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This game is the perfect combination of interface and gameplay.

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Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk 2.8.0 [Unlimited Money] for Android

Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk 2.8.0 [Unlimited Money] for Android submitted by revmod2019 to u/revmod2019

PokeMiner's In-Depth APK Teardown of 0.171.0

Hello everyone!
There have been a lot of APK updates recently! Most of them small (and one of them game (master) breaking) but this was the first big one in the last week. This is pretty major in the sense they updated their Unity version (the game engine that runs the game). From reports from our discord and our own experience... It's pretty darn buggy. Graphical glitches, keyboard issues, etc. So hopefully these start to get ironed out but unless you really want the today view I would hold off on upgrading.
But anyway, let's get to the fun stuff!

Official Release Notes
Download Link (not APKMirror yet)
Size: 92.8MB (Down 4.7MB)


  • New Loading Screen
  • Today View
  • Daily Quests and PokeCoin Reward Quests (bundled in the Today View)
  • Multi-Part Quests
  • New Abra Quests for Com Day
  • Philadelphia Safari Zone Badges
  • New non-evolve costumes like Buneary
  • New option to play Go Battle League until you win a match (if you lose everything in your set)
  • Unity version upgrade - buggy!
  • Apple Log In
  • Gift sending is fixed

New Loading Screen

As you can see here a new loading screen has been pushed. Thanks to Leek Duck for resizing it!

Today View

As announced, the today view is here. Some additional information we found:
CreateTodayViewWidget OnBadgeStateChanged GetRemoteGym ShouldOpenGym TryViewPokemonInGym 
Looks like you'll be able to jump to your gyms from the today view which is nice. This icon was added for when you don't have any mons in gyms.

These are all categories/statuses in the Today View.

EventSectionProto .get_EventName .set_EventName .get_EndTime .set_EndTime .get_RefNewsId .set_RefNewsId .get_BonusBoxes 
In addition to event bonuses, shows event timings and any boxes associated with the event.

We believe this goes with the daily coin quests below.

time_left_singular_day_hour_singular" time_left_plural_day_hour_singular" time_left_singular_day_hour_plural time_left_plural_day_hour_plural today_view_iconse "time_left_plural_day_hour_plural", "Ends in {0} days and {1} hours", "time_left_plural_day_hour_singular", "Ends in {0} days and {1} hour", "time_left_singular_day_hour_plural", "Ends in {0} day and {1} hours", "time_left_singular_day_hour_singular", "Ends in {0} day and {1} hour", 
There will be count downs for events and quests in the today view. Again we think this goes with the daily quests below.

PokeCoin Quests

TotalPokecoinReward(QuestProto quest) DAILY_COIN_QUEST 
As reported from the texts, it seems like you'll be able to earn PokeCoins from quests and this update has more code to back that up.

Daily and Multi-Part Quests

CanRedeemDailyQuest multiPartQuestProto CanRedeemMultiPartDailyQuest IsPokemonUsedInQuest quest TotalPokecoinReward 
Looks like we will be getting some updates to the types of quests. Such as daily quests (maybe these are the ones that reward coins from above) as well as multi-part quests that are separate from special research. Pretty exciting if these come true (like HP's daily quests).
We also saw that coins from quests will be tracked in the today section and show you the max coins you can get. This is really starting to feel like daily coin quests.

"quests_claim_time_limited_quest_encounter_first", "You must complete your research encounter first!", 
Also throwing this into this section; a warning/prevention of claiming more quests if you haven't finished your encounter.

New Quests

"quest_at_catch_a", "Catch {0} Abra", "quest_at_evolve_a", "Evolve {0} Abra", "quest_at_evolve_k", "Evolve {0} Kadabra", 
Looks like these are backup quests for Abra com day, so you can play it at home more easily... If you can spin stops haha.

"quest_catch_special_natu", "Catch {0} Natu", 
This was also added as a special Natu quest. Exciting?

New Badges

New Philadelphia badges were added fo the upcoming postponed Safari Zone.

New Costumes

One of these new costumes might be Buneary as we recently discovered a new flower crown for it. We'll see if we can pull more.

Play GBL Until You Win

As spotted in the texts a little while ago, and confirmed in the Play Store release notes today, if you don't win any match in your set, you can keep playing until you at least win something.

Unity Upgrade

The app now uses Unity version 2018.4.15f1 instead of 2017.4.28fl. For those that don't know Unity is the graphical game engine that runs the game. This, in theory, will bring several bug fixes and improvements that Unity introduced between these two major versions.
In practice and according to reports, it has made things fairly buggy. We'll see how they can iron these out.

Retention Items

Trying to bring back old players or keep existing players with items and reminders via notifications.

Multi-Transfer Improvements

"pokemon_buddy_info_transfer_to_professor_confirmation", "Do you really want to transfer this Buddy Pokemon?", "pokemon_info_transfer_pokemon_buddies", "You cannot select your buddy!", 
In addition to being able to transfer event and costume mons as we saw before, there will be further confirmation if you want to transfer your buddy manually, and it won't let you select them with multi-select.

Avatar Items Added To Loot Tables

There were some references to avatar items being added to loot tables specifically so you could get them from GPL rewards or quest rewards for example.

Improvements to Battling

Some misc/small improvements to various battling mechanics include:
  • The 'Combat Director' keeps better track if combat is in a 'special move state' - perhaps to try to fix lag
  • The game can selectively block access to the surrender button for GBL (maybe during charge moves)
  • Rocket Battles have better handling of the 'end combat' stage of the fight
  • Combat Hub improves the way it tracks which mons you have available and what mons are accessible to which leagues

Improved Fullscreen Handling

.get_height .get_dpi orient RequestOrientation GetScreenOrientation .get_orientation .set_orientation .get_sleepTimeout .set_sleepTimeout SetOrientationEnabled .set_autorotateToPortrait .set_autorotateToPortraitUpsideDown .set_autorotateToLandscapeLeft .set_autorotateToLandscapeRight .get_currentResolution .get_fullScreen .set_fullScreen .get_currentResolution_Injected 
It could be a by-product of the new Unity version, but the app is more aware of fullscreen states now and perhaps it could fix the fullscreen bug on Android when logging in and out.

Apple Sign In

.://appleid.apple.com/auth/authorizeWeb client id is empty.client_idhttps .://signin.nianticlabs.com/apple/android/ 
The Apple logo was also added to this version so another sign they are ready to go with this (and based on the release notes yes this is live haha).

"sign_in_partial", "Create account with {0}", 
Also an additional text for creating new accounts.


.get_PlannedDowntimeSettings .set_PlannedDowntimeSettings 
To go along with the planned downtown texts we found a few days ago most likely - so the game will alert you before it has to go down, or a specific feature has to go down (like GBL).

Buddy Food Notification

Additional hovering messages added to alert you if your buddy is hungry and needs food.

Stop and Gym Improvements

  • Sponsor stops can now have translations applied to them for different languages
  • Gyms can now have a secondary description - GymSecondaryDescription
  • Some minor Raid UI updates to better control when a raid starts (this isn't the ready button; calm down haha)

Gift Sending is Fixed

We've seen reports you can now skip the sending of gifts again. Yay!

Rocket Texts Updated

A bunch of small updates to the order of Willow texts and how he describes shadow pokemon and Team GO Rocket were slightly updated for the current Rocket text. You might say that they were trying to go easier on Shadow Pokemon being bad but that's just my take on it.

Size Logging

"general_kg", "kg", "general_m", "m", "general_vs", "VS", "general_xl", "XL", "general_xs", "XS", 
These were all added along with things like HP. Unclear where they are used however.

Social Distancing

"arphoto_warning_pokemon_too_close", "You're too close to the Pokemon!", 

"arphoto_warning_pokemon_too_close", "You're too close to the Pokemon! Stand farther back to give it some space.", 
New. Be sure to social distance your self from your mon haha.

submitted by martycochrane to TheSilphRoad

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