy as it once was.
Adam Piccolotti (12-3) vs Sidney Outlaw (14-4)
  • AKA’s 31 year old Piccolotti comes in off a win over (then 7-2) Jake Smith. He’s won 3 of his last 4 bouts and is 8-3 in Bellator. His recent loss came by split decision to Benson Henderson (who recently had his win streak snapped by Iron Michael Chandler)
  • ATT’s 28 year old Outlaw comes in off a short-notice knockout loss to Michael Chandler last December at Bellator Japan (he replaced Henderson). Prior to that he rode a 9 fight win streak.
ANALYSIS: Piccolotti is heavily underrated, and many people thought he should have gotten the W vs Bendo. The AKA product is a tenacious competitor and a win over Outlaw (who other than vs Chandler has been successful of late) gets him pretty deep in the LW conversation. LW champ Patricio is defending his FW crown vs Pedro Carvalho, then if successful vs the Emmanuel Sanchez vs Daniel Weichel winner, THEN if still champ vs the winner of AJ McKee and Darrion Caldwell in the million-dollar tournament finals…..so there’s time for LW to marinate a bit. Piccolotti could maneuver himself into a title shot by the time Patricio (if he keeps winning at FW) moves back up to LW, and it starts with replicating freeagent Michael Chandler’s win over Outlaw...then probably involves avenging the Bendo or Yamauchi losses oand fighting Patricio’s brother and LW no1c prior to his loss to Tofiq Musaev in the Rizin LW Grand Prix finals - Patricky Pitbull.
Outlaw was looking nimble until Chandler slaughtered him and it was a short notice opportunity, but in spite of the late announcement for this bout these athletes often know to prepare for a certain timeframe when they aren’t replacements, I think we’ll see the best of Outlaw in the bout. Whether or not it’s enough to take out Piccolotti remains to be seen. Stylistically Outlaw has training partners with similar threats to Piccolotti, so this won’t be entirely unfamiliar ground he’s traversing….BUT ‘The Bomb’ does bring his own flavor, and he’s tricky in there from every position. Enough so he had Bendo in some real spots, and one does not simply put Bendo in bad spots. I’d lean toward Piccolotti possibly getting a sub, but it’s not a given at all maybe a 55-45% fight. Great booking, should be fireworks. We’lll find out in R1 if Outlaw can keep it upright and/or lay some damage on the feet before it’s grappletime.
Vladimir Tokov (5-0) vs Chris Gonzalez (4-0)
  • Vladimir is a member of FedorTeam and the (much) younger brother of top MW contender Anatoloy Tokov (29-3)
  • A sambo stylist, Vladimir is 5-0 as a pro, and went 1-1 as an amateur.
  • Gonzales was a 2-0 amateur, and comes off the best win of his career over (then 7-1-1) Aaron McKenzie
The younger Tokov brother is 2nd only to BabyFedor as the currently-least-heralded FedorTeam member, but that could change quickly, especially if he goes to town on undefeated Chris Gonzalez. This is a pure prospect clash, and someone’s 0 has to go. Tokov is good everywhere, but stylistically he leans toward the grappling end of the FedorTeam sambo spectrum. Like his brother he loves to trap a guy and punish him for existing.
Gonzalez could make a real statement with a win here. He’s going to have to navigate an energetic combat sambo attack to win. He should be wary of ever leaving his head or a limb out there in transitions, because Tokov is looking for them. With a victory, either would be putting himself in a position for a ranked opponent and LW is all fluid until Patricio either wins the FW tournament or loses and comes back to LW to defend his remaining belt. There’s a good chance Iron Michael Chandler goes to the UFC and Bendo/Patricky are coming off losses. The time is ripe for the new blood to make a statement and climb that ladder. The winner of this begins to do exactly that, although it’s just a start. Assuming it’s re-booked 2x contender (3 if we count Rizin) Patricky Pitbull fights Peter Queally later this year, and there are other factors out there like Soren Bak who’ll be making their own cases for an eventual shot.
This is the kind of fight that can earn either guy a big fight with the right performance. The way Bellator cultivates prospects they value undefeated clashes highly. With a dominant showing, either competitor could see himself facing a ‘name’ in his next bout.
Yaroslav Amosov (23-0) vs Mark Lemminger (11-1 pro, 5-0 amateur)
ANALYSIS: On the longest (purely at pro) win streak in the promotion - by my measure Yaroslav ‘Dyanmo’ Amosov is second only to Lorenz Larkin in WW contendership. It’s probably safe to assume Bellator wants to book MVP (no3c) vs Larkin (no1c) to define the next WW challenger, and with 170 lbs king Douglas Lima moving to 185 lbs to take on Mousasi for Lovato jr’s vacant belt, Amosov finds himself against Mark Lemminger, who was briefly booked to fight undefeated Heir to the Fitch-throne offensive-wrestling extraordinaire Logan Storley earlier this year. Once Bellator events resumed Lemminger took out Jake Smith (then 7-3 pro, 7-3 amateur) a few weeks ago brutally in the 2nd round, and must have impressed the staff on style points, because here he is with a chance to leap into the upper top 10.
To put Amosov’s record into context, he had a pre UFC Khabib-esque rise in that a lot of his wins were against inexperienced opponents but as he stepped up he kept winning. He’s had I’d suggest 5-6 tough opponents, but he beat them all and looked like a boss doing it. For obvious reasons (not limited to, but including his win over Paul Daley, his charisma and HL reel style) MVP has a glow about him, but Amosov has been putting in some real work and a win here might see him fight Old Man Fitch should Jon win his upcoming fight in early Sep. Fitch is older, but still hasn’t lost since 2014 (albeit the lineal WSOF champ hasn’t fought that many bouts in that span).
Bellator is possibly ranking MVP above Amosov internally, but though he went 4-1 last year and finished on 3 dominant wins, MVP did get sparked by Phenom Lima and that does dent the momentum. I have the bracket Lima, Larkin, Amosov, MVP, Old Man Fitch, Semtex Daley, Koreshkov, and finally Sabah Homasi, Jason Jackson, and Judo Jim Wallhead in the highly competitive and fluctuating lower top-ten. A lot of fighters could make an argument for 7-10. I have Neiman Gracie outside the top 10 but if he beats Fitch in September he climbs his way into the mid rank discussion above Koreshkov, but below Daley IMO. Fitch would fall to the bottom of the bracket due to inactivity with a loss. With a win, Fitch ends up climbing by default if MVP/Larkin happens, as the loser would fall behind Daley. If Daley/Homasi is re-booked the winner could make a case to climb and definitely the loser drops way low.
PREDICTION: Amosov I think will be too much, but Lemminger has opportunities, he’s got experience, and Amosov’s wins weren’t all wall-to-wall dominations. Dynamo isn’t someone to easily out wrestle (as 3x national champ wrestler EZ Ed Ruth found out), so perhaps it comes down to Lemminger’s power with his hands (kicking is begging to be caught and countered/taken-down against the Ukrainan Sambo stylist) and how his power and ability to deliver it relates to Amosov’s chin which to this point is looking aces - that probably defines Lemminger’s chances at least generically. He’ll have seen Amosov and have an approach ready, this could be his big breakout win - there isn’t a longer pro-streak in the org than Dynamo’s, and being the guy who snaps it would propel Lemminger into the divisional stratosphere, maybe HE gets that fight with Fitch if Jon wins in Sep.
Weber Almeida (3-0) vs Salim Mukhidinov (7-4)
ANALYSIS: Almeida looked stunningly dynamic in his last bout, and gets a bit of a step up vs Salim Mukhidinov who’s more experienced than his previous opponents. That’s not to write Salim off though, the 26 year old Mukhidinov is coming off a split decision loss to one of Featherweight’s brightest prospects Cris ‘Sunshine’ Lencioni (7-2 pro, 8-0 amateur), in a fight where he represented himself admirably. Almeida is a special level of epic-looking even for a young highly touted prospect, a win for Salim puts him in the ‘rising prospect’ category, because the gent he’s fighting is one to look for, so he can steal some of that shine by dominating.
Lucas Brennan (2-0) vs Will Smith (3-1)
Lance Gibson Jr (3-0) vs Shane Kruchten (12-5)
Vladyslav Parubchenko (16-1) vs John De Jesus (12-8)
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Drunk methaleptic ! And a girl that takes no shit! Warning long sorry 😐

So picture this July 2020 Here I am sitting with my home girl chilling and spinning. Happy to have another chick that is not a puddle slut, knock knock... 😲who is that? We are inside a room in the basement. Sooo her second cousin or something just comes right on in her garage into the house and started asking people who they are and why are they disrespectful to blablablah! Mind you I don’t know this mother fucker from Adam! So I’m leaving by this time, I don’t deal well with drunken fools. This sob decided to single out me, steps Infront of me and asking me who I am. Now let me say I’m a 44 y/o woman. This still wet behind the ears pricked thought I would be a easy target.A bully if you will 😐. He just fucked up. Not my house I have respect, and I don’t respond. So I am sitting in said garage and chatting with her old man smoking a cigarette letting my friend handle it. This cumwad comes out and walks right to me. Said smoke a bowl with me. I acted like he asked for a cigarette. And then try’s to demand it! I am on the of the mental health don’t forget to take your medication because girl don’t trigger me girl! And he is in my bubble. I stand up im5’9 and a buck sixty, not a delicate flower even if I still got a baby face and am really well reserved and kinda quiet . He decided to start with name calling ie. old bitch, cunt, blah blah blah! Right! Well this old bitch she is some little girl who cowers with fear. Then I’m laughing at him because dude go on with ya bad self. I been in prison. I’ll Fuckn fuck you up ect. Ect. Still laughing because I’m not impressed. Then he put hands on me. Ope ya just fucked up boi. Well this little shove into my chest spins me kinda around and I catch myself on tool counter and boom my boss bitch wakes up and has the hammer in her ( me) hand. I’m a lefty nobody expects a left hook! I am not a victim! And I’m a fuckn bear. My boss butch is saying you’re the prison bitch mother effect. I make you deep throat this fuckn hammer! Put your hands on me.. the ghetto and the hillbilly temper is strong. I’m no punk ass bitch 😌got me all kinds of fucked up. So I’m using my weight and moving forward and talking with my hammer making sure he’s just messed with the one girl that has not been intimidated by this fool, he’s saying sorry I never hit women blah fuckn blah! I say you do and you did 🤬 ! People are just standing there in shock of my change of personality. I had the mf pinned against the wall calling for my friend to get me off him. She looks at him and said I’m pretty sure that she is going to fuck you up. I would say sorry and shut up. So now he is crying and saying honey and baby and justifying him self 🧐😂! Nope I’m not even falling for bullies blame shifting ! I look at him and said I am not your baby, honey friend amigo! You don’t know me , and trying to intentionally make a smaller person bend to your demands is lowlife! You’re obviously not a smart person and I am not the one! Get your shit together! And backed up. I swear to ya on my daddy’s grave that mf says that I should help him out. Oh my god you must be dumb ! Sorry dummy I’m not the type of person who says ok 👍🏼 buddy let me reward you for trying to treat me like I’m hungry for your attention. Basically hitting on me. Dude stop ✋. My husband is 15 years younger than me! Makes sure that I’m happy! Handles my crazy like a champ.!Knows that my crazy ass can handle herself..I am a reserved person for the most part. Funny , average smarts 😉country girl from southern Indiana and was Emancipated at 16.5 ! And got straight to the point the first time doing smack! Fought to survive the streets and pulled my self up from a dirty street punk in the 90’s to being madero work the corner to finding out my dad had cancer and left for home to care for him till he passed,I have been sober methed up , working 2 sometimes 3 jobs. Owned 3 different homes. Survived my own cancer! Lost everything, found god! Lost god a widow and survived more messed up crap and then a mother fucker with no job and no future wanna talk sideways at me 🧐😂🙄bahaha ! ya done messed up! I am a survivor, one of the lucky ones. I don’t know why I am alive. I am not a soft woman. I have sympathy for hurt and pain in people. But I tell you straight up what I’m thinking. I don’t lay down and take it im no punk ass bitch! I think my friend looks at me different now. Usually the quiet one reserved and kinda slow to get angry. But come at me sideways and then I’m gonna educate ya in the way of a long time survivor of the old streets. I like it when they puff up and deflate when they get owned by this old woman! I will wobble your head!
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