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My current builds for garen, a Grandmasters Garen main

My current builds for garen, a Grandmasters Garen main
Before we start, 2 things First: this is my first reddit post, so expect it to be awfull
Second: i will already apologize for my english cuz its been years since i last wrote stuff in english, so it will probably have a lot of mistakes here, but anyway
So i saw a lot o people with questions on what to build on this pre-season and i've come to help. Kinda. I'm a Grandmaster BR garen main that was able to reach challenger on this last 4 seasons multiple times, but was never able to finish the season in challenger. I also got Masters on NA when i played there. I know that hitting high elo BR, AKA the worst server on planet earth is not a big deal, but i think i can help with the current builds for garen regardless. Currently, my nickname is Feed123.
This was the last time i got it this year, on June i believe
Right now we all know that garen is not in a good spot. Trinity is not working properly with his E, so his core item is gone and, the most important part, his kit is outdated, and i mean its reeeeally outdated. He is a onedimentional champion and a ball of stats that can only do 1 thing, and that is go in and spin. With that in mind, there's 2 ways that you can approach garen. The first way is trying to make him as flexible as possible, with is what riste usually does. He tries to fix garens flaws with different runes, builds and playstyles, to compensate for his outdated kit, with works, kinda. The second way is how i personally play, with is building garen in a way where he can go in and spin the best and most concistent way possible. since this is the only thing he can do, i try to get the most of it instead of trying to make him more flexible, so when it works, im unstoppable, and when it don't, well... you know. I'm pointing this because these 2 playstyles can potentially change the build on garen and the best mythic item on him aswell.
With all of that said, im currently building prowler's claw in every single game and playing garen as a bruiseassassin. For me garen does not work as a tank at all, since he has no utility to offer whatsoever, no hard CC, no engage, no desengage, nothing, the only thing he can do is go in and spin for damage. with that in mind, for me there's no point in playing around his W and building full tank, since you're only offering damage. 1 or 2 tank itens should be good enough. It's similar to why full tank renekton is not a thing, for example. And so right now the 2 builds and the runes that im using right now look something like this:
  • Bulky boi:
The bruiser version
Excessive growthing/revitalize is also good if you don't need tenacity
On this one, the idea is to provide a decent frontline for your team without sacrificing damage, and we will do that using shields, heals and bonus defensive stats from conditioning + stoneplate + W. Think of it like a Darius, but... bad. With fully stacked W, conditioning and stoneplate, you get 121 armor and 116 MR at lv18 as bonus resists, getting 210 armor and 170 mr total, and around 100 bonus on both by the time you get stoneplane in the game, as your third item. when you get visage, you finish the game at 210 armor and 208 MR by level 18. With this one, you wanna be as durable and annoying as possible while doing damage, by using prowler's claw in the middle of the entire enemy team and spinnig. the passive from stoneplate will proc making you tankier, aswell as the stacks from steraks, since you can easily stack it up with your E. both shields will be buffed by visage, along with the healing from steraks passive and the healing from conqueror and triumph aswell. and if you have an utility support with shields and heals, it will also be buffed on you. The letality passive from prowler's claw along with the active part will be the damage and mobility that you need in the game to oneshot squishys. Start with claw and berserkers, then go to steraks into stoneplate for the durability midgame, since midgame is where flat armor and MR matter the most. Then get visage and the last item is situational, with serylda's, death's dance and cleaver being really good ones, depending on the enemy comp. If you need grievous wounds in lane (fiora, renekton, aatrox etc), you can go for executioners in the first back, and just keep it there and finish it as a last item. If you need it in the midgame fights, you can get it after steraks. and if you're against a full ad comp, you can go thormail instead of visage, and that leaves place for an offensive last item since the grievous wounds will be on the thormail instead. Overwall, you wanna be as disruptive as possible while doing a decent frontline for your team, like darius or renekton. For spells, i usually go ghost/flash or ignite/flash, since teleport on garen is kinda meh. Remember that you're a ball of stats, so you cannot be behind, otherwise you will be behind in stats and therefore will be useless. if you're in a tough matchup top, try your best to survive the lane phase and go even, you don't need to win hard, you just need to not lose hard.

  • Lethal boi:

The assassin version. tbh i'm still testing, the dmg output is INSANE, but you pop like a balloon. it's reeeally fun tho.

Gotta go fast
For this one, you're an assassin. you have as much hp as an adc an can die to everything, like an adc. but your dmg output is INSANE. While testing this, i played against an ornn, and he got oneshot by a full combo, having 3k HP and 300 armor. the dmg that this build does is intense. In this one, you wanna get flanks, get pickoffs, control vision and bushes and just oneshot the backline as effective and as fast as possible. Don't go in upfront, don't play like a frontline and don't go in first in a teamfight. wait for a good positioning and then go into the backline. you can oneshot literally everything in the game with this build, as long as you live for enough time to get your dmg off. Positioning is key. You can change the order of any buy after claw, is flexible in that sense, but these are the best itens overwall. TBH, this one is a bit of a meme, but it's the funniest build i ever played with garen so it's worth a try. Might also be viable in the midlane with predator, i didn't try it but it has potential. and yes, this does more dmg than crit, trust me.
And that's it my friends. Sorry for the long ass post, i hope i managed to help someone with this, feel free to give your opinion on the builds, and if this does not fit your playstyle, its fine, you can approach garen in multiple ways, i just felt like sharing what was been working for me. If anyone is interest, here's my opgg: https://br.op.gg/summoneuserName=Feed123 , right now im at masters rank
I hope you guys have fun with this builds!
submitted by Feed1231 to GarenMains

ORISA - What Makes a Good Orisa??? - Gold to Grandmaster Comprehensive Guide

Hello OWuni, Prion here again for another tank guide. Today I want to look at Orisa. After being heavily nerfed to end the double shield meta, she has been in the dumpster for a while. However as the meta becomes more and more fluid every day (outside of contenders, I know it's all brig zen right now) Orisa has been poking her head back out into a substantial number of my high masters/low GM games. I used to be a big Orisa hater. But with double shield mostly gone, and the projectile speed buff, she is feeling more fun these days.
About me: I'm a collegiate main tank and aspiring OW coach. I usually float around in the range of 3.9-4.2 on ladder. Rein is my main, and my secondaries are Winston, Sigma, and Orisa. I do free coaching and vod reviews on my twitch channel as well, and these are coordinated in my discord. We have a growing community of tank mains here and I hope it can get bigger, because us tank players are an endangered species and we need to support each other.
Previous guides and works I have done:
Sigma - Gold to GM
Approaching teamfights in a logical way
Rein - Gold to GM
A Rein montage I made recently
I asked my collegiate teammates for one sentence testimonials about Orisa, and from our Bap player I got a "F*** THAT HEROOOOO." From our hitscan player I got a "Orisa = zzzzzzzzzzzzz."
So with all that out of the way, Orisa.


Orisa is one of Overwatch's most polarizing characters in any role. On release she was called uncreative, cobbled together, and a strange addition to the game. Still, most people welcomed her as her release was the height of people's disdain for Rein-every-game-meta. She began to receive more attention as pro players realized the potential of her HALT! ability to combo with... well everything. It started with hook. Then came dragon, dragonblade, flux, window, genji dash, and literally anything else in the game that does damage. This eventually resulted in the double shield meta after the release of Sigma. Overwatch became more formulaic and dependent on cooldown combos and less on FPS mechanics. After over a year of double shield, Sigma and Orisa saw their shields heavily nerfed, and their most important cooldowns gutted. Orisa even lost 50 armor, but later Blizzard would give that back to her. In this guide I'm going to break down the basics, intermediates, and expert ins and outs of playing Orisa at every level of Overwatch.
Table of contents:
  1. Stats
  2. Basic Orisa mechanics
  3. Basic Orisa theory
  4. Intermediate Orisa mechanics
  5. Intermediate Orisa theory
  6. Expert Orisa theory
Let's start with the stats.
Orisa - 200 HP - 250 Armor
Fusion driver - 11 projectile damage per shot - 12 rounds per second - 30% movement penalty - Constant 1.2 degree spread angle - 150 Ammo - 2.55 Second reload
HALT! - 8 second cooldown - 5 meter radius - 25 meters per second projectile speed - Snare duration .65 seconds
Fortify - 10 second cooldown - 4 second duration - 40% damage reduction - Makes Orisa unstoppable and immovable - Also cleanses certain CCs
Barrier - 600 hp - 20 second total lifetime - 10 second cooldown
Supercharger - 200 HP - 50% damage boost in a 25 meter radius - 15 second duration
Pros: some of the cutest and funniest voice lines. Generally a likeable character if you met her in real life. If your team supports you, you feel like a death machine gunner from the old black ops games
Cons: Double shield gameplay can cause narcolepsy in some tank players. It feels really really bad to not have support on her. She only has one weapon, which does not help the boredom aspect for some players.

Basic Orisa mechanics

In this section I will discuss the most basic of the basic Orisa tips. These are aimed at players from the metal ranks looking to pick Orisa up for the first time.
  1. Fusion driver is a projectile weapon, remember to lead your shots! It can take some time to get a feel for the projectiles that Orisa shoots. But once you get the hang of it, it is quite easy. Fusion driver is a constant spread, like Soldier's heavy pulse rifle used to be. A great Orisa player should be able to lead headshots onto moving targets at close to mid range, as long range is impossible due to the spread.
  2. Supercharger (or Bongo, as I will be referring to it a lot) needs to be placed behind natural cover, your shield, or both. It only has 200 hp, and is such a valuable target that enemies will often sacrifice their positioning or even their life to take it out. Make sure your bongos don't get instantly destroyed. It's even worth standing on it and tanking the damage if it is under fire.
  3. During fortify, armor is factored in after the ability's damage reduction. This means that if any single attack is less than 16.66 damage, Orisa receives 70% damage reduction from it if she has her armor HP. This means that it is extremely important to fortify against shotgun and spam weapons up close, such as Reaper, Roadhog, and Tracer. If these heroes get past your shield, do not panic! Ask for healing, and if things get dire, pop fortify and mow them down with your fusion driver.
  4. Your shield is quite a long cooldown at 10 seconds, but it lasts double that time if it is not destroyed. On defense, place a shield before the enemies engage so that you can have a second one off of cooldown when the first one breaks.
  5. Enemies tend not to respect Orisa's close range damage. Work on your headshot aim at close range, especially the combo of pulling close range enemies into multiple fusion driver headshots with halt. This is Orisa's only kill combo, but it is quite effective.
  6. In close range, especially against tanks, there is no excuse not to be hitting headshots. Maximize your DPS against anyone close enough to be at your tightest spread range.
  7. Shield dancing is the act of moving in and out of your shield when a dangerous enemy gets into your personal space. This isn’t just an Orisa technique, but also Winston and Sigma. Working on this really helps you deal with people like Reaper and Hog. ## Basic Orisa theory
This section is going to focus on when to play Orisa and when not to play Orisa.
  1. Like all heroes, there are some maps that really benefit Orisa and others that hurt her a lot. Orisa thrives in spaces where Rein suffers. Long, wide open sight lines. Maps that are not cramped, and tend to force sniper play across gaps like Nepal Sanctum, Junktertown, and Havana are great for Orisa, while maps like Lijiang Control Center, Nepal Shrine, Busan Meka Base, and Kings Row are not as good for Orisa. Historically though, when Orisa is meta, she is viable on EVERY POINT. These tips are for when Orisa is not the only meta in the game.
  2. When should I pick Orisa though? There are a number of good reasons to play Orisa, even today when she has been out of the meta for a while. Maybe your Sigma/Hog mirror is not going so well because the enemy team is countering your hog and your team is not looking at their hog. Swapping to Orisa and forcing double shield is a viable play. Maybe your team is playing a spam comp (this means multiple heroes with frequent, long range damage such as a comp of Orisa, Sigma, Hanzo, Soldier, Bap, Zen). Orisa fits very well into spam comps! Halt is used in these compositions to yank enemies into the line of spam for easy kills and combos. Bunker comps are often synonymous with spam, but not always. Orisa is the OG bunker tank. If your team is really set on running a Bastion bunker, or maybe a Sym TP to point, Orisa is a great choice.
  3. Playing Orisa follows the same sort of "keep away" playstyle as Sigma, but it differs in that you are often bound to the frontline and cannot really off angle outside of coordinated team scenarios that warrant a 3-3 crossfire split, which I will talk about later. Do not flank on Orisa, DO NOT BE EVILTOASTER, and do not go into the enemy backline on Orisa unless the fight has truly broken down.

Intermediate Orisa mechanics

  1. Environmental kills are still possible with halt, but it's a lot harder to do now. You should still look for them on the classic halt maps like Sanctum, Well, and Lighthouse, but don't base your whole playstyle around it.
  2. If you are being halted up by an enemy Orisa, fortify BEFORE the snare begins. If you wait too long you will be launched into the air, free damage for the enemy team.

Intermediate Orisa theory

This section is going to cover Orisa's abilities and the more advanced ways to use them, going deeper than the basic tips.
  1. HALT! Should be commed to your team every time you use it, unless it is a personal halt. "Pulling above shield 3... 2... 1..." "PULLING SIG PULLING SIG" "Pull bongo 3... 2... 1..." these are all good examples of active halt callouts. Before fights start, look at what ults your team has. "Hey tracer, pulse my next pull" or hey hanzo, I'm going to pull into your next dragon" are good and useful things you should say before a fight starts. Halt should also be used to secure single kills when possible. Pull enemies that are running away on low health, or above shields to give your snipers easy shots. One more very important use of halt is to stop the momentum of dive targets like fireball hammond, winston while jumping, and D.va while using boosters. A perfect halt on those targets cancels their momentum and leaves them out in the open, a very easy target for your team. Remember, every halt must have a plan. Do not throw it randomly.
  2. What is a personal halt? A personal halt is simple, if a reaper or a rein is eating you up and you have to halt him away from you, that's a personal halt. Personal halts should always be chained into fusion driver headshots for maximum damage.
  3. Fortify can be used defensively or offensively. A defensive fortify should be used when enemies get into your shield range, or when your shield breaks and you still really need to occupy whatever space you were holding with shield. Offensive fortify means that you are walking onto an enemy in close range and filling them with fusion driver headshots. This is Orisa's most dynamic form of taking space as a tank. Doing this at the correct time separates good Orisa players from bad Orisa players. If there's a hog with no E who just missed his hook at mid range, pull him in, fortify, and mow him down. When combined with bongo, you can get even more aggressive, but like any tank, you must always be aware of how many people are focusing you. If 4 people are aiming your way, don't push out of cover chasing a kill. But if the enemy Zen is in your halt range and you are not being actively steamrolled by 4 enemies... step up and cut him down.

Expert Orisa theory

I have deliberately not talked much about the shield until now. The barrier is the most misunderstood part of Orisa's kit.
  1. The vast majority of people playing Orisa are not Orisa players. They are forced onto her, they don't like her, and they believe her entire life in the game is "place shield on cooldown, spam, hope that something happens before I die." Orisa's barrier is not a spam cooldown. Stop treating it like a firestrike and start treating it like the valuable cooldown that it is. Your use of Orisa shield should be similar something like Ball's adaptive shields, or Winston's bubble, or even your own bongo. Would you Bongo just because you have it before you even reach the point? Of course not, which is why you need to put down your Orisa shield when your team is engaging a fight. If you are on defense, drop an early shield at the point your team is going to hold, but not in a place that the enemies can just destroy it instantly! When you drop that shield that is going to be destroyed before the cooldown comes back, your team had better be behind you. Make sure they are by actively communicating!
  2. But what do I do when my shield breaks? Orisa can feel really bad to play when your shield is gone. But there are good options for each broken shield situation. Below the next point.
  3. The 3-3 crossfire split is very good on maps like Nepal Sanctum Numbani point A when there are very valuable positions that are not the point itself. Say you're running Orisa/Sigma/SoldieHanzo/Bap/Mercy on Nepal Sanctum, and you have point. Orisa, Bap, and Hanzo can on or near the point (Hanzo above point) while Sigma, Soldier, and Mercy take a more aggressive angle on the outside mega pack stairs. This creates an extremely effective crossfire, forcing enemies to deal with 2 mini bunkespam comps before they even think about dislodging Orisa from the point.
Shield breaks + Fight winnable + I'm not being steamrolled = Fortify aggressively and push a kill without going too far from the frontline, remember you are not a Sigma.
Shield breaks + Fight winnable + I'm being steamrolled = Fortify defensively, take cover, wait for next shield and then push with team.
Shield breaks + Fight winnable + I'm being steamrolled + I'm being pocketed = Fortify to the next corner or rallying point, wait for shield cooldown.
Shield breaks + Fight unwinnable = Either run away in natural cover or try to cut someone down for ult charge before you die.
  1. While Rein stands near or on a corner to take the space for his team, Orisa takes the corner by playing natural cover until the moment of engagement, at which point she steps out and places her shield.
  2. Like any other main tank, your decisions must be informed by knowledge of how many enemies are focusing you. Always train this awareness skill. The better this skill becomes the more you can get away with without feeding, and the less you feed, the better a main tank you become.
Thanks for reading everyone. Let me know if you have any questions or critiques. Feel free to join my discord server or DM me if you want a vod review!
submitted by space-artifact to OverwatchUniversity

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