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Get The Latest Rumors and Gossip From AllHipHop.com https://kaksdelatcvetok.ru/download/?file=1543. These videos are designed for new Arturia Modular V users. Minimum required purchase quantity for these notes is 1. If I talk a little louder / If I speak up when you're wrong / If I walk a little taller / I'd be known to you too long / If you noticed that I'm different / Don't take it personally. Alicia Keys - Brand New Me Part 2 Lyrics https://kaksdelatcvetok.ru/download/?file=1560.

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However, in a new interview with Britain's The Times newspaper, the 41-year-old "All of Me" singer revealed that he and the "Gold Digger" star, 42, are still friendly with one another, but are. Now you're in New York These streets will make you feel brand new Big lights will inspire you Hear it for New York, New York, New York! Help us translate the rest! EXPANSIONS Expansions are genre-specific sound packs full of samples, loops, one-shots, and more, and KOMPLETE 13 packs. Lessons From a Therapist discover here.

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A post shared by Alicia Keys (@aliciakeys) on Nov 2, 2020 at 12: 52pm PST In her trio of new Glamour UK covers, she wears makeup for two of them and goes au natural in another. Artist: Alicia Keys Track: Tears Always Win Producer: Alicia Keys and Jeff Bhasker Album: Girl On Fire The last video single off Alicia Keys' fifth full-length. Alicia Keys sings the National Anthem at Super Bowl 2020 Alicia Keys KILLS IT Super Bowl 2020. Me, me, me, me, me, me, me It needs to be about me Me, me, me, me, me, me, me So let it be I should push this 3 o'clock to no o'clock 'Cause I don't wanna disappear This shroom got my head spinnin' like a carousel at a fair I know I should give it up, but there's somethin' 'bout the chase 'Cause when our bodies touch, it erase everythin'. The album debuted at #1 on the US Billboard 200 chart with first-week sales of 159, 000 copies.

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Courtesy Milan Zirnic, RCA. Alicia Keys, Soundtrack: The Secret Life of Bees. Alicia Keys; The Element of Freedom; Empire State of Mind, Pt. 2: Broken Down Lyrics. Lyrics Alicia Keys - Brand New Me Part 2: [Verse] She wakes up early in the morning just to do hair, 'cause it's a new her She just wanna live her life, tryin' to find.

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Watch Alicia Keys single 'Raise a Man' Music Video! Brand New Me Part 2 by Alicia Keys - Samples, Covers and link. Alicia Keys Albums: Fire We Make (Michael Brun Remixes) Girl On Fire The Element Of Freedom As I Am The Diary Of Alicia Keys Songs In A Minor Unplugged Alicia Keys Songs: A Woman's Worth As I Am Brand New Me Butterflyz Caged Bird Diary (feat. Alicia Keys - Songs in A Minor by Alicia Keys (2020-10-20 extra resources. The new SOUND FORGE Pro Suite is here – and bundled with many renowned audio shaping and enhancing plugins, like the brand new SpectraLayers Pro 6 or Melodyne essential.

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I believe that Alicia Keys is everything that one can look for in a singer. Which is exactly why Wayne had launched a brand new, frictionless livestreaming platform called Key at the end of 2020. Alicia Keys and Tori Amos Are the ... - The New York Times https://kaksdelatcvetok.ru/download/?file=1544. GBBO's hottest contestants. Upload, share, search and download for free.

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Listen: Alicia Keys "Brand New Me Part 2" additional info. Me (Remix) 07. Alicia Keys - No One (Jony Rockstar Mix) [03: 50] 08. Monica feat. Alicia keys brand new me part 2. Sheet music arranged for Piano/Vocal/Guitar in A Minor. Yesterday was Alicia Keys' 32nd birthday and to celebrate she decided to release a new record titled "Brand New Me Part 2". Listen to the song below.

For new book, Alicia Keys looks to the past to find

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New: Added the new Disc Messenger feature to notify you inside DVDFab about the newly supported 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays and Java protected Blu-rays. Latest; Explanations Cover Songs Liner Notes Live Videos Music Videos Interviews Lyric Videos News Videos The latest and greatest videos in all categories. Cracked the charts globally and peaked at No. 2 in the US, but a year after the band hit it big, 4 Non Blondes broke up. Ironically, the phrase "what's up" doesn't appear in the song's lyrics. New Me' belter Alicia Keys puts a brand new twist on the second official single from her latest #1 album 'Girl On Fire'. Type: Person, Gender: Female, Born: 1981-01-25 in Manhattan, Area: United States.

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Joining the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Kourtney Kardashian, singer Alicia Keys has announced she is launching her own wellness brand, Keys Soulcare, which will feature skincare, body care, 'air care' (that's candles to you and me) and content too, with a virtual launch event this Wednesday, October 21. The brand aims to encourage us to see. Alicia Keys - Brand New Me Part 2. Alicia Keys. You might be playing Black Ops, Bad Company 2 or Team Fortress 2 online; or maybe you're ploughing your way through enemies in Crysis 2, Fallout: New Vegas or GTA IV. It doesn't matter what the game is, or whether you're playing multiplayer or singleplayer - at some point the dreaded word Lag will be used. Brand New Me Part 2 testo Alicia Keys. The song was produced by Dr. Dre and mixed by Eminem, while co-written by the two along with 50 Cent, Alicia Keys, Royce da 5'9", Swizz Beatz, Andrew Brissett.

[DISCUSSION] I wrote up a list (with a lengthy description for each song) of the most overlooked, underrated, slept on tracks from the whole year of 2016. If you're looking for new music to listen to, please check this out.

Edit: here's a Spotify playlist and an Apple Music playlist (thanks Thisisfischer) and a Google Play Music playlist (thanks Just8laze) and a Tidal playlist (thanks smoker05) and a Deezer playlist! (thanks Jicmic)
There has been a lot of music to digest this year, and with a wealth of high-profile releases, it's almost impossible to listen to everything, and things get glossed over. Don't worry, I've got you covered. I've been making a playlist all year with songs from almost every hip hop release this year (there's a lot of stuff I missed, especially near the beginning, but I think there's a lot of good stuff in here that either was ignored on HHH or not even posted). Here's the absolute best songs I've heard that you probably haven't.
Roughly in chronological order:
Daz Dillinger & Snoop Dogg - Have U Eva
It's unfortunate how mediocre this album ended up turning but, but there are a few good tracks. This one is pretty good, and probably has the best chorus out of anything on the album.
Domo Genesis - Dapper (feat. Anderson .Paak)
Probably gonna be one of the most popular songs on this list, but I haven't seen anybody talk about it since it dropped. I've never really been a big fan of Domo but I heard this on a playlist one day and was surprised to see who it was. The album is pretty good, and I think this Odd Future rapper still has a career ahead of him.
This is Kevin Abstract's rap group, and they are massively underrated. All-American Trash is one of the best projects by anyone this year, as it's 13 straight top notch quality tracks, with a ton of variety in genre, and some seriously unique sounding songs. Ben Carson is the first one, and it's easily the most under-the-radar rap banger of 2016. The verses are crisp, insanely quotable, the beat is weird enough to defy convention, and the bass is something else.
Sir Michael Rocks - Kilo On Craigslist
I honestly haven't listened to Populair or Part 2 since they've dropped. Honestly, they're middling at best. But this track is probably my favorite cut off of both, it's just some really solid hip hop, and the "kilo on Craigslist" line is undeniably catchy.
Royce Da 5'9 - Tabernacle
It's very arguable Layers should be on this list, as it's one of Royce's best in recent memory. But my personal favorite cut off the record is this strong Gospel-inspired stream-of-consciousness-esque fire. Definitely check out Layers as well, as it's a very strong track, with both Pusha T and Rick Ross delivering some great verses, and I struggled to figure out which one to include, but in the end the bars on here are so strong it's hard to deny it's spot.
Snoop Dogg - Super Crip
I'm trying to limit the artist count to one, but I consider groups as one separate artist, and besides, Snoop's a legend and this song is too good to be ignored. Snoop's output in the last few years has been back and forth, but there's always some gold on each project he's released. Last year's Bush blessed us with tracks like Peaches N Cream, and COOLAID is the same way. Super Crip sounds like classic Snoop, with an insanely good chorus. The instrumental is super catchy and each little background noise adds so much to the maximalist instrumentation. And when those drums kick in, it's undeniable that this song deserves to be on this list.
De La Soul - Here in After (feat. Damon Albarn of Gorillaz)
Yeah, it's another song that's pretty popular compared to the others. And the Anonymous Nobody... may not be the best hip hop album of 2016, but all around, it's an extremely enjoyable listen that serves as a full experience in the best way possible. The second-to-last track, may not be the best one, but it's such a smooth blending of De La's style and Albarn's instrumentation, I definitely had to choose it. The bridge that happens around the halfway mark is one of the most subtle and yet most impressive of the year, and as great as the outro after it is, I almost feel like this would make for a better closer to the album, because it's just so well done.
Ka - Just
The Night's Gambit is undeniably one of the best hip hop albums of the last few years. That said, Honor Killed the Samurai is Ka's newest effort and it's almost as good as the 2013 record. "Just" is the lead single from the album, and it features a winding synth instrumental with Ka just spitting bars upon bars. He's one of the most lyrical rappers out there today, and has been providing the underground with impressive verses for years. Just is perhaps the most bombastic song on Honor Killed the Samurai, but that doesn't detract from its greatness.
Iamsu! - Fly Guy (feat. Show Banga)
Iamsu! might never have the fame he captured with Sage the Gemini on Gas Pedal, but that doesn't mean he has stopped serving us bangers. His 2016 album was mostly forgettable, but Fly Guy is one seriously high-energy testament to his ability to deliver hype.
GTA - Little Bit of This (feat. Vince Staples)
For some reason, unorthodox electronic producers and Vince Staples work together like bread and butter. His work with Flume and James Blake may be some of his best, and it's clear he's not gonna slow down with the features anytime soon. This time, he's collaborated with a Miami producer duo called GTA, and they're not just any EDM duo - GTA's album delivers with features from Iamsu!, Tunji Ige, and Tinashe, with their style incorporating the best of EDM while also avoiding a lot of the sounds that make the genre so stale. Little Bit of This features some seriously compelling percussion with a lot of great little sounds sprinkled throughout the whole thing, from sirens, to squealing tires, to a perfectly-timed frog croak before the chorus.
Audio Push - Play Action (feat. Hit Boy)
Yes, these are the guys that did Teach Me How to Jerk. Yes, you should give them a chance. 90951 is the other zip code album, for those who are thinking of Jay Rock, and Play Action is easily the strongest track on the whole record. It's a dark, lowkey banger with some seriously sick lines ("Told my accountant I can not cut back on my spending, Checks clearing, used to shop on clearance, TJ Max") and a drum pattern that makes the whole song. It's unsurprising that this album got zero attention but please give this one a listen, it's been one of my favorite songs to throw on repeat.
Slaves - Consume or Be Consumed (feat. Mike D)
No, this isn't the post-hardcore band under the same name. Instead, this is a punk duo from Kent, England. I saw them open for Wolf Alice (I believe? I don't really remember), and they were pretty good. I noticed their new album dropped and I was surprised to see a song with the one and only Mike D! The duo manage to deliver some pretty good verses, and while Mike D's verse is short, it's still dope.
Apollo Brown & Skyzoo - Basquiat on the Draw (feat. WestSideGunn & Conway)
Armed with a Jay Z sample (From Rick Ross' 3 Kings), Basquiat on the Draw delivers some classic hip hop (it's good to hear scratching again!) from Apollo Brown and Skyzoo. WestSideGunn and Conway deliver some fire verses also, and what more is there to say? There's also a sample of Basquiat interview that really adds to the track, and I would just say give this one a listen.
DJ Mustard - Been A Long Time (feat. YG & Ty Dolla $ign)
I'm sure we're all pretty tired of DJ Mustard (I know I am), but he released an album this year, and it's pretty solid. The opening track, Been A Long Time, is nothing short of a banger, and the trio delivers some serious chemistry. It's one of the only songs I keep finding myself revisiting on this album, because it's just so replayable.
SiR - Cadillac Dreams (feat. Big K.R.I.T.)
The whole world still sleeps on KRIT, unsurprisingly, but he keeps on delivering the fire. Cadillac Dreams is a collaboration with California R&B singer SiR, and the result is buttery smooth. SiR is definitely one to watch out for, as he lies somewhere between the convention and perfect of Anderson .Paak and the experimentation and oddity of Lance Skiiiwalker. KRIT comes in at the end and does his thing and the whole world is better for it.
Swet Shop Boys - Shottin
Swet Shop Boys is Heems' side project with MC Riz and Redinho, and their newest effort, Cashmere, is a seriously great album lost in a sea of seriously great releases. On Shottin, political bars are delivered over a pushy beat, and you're really unsure if you should dance or ponder, especially with lines like "I'm from cop-killer Queens, kill a cop and it's fine, I read pigs are haram in the book that's divine". Either way, it's a hell of a song.
Emeli Sandé - Garden (feat. Jay Electronica & Áine Zion)
It's a pop/R&B song, but Emeli Sandé joins the echelon of high class and quality singers like Tinashe and Janelle Monáe. On Garden, she enlists the help of legendary hide-and-seek (lmao) rapper, Jay Electronica. You spend the whole song waiting for his appearance, and that's great, but I'll be damned if the rest of the song isn't extremely strong as well. It's probably the best R&B singer & rapper collab this year besides Alicia Keys' Blended Family with A$AP Rocky.
E-40 - On One (feat. AD)
In case you didn't know, E-40 dropped a 42 track double album a few weeks ago, and it's long as hell but oh god is it fire. On One is a single from the second half, and it's absolute fire. Seriously. E-40 brings the hype, and it's impossible to deny the energy this guy has despite nearing the age of 50. The chorus is one of my favorites of the year, and the beat is just insane. Definitely check out this and the whole project, there's features from Jay Rock, Gucci Mane, and more.
Lance Skiiiwalker - Could It Be
It's hard to put a song from a TDE signee on this list, but I gotta say, the deep cuts on this album have been pretty slept on. Could It Be is a dark, gloomy track that takes a sudden final shift halfway through that shouldn't work, but just does. Lance is all over the place, but it's in a good way, and in the second half, he's pretty much only accompanied by layered background vocals and a constant drum beat, closing the song with those vocals cutting off.
Jay Prince - Father, Father
Following in the footsteps and inspiration of singy-songy rappers like Goldlink, Jay Prince delivers it with a twist - over some classic looped soul production. The opening unraveling into the loop that's used throughout the track is pretty magical, and the accompanying piano is dissonant yet positive. And when the chorus finally kicks in, it's just bliss.
Owen Bones - Where On Earth (feat. The Cool Kids)
Before I write this, I gotta say you seriously gotta check out this guy's album Dive Club. There's some killer features over his signature light industrial style, and the whole thing is just phenomenal. At least check out the track Mach One with Tunji Ige & lil aaron or Narcosis with Saba. As for the track, it's amazing to hear The Cool Kids again, and they fit perfectly on this darker track. The decision to cut the track in half and shock the listener with the next verse is a smart one, and the production is normal enough for casual listening but reveals a lot of you take the time to dissect it.
Tkay Maidza - Carry On (feat. Killer Mike)
Yeah, it's another pop song. However, the Australian singer tries her own at rapping alongside hip hop legend Killer Mike, and the result is pretty great. Her vocal style is a marriage of something like Charli XCX and M.I.A, while also retaining her own identity. Killer Mike delivers a short verse, but it breaks up the song and it's definitely welcome. All in all, it bangs, and that's what matters.
A two part song with one of the best beat switches of the year, 4 MORE DRINKS/PINK FENTY SLIDES is the epitome of what lil aaron stands for: Drugs, drinks, and girls. If that sounds familiar, I'm not surprised. However, this album and song are anything but familiar - the Los Angeles rapper has taken the druggy auto tuned style of Travi$ Scott and turned up the rock to 11, and the result is something that's at the least fascinating, and at the best, the absolute next best thing. Heavy in atmosphere, 4 MORE DRINKS is doused in braggadocio self-aware self-loathing ("I'd rather kill myself than ever go back home") over a classic drum pattern laced with some signature Travi$ guitars and some wobbly synths. PINK FENTY SLIDES, however, kicks in, and the synths are bursting to the max. Then, the drums come, and momentum is turned up, and the wobbly synth appears from the first half, and the song finishes how it started, with the roar of an engine.
Z-Ro - I Can (fear. Mike D)
"My neighbors are white but I act like I still live in the hood, They say I shouldn't ball so much, but I feel like I should" is the perfect summary of this song. Z-Ro is back with a project called Legendary, and while the album itself may not be legendary (it's still pretty good though), this song is almost there. With another impromptu and brief feature from Mike D, Z-Ro delivers some fire.
KXNG Crooked - Dem People (feat. Xzibit & SAS)
KXNG Crooked dropped two albums in 2016, and this song is from the second one. Beginning with a bouncy yet hard instrumental, you know you're in for a treat, and yes does it hit hard. Contrasting Crooked and Xzibit's spoken word bridge with SAS' smooth singing, it's a hell of a track. "You probably think you're walking through a zombie apocalypse, Imma be a tour guide here, grab these binoculars", KXNG raps over this surprisingly political track.
december. - ILLEGAL
SoundCloud rappers Matt McGhee and Miles Meraki are "december.", and while it sounds like standard SoundCloud fare, there's something about this track that keeps me coming back. Maybe it's the infectious chorus ("that's illegal!"), maybe it's the hard-hitting instrumental, maybe it's the way each rapper rides on the beat. I still can't figure it out, but like the album cover shows, it encapsulates that blur of night driving, perhaps doing some stuff that's slightly illegal.
Adam Vida - I'm Juiced (Tommy Pickles)
Here's a hot take: you're gonna hear this everywhere. Joining the ranks of rappers like Aminé defining the new wave of party rock, Adam Vida drops some lighthearted yet hard bars over a simple yet infectious beat, and absolutely kills the chorus. It's poppy yet veteran, and his brand of rap should attract both casual listeners and longtime hip hop fans.
Kevin Abstract - Papercut
Another semi-popular song, but I think it needs to be heard. I had a hard time figuring out which Kevin Abstract song I would pick, because his debut album, American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story, is brimming to the rim with good ones. Papercut is perhaps one of the best example of his style and defiance of genre, and it's one of the album's standout tracks. It's more on the hip hop side than most songs on the album, yet it retains a deep rooting in indie and pop music, especially near the end. Whatever genre it is, it's lines like "The hardest part of my day is wishing I was fucking straight", that provide a somber recollection of the past as Abstract struggles with living as a bisexual.
submitted by ThatParanoidPenguin to hiphopheads

Rebooking WWE in 2018 Part 3B: One Hot Summer

Welcome back guys. As said in the last part of this series, I decided to divide the stretch from post WrestleMania to SummerSlam into 2 subparts so that this wouldn't take forever and be too long to read. In this part, we will discuss Raw's Battleground from San Jose, California on June 24, WWE's big return to the UK with Hello, Wembley on July 21, and SummerSlam from August 19. Before we get started, I would like to announce that I intend to extend this series into the road to WrestleMania 35, as it would be weird to set up a bunch of stuff at the end of the year for my WrestleMania and then just never follow through on it. On to business as usual...

Battleground (Raw)
Pre Show Match 1: Kevin Owens def. Apollo Crews (10 Minutes)
This plays off of Kevin Owens' recent turn on Sami Zayn and my attempt to make him into a heel that can be taken somewhat seriously again. KO needs somebody he can dominate and terrorize to look scary again, and Apollo could play a good straight laced foil to Kevin's sadistic character.
Pre Show Match 2: The Usos def. Jinder Mahal & Elias (8 Minutes)
Elias is still coming down from his loss to Braun, so we get him and aimless Jinder in a temporary heel tag team act. The team faces off here against The Usos in a pretty basic back and forth tag team match. After a disagreement, Elias stops Jinder from cheating and causes Jinder to eat a double superkick and double splash for the Usos to pick up the win. Now that Elias is moving towards a face role, his first feud gets to be with heat magnet Jinder.
Main Card
Match 1: Cruiserweight Championship: Cedric Alexander (c) def. Dolph Ziggler (10 Minutes)
Cedric pulled an upset rollup retain on Dolph Ziggler at Money in the Bank, and that earned none of Dolph's respect. This is the payoff of their feud, and they go out there and work a fast paced opener. Cedric has to fight from the ground up, and he finally is able to catch Dolph with the Lumbar Check to get one of the biggest retains of his run. I use matches like these to give the division some showcase on the PPVs while the epic spotfests are on 205 Live.
Match 2: Woken Warfare for the Raw Tag Team Championships: The Hardy Boys (c) def. The Production (Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel) w/ Goldust (15 Minutes)
This is our big token Broken Hardys type matchup for the WWE. Woken Warfare is basically the same stipulation as the "Great War" from bound for glory, with a mix of backstage pretapes and an in ring hardcore match. The Production is a play on a really underrated indy wrestling faction of the same name. Basically, the gist is that we get a bizarre heel "Golden Director" type Goldust back with his fun vignettes feuding against the Broken Hardys. Goldust hires Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel and promises to finally make them the "A list stars they've always deserved to be", and we get a ton of bizarre and fun stuff from both teams. The match starts out backstage as we get all of our odd cinematics that are creatively directed by the same people behind the classic Broken Hardys stuff, and the action finally spills out to ringside. We get the return of golden plunder such as trash cans and chairs that the Production introduces into the match. The Hardys finally pick up the win to retain their titles and Jeff gets to put Goldust through a golden table after the match. These teams would have a rematch at the Hardy compound on Raw where the score would be settled once and for all and the Hardys would conclude the feud.
Match 3: Intercontinental Championship: Finn Balor w/ Drew McIntyre def. Seth Rollins (c) (16 Minutes)
Finn's career has been on a downward spiral in 2018, from his Universal Title match loss to his repeated failed attempts to win the Intercontinental Championship. Instead of this just feeling like a symptom of creative forgetting about Finn, I would try my best to make this an instrumental part of his story and character arc for 2018. Balor continues to get these high profile losses to the point that he has to try and start from scratch. This redemption angle actually leads to Finn Balor actually handing Drew McIntyre his first loss since returning to the main roster on an episode of Raw, as a result of a future shock DDT countered into a flash rollup. After this match, Drew gives Finn a handshake and actually requests to be his protege. The two then begin staying in eachother's corners and doing tag matches, and essentially take the role that Ziggler and McIntyre had in real life. At first they are a morally ambiguous pairing as Drew is a heel and Finn is a face, but I would slowly change Finn's character weekly where he shows more ego in the ring and after his victories, and he uses Drew to intimidate his opponents during the match and pick up wins. This momentum leads up to Finn earning contendership for Seth Rollins' IC title at Battleground, the same title that has eluded him in matches involving Seth on 3 different occasions already. These two have a really fun back and forth match that we know they can have, with both guys trading lots of nearfalls, signature moves, and rollup attempts. Finn shows more desperation than he has in their previous matches, and plays a more heelish role. In the end after a series of back and forth rollups, we get the same finish that costed Seth the title in real life to Dolph Ziggler, with a series of rollups ending with Drew McIntyre distracting Seth and Finn picking up a rollup victory with the tights. Finn Balor crystallizes his heel turn here and gets to walk out with his first taste of singles gold in almost 2 years. He gets a post match celebration promo where he exclaims about how he finally beat Seth again and finally won the intercontinental title. There are shades of delusion and ego here, and Drew raises Finn up on his shoulders to end the segment.
Match 4: Iron Woman Match for the Raw Women's Championship: Sasha Banks def. Bayley (c) 3-2 (30 Minutes)
This is the big payoff for my Bayley vs Sasha feud that has been going for a few months now. What better way to end a rivalry between these two than a rematch to their Iron Woman match from 2015? Especially with this match being in Bayley's home town, I could see this one being something special. Let these two girls go out there and do their thing. Bayley takes the first fall to start off confident, then Sasha picks up 2 falls to take the lead. In the closing stretch Bayley catches Sasha with Bayley to Belly to even the odds, and they head into the last 5 minutes both with desperation to pick up the victory. After a back and forth struggle, Sasha Banks finally beats Bayley, winning their main roster rivalry. Bayley sells defeat in front of her home town while Sasha gets to cut a victory promo. In contrast to Finn Balor's post match interview, Sasha tells the interviewer to wait a minute and she actually goes over to console her old friend. She helps Bayley up and the two share some words, they then hug it out big and get all emotional, in what would be a nice moment. Sasha and Bayley got very heated against eachother, but in their hearts they are still friends. This doesn't magically lead to them being best friends again, but it squashes the beef between the two as they share a moment after their big match. Sasha announces later in a backstage promo that she wants to defend her title in her home town on Raw on July 7th.
Match 5: Roman Reigns def. Constable Roode (10 Minutes)
When you are looking to take a mid card heel and elevate him to being an authority figure, who could possibly be better for that kind of role than Bobby Roode? You've got the wine sipping, suit wearing, rolly on the wrist cocky prick now getting to make key decisions and have power over the other members of the roster. Truth be told I have to be honest in saying this is really just a placeholder feud for Roman inbetween big shows, but this could be a good litmus test for Bobby Roode and his ability to work big feuds against top main roster guys. We get a fun little sports entertainment match here with Roode trying to flex his authority by using illegal tactics and trying to force the ref to let them slip by. Eventually we get some fun back and forth with Roode countering a superman punch into a spinebuster, Roman cutting off Roode's over the top glorious taunt with a superman punch for a nearfall, a Spear caught right into a Glorious DDT for a nearfall, and finally Roman hitting a spear to put Bobby away.
Match 6: Ronda Rousey def. Alexa Bliss (4 Minutes)
This is the payoff to the Alexa Bliss vs Ronda Rousey feud which, in my world, would take place before Ronda is elevated to title contention. The feud is largely what it was in real life, with Alexa pissing Ronda off and costing her a title shot (only in a fatal 5 way in my timeline), and Ronda freaking out and getting herself suspended. Finally we get their match here, and it is pretty much exactly their match from SummerSlam only without a title involved. We can return to this feud down the line when Ronda has the title, and we will get a more competitive match then. After her dominant victory, Ronda announces that she wants a title shot, and she calls out Sasha Banks for a title match on the July 7th episode of Raw in Boston, Massachusetts.
Match 7: Braun Strowman (c) def. Randy Orton (13 Minutes)
Randy Orton was drafted to Raw in the superstar shakeup in my world, but up to this point he has spent a good chunk of his stay on the shelf much like he did in real life. This all stays the same until the episode of Raw after Money in the Bank, when Braun is doing Braun things like dominating guys and celebrating with the fans and his title when Randy shows up out of nowhere and hits the Monster Among Men with an RKO! Orton poses and celebrates his return, but out of the corner of his eye he sees that Braun is recovering pretty fast from the move, so that pisses him off. This anger prompts him to running over and delivering a punt to the head of Braun. This starts off our build to Randy challenging Braun for the title here, which is mostly filled with the same old "all it will take is one RKO" and "can the Monster topple this legend?" I think Randy would be a really credible opponent for Braun to get to main event a PPV against. These guys don't get all the time in the world here, as I think the match benefits from being on the shorter side. The story here is that Randy Orton brings in his aggressive brawling style and actually takes it to Braun, making Braun eat more punishment than the average opponent. Orton has shown in matches against guys like Brock Lesnar and Big Show that he can believably beat up big guys, so he would be shown as Braun's toughest competition yet. If it is possible, I'd love to see a powerslam countered into an RKO much in the same way that an AA is, but if Randy isn't limber enough for that now I wouldn't do it. Randy pushes Braun to his limits in a wild brawl of a match that sees Braun able to retain via 2 consecutive powerslams, though the finishing stretch would be anybody's game. No handshakes or anything formal after the match, just Randy selling defeat on the outside and Braun celebrating with his title and the fans on his side.

Hello, Wembley! (Dual Branded)
Here we are with the big Wembley show! Production and quality wise, I am aiming to have this one feel like a big 4 PPV. It is in front of a pretty huge audience full of some of the best fans out there, so this is a big one. I hope you enjoy.
Pre Show: Bobby Lashley won Battle Royal (12 Minutes)
Here we just have a nice big Battle Royal to get guys on the card who don't already have a match. The New Day and the Wyatt Family all take eachother out of the match, and we also get a Wyatt Family vs Sanity tease. Towards the end, we get Randy Orton hitting a series of RKOs and throwing guys out left and right, only for the final two to come down to Randy Orton and Bobby Lashley. Lashley blocks Orton's RKO attempt, hits him with a big spear, and tosses Randy Out to win the battle royal. After the match, an interviewer comes in to get some words from Bobby, and Lashley keeps it nice and simple and calls out Brock Lesnar for SummerSlam. He simply calls out Brock, says he wants him at SummerSlam, and he will "kick his ass so bad that UFC won't want him back". Mic drop, Lashley walks out.
Main Card
Match 1: Ladder Match for the Cruiserweight Championship: Cedric Alexander (c) def. Mustafa Ali, Dolph Ziggler, Buddy Murphy, Hideo Itami, Kalisto, and Chad Gable (14 Minutes)
I want to give the cruiserweight division a really good spotlight here, getting to open the main card in a big time ladder match. These guys get to go out and hopefully have a really fun, innovative crowd pleaser. After 14 minutes of break neck pace action, Cedric Alexander is able to edge out the competition and retain his title.
Match 2: Intercontinental Championship: Finn Balor (c) w/ Drew McIntyre def. Seth Rollins (13 Minutes)
Finn Balor gets to have a big time entrance with the IC Title as a Wyvern, which is basically an dragon from English folklore. Him and Rollins have a follow up to their big match from Battleground. Not a ton to say here other than Rollins envokes his rematch clause and the rivalry continues here. After another really fun match between these two worked at an urgent pace, Seth Rollins gives Drew McIntyre a superkick to take him out for the finishing sequence. The two guys find themselves in another awesome lengthy sequence of rollup counters and blocked finisher attempts. Finally, Rollins moves out of the way of a coup de grace, Balor, moves out of the way and schoolboys Rollins for a 2, and Rollins goes for a sunset flip which Finn lays down on for the leverage to get the big pin on Seth in a homage to Bret and Davey Boy's Wembley main event classic for the same title in 1992. It just happens that this was also an IC title match that saw the UK guy going over.
Match 3: US Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura (c) def. Pete Dunne (13 Minutes)
So you're going to England, one of the most passionate and hardcore fanbases for pro wrestling, and you are also trying to launch an NXT UK brand. What better cross promotion can you do then putting UK Champion Pete Dunne in front of that Wembley crowd? You give the guy the biggest moment of his career to date, get a nice pop for the guy who came up in that scene, give us a damn cool little dream match, and give the upcoming UK brand some exposure. Pete Dunne drums up some buzz by calling out Shinsuke on Twitter and demanding he gets to be on the show at Wembley, and we see if we can start a nice little grass roots movement with the fans. This leads to Dunne hijacking the hijacking an episode of SmackDown, attacking Shinsuke Nakamura and holding his US title in his teeth. Pete hypes up that "every UK wrestler's dream has been to make it to Wembley some day, and the difference between me and them is I have the balls to make that dream happen." Here we get UK Champion vs US Champion, King of Strong Style vs Bruiserweight. The two guys go out there and have a really fun and stiff match, as this is a dream match of mine. I think that Dunne would bring that "strong style" type performance out of Nakamura, and they really lay it in here. Dunne pushes Nakamura to his limits and both guys have several moments where they look to have the match won, but Shinsuke finally picks up the win when he evades a Bitter End, slips out behind Pete, and hits him in the back of the head with a Kinshasa. Pete is on his knees and Shinsuke is letting him take it in, when Pete grabs is fingers and starts to fuck them up. This makes Shinsuke reply with a tough kick to the head followed up by a Kinshasa to the Bruiserweight's face for the retain. Shinsuke celebrates after and him and Pete Dunne show mutual respect, and Pete gets to soak in the response from the crowd.
Match 4: Ronda Rousey, Bayley, Nia Jax, Naomi, Natalya, and Sasha Banks def. The Riott Squad, Mickie James, Alicia Fox, and Alexa Bliss (10 Minutes)
Ronda Rousey challenges Sasha Banks for the Raw Women's Title in the main event in front of Sasha's home town, and I would drum up as much buzz for Ronda's first title challenge as possible to do a good rating and get potential new eyes on the product. The two go out in the main event and have a really good back and forth match where Sasha uses her veteran instincts to control the fight while Ronda uses her badassery to ragdoll the champ around. After a hard fought match, we basically get the Money in the Bank finish there only with different people filling the roles. Ronda Rousey is ready to lock Sasha in the armbar after a hard fought battle when out of nowhere Ruby Riott comes in and bashes Ronda with her money in the bank briefcase. Ruby brutalizes Ronda with a bunch of strikes using the case, and Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan also jump a battered Rousey. Ruby also clips Sasha a few times with the case before finally cashing the briefcase in. At the bell, Ruby hits her Riott-Kick to pick up her first ever title in WWE. Ruby closes that show celebrating with the belt and her squad while Sasha and Ronda sell anger. Here we get a big ladies tag tying in that story as well as Bayley and Sasha's history from the year, and we pretty much get a big flipside to what the SmackDown women did at my Greatest Royal Rumble. There is enough going on with this show and I didn't have a lot of plans for the girls here. Ronda ends up picking up the win for her team by tapping out Liv Morgan.
Match 5: Daniel Bryan def. The Miz w/ Maryse (17 Minutes)
This match needs no introduction, as it is the big time payoff to a story that has been going for quite some time. I would finally pull the trigger here at Wembley and let these two go at it. The story writes itself with Daniel being the ultimate babyface and Miz being the ultimate heel, nothing insane needs to be done to build this except for promos and confrontations. I didn't give it quite as much time as their real SummerSlam match went because I don't want this show to go an eternity, but I know these two could go an amazing 17 minutes. I'm a fan of happy endings, so in the end Daniel Bryan actually gets his big victory that has been built for years. Bryan finally gets the satisfaction of giving Miz the kicks, shoving his Yes chant in Miz's face after all that mockery, and caving his face in with the running knee to pick up a victory. I wanted to strike while the iron was hot with this, but this feud will definitely be revisited down the line.
Match 6: Raw Tag Team Championships: The Usos def. The Hardy Boys (c) (11 Minutes)
This is an absolute brother teams dream match between arguably the best tag team in WWE history and the best team of the modern day. The build up is all sorts of fun with the Hardys doing their broken segments and the Usos responding with their gritty Uso penitentiary stuff. The Hardys are both pretty battered so I feel that keeping this on the shorter side would probably be for the better, so I would let these guys have a hot 11 minutes here with the Usos pinning Jeff to become the new Raw Tag Team champions. An emphasis is placed on poor Matt here, who tried to break up the pin but failed when he was holding his back and was too slow to get to there. Jeff and Matt hug it out after the match while the Usos celebrate with their new titles.
Match 7: SmackDown Women's Championship: Charlotte Flair def. Asuka (c) (13 Minutes)
This is the big rematch from WrestleMania. The story here is Charlotte's redemption story, as she has been on a bad streak ever since her loss to Asuka including an injury and several losses. Charlotte finally climbs the card here and challenges Asuka to a big time title match at Wembley, and here we are. This match gets the finish from WrestleMania. At my WrestleMania, Charlotte collapsed in the Figure Eight due to arm work and Asuka picked up the win. Here in the rematch, Charlotte pulls off the Figure Eight with a one arm bridge, and Asuka is forced to tap. We get the "You were ready for Asuka.... congratulations!" moment, with Asuka getting emotional and the two sharing a big moment in the ring.
Match 8: No Holds Barred: Triple H w/ Shawn Michaels def. Undertaker w/ Kane (15 Minutes)
Yet again this is pretty unpopular, but I don't mind the legends vanity project feuds as long as they aren't overly indulged in. A few key differences here is I didn't do this feud on top of a dirty political regime, and also I gave these guys half the time that they got in real life. Also, they are more of a side attraction and don't get the main event spot. The two brawl at the bell, Michaels and Kane both interfere at various points, Taker and HHH kick out of eachother's stuff. and HHH beats Taker with the a sledgehammer shot. Post match, BOD beats down DX to set up for vanity warfare part 2 down the line.
Match 9: Universal Championship: Braun Strowman (c) def. Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, and Drew McIntyre (16 Minutes)
Roman Reigns has gold on the mind again, Kevin Owens has been built up by defeating some mid card guys, and Drew McIntyre has basically been booked like gold ever since coming to the main roster with his only loss being against Finn via rollup. Here we get a fun 4 way clash with all 4 guys doing lots of destructive stuff to eachother in a wild brawl. We get teases of Braun and Roman as well as showdowns of Braun vs Drew. All 4 guys get several moments where it looks like they almost have the win. In the end, Kevin Owens has to take the pin here, when Braun Strowman hits him with a powerslam.
Match 10: Wembley Street Fight for the WWE Championship: AJ Styles (c) def. Samoa Joe (22 Minutes)
This is the big blowoff to Joe and AJ's rivalry, and I have decided to give the guys the honor of main eventing Wembley. This match would be one of the biggest achievements to both guys' careers, and would cement them as all time greats and send a message to wrestlers on the grind across the world. This is basically a roided up version of their match from real life's Super Showdown. The only difference is I would cut some of the middle portion with not much going on, as these guys already have heat and don't have to build it. I would also add some big time finisher kickouts to up the intencity of their big main event. Joe gets to kick out of a Styles Clash and a Phenomenal Forearm, and he even pulls out his one and only ever televised musclebuster to the biggest nearfall of the match. After a lot of brutality and back and forth, we get the same finish as reality with AJ submitting Joe in the calf crusher. AJ gets to soak in the admiration of the crowd and celebrate with his retained title to close out the show.

SummerSlam (Dual Branded)
I forgot to mention my plan for the pre shows, but from now on, people aren't expected to sit in their seats waiting 20 minutes inbetween matches. The entire first hour of the pre show is all talking and hype, and the second hour is all action.
Pre Show Match 1: Cruiserweight Championship: Cedric Alexander (c) def. Chad Gable (12 Minutes)
The story here is Chad's elite level grappling and suplexes vs Cedric's striking and high flying maneuvers. These guys make the best out of the time they have, and Cedric is able to pick up the win via rollup. These guys eventually get a rematch on 205 Live with more time where Cedric picks up the win via Lumbar Check.
Pre Show Match 2: Rusev Day w/ Lana def. The Bar (8 Minutes)
I have gone full babyface with Rusev Day, and Rusev and English find themselves facing off against The Bar. This feud arises when Sheamus hits on Lana, and Rusev defends his wife's honor. The match has a simple story. The Bar ragdoll and stiff Aiden for most of it, and English finally builds to getting Rusev the hot tag. Rusev runs wild on The Bar before getting cut off. We then get a tribute to the original SummerSlam Miss Elizabeth ending with Lana exposing a SummerSlam themed bikini to distract Sheamus, allowing Rusev to hit the Machka Kick and pick up the win for Rusev Day.
Pre Show Match 3: Randy Orton def. Kevin Owens (10 Minutes)
I feel really weird about sticking these guys on the pre show, but I have a very long main card and I don't like shows going far overtime, so unfortunately this was the most expendable of the remaining matches. Orton walks in as the technical face of this situation and Owens heads in as a heel, but I would try and pull the big double turn here. Owens talks entertaining smack which flusters Orton, Owens does more crowd pleasing high flying stuff than usual, and Orton eventually starts brutalizing KO in response. If possible, I would love to either see Kevin Owens' moonsault countered into an RKO or a pop up powerbomb setup with Orton falling into an RKO on Owens. Orton wins in the end here, and this is where we get the debut of awkward Orton post match nut stomps. Orton beats the hell out of Owens when the match is over and walks to the back in a heelish manner.
Main Card
Match 1: Intercontinental Championship: Seth Rollins def. Finn Balor (c) w/ Drew McIntyre (15 Minutes)
This is my blowoff match for the Rollins vs Finn feud, and I think it would be a hell of a great way to kick off the main card. The story has come full circle in a lot of ways. Finn's heel turn was a product of multiple losses to Seth Rollins as he desperately wanted the IC title, and Seth is now in a position where he has faced repeated losses against Finn in IC title matches. In order for Seth to get this chance to challenge for the title again, he has offered to put his spot on the Monday Night Raw roster on the line. Finn finds this to be an appealing offer, so he accepts the match. Finn is so confident and so hungry for this win that he actually makes it clear that he doesn't want or need any of Drew McIntyre's help. Drew thinks the title is too important for Finn to put it in danger due to his pride, and this shows that even as in a heelish role Finn cherishes and covets the ability to defeat people the right way. Finn is desperate to prove he is the better competitor than Seth, and Seth is struggling with obsession and his own set of demons and the idea of doing whatever it takes to defeat Finn and win his title back. Finn Balor yet again gets to do a Demon entrance as champion, with his bodypaint this time being a homage to science fiction's iconic Predator to tie in to the movie that released a month after. These two go out there and lay down a hot SummerSlam opener, with both guys leaving it all in the ring and showing off the chemistry they have. The ref gets bumped at one point and Drew McIntyre comes in with the IC title to clock Seth, but Finn stops Drew with a slingblade! Balor has went back to babyface, ending his character arc and regaining his confidence. He soaks this in and turns around into a slingblade from Seth. Seth picks up the IC title with the ref still down and looks over at Finn, contemplating smashing his rival in the face to gain his title back. Seth approaches a recovering Finn with title in hand, but when Finn turns around Seth uses the belt to psyche him up instead. The two go face to face as they are talking shit. Seth pretty much says "one last time, only one of us gets to leave with this. The ref recovers, and they go into the last few minutes of a hot clean match. Finn kicks out of a Curbstomp and Seth kicks out of Coup De Grace, two very protected moves. In the end, Seth pulls out a Pheonix Splash here to defeat Finn Balor and become the new IC champion, also in the process evening score from their SummerSlam 2016 match. The two both shake hands, now full babyface, as they bury the hatchet on their big feud.
Match 2: SmackDown Tag Team Championships: New Day def. Harper & Rowan (c) w/Bray Wyatt (9 Minutes)
In the buildup to this, New Day vs Wyatt, Harper, and Rowan main event an episode of SmackDown that would hopefully be a banger. New Day handed the Wyatts their first loss in quite some time on that show, which leads to the title shot here. They pretty much work the same match as real life because it was a really good short match, only we get a true finish here. When Harper tries to hit Xavier with his barbed wire bat for a DQ, Xavier moves out of the way and Harper accidentally hits Bray Wyatt with it. This is played as a huge shock for Harper, and New Day hit him with their finish and win the titles, ending the Wyatts' reign of terror.
Match 3: United States Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura (c) def. Andrade Almas (11 Minutes)
These guys had a really fun match in Japan before either were in WWE, and I would try to capture that here. Not a huge story here, just Nakamura continuing his run of good title defenses and Andrade being built as a threat. Nakamura retains via Kinshasa.
Match 4: SmackDown Women's Championship: Charlotte Flair (c) def. Becky Lynch, Asuka, and Ember Moon (14 Minutes)
The 4 biggest workhorses of the SmackDown women's division get to share a ring together here, and I think they would absolutely kill it. The Charlotte and Becky aspect of this build stays largely the same, with the two best friends getting in eachother's way a lot and creating tension. Ember and Asuka have had a very long term built in story here, and Charlotte and Asuka are just coming off of their big match from Wembley. This match gets a similar finish to the SD Women's match from real life, with Charlotte stealing Becky's win and retaining but pinning Ember Moon with Natural Selection. Post match, Becky assaults Charlotte just like in reality to a huge crowd pop. That moment was pulled off perfectly on the real show and I wouldn't change a thing about it.
Match 5: Unsanctioned Match: Dean Ambrose def. Samoa Joe (13 Minutes)
Samoa Joe is the guy who took Dean Ambrose out, and now the lunatic is back for revenge, looking more badass than ever. As Joe comes down from his feud with AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose immediately shows back up and beats the hell out of him on the SmackDown after Wembley. These two have a wild feud that spills out between both brands twice a week, and a match is finally booked to settle the score between the two: no rules, no promotional boundaries, unsanctioned fight. I kept this match nice and short because I want it to feel like a fight between two people that hate eachother. I would want this one to be WWE's equivalent to Necro Butcher vs Samoa Joe. The two brawl and throw wild punches, and there is virtually no wrasslin here. This is a wild brawl with plunder, nasty bumps, and sick spots. In the end, Dean Ambrose hits Samoa Joe with Dirty Deeds onto a pile of chairs, securing a victory in his return to WWE.
Match 6: Raw Tag Team Championships: The Usos (c) def. The Hardy Boys (12 Minutes)
As Matt Hardy silently walked off into the sunset around this time in reality, I would book this as Matt Hardy's retirement match. What better way to go out then by tagging with your brother against one of the best teams out there? The Hardy Boys have a rematch clause and Matt breaks the broken character, making it clear that injuries have caught up to him and his career is coming to an end, but he plans on leaving it all in the ring. These two teams go out there and have a really fun back and forth match for the tag titles where the Hardy Boys get to give it their all for one last performance. In the end, Jeff Hardy is taken out of the match after he tries a swanton on the apron and crashes and burns. The Usos hit Matt Hardy with their big splash, but Matt kicks out at 2!!! Matt Hardy gets to his knees and looks up at the two brothers who have basically come to fill him and Jeff's roles, and he gets a moment to take in the finale to his career as the Usos give him a moment of respect. When Matt Hardy has taken it all in, the Usos hit him with a double superkick to get the pinfall victory. The Hardys put over the Usos big after the match and show them all respect in the world, and Matt and Jeff get their emotional moment in the ring together.
Match 7: Brock Lesnar def. Bobby Lashley (5 Minutes)
The promotion and hype for this match tries to build it as an MMA type superfight build. I'd keep this match short and sweet and try to create that magical feel of urgency that only guys like Brock Lesnar can pull off one day. At the bell the two immediately go into a shoot style, with grappling, takedowns, switches, submission attempts, and strikes. After we dabble in the worked shoot for a while, Lesnar takes Lashley to suplex city and hits him with the F5, but the destroyer kicks out. Lesnar goes for a second one, but Lashley escapes and starts running wild on Lesnar, taking BROCK to suplex city in a big twist, hitting the beast with several germans in a row. Lashley then starts cutting the beast down with repeated spears, and it appears that Lashley is about to get one of the biggest wins of his career. He sets up for one more definitive spear to put Brock down, but he dives head first into Lesnar who falls through into a guillotine choke. Lesnar clinches the hold in with all of his strength and Lashley fights it, but he ends up tapping out in the hold. The story here is that Lashley was as close as you could get, but Lesnar caught him in that submission and barely escaped with a victory. a damaged Lesnar laughs at Lashley as him and Paul head to the back.
Match 8: WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan def. AJ Styles (c) (21 Minutes)
The two top faces of SmackDown collide for the WWE Title. AJ Styles has been holding the championship ever since November and has been defending against all comers, and Daniel Bryan has been on a miracle run since his career resurgence. Bryan earned a title shot for here back at the Greatest Royal Rumble in India, and he has been defending that shot successfully ever since. The feud here is mainly based around both guys wanting to be the face that carries SmackDown live to new levels. Bryan takes jabs at AJ with the mentality that he would have never had the success that he has if Bryan hadn't blazed the trail for him, and AJ believes that Bryan wouldn't have even been the guy headlining WrestleMania 30 if AJ had decided to come sooner. Both guys wear blue color schemes with their gear to represent this battle for the control of the blue brand. These two go out there and kill it like we all know they could. We get some great technical wrestling, strike exchanges, double downs, and counter sequences. Both guys get to give it their all here and put on a WWE Title match worthy of SummerSlam. Bryan survives the Phenomenal Forearm while AJ Styles survives the running knee. After 21 minutes of intense back and forth, Daniel Bryan finally catches the Phenomenal Forearm out of mid air into the Yes Lock! AJ struggles in the hold and tries everything in his power to escape, but he is forced to submit in the middle of the ring, and Daniel Bryan becomes the new WWE Champion. Post match, Bryan has the big celebration, and we get the classic babyface title passing where AJ gets to hold his former title in his hands for one last moment and personally surrenders it to Bryan. The two show big mutual respect here and AJ leaves the ring for Bryan to get his moment. Bryan soaks his success all in when all of a sudden a voice comes on the intercom asking for quiet on the set...
Match 9: Money in the Bank cashin for the WWE Championship: The Miz def. Daniel Bryan (c) (2 Minutes)
Maryse comes out onto the entrance way as Bryan waits for Miz to come face him. Miz makes his way to the ring from the crowd and grabs Bryan from behind, hitting him with Skull Crushing Finale! Miz hands the briefcase over to the ref and it is made official that Miz is cashing in his Money in the Bank Briefcase. The ref waits for Bryan to get to his feet so he can ring the bell while Miz charges up in the corner. As soon as Bryan staggers up and the bell rings, Miz hits Bryan with his own running knee, something that Daniel kicks out of. Miz then agressively targets the leg that Bryan is already feeling from Styles' use of the calf crusher earlier, locking in the figure four. Bryan stays in the hold forever and finally is able to counter it into a rollup for a nearfall, and then he kicks Miz's head off while doing more damage to his leg in the process. Bryan tries to cover Miz but he rolls to the outside, and this is where we get Miz hitting Bryan in the head with a foreign object while Maryse distracts the ref. Miz hits another Skull Curshing Finale and pins Bryan in the ring to become the new WWE Champion, reaching the peak of his heel resurgence he has seen over the past two years.
Match 10: Raw Women's Championship: Ronda Rousey def. Ruby Riott (6 Minutes)
Here, we get Ruby Riott and Ronda facing off one on one, and I decided to still have tonight be Ronda's night only with a different opponent. Hopefully Ruby would get a nice little test run as champ with her month and a half long heel reign, and I would have her get a nice albeit short match here with Ronda. Riott gets to have some offense with the assistance of the Riott Squad and frontloads the match with her best moves to try and get the upset retain. Ronda eventually gets herself back in the game and she eventually is able to throw Ruby around and tap her out to become the new Raw Women's Champion.
Match 11: Universal Championship: Roman Reigns def. Braun Strowman (c) (17 Minutes)
The two most dominant forces of Monday Night Raw face off for the show's world title here in the main event. I don't have a complicated build for this match, other than Roman slowly building himself back up to title contention and wanting to take out Strowman. He says he has grown a lot since losing to Brock Lesnar at the Rumble, and he was close to winning the title at WrestleMania and at Wembley and would be the current champion if not for Braun Strowman always being there at the right moment. Now, he gets Braun one on one, and only the best man can win. Nobody is concretely heel, but Roman would probably be defacto heel here. I don't have any clever TV for the build, but the Roman and Braun dynamic has always been a ton of fun from week to week and I wouldn't pull any stupid Strowman heel turns. The way I would describe this match tonally is like Undertaker vs Roman, only with a competent and in shape wrestler facing Roman. Reigns has to throw everything in the world at Braun and survive all of his offense to win, and these two have an absolute clash of the titans. Roman spears Braun off one announce table through the other, and Braun replies by powerslamming Braun through another announce table. Roman hits Braun with the big top rope clearing dive, and Braun does his insane top rope splash onto Roman for a nearfall. Braun survives two spears and hulks up, hitting Roman with two consecutive powerslams, which Roman then kicks out of. Eventually, Roman chops Braun down with multiple Superman Punches and Spears, and Braun just keeps kicking out until he can't anymore. In a main event slugfest, Roman Reigns ends the reign of Braun Strowman, and absorbs and enjoys the boos he gets for doing so. Roman doesn't give a damn about you if you hate him, he only cares about himself and his fans. Just embrace the reaction and make Roman a guy above all of that player hating, who knows when it is right to play to the crowd and when to heel it up. If that aspect of his character is executed well, I don't think this will feel as much like a "Here's Vince coronating him again" type feeling.
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