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Age of Wonders: Planetfall has a couple of game modes: scenarios and the campaign. TMBLEBUGS: ( March 21, 2020 at 7: 54 PM. This is a satirical city-builder, in which each of the inhabitants of your banana republic.

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Free download 7 wonders game for android – Telecharger jeu investigate this site. In each of the seven locations in the game, you must swap adjacent runes on a grid to make sets of three or. Once you've had 1 or 2 games 7 Wonders is a fun and tacticle game which will take 30-45 minutes, many expansions available to save it from going stale.

Genshin Lore / Trivia Dump 1.0

Warning: lots of words ahead! This is kind of a compilation of interesting things I’ve gathered from the descriptions of items, books, voicelines, stories and more. I haven’t included much lore from the main story, and I also haven’t focused on many theories (apart from one of my own), so I'm trying to stick to facts or “implied” possibilities that have some evidence supporting them.
If you have anything interesting that you’d like me to add to the dump, or if I'm completely wrong about something, please let me know! I plan to keep updating this as I keep getting new information. I’ve included excerpts of most of the sources I’ve used, but I’d suggest fully reading the books and stories I’ve included (cause they’re great). Also, please read the webcomic!


  • Hilichurls aren't mindless goblins. They have a whole language and culture of their own and are capable of philosophy, anger, grief and joy: (Books on Hilichurl Ballads / Cultural Customs)
  • Hilichurls are capable of using elements without visions. This could possibly imply that hilichurls are more "native" to the world than humans are, since humans require visions to actually harness the power of the elements. (However, Hlory tells us that they suddenly appeared on Teyvat a few centuries ago so they can't be native to Teyvat). Also, while humans worship the archons, hilichurls worship the elements themselves:
Interestingly, hilichurls seem to have a unique ability to manipulate the elements despite their low intelligence and primitive social structure. The ability is most notably manifested in the Shamans. Typically, humans require a Vision in order to exercise elemental control. The question of how Hilichurls are able to do so without a Vision is, therefore, one that requires further investigation and analysis.)
(Just as the inhabitants of the Seven Nations of Teyvat each have their religious beliefs, so too do the hilichurls. However, they worship not a specific figurehead with a presence in this world — such as one of The Seven — but elemental power itself in a more abstract sense. For instance, some hilichurl tribes in Mondstadt revere Anemo just as their human counterparts do, but they do not recognize the Anemo Archon Barbatos. Instead, they worship the power of Anemo itself.

  • The hilichurls of the Eclipse tribe are the most intriguing. They are known to be the most occult with the most powerful shamans, and worship the symbol of the eclipsed sun. From the official story videos and various pieces of lore, we can assume that they are closely related to the eclipse kingdom before its downfall 500 years ago.
  • Hilichurls are drawn to ancient ruins for some reason, indicating a close link to the ancient ruined civilisation. The eclipse tribe is also situated in ruins, while the other 2 tribes are not.
It would appear that the hilichurl possess no concept of either the past or future, living only in the present. They do not intentionally store up food for survival, nor do they commemorate their deceased forebears. Though crude attempts at something like calligraphy have been widely observed within their camps, closer inspection reveals these markings to be nothing more than botched imitations of what they have seen in ancient ruins, possessing no originality whatsoever. Hilichurls do seem to have an inexplicable affinity for remnants of the past, evidenced by the fact that ruins are one of their preferred locations to camp. But investigations thus far have turned up nothing which might hint at the true nature of their connection with the lost civilizations to which these ruins belong.

  • Hilichurls are controlled by Abyss mages using rituals and are forced to do their bidding. For example, they were forced to fight us near stormterror's lair even though the elemental energy is too powerful for their physical bodies to withstand for long.
  • They do not seem to be inherently evil: Ella Musk manages to have a peaceful conversation with them in Hilichurlian, and Dusky Ming (the ghost girl) makes friends with Hilichurls (story from Uncle Ghast).
  • Even MC feels bad about being "too harsh" on hilichurls:
(Traveler): Do you think that we're too harsh on the hilichurls?
Paimon: Well... sometimes we kinda seem like children who just can't resist kicking the hornet's nest...
(Traveler): I think we're doing more than just kicking it...


  • The Seelie are not human spirits, they're a different species. "Once a mighty race that guided humanity, now the most they can do is lead willing adventurers to treasure”. (loading screen tip)
  • The Seelie have Seelie Gardens, i.e. their small stone pillars, that they all want to return to. (loading screen tip)
  • Traveler mentions that she gets a certain sense of sadness from touching Seelie treasures (Traveler voicelines)
  • The Seelie used to have mighty palaces and it is possible that the Seelie were originally from Khaenriah. (read story below)
  • This entire story from A Drunkard’s Tale III is really amazing, so please read it fully to understand more about the Seelie’s past:


  • An idle animation of the Traveler shows that she can create the same constellations as Paimon. These constellation particles can also be seen emitted from other ancient structures like light actuators and ancient seals.
  • Traveler knows about nozzles and machinery but Paimon doesn't, indicating she comes from a modern world or has visited one
Paimon: Mondstadt is full of wide plains and rolling hills.
Paimon: People say that when Barbatos made this land, he used the storm to flatten the cliffs and valleys...
(Traveler): Still, it looks like he missed a few spots.
Paimon: Like Starsnatch Cliff?
(Traveler): Exactly
(Traveler): It looks like a nozzle that wasn't smoothed out in the modeling stage.
Paimon: What's a nozzle?

  • Traveler didn't originally know how to speak the Teyvat language, and learned it from Paimon. Maybe she doesn't speak much because she's not fluent in Teyvatian (voicelines)
  • Traveler is able to materialise and dematerialise her weapon, which Paimon has never seen before. Both she and Paimon share the same ability to make things appear and disappear (in Paimon's case, it's herself) (voicelines)
  • Roses represent love in Traveler's homeworld, but secrecy in Mondstadt (Noelle voicelines)
  • Traveler knows something about the Eclipse symbol of the Eclipse tribe that she doesn't want to reveal to Paimon. She suspiciously diverts the conversation when Paimon asks about it.
(Traveler): The "Eclipse tribe..." So the hilichurls have normal-sounding tribe names like these, too.
Paimon: The hilichurls of the Eclipse tribe are really mysterious.
Paimon: All the hilichurls of that tribe can draw an eclipse symbol.
Paimon: But rumor has it that only the Dada Samachurl of the Eclipse tribe knows why the Eclipse symbol is so revered within their tribe.
(Traveler): An Eclipse symbol...
Paimon: Hmm? Did you say something?
(Traveler): Ah. I was asking you what sort of soup you'd like to have tonight.
Paimon: Can't stop thinking about food, huh? Seems like you'd be more at home in the Meaty tribe than the Eclipse tribe. But anyway, Paimon wants boar soup. Thanks!
Traveler and their sibling both landed up on Teyvat 500 years ago when it was under collapse. When they tried to escape, one was trapped by the unknown god and the other was sent forward through time. This does not mean that Traveler's sibling has been alive for 500 years. The abyss order has only recently gotten a new "prince" or "princess" (depending on MC gender) which we know from the main story. This means that Traveler's sibling came through time just like Traveler did.
A boy and a girl stood amidst the tumult, under an unfamiliar sky. You were a pair of traveling twins, passing through countless worlds during your journey. Descending upon a continent named Teyvat, you hoped that you would be able to enjoy your time here.
But as you awoke among the falling stars, you saw the world in turmoil, a cataclysm raging across the land... You sought to leave this place and move on to the next world, but then an Unknown God stood before you, barring the way. This deity was spotless, floating over a world of chaos. Looking down on you.
The god took your only kin away, and you were sealed and cast into a deep slumber filled with nightmares... When you reawakened, the world was changed. The flames of war raged no longer, and nothing was left that looked familiar.

Khaenriah and Time

  • Khaenriah seems to neighbour Monstadt, or is at the very least closer to it than other nations:
Kaeya profile: "His biological father squeezed his lean shoulders, but his look stretched through Kaeya, to someplace far beyond. On the other side of the horizon, sat their distant homeland of Khaenri'ah. Kaeya would never forget that look, intertwined with both hopefulness and hatred."

  • Khaenriah appears to have been destroyed by an evil alchemist called Gold, who corrupted life into hideous monsters with some otherworldly force. (Could this be Honkai? I haven’t played HI3):
(chunk of aerosiderite: When Khaenri'ah was destroyed, a great sinner created endless monsters with alien, dark blood flowing through their veins. They rampaged across the land, destroying all in their paths. Their lives were mutations, caused by powers beyond this world. The black serpentine dragon Durin that attacked Mondstadt was such a mutation.)
(Breeze Amidst the Forest - Ballad Selection: The Eclipse Dynasty had fallen, and disaster spread across the land. The alchemist known as Gold was corrupted by his own greed and ambition, and created an army of shadowy monsters with his uncanny powers. Durin, a black serpentine dragon, rose from the sea to cast its shadow over Mondstadt...)

  • Khaenriah appears to be a place where time has gone out of control: In the Teyvat Chapter Storyline video, Dainsleif describes Khaenriah with "In the perpetual meantime of a sheltered eternity". In his bio, an unnamed prophet mentions "The confluence between the past and future" and " The future must atone for bygone mistakes, as the bond familiar falters and breaks".

  • We know that in the distant past, the eastern side of Mondstadt worshipped both wind and time:
(sacrificial sword: "On the cliff facing the eastern sea, the ancestors worshiped the masters of Time and Anemo together. The two are intimately related, as expressed in the saying, "Anemo brings stories while Time nurtures them.")

  • So if Khaenriah neighbours Mondstadt and is a land of time, and the eastern shore of Mondstadt used to worship time, what do we see in game? We can visit many mysterious places on the eastern side of the region, such as the Thousand Winds Temple (originally used to worship the Time God as well), the Eclipse Tribe (implied to have connections to ancient dynasties), the entrance to the Spiral Abyss (perhaps related to the fall of Khaenriah) and the unmarked Time Island.
  • The unmarked Time Island is particularly interesting, since it’s literally off the shore where Traveler and Paimon suddenly pop up in Teyvat. You can read my theory here: (https://www.reddit.com/Genshin_Impact/comments/jfhrwv/theory_paimon_is_actually)

Kaeya and Diluc

  • When his favourite wine goes out of season, Kaeya actually does his job and drastically reduces the crime rate in Mondstadt:
Kaeya Story 3: “The flourishing winery business in Mondstadt has been a great source of prosperity in the region over the years. This prosperity often entices greedy bandits and monsters to the area. They are a motley bunch who hide in the shadows, and their backgrounds, motives, and allegiances are varied and complex.
Kaeya battles against this threat to Mondstadt not only with his sword, but also with his smarts and his wit
A young knight once dedicated years of his life to studying threats in and around Mondstadt, and reached an astounding conclusion: When Death After Noon is out of season due to lack of supply, the number of reported incidents inside and outside the city show a drastic decrease, and this remains the case until Death After Noon returns to the market...
The young knight showed his findings to Cavalry Captain Kaeya in hopes of getting some advice from him.
"Interesting. I'll look into it." Kaeya answered, with a wry smirk on his face.”

  • Kaeya was intended to be a pawn of Khaenriah, planted as a double agent . He used to be torn between 2 worlds, but then finally realised his duty to Mondstadt when his adopted father died. (below)

  • Kaeya used to be a staunch supporter of Diluc, preferring to help his brother rise to success rather than compete with him. However, when Diluc turned 18, he was attacked by the Fatui and his father was forced to sacrifice himself to save his son. To end his suffering, Diluc had to kill his own father. (Story 5 + Webcomic)
(Kaeya Story 5: “Many denizens still remember the two most eye-catching young gentlemen in all of Mondstadt. One of them was the impeccable Diluc, an elegant swordsman who always wore a friendly smile on his confident face. The other gentleman was the eccentric Kaeya. He was Diluc's friend, support, and sounding board, ensuring he got through every challenge he faced smoothly. They were almost like twins, knowing each other's thoughts and intentions without a word, protecting Mondstadt in both light and dark.
...Until that fateful day, now ingrained deep in Kaeya's memory, when the convoy Diluc was escorting was attacked by a huge monster. It was the first and only time Kaeya failed in his duty. By the time Kaeya finally reached Diluc, it was all already over. The power their father had used to successfully fend off the monster also backfired and took their father's life with it.”)

  • Kaeya and Diluc had a "hard-fought battle", upon which Kaeya awoke his vision for the first time in his life; they have been at odds ever since. It would appear that Kaeya in-game has been nerfed a lot compared to what the lore would suggest:
Kaeya Vision Story: There was a side to Kaeya that he kept hidden from the world: In truth, he was an agent of Khaenri’ah, placed in Mondstadt to serve their interests. His father had abandoned him in this strange and unknown land to fulfill his mission, and it was Master Crepus and the city of Mondstadt that had welcomed him with open arms when they found him.
If Khaenri'ah and Mondstadt went to war, which side should he support? To whom should he offer his assistance: his birth father, who had ruthlessly abandoned him? Or his adoptive father, who loved him and raised him?
For the longest time, Kaeya had agonized over these impossible questions, caught between the opposing demands of loyalty and duty, faced with an impossible choice between truth and happiness.
But now, Crepus' death upset this delicate balance. He felt liberated, but also ashamed of how selfishly he was responding.
As an adopted son, he should have saved Crepus, but he had arrived moments too late. As a brother, he should have shared in Diluc's grief, and yet as their father lay dying on the ground he had hung back behind his brother, that ancient plot running through his mind.
Consumed by guilt, Kaeya knocked on Diluc's door. As the rain poured down, the shroud of secrecy was washed away, all lies were revealed. Kaeya had finally come clean.
He had anticipated Diluc's anger.
The brothers drew their blades, this time pointing them at each other. Kaeya felt that this was his punishment for a lifetime of lies.
But as the two crossed blades, Kaeya was overcome by the sensation of great elemental power surging through him. For years, he had stayed out of the way in his brother's shadow. But now, for the first time ever, he was facing his brother as his true self.
Bitterly cold and brittle elemental energy burst forth from the tip of his sword to meet Diluc's searing flames head-on. The clash of crimson fire and azure ice created a sudden swirl of wind that stunned them both. This was the grim moment at which Kaeya's Vision appeared.
Since that day, Kaeya and Diluc have gone their separate ways.
But he never discusses it, just as he never discusses the origin of his Vision
Though it is a reminder of the hard-fought battle, and the prize that he earned in exchange for revealing the unadulterated truth, Kaeya sees it as a stern reminder that he must live the rest of his life under the heavy burden of lies.

Gods and Power

  • Gods aren't invincible or all-powerful; they come and go with the times. Many have been killed or defeated, and some have moved to chaotic wastelands to rule them. We are told of a salt god, a dust god, a time god (Paimon???) and of other minor gods in pieces of lore. Similarly, Teyvat is just a continent, and many places of chaos and darkness exist beyond it.
(Bit of Aerosiderite: The coastal nations of Teyvat refer to the region beyond the protection of The Seven as the Dark Sea. It is said many defeated gods refused to live under the new order of The Seven, so they fled to remote islands and became evil gods. However, their powers came from the same source as Rex Lapis, separate from this all-devouring darkness.)
(Piece of Aerosiderite: Rumors of sea monsters are commonplace in Liyue, since the other-shore is an unknown region that lies outside of Teyvat. Without the protection of The Seven, all that lies beyond is unknown chaos. Only power beyond the order of Teyvat is able to stain the power of Rex Lapis black.)

  • Decarabian was the lord of the Mondstadt region before Barbatos rose to power. He created the city now known as stormterror's lair, and forced his subjects to play along with his dream of eternal power.
(Decarabian Fragments: The place now known as Stormterror's Lair was once the capital city of Decarabian, the God of Storms. Since this dream of prosperity was created entirely by his divine might, the broken pieces left behind by the shattering of that dream still possess great power. Decarabian, the God of Storms, was content with the capital city he had raised, and accepted the worship of the people from atop his tower. But he knew not that the people did not bow to him out of respect or adoration. The people did not bow to Decarabian out of respect or adoration, but because the harsh winds had laid them low. This was the shattered dream and ambition of the Anemo Archon before the rise of Barbatos. He tried so hard to make his dream come true, and so the fragments of that dream are still mighty. Andrius once declared war upon Decarabian, but failed to even scratch the capital of the Lord of the Tower. If it were not for the song of freedom that shattered the city in an instant, Decarabian's dream would have gone on forever.)
(Teyvat Travel Guide, Mondstadt: Brightcrown Canyon leads to this huge ruin of an ancient city which was built by the cruel King of Gales, Decarabian. The city was built in a ring-shape. It seems that every resident of the city had been arranged their own spot between the inner and outer rings. Right in the center of the city was the tall tower where the King of Gales resided. The ruins of the domain of this cruel king, who once tried to control his people’s lives, are now utterly deserted.)

  • Not all of our current gods may be noble, and not all of the dead / defeated gods were evil:
(Diary of Roald the Adventurer: Sal Terrae: From the scale of this ruin, I suspect it is the temple that provided safe refuge for civilians during the Archon War several millennia ago. I’ve heard that the Goddess of Salt built such a place. Liyue folklore holds that she was the gentlest of the gods. In the brutality and chaos of wartime, human beings were puny and disposable. But the Salt Goddess refused to join the other gods in their senseless battle for dominance, instead choosing to give shelter to those dispossessed by the war. She brought them here to build a new settlement. She showed them kindness and comfort. And even as global upheaval ushered in the end of an epoch, she worked tirelessly to bring about a return of peace between the Archons. The gentlest of the Archons fell not in battle at the hands of the other Archons. She fell at the hand of her own people, the people she had loved so dearly.)
(Diary of Roald the Adventurer: Guyun Stone Forest: I had the most awful night's sleep last night. I dreamt I was somewhere pitch-black and damp. Suddenly, I was a sea monster, and my impaled body was being driven into the ocean floor by the Geo Archon's polearm. I writhed around and clutched at the giant polearm made of rock, trying desperately to free myself, but it was wedged firmly in place. Each movement I made filled me with agony, and with rage...)

  • (Food for thought) Jiu, a child near Mount Hulao, proclaims Rex Lapis is an usurper, and that the resurrection of an ancient being (the chi?) is coming soon.

  • There is evidence to suggest that the elements may be more important than the gods in terms of natural hierarchy. We know that hilichurls worship the elements themselves and do not appear to draw power from the gods. We also know of elemental leylines of the world, hidden deep within the earth. They create elemental ecosystems of creatures and "organs" to sustain balance, such as Regisvines (and, to a smaller extent, whopperflowers, slimes, etc):
Cryo Regisvine: a monster formed from a vine that was imbued with the essence of biting frost within the Ley Lines. Some studies hold that plants are like the world's organs, harmonizing the turbulent elemental energies of the Ley Lines. Concrete examples of this phenomena are Mist Flowers, Whopperflowers, and the like, which brim over with elemental energy.
Pyro Regisvine: A giant vine that has absorbed the ancient flame that rages within the Ley Lines. It is restless, as if filled with an endless fury. Poets, bards, and even some academics believe that elements also contain emotions and hope. If this is true, then one can only wonder what emotions cause the Pyro Regisvine to burn eternally, writhing like one longing to be free of the confines of the earth...
Ley Line Sprout: It is said that there was a great tree whose roots once spread out to every corner of the world, and this branch is said to be part of it. It is almost if it was never broken off and taken far away, for its vitality is such that it still sprouts new leaves even now.


  • Lisa taught Razor how to use his Electro powers:
(When I taught Razor how to utilize Elemental Energy, I never expected him to master the technique so quickly. Come to think of it, you're talented too. Maybe I could teach you a few tricks...)
(Razor Story: "Master, what is... 'friends'?" Razor once asked of his new mentor, working at the limits of his vocabulary. His purple-clothed mentor seemed to know it all, from how to make hash browns from potatoes in the ground, to the name of the brightest star in the summer night sky. However, Lisa simply smiled and yawned without answering him. Razor thought about it when the wind blew, when the rain fell — even when Wolfhook berries got stuck in his fur. He just couldn't figure it out.)
  • Lisa used to be much more powerful than she appears to be ingame, but she’s lazy and doesn’t feel like putting in the effort now:
(Hi darling, are you going to be Lisa's little helper? What? Me, a grand mage? That was a long time ago, I'm just a humble librarian now. \chuckles*)*
(Ascension 4: \chuckles* If I were to recover my full power, who knows what kind of things just might happen?)*
  • Lisa and Jean appear to be very close, judging by these voicelines:
(\yawns* Good morning, Jean... Oh it's you! Sorry, dear.”)*
(When Lisa is around, I always have peace of mind.)


  • Alice is Klee’s mother and the author of the Teyvat travel guide. She is a cruel sociopath, and has mentioned torturing and killing hilichurls on multiple occasions:
(The three hilichurl tribes located in this valley are all densely populated. What if we built a huge spinning ball-shaped cell in the center of the valley and threw all of the hilichurls into it? That way we might be able to generate enough energy to power all the mills in Mondstadt for at least five years. If we took it one step further by grinding the hilichurls that are too old or too weak into food and feeding them to the strong ones, we might just build ourselves a perpetual motion machine that can support a huge factory like in Snezhnaya!)
(At the center there is a huge oak tree. It is said that Vennessa ascended there. I searched around the tree for a long time but did not find any launching device. I grabbed some hilichurls nearby to put my theory to the test. Sadly, the longest flying distance was from here to the hunters’ huts around Springvale. How disappointing.)
(This valley I found at the northeast coast of Cider Lake is still guarded by ancient mechanisms, but the soldiers responsible for holding the pass for the King of Gales were nowhere to be found now. All the winds of time had left behind were the unintelligent hilichurls and silent mechanical guards. My attempt to control Ruin Guards with hilichurls failed as well. The guard split into pieces, and as for the fate of the hilichurl strapped onto it… I will spare you the gory details.)


  • The 3 hypostases we know have their names based off the Hebrew alphabet (Beth, Aleph, and Gimel). Also, a hypostasis in philosophy is defined as "the underlying state or underlying substance and is the fundamental reality that supports all else.". Perhaps this would indicate that the hypostases are kind of like representations of the underlying elemental powers that govern the universe?

  • The Oceanid's name, Rhodeia, is derived from Greek mythology: Rhodeia is the daughter of Oceanus, the Titan of the sea. The lore of the Oceanid appears to coincide with that of its real-life counterpart:
(Oceanid description: "A lifeform created from condensed Hydro elements of incredible purity...it is also said by some that Oceanids were once sea creatures from a home far away who carried the fragments of a long-dead god to the many corners of this world. Perhaps they did this so that the love their god held for this world could be spread through the water to all the land...")

  • The Oceanid's voicelines disappear really quickly, so it may be hard for people to focus on what she's actually saying. However, these and the Oceanid's description appear to suggest that it is a noble being that is a defender of pure waters and the people of its home (in this case, the people of the Qingce village). You can decide for yourself whether we're the good guys or bad guys in our battle with the Oceanid:
(When the fight starts: "So, murderers from our homeland have come on a futile journey to harass the people of the Qingce waters...very well then. But be warned, her power shall crush any miscreant that would dare pollute these waters. With no place to flow, even the purest of water will begin to envy the forms of living being who can roam about freely. it is this water that will be used to drown you and the pollution you bring.)
(Upon defeat: "We but only seek tranquil waters. Why should we be denied such a thing? However, as long as lakes and streams still remain, then rain shall continue to fall from the skies and water will never truly disappear...")

Thank you for reading everything I’ve dumped so far! I haven’t covered too much of Liyue, so I’ll be sure to add more of that soon. I’ll also gladly include anything I’ve missed out on, if you have something new for me to add!
submitted by DeathOnion to Genshin_Impact

This Week At Bungie 11/19/2020

Source: https://www.bungie.net/en/News/Article/49853
This week at Bungie, the Crow has found a new nest.
Hello, and welcome to the second TWAB of Beyond Light. We’ve got a bit to cover today, so we won’t spend too much time on introductions. Season of the Hunt kicked off proper on Tuesday. If you haven’t jumped in just yet, we have some wonderful web lore to get you prepared. I wasn’t mentally prepared for part 2...



Wrathborn Hunts have begun. We still have the Deep Stone Crypt Raid, The Dawning, Trials of Osiris, Iron Banner, and more to look forward to over the course of the Season.
First stop: The raid.

On Your Marks. Get Set. Raid.

Season of the Hunt isn’t the only thing making its grand entrance this week. At 10 AM PST on Saturday, November 21, the Deep Stone Crypt will become available.
Video Link
We’ve talked through Contest Mode, shown off some fancy rewards, but we wanted to get in a final reminder before the show begins.
World First Verification Timeline
Once the raid has been conquered, we will announce that the activity has been completed from @Bungie on Twitter. After this, our teams will start diving into the data to verify that the first completion was clean. Our hope is to be able to announce the winners shortly after World first, but we want to ensure our validation efforts are sound. Ultimately, our goal is to have a post congratulating the winning team on Monday, November 23.
Contest Mode Reminder and a Quick Stasis Update
Full details on Contest Mode can be found in the This Week at Bungie – 10/15/2020 article.
Quick bullets that all should be aware of:
  • Contest Mode will cap all players at 20 Power below each encounter for 24 hours.
  • Artifact Power will be disabled during Contest Mode.
  • Your team’s Power Cap goal is 1230 for all the encounters.
  • Being above 1230 will not provide any additional advantage in the final fight.
Earlier this week, an issue was discovered where Stasis was doing large (and we mean insanely huge) amounts of damage to bosses. The team worked at lightning pace to develop a fix for Destiny 2 Hotfix, thus preventing impact to the upcoming raid! We have a few more notes on general Stasis balancing later in the TWAB, so keep reading if you want to know more! This may not be a piece of Contest Mode, but we wanted to make sure to call this out for those who may have seen an interesting video or two over the last few days.
There Will Be Loot
Now, it wouldn’t be a race if there wasn’t something on the line. While many of you may have seen these rewards on our Instagram or even a preview on the Bungie Store website, we wanted to make sure to show these off in a TWAB before the raid released!
World First Raid Title (don’t call it a belt)
The first Fireteam of 6 to complete the Deep Stone Crypt raid will be declared World First by Bungie from @Bungie on Twitter after verification from our analytics team. Official rules can be found here.
Image Linkimgur
Day 1 Raid Emblem
Complete the Raid within 24 hours with Contest Mode active (by 10 AM PST on Nov 22) to unlock this unique emblem.
Image Linkimgur
Jacket Quest: Parka Edition
Complete the raid by 9AM PST on December 1 to unlock the Bungie Rewards Deep Stone Crypt Raid Jacket for purchase.
Image Linkimgur
Additionally, there are two deadlines that players should be aware of:
  • Deadline to Claim Reward Code: December 31, 2020 9 AM PST
  • Deadline to Purchase: December 31, 2020 11:59 PM PST
For additional details, please refer to your Bungie Rewards page, or the Bungie Store pre-order page.
Now, only a few questions remain...
  • Have you gotten your Power high enough?
  • Do you have your raid team assembled?
  • Are you prepared for battle?
  • …and for those of you who may not be racing, who will you be watching?
See you Saturday. It’s going to be a blast.

Securing the Entrance

Our Security team has been working on a variety of projects to sharpen our tools for cheat detection. In the coming weeks we’ll begin rolling out a new security measure for newly created accounts on PC. Our hope is that this deters some players from breaking the Code of Conduct.
For a quick explanation of what’s coming, our friends from the Security team will be taking the stage to walk you through the process of SMS verification.
What is SMS verification?
Bungie is implementing a quick account validation step for free-to-play players who want to access our high-stakes PvP modes in Destiny 2 on PC. Free-to-play accounts (PC only) will need to link and verify a cell phone number to their accounts via Bungie.net before being able to access those activities.
What activities are high-stakes?
Trials of Osiris, Iron Banner, and Competitive PvP playlists are examples. As this feature rolls out, we will be looking to how it can grow, and potentially expanding it to alternate activities in the future.
Why are we doing this?
Unscrupulous players can negatively impact everyone’s gameplay experience and undermine the hard-earned achievements of others. Bungie takes the threat of cheating seriously. We will continue implementing systems to help verify that accounts engaging in Destiny 2 activities are honoring our Code of Conduct and Terms of Service.
What do you need to do?
If you are a free-to-play Destiny 2 PC player you will receive a notice in-game the first time you try to access a protected activity. This will provide you with a “Verify Now” link to follow to Bungie.net and process your SMS linking. When you enter your cell phone number and request a verification code you will receive a quick text message with “Bungie Code: ######”. Once you enter that code on the Bungie.net page to complete your verification process you can sign back into the game to get immediate access to the activity you want to play.
Once this feature is live, free-to-play PC players will see an image in-game which will walk them through the signup process.
For announcements regarding this security rollout, please follow @BungieHelp on Twitter. We will also release some help articles over the next week to give full details on the upcoming feature!
As a reminder, if you encounter any players that you suspect of cheating or breaking our terms of service, please use the in-game report tool and submit a report using our contact form on Bungie.net.

Game2Give 2020 Fundraising Campaign – Light Keepers

Image Linkimgur
Over the years, this community has proven time and time again that gaming does good. You've acted as Guardians of the world, providing aid to people in need, no matter the challenge. We’re excited to announce our next initiative, partnering with Game2Give, starting on December 1! Without further ado, we’ll pass the mic over to the Bungie Foundation to run us through this wonderful event.
Bungie Foundation: Gear up for our second annual Game2Give charity event in support of the Bungie Foundation and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, benefitting sick kids across the country. We invite the Bungie Community to join us in celebration of what we can accomplish together through games and giving.
Starting today, we invite all of our Bungie Community members to sign up to host your own Destiny 2 fundraising stream between December 1 and December 13. We have some incredible prizes for you all at various fundraising milestones.
On Giving Tuesday, December 1 at 10 AM PST, we’ll be kicking off a 24-hour streaming marathon with some of your favorite influencers from a variety of channels including Twitch and Facebook Gaming. We’ll have featured live streams taking place throughout the entire 2-week campaign, so be sure to follow us @BungieLove to receive the latest information!
We are excited to share the sweet prizes we have to thank our donors for their amazing contributions to help kids. Check them out:
Donation Incentives
  • A $25 donation will earn you the 2019 Mist Blossoms Emblem and Gilded Shell Exotic Ghost.
    • If you missed them last year, this is your chance to get your hands on them!
  • A $50 donation will earn you the above items, plus the new Light Keepers Emblem.
Image Linkimgur
  • A $100 donation will earn you the three items above and will enter you to win an item from the Bungie Prize Pool. Prizes include GameStop/EB Games gift cards (U.S. and Canada only), Destiny 2: Beyond Light Digital Deluxe Editions, and Destiny 2: Beyond Light Physical Deluxe Editions.
Best of all, 100% of donations go directly to the charities. All in-game digital incentives will be automatically redeemed via donors’ Bungie.net ID and will appear in the Destiny 2 Collections tab on or after Tuesday, December 1.
This year, we have also partnered with the online fundraising platform Omaze. Gamers from around the world can enter for their chance to win $20,000 to create the ultimate gaming rig and support this fundraising initiative! More details will come leading up to our campaign’s launch.
As we head into the holiday season, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude for each and every one of you, who continue to bring smiles, joy, and hope for Little Lights everywhere. We hope you see yourself reflected in this mantra and hold it dear.
We are Light Keepers
Those who dare to ignite hope in the face of uncertainty
By our united, global passion we protect those in need
Making a lasting difference for the Little Lights around the world
We are Light Keepers
The Bungie Foundation
We’re also planning a few other goodies for you to unlock throughout the event when reaching certain donation milestones. Stay tuned for the full Game2Give 2020 article planned for December 1!

Tuning the Darkness

It’s not often that an entirely new subclass makes its entrance into the ecosystem of Destiny 2. The team has been hard at work over the last year building abilities and Supers powered by the Darkness. Enemies around the solar system are shaking in fear of your Stasis powers, including your fellow Guardians in the Crucible.
Depending on when this article goes live, a hotfix may or may not be in the wild. We have some notes from the development team on what’s changing in Destiny 2 Hotfix
Development Team: We have seen a lot of feedback on Stasis since Beyond Light launched last week. We’ve heard it’s a ton of fun to use, but certain aspects of this new subclass can be frustrating to go up against (looking at you, Shadebinder Warlocks). We have a few minor tweaks planned to go out in Hotfix this week. Our goal here is to do some early tuning to rein Shadebinders back in while still maintaining their overall efficacy and power fantasy.
Stasis Changes:
  • Stasis Breakout Damage reduced (110->90hp).
    • Adjusted the curve that reduces breakout damage using resilience.
    • Increased the damage reduction effect resilience has so that higher tiers of Resilience are more valuable.
    • Caps out at 90 Resilience.
  • Penumbral Blast (Stasis Warlock Melee) projectile speed reduced by 20%.
  • Penumbral Blast (Stasis Warlock Melee) range reduced (was 28m now 16m).
  • Winter Wrath (Stasis Warlock Super) duration reduced (30s -> 24s).
  • Winters Wrath Light Attack (Stasis Warlock Super) cost reduced (5% per burst -> 4.5% per burst).
  • Cold Snap seeker speed reduced by 23%.
Against Guardians:
  • Cold Snap freeze duration lowered (4.75s -> 1.35s).
  • Ice Flare Bolts freeze duration lowered (4.75s -> 1.35s).
  • Penumbral Blast (Stasis Warlock Melee) freeze duration lowered (4.75s -> 1.35s).
  • Winters Wrath Heavy attack (Stasis Warlock Super) no longer affects players who are not encased.
With all that said, we believe strongly in the “cosmic ice” wizard fantasy in PvE so we’re trying to target changes where we can towards the PvP experience specifically. With Stasis we’ve tried to push the sandbox in new directions and that increases the likelihood we introduce something spicier than normal.
When it comes to crafting new abilities, we believe the risk of shipping something a little hot is better than playing it safe and shipping something that doesn’t get you excited. As always, we’re going to be using data, playtesting, and feedback to help refine our direction and we’re going to keep responding. This will not be the last change to Stasis this Season. As we get closer to future changes, we’ll make another appearance in the TWAB for a patch note preview.
Thanks for playing, and we’ll see you out there in the wild.

Let’s Talk Loot

Since Beyond Light launched, we’ve been working through a whirlwind of feedback. What feels good, what needs work, and most importantly, how are you feeling? Today, we’ll be talking through a bit of player feedback concerning loot, and some short term plans the development team is working on.
Development Team: As Beyond Light has launched we've been tracking your feedback around loot, particularly weapons, and wanted to take a moment to let you know how we are processing it. Today we're going to talk mostly about the short-term, with more information to follow in the future around the long-term as we work through those problems.
Infusion caps are intended to help keep Destiny 2 evolving and ensure that every release the new rewards are exciting and relevant to the meta. However, we agree with your feedback that there’s currently not enough variety in the world loot weapons available to players this season.
To that end we are adding back in a selection of weapons that will help alleviate this issue. We will also be watching to see how the landscape changes with the addition of weapons from Season 12 and this week’s Raid launch. We also agree that getting near-cap weapons from random world drops is frustrating. Thus, we are removing those from the pool, and are weighting drops more heavily towards newer weapons.
Here’s a list of adjustments to the world loot legendary weapons pool you’ll see with our November 24 hotfix:
  • Remove all legendary weapons that hit their infusion cap at the end of this season
  • Add all of the Seventh Seraph weapons from Season 10
  • Add all of the Season 11 seasonal and planetary reprisal weapons
  • Weight drop chances so the newer an item is, the more likely it is to drop.
While we are not yet ready to dive into the long-term strategy yet, we are listening to feedback and watching how the player build landscape evolves over these first few weeks of Beyond Light, and incorporating that feedback as we plan out future Seasons.
Feedback never stops, and we’re always excited to hear how you’re feeling about Destiny 2. Keep it coming.

Bashing Some Bugs

Image Linkimgur
This last week has been a whirlwind. New content, new bugs, and new investigations. Destiny Player Support has a full report of what’s we’ve found, and what we’re still on the hunt for.
This is their report.
Today, November 19, maintenance for Hotfix will begin. Below is a timeline of events:
  • November 19, 8 AM PST (1600 UTC): Destiny 2 maintenance for Hotfix begins.
  • November 19, 8:45 AM PST (1645 UTC): Players will be removed from activities and won't be able to log back into Destiny 2 until 9 AM PST when Hotfix will be available.
  • November 19, 9 AM PST (1700 UTC): Destiny 2 Hotfix has begun rolling out across all platforms and regions. Players will now be able to log back into Destiny 2. Ongoing maintenance is expected to conclude at 10 AM PST.
  • November 19 10 AM PST (1800 UTC): Destiny 2 Maintenance is expected to conclude.
This week, Season of the Hunt activities and story content unlocked for Season Pass owners. In order to access the Season intro mission, players should make sure to have completed the initial Forsaken and Shadowkeep story missions, which are free to all players.
Players should also make sure to have space in their quest inventory prior to interacting with Spider or the Crow in order to acquire Seasonal quests.
For more information on Season of the Hunt, please follow this link to our Season of the Hunt Guide.
We are currently investigating an issue causing players who acquired the Seasonal Artifact before completing the full New Light Tower introduction to be blocked from progressing in the Season of the Hunt story and missions.
New Light players should be sure to complete the full Tower introduction prior to picking up the Seasonal Artifact from Zavala’s office.
We are continuing to monitor for reports of veteran players encountering this issue. If you believe you've been impacted by this issue and are not a New Light player, please report to the #Help forum.
Players who encounter issues with their Season Pass, expansions, or Beyond Light Character Boost are encouraged to view our Purchased Destiny Add-Ons Help article for information and troubleshooting steps they can take. Click here for more information.
Beginning on December 1, 2020, at 9 AM PST, logging in using Blizzard Battle.net accounts will no longer be possible on Bungie.net or the Destiny Companion app, nor will users be able to migrate their Battle.net account to Steam.
Users who only have a Battle.net account linked to their Bungie profile are strongly encouraged to either link another platform to their profile, or to perform PC migration to Steam (unless you already have a Destiny 2 Steam account). Click here for more information.
While we continue investigating various known issues, here is a list of the latest issues that were reported to us in our #Help Forum:
  • We’ve identified an issue where the Vanguard strike Playlist difficulty was unintentionally set to 1100 Power.
    • We are developing a fix to reduce the Recommended Power of Vanguard strikes Playlist to 1050.
  • The Exo Stranger’s weekly challenge is mistranslated in languages other than English – players need to defeat combatants with or affected by Stasis off of Europa.
  • Sparrows on Europa are not properly despawning.
  • Meleeing as a Titan while using the Stasis subclass can result in a visual of multiple rapid punches.
  • The lift tubes in the Warden of Nothing strike can close before all fireteam members are successfully through.
  • The lift tubes in the Warden of Nothing strike fully drain Super energy.
  • The Warsat Heroic Public Event in the Mothyards of the Cosmodrome doesn’t count completions for objectives.
  • Yellow subtitles will appear as white even when the yellow option is selected.
  • The Braytech RWP Mk. II no longer appears as owned in Collections for some players.
  • High value target reward chests do not grant the proper amount of Glimmer.
  • The holograms on the Stella Incognita bond and Bond of Last Departure ornament bounce aggressively.
  • The eyes on the Phenotype Plasticity Mask no longer glow red.
  • Adored cannot be reacquired from Collections.
  • In-game PlayStation friends lists are missing large amounts of online friends.
  • Player heads may not render when inspecting players in the Tower.
  • Later Crucible rounds may display an inaccurate round timer.
  • Vest of the Great Hunt clips through the Moonfang-X7 Cloak.
  • The Titan Shiver Strike and Glacial Quake melee have inconsistent hit registration.
  • Reaching Power Level 1200 may result in a “New Adventure” popup even though Adventures are no longer available.
  • An incorrect amount of Orbs of Power may drop than what is displayed to have dropped when defeating enemies with a Masterworked weapon.
  • In Survival, players may not enter into overtime when both teams have an equal amount of lives remaining.
  • PlayStation Remote Play controls may no longer function for some players.
  • Mida Mini-Tool and Drang cannot accept ornaments for their Baroque versions.
  • Fallen Empire and Stasis Fragment quests can be purchased even with a full quest inventory.
  • Participant kill audio plays in the Crucible even when not involved in a player kill.
  • An increase in ARUGULA errors for players completing the Beyond Light campaign.
  • In the Insight Terminus strike, Kargen will continuously perform ground slams and not allow players to progress past the conflux space.
  • Combat Drill bounties say they require Clash kills, but actually requires kills in Elimination.
  • Players may be directed to reacquire the Seasonal Artifact from Zavala’s office when they already have it in their inventories.
  • The Garden of Salvation and Crown of Sorrow Warlock armor sets are not visible in Collections.
  • The Unsecured/Outcry ship has the rocket engine effects floating behind the ship model.
For a full list of emergent issues in Destiny 2, players can review our Known Issues article. Players who observe other issues should report them to our #Help forum.

Always Watching

Image Linkimgur
We’ve been spending a lot of time over the last week and a half watching players reacting to live events, expansion launches, and more. There have been a few moments where we were watching players taking advantage of some interesting bugs, too. Don’t worry, we aren’t keeping a naughty or nice list. You’re all still winners in our hearts.
Well, sort of. The actual winners for MOTW put out some fun videos that creep me the hell out. Festival of the Lost may be over, but there are still echoes of darkness reverberating through our Creations page.
Movie of the Week: Truth
Video Link
Movie of the Week: The Curse of Bad JuJu
Video Link
Movie of the Week: Risen (Warning – Strobing Lights/Imagery)
Video Link
If you’d like a chance at our new MOTW emblem, make sure to submit your content to the Creations page on Bungie.net. Tag it with #MOTW, and please credit everyone who contributed to the video in its description.

An Artistic Touch

Image Linkimgur
I will always have great appreciation for those with a green thumb, but even moreso for those with a green thumb for art. These skills are earned through hours, days, weeks, months, and years of practice… but I will always be amazed at the pieces we see shared throughout our community. This week, we have an amazing take on Beyond Light, and more.
Featured Art: Go Beyond the Light
GO BEYOND THE LIGHT! Hope you like my Beyond Light poster! ❄️👾🖌#Destiny2 #BeyondLight #destinythegame #DestinyArt #xbox #XboxSeriesX #SeriesX #PlayStation #ps5 #Halo #Commission pic.twitter.com/vz7powNNPp
— jack 🎨 (@jackdrawss) November 14, 2020
Featured Art: Immolant Pt. 2
🔥☀️ IMMOLANT PT.2 ☀️ 🔥
//In that last moment she seemed
as wholly luminescent as the Sun,
and I wished to be so brave.//#Destiny2 #destinythegame #DestinyArt pic.twitter.com/cvnrsPUXKL
— StellarStateLogic ❄️🧊🥶 { Comm.: Full 3/3 } (@PedanticAuspice) November 17, 2020
Featured Art: Europan Fireteam
ローンチおめ!(再掲) pic.twitter.com/I31Q2e3ARk
— 𝙏𝘼𝙈𝘼𝙈𝙄❄️ (@tmaaaaa3) November 11, 2020
If you have any Destiny inspired art, make sure to tag it with #DestinyArt on Twitter, Instagram, or whatever image hosting site you use! Each week, we pick a few and grant unique emblems to their creators.
I’ll admit, this TWAB has been somewhat difficult to write. Don’t get me wrong, what’s said above is incredibly important! Charity initiatives to help those in need, the upcoming raid race, new security measures, and Stasis tuning are great things to see. It’s always a fun time collaborating with the various teams of Bungie to get you a weekly dose of information.
That said, I’m just itching to get back into the game. It’s about time for me to go hunting. See you next week.
...wait, I'll more than likely see you on Saturday for a raid race. Either way, I hope you are in good health, and wish you a good weekend.
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