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Free media converter 2.5 showbiz.dvd 2 Download. Dec 18, 2020; 2 min read; Crack Modbus Poll 5 4 2 Build 645. Some of ArcSoft ShowBiz DVD aliases include "ShowBiz", "ShowBiz DVD", "ArcSoft ShowBiz DVD 2"/5(27). The latest version of ArcSoft ShowBiz DVD is, released on 06/12/ It was initially added to our database on 10/29/ The most prevalent version is, which is used by 36 % of all installations. This problem can have many different causes, including: problem with the DVD or DVD drive, conflicting software (Paragon NTFS, Metakine DVD Remaster, Roxio Creator, CD emulation software like Alcohol 120%, Nero Image Drive), etc.

The Last Story of Chloe Cooper

Welcome back to "WHERE ARE THEY NOW?" were we dig up what the celebrities of the past has been doing and what their lives became once the fame faded. Today's story: a teen idol, a movie star, a champion, the one and only CLY!
Born Chloe Elizabeth Cooper in Aspertia, Unova, the teen idol better known as CLY began her career when she won Nimbasa talent contest at age 12.
[Rosa Cooper - Cly's mother]: She begged me to take her to that contest, it was one of the most happy days of her life, she told me. And that's when THAT GUY appeared.
Seeing the potential of the young Chloe, the Himekawa agency approach the family and offered them a big contract and the chance for Chloe to become an idol.
*With hits like "Chocolate Donuts" and "Love Everything, Like I do" she rose in the charts, and soon she was having minor roles on Pokestar Studios movies, beside becoming their official spokesman.
[S. Flint - Pokestar Executive]: Her climb to stardom was spectacular, it was an overnight success, it didn't took long before everyone in Unova knew and loved her.
But such an accelerated climb wasn't without his drawbacks. As we are told by her friends and family.
[Mr. Hugh - Cly's Acquaintance]: She wasn't home much, obviously she had a busy life, but whenever she did come, she always look tired. She once told me, that he came to hate the life of a celebrity.
[Rosa Cooper]: A concert in Castelia, one in Nimbasa the next day, the photoshoot later, the interviews and the acting, Chloe was spreading herself to thin. I was there watching my child waste away I couldn't allow it.
[Aurea Juniper - Pokémon Professor]: At that time I was looking for candidates who'd help me research the pokémon in the Region, and when Rosa asked me if I could include Chloe, well I wasn't certain at first... of course NOW I'm happy she coerced me into giving her a pokémon.
With the excuse of taking a sabatical Cly left the stages to withdrawn into her hometown, little did she know her mother had different plans. When we come back, the rise and fall of Cly!
Welcome back, with her mother a wits ends due to Cly's busy life, she called on a favor from Professor Juniper, anf that's how the legend of Cly begins.
[Bianca Bell - Professor Assistant]: I was sent by Prof. Juniper to deliver the pokémon to Cly, curiously I don't remember havin packed a Tepig with me, but wouldn't you know it, that became Cly's first pokémon.
[Mr. Hugh]: She didn't began with the best attitude, not really wanting to become a trainer in the first place, but she mellow to the idea... eventually. First she disguised herself with that weird hairdo, you know the one that eventually became a sensation.
[Haircut Bros. - Stylists]: Oh how did our business grew, all thanks to Ms. Cly and her first order.
Cly began her travel incognito, but it wasn't long before her mask fell apart. During her travels she stopped by Pokestar Studios to shoot a movie. And that would be her last.
[Cleavon Schpielbunk - Acclaimed Film Director]: Her last movie was a huge flop. It bombed commercially, and well it was what we in the industry like to call Career Poison, the fact that THAT movie later became a cult classic of the "so bad is good" kind did little to help them. And indeed the director and most of the people involved never worked again or managed to crawl back from the Direct-to-video market. Including Cly, although she wasn't as affected by it, you see she was smart and abandoned ship before her career was too affected.
[Roxanne - Gym LeadeMusician]: By that time I was forming a band to hit it big, but artistic difference broke it up. Suddenly I recieve this call from Cly's manager, asking if I wanted to join a band. Now, before that I had met Cly when she was competing for her badge, she was a nice but I didn't take her for a musician, I mean she liked my music so at least she had taste, so I said I'll give it a whirl.
[Elesa - Gym LeadeModel/Idol]: By that time Cly and me were working for the same new agency. Just in time too, our previous manager was involved in some shady business that were sure to drag us with them. So when I was proposed a collaboration with Cly and Roxanne, I couldn't refuse. Of course we needed a fourth, luckily I knew someone.
[Hilda Luv - Subway Queen/Champion]: Elesa called me and proposed we join this pop idol girl band. To this day I don't know what possessed Elesa to consider I'd join such a thing. Still I wasn't doing much for the moment, so I signed with Zenny's Agency and well that was it, HERC was born.
The band enjoyed Cly's accustomed success rate and soon they were on their way for a Golden Record. However, problems arose when Himekawa sued Cly and Elesa of breach of contract, as well as implying them in the scamming scandal.
[Clay - Gym LeadeeMagnate]: The kid was smart, she wasn't fiddling her fingers idly, on her travels she had assembled quite the entourage. Between the political, social and financial powers she managed winning her case didn't even registered on the radar of her fans. Good for me too, by that time she had become the Champion of my newly constructed PWT, of course we had other problems at that time.
The infamous Team Plasma had returned packing Ice Guns threatening to leave Unova frozen, and that would somehow grant it power over the region. If it weren't for the intervention of certain starlet, afterward conquering the Elite 4 and the Champion was a piece of cake.
[Aurea Juniper]: Most trainers would have ended there, but not Cly, after the championship she actually began helping with my research, providing some of the most rare specimens we have seen to this day. Although I suspected she wasn't doing it out of academic pursue.
[Clay]: I was offered a contract to hold a special private event, an All-Stars Tournament and Cly was invited to it. I said Tournament but it was most like an Endurance Test, 7 vs 1 It was quite the picture.
[Hilda Luv]: Cly won the Tournament, but something about her wasn't the same, she later took a trip to Kalos, and when she comeback, well you know what happened.
What was that Cly found in the Kalos region? And what was the shocking news she brought? More on it after the break.
Welcome back, when we left Cly was at the peak of her career, a successful band, her own agency, a national heroine and an undisputed champion, but all that changed when she returned from a trip to Kalos.
[Roxanne]: We just finished recording our last album, when she decided to make that trip. After that she just got us together and said she was going to retire. HERC pretty much died that day, it wasn't long before Hilda dedicated herself back to League circuit and Elesa returned to her usual gig. I joined Zoros & Lilys for a while, before going solo.
[Hilda Luv]: The band wasn't the same after her, and in reality what she wanted most was to well beat me. I had taken her title of Unova Champion by then, and by all the powers she wanted it back.
[Mr. Hugh]: She left once again, deep in the woods, all by herself, she left her pokemon with me. Saying she needed to become stronger. Those woods are perfect for camping since no really dangerous pokemon roam around, I wanted to go with her but she was emphatic on doing it on her own, really there was no one who could stop her once she made her mind. Luckily, her partners disagreed with that particular mindset.
Cly's partners went into the woods looking for their master, a day later they returned with her who required immediate medical attention.
[Dr. Proctor - Physician]: We cannot stress enough that you shouldn't go into the woods alone and without equipment. That being said she did managed to take good care of herself given the time she spent there, we treated her for mild dehydration and some bruises, but what really brought her were the electrical burns, I remember that the day before there was a nasty thunderstorm on that area.
[Elesa]: We came to visit her on the hospital, among other things to ask her why had she done it. She never fully answered that question, but she did said something about having had an epiphany.
[Mr. Hugh]: She returned for her mons, which return to my care while she was in the hospital and then most incredibly. She stayed home for a whole month. She refused to talk about her time on the woods, but she seemed happier.
[Rosa Cooper]: It was so good seeing her so content, with herself, she came home to rest due to doctor's instructions, but that wasn't really the reason... she was saying goodbye.
After her short sabatical ended Cly made a shocking announcement saying she would retired from showbiz for good. She gave no reasons during the press conference, only stating that she would also retire from the League Circuit after she took care of some unfinished business.
[Hilda Luv]: That would be me. She wanted the rematch, which I gladly accepted. Heh... what could I said, that would have been the event of the century, have we decided to make it public at the time.
[Charles Goodshow - Chairman of the Pokemon League]: The match had no witness, the two girls decided to make it in secret in a secluded place, therefore it wasn't official. Although in a sense I don't think the battle was about the match any more.
Afterward she just disappeared from the public eye. Family and friends made no further statements about the subject and the agency only made the following declaration.
*We are saddened by Cly's departure, but we are not shocked by it. She had a drive for greatness that couldn't be contain by a single endeavour. She always said she was graced with a multitude of opportunities, and if well she could have chosen a worry free life, she fell that was squandering her potential and the gifts she was bestowed, as such she was going to explore all that she could accomplish. Starting by helping others to realize their potential as well, she instituted the Blazing a Path Foundation, funded by the royalties of her different albums. Zenny's Agency of the Stars.
[Hilda Luv]: Who won? Well that's between us really. Enough to say she was really satisfied, personally it doesn't affect me if you think I won or lose, and there's only one person who can confirm it doesn't it.
Somewhere in Orre, a barkeeper changed the channel.
BK: Heh! Celebrities and their scandals. What do you say miss, does this Hilda gal is covering her ass? or covering the other one?
??: I really couldn't tell. -The woman stood up, pay her bill and went through the door before adding- maybe it was a draw.
BK: A draw? How do you even DRAW in a pokemon match?
The woman didn't answer, she simply turned around put on a pair of sunglasses and stepped into the scorching sun.
??: Now let's see, those Volcanion sighting were said to be around this area...
submitted by Kelcyus to twitchplayspokemon

Noynoy Aquino is the Worst President the Philippines ever had

Many Filipinos still blinded with Aquino Administration (Daang Matuwid).
List of some failures of Aquino administration:
  • Under the BS Aquino government, the Philippines have earned top awards for the worst Airport, worst traffic, worst Internet and worst country to die in.
  • High crime rate including threats from Islamic terrorists in Mindanao
  • Energy and Water crisis
  • Flooding problem in the country
  • High unemployment rate
  • Tuition and other fee increases
  • Budget cuts in state schools and social services
  • Mamasapano massacre
    His handling of the Mamasapano incident? Not really. His biggest failure is his failure to apply Daang Matuwid (Straight Path) to all public officials, whether they are political opponents or friends, party mates, family or allies. The Mamasapano incident would probably have not happened had President Aquino applied Daang Matuwid to his own men, even the closest of friends like former Philippine National Police chief Alan Purisima, when reports first surfaced that Purisima had ill-gotten wealth. Purisima should have been canned, yet Aquino kept defending him.
  • Typhoon Relief FAIL
    Aquino FAILED to respond to the natural disaster of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), thereby creating an Unnatural disaster and devastation of the Filipino people.
    This infographic illustrates the human consequences of these shortcomings. Despite the billions of pesos in the Philippine calamity fund and the international donations of millions of dollars, why was the government unprepared? Where did all of that money go?
    Aquino FAILED to prioritize building the proper infrastructure to prepare the Philippines for the yearly typhoon season. In fact, he enabled the diversion of funds to false projects revealed in the Pork Barrel scandal.
  • Upholding Workers’ Rights FAIL
    The Aquino regime FAILED by neglecting the responsibility to protect its own people who are forced to work overseas. Aquino boasts of record-setting trade export gains to the United States, but the biggest export of the Philippines is actually its own people. Every day, 4,000+ Filipinos leave the Philippines to find work abroad who in turn provide substantial financial support to their families back home in the form of remittances. Approximately 4 million Filipinos live in the United States. A common issue of Filipinos in the U.S. is economic injustice, such as wage theft and human trafficking.
  • Upholding National Sovereignty FAIL
    Aquino FAILED to uphold Philippine sovereignty by serving U.S. Imperialism in enacting the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement and allowing more U.S. troops to occupy the Philippines and use facilities freely and openly without regard to the negative effects of increased militarization.
  • Theft of public funds using mechanisms such as pork barrel and Presidential slush funds by public servants (Pork Barrel FAIL)
    Aquino FAILED to further investigate the wide-spread corruption of his regime and cronies and by neglecting to prosecute their rampant abuse of power. They stole public funds for much needed public projects.
    One of the biggest recent cases of the pork barrel scandal involved many Philippine Congress members who conspired with businesswoman Janet Lim-Napoles (JLN). This infographic shows how she and Aquino’s colleagues stole billions in Priority Development Assistance Funds (PDAF). Napoles’s letter to President Aquino in seeking protection from her crimes was completely ignored. However, Aquino doesn’t publicly acknowledge that he benefits the most from pork barrel funds, pocketing P1.3 triliion of public money himself (approx. $29 billion).
  • Thievery and mismanagement of public funds under the guise of mechanisms such as Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) and Presidential slush funds
    This is an example of subtle ways the Aquino government is using taxpayers’ money unconstitutionally. Ignorant Filipinos — and they are the majority — do not realize how much of their money the current administration has wasted on nothing of substance. Billions of pesos could be unaccounted for because they were given as bribes to members of Congress who then gave it to fake NGOs. So far, no one in the Aquino government has been prosecuted for DAP shenanigans despite the Supreme Court’s ruling that the use of “savings” from another branch is illegal.
The list of BS Aquino’s failures is long. I can actually write a book about it. But since I do not have time to do that, I will leave you with a link to an unofficial list of his failures from political advocate Showbiz Government Here.
submitted by marcm28 to Philippines

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