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Angelfire: Welcome to Angelfire. Steam Community: : Guide: : Starting off in Endless Space https://kaksdelatcvetok.ru/download/?file=1490. Choose your Commander and wage turn-based war on battling factions. Tapatalk - Free Forum Hosting, Free Forum Mobile App. It was developed and published by LucasArts for the Windows and Xbox platforms. Zaffernawaz (zaffernawaz) on Pinterest official site.


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looking for some command engineers to talk to Any Tips?? I also have few things I need confirmed

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Commanders, engineers and riflemen the backbone and spirit of each faction described only as I know how.

This will be for CoH2 only and keep in mind this is just my opinion on these. I will also only be I clouding these 3 different faction interactions but the summary sums up most of not all of the faction's personality.
The Wermarcht commander is a little bit new to his job as seen in the tutorial but has spunk and patriotism to compensate. You'll never see him shout at the player or berate them unless a sector is being lost, overall a chill dude who just wants to bring the fatherland a victory.
The Pioneers are chipper soldiers with an upbeat and almost careless tone. Even when being fired at the squad lead knows that his fellow Pioneer's skill and hearty attitude will get them through even the worst Russian offensives. Oh and bonus points if you let their dark side come out and blow something up.
The humble Grenadier is a troop that you can hear the experience of the squad lead but also see the good man that even when faced with combat will carry his squad forward. He may shout, complain and grovel at doing manual labor or while getting shot at may lose that chipper tone but the Grenadier's know how to get stuff done with a light enough tone to keep them from turning into the Panzer Grenadiers.
Overall a faction of hearty men working towards securing a goal and maybe playing some pinochle on the way. They'll hold you up if you win and March forward even if the battle goes south to protect the things they hold dear.
The Oberkommando west:
The OKW's commander is a pompous dick that probably is only here to train a new guy or get a medal. Gruff, tough and on a high horse he'll talk down to you if you do wrong and would probably throw you under the bus if the battle goes south. Oh and he'll claim the victory under his belt, if you've seen any Hollywood Nazi officer that's this guy if he smoked too much.
The Sturmpioneer is a calculated no nonsense soldier who is willing to get shit done and by the book, these guys know the powerhouses they'll be put up against and are ready for it. Storm and hold the position is their moto and if you get in the way they're STG 44s will tear you apart and they know it.
The Volksgrenadiers are what you'd think a rifle squad would be: reliable, patriotic soldiers who have a hatred for anything that opposes the Fatherland. You'll see these guys doing gear checks and holding their field manuals close to their heart at night. I mean, can you blame them? They're basically a squad of mismatched soldiers trying to prove something to their larger than life commander and they will march to their deaths if it means they can satisfy that.
In summary a cold, calculated faction with soldiers who either know they are the best, are willing to prove it or care enough about their career to follow you to the bitter end. Just don't screw up or it will be your ass on the line.
The Soviets
The Soviet commander is a comrade through and through. He knows there is no retreat and will not let the sector under his player's command fall. If the troops should die for the motherland he will mourn them but make no mistake: he will hold you responsible should you lose to the Germans.
Combat engineers know their job and are specialized to do it, they'll throw in the Soviet comradery every now and again. Give them a flame thrower however and their hatred for all of Germany will manifest, true pyromaniacs of the people and they love playing with fire!
Conscripts are as you'd expect not the best soldier on the battlefield but they do have that patriotic spunk. Sure they may panic when their numbers thin and bicker with each other but all and all they will lay down their lives if it means mother Russia and the Soviet people get to see the sun rise the next day.
Overall a true nation of United people, they may not be the best troops or tanks but they'll try their best! You may not have every victory but so long as in the end you win the war your fellow Soviet brothers and sisters will be their to see the battles through.
Probably more a radio operator than the actual commander the USF commentator is a young, energetic bro that is there by your side no matter the battle's outcome. He'll get super pumped if the battle swings your way and throw shade and the German forces should you succeed in plowing through them. Overall a fun guy to have around and I could totally see him sitting in a truck or tent beside you feeding information to the troops doing the best he can.
Reach Echelon troops are chill engineers who act more like brothers with their squad mates, they get their assigned task done and set up support all the while cracking jokes or snide remarks on uncle Sam's dime. However get them fighting and they're volley of insults, quips and battle talk is enough to make them fun troops to have around and good units in your back pocket.
The Rifleman squad is your average squad of Johns, Dicks and Stanleys making their way through the world. They may not welcome orders, newcomers or really anything other than finally killing the enemy but their idle chat and shear grounded nature make them not only fun units when the battle's not blazing but chill troops that after all is said and done are just looking to win the war and get out with as many stories, rewards and medals as one can at private.
The USF is full of grounded dudes that get really pumped when they win. Overall through and through a real Hollywood representation of them but man does it work in this setting.
The British Forces
This commander is again more like a radio operator rather than the man in charge but unlike the USF he's more refined and proper meaning he won't get too worked up over victory or defeat. You can almost see him drinking his tea at HQ while he talks in your headset.
R.E. Sappers are by far the most different engineers in the entire game, they'll be chummy to the player and their squad while also smack talking the rest of the army and a few commands. But when S.H.F. they either look out for their fellow sappers or give the Jerry's what for by insulting them while shooting at them. Either way you can imagine these guys would probably smack talk you when your not online but really only to pass the time.
The Infantry squads are the definition of British humor. They'll shit talk any one who isn't in direct command of them and even when in a life or death situation will pop off jokes like they're having a pint with their mates. Oh and if they take out an infantry squad you can bet they'll hurl insults their way or talk about their family back home as if granny herself was manning the Vickers.
Overall you can expect alot of talk about tea, pints and insults hurled between squad mates as if the war is a stroll in the afternoon park. However while they may not show it they'll knock your block off if you don't take them seriously, then after your down and out they'll make snide remarks about screwing your sister like a 12 year old call of duty kid in a modern warfare lobby.
submitted by garmdian to CompanyOfHeroes

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