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The program can't start because Binkw32.dll is missing

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How to install .DLL files.

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Need for Speed Shift biknw32.dll error!! !?

Serial key binkw32 (2).dll - ALiens vs Predator

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Binkw32.dll Download - Fix Binkw32.dll Missing Error on

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Keygen serial number - Need For Speed: Shift Questions for PC

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Binkw32.dll - Colin McRae DiRT

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[ME2 No spoilers] Guide for my current modding order ( ALOT + No mini games + No shared skill cooldown + Tweaks )

There are some compability issues between recent ALOT and certain mods . It took me quiet a while to figure out a working modding order that enables me to use all mods I can't play without so I decided to post my procedure that finally made it work ( maybe someone finds it useful or at least lets people know that those mods can still be used together to prevent people from giving up as I almost was tempted to ).
Note that some steps involve manual modification but most of them are optional and can be skipped if you don't need them. However I tried to use the easiest and most minimalistic approach to get all mods working together.

Installation order :

Fresh install of Mass Effect 2

(Re-)Install Mass Effect 2 so you have a clean Vanilla game. Also install all your DLCs.
Disable automatic game updates in Origin -> Application Settings -> Client update -> Automatic game updates. If Origin ever updates the game any modifications will be lost otherwise and it will want to update the game because the game files have been modified.
From now on Origin will ask if you want to start ME2 without updating it - you can prevent this dialogue by going offline Origin -> Go offline. It is even possible to start the game without Origin running :
Mass Effect 2\Binaries\ME2Game.exe
I did not test this on the Steam version but assume it works exactly like with Origin : Install the game, any DLC and disable automatic updates.
If you have a slow Internet connection or a download limit I recommend to create a backup of the full game folder now since any failed step mostly ruins the proccess and individual file backups will not be useful in most cases

Install No mini games (optional)

This mod autocompletes hacking mini games and planetary resource scans can be completed with a single probe.
Download it and copy the Bioware folder from Vanilla to your Mass Effect 2 folder overwriting the existing files ( I did not test the ME2controller version which adds controller support to ME 2 PC )

Remove Shared cooldowns (optional)

This disables shared ability cooldowns ( not individual ability cooldowns ).
The mod that implements this seemingly is not compatible with ALOT anymore ( and overwrote / included other mods modifying SFXgame.pcc ) but luckily an mod author described how to still implement it ( see https://www.nexusmods.com/masseffect2/mods/118/ - but do not install the mod ).
Download ME3Explorer https://me3explorer.github.io/
When you start it a setup screen will pop up. I recommend to not unpack Mass Effect 3 DLCs since that step is not required for our purpose and is irreversible. Instead check that the Mass Effect 2 path is correct and close the setup window.
Then open Create Mods -> Package Editor and load Mass Effect 2\Biogame\SFXGame.pcc.
Switch to Exports and search for Default__SFXPower in the second search field ( skip over results with longer names ). The correct entry will contain a property called usesSharedCooldown which is set to True. Set it to False and safe the modified file File -> Save.

Install ALOT (optional)

Edit : It seems ALOT is being reworked right now and what is currently ALOT Addons will become the main and only installer for ALOT for ME 1-3. I will update this section when this transition has been finished with a new release. If you mod right now only use ALOT Addons to install ALOT and its addons - this seems to include the main files and updates, make sure all ME2 checkmarks are green.
ALOT is a high resolution graphics mod for Mass Effect
Download ALOT for ME2, ALOT for ME2 - Update and ALOT 2017 - Addon. Unpack the archives. Move ALOT_ME2_Update.mem contained in ALOT for ME2 - Update to the ALOT for ME2 00_ALOT folder.
Start the update with MassEffectModder.exe. Most likely it will want to update itself which you should do. Next it will perform a file check to verify a Vanilla Mass Effect 2 installation. If you installed any of the mods before you will be warned that it is not a Vanilla Mass Effect 2 setup and that ALOT is incompatible with No mini games. You can choose to install anyways, which you should do.
Next run ALOT 2017 Addon (ALOTInstaller.exe). It will install other high resolution mods that could not be incorporated into ALOT itself. Make sure that Mass Effect 2 was detected and use the Download Assistant. If all files applicable to ME2 show a green checkmark you have downloaded them correctly and can start INSTALL FOR ME2 and install them in a second step.

Enable console and DLC verification (mandatory)

This step will enable the ingame console and keep your DLCs in check
Download both .dll files and copy them to the main game Mass Effect 2\Binaries folder overwriting the existing ones.

Animated Loading screens (optional)

In Mass Effect 2 loading will only finish when the played loading video reaches the end of the loop. Some of them are rather long. Using those shortened videos will shorten load times. The author took care of not changing story related loading screens and kept the shortened loading screens close to the originals.
Copy its Bioware folder over the game's Bioware folder, overwriting the original loading screens.

Quick start (optional)

Copy Entrymenu.pcc to Mass Effect 2\BioGame\CookedPC\Entrymenu.pcc overwriting the original.
This mod will skip the Press a key to start screen and take you directly to the main screen instead.

Tweaks (optional)

This is a set of configuration changes that I like. Most importantly it changes the Spacebar for everything behaviour to a more common configuration with sprint and cover on one key ( e.g. Shift ) and interact / melee on another. I uploaded a copy of my Coalesced.ini if you want all changes mentioned below. Copy it to Mass Effect 2\BioGame\Config\PC\Cooked\Coalesced.ini overwriting the original.
If you want to do the modifications yourself or only want a few download ME3 Coalesced utility :
It is an editor for the Mass Effect 2 configuration file and will create a backup at the start. Use it to apply any of below tweaks you want ( or any others you may find, e.g. http://masseffect.wikia.com/wiki/PC_Tweaks_(Mass_Effect_2) lists a few ).
  • Skip game startup Bioware / EA videos
Search for StartupMovies and replace those which have BWLogo and ME_EAsig_720p_v2_raw as entry with empty text
  • Increase Fuel / Probe limit
Search for MaxProbes and set to 500
Search for MaxFuel and set to 70000
  • Move interact function from Multipurpose key ( Use / Cover / Sprint, ideally bound to Shift ) to Melee key ( F ). This way shift is used for sprint and take / leave cover while the melee key is used for melee and interacting with objects / persons. This feels more natural / in line with other games. To leave mission with this hold melee key.
Search for Shared_Action and replace
( Name="Shared_Action", Command="Exclusive Used | TryClimbOrMantleCover | Exclusive TryAcquireCover | OnRelease StormOff | OnHold 0.2 StormOn | OnTap 0.3 TryExitCover 1" )
( Name="Shared_Action", Command="Exclusive TryAcquireCover | TryClimbOrMantleCover | TryExitCover 1 | OnRelease StormOff | StormOn" )
Search for Shared_Melee and replace
( Name="Shared_Melee", Command="Exclusive TryExitCover 1 | TryMelee | LeaveWorld" )
( Name="Shared_Melee", Command="Exclusive Used | TryExitCover 1 | OnTap 0.3 TryMelee | OnHold 0.5 LeaveWorld" )
  • Skipping voiceovers doesn't accidently skip dialogue choices
Search for PC_ConvSkip and replace
( Name="PC_ConvSkip", Command="SkipConversation" )
( Name="PC_ConvSkip", Command="set BioConversation m_bSkipRequested true | OnRelease set BioConversation m_bSkipRequested false" )

Start game and login to Cerberus network (mandatory?)

Login to Cerberus network once to validate your installed DLCs. ( I assume this step is neccessary but did not explicitly test it ).

Big thanks

Thanks to all mod authors. While Mass Effect 1-3 is a masterpiece you bring it to another level keeping it enjoyable and even improving it above and beyond what it already was.

Final Notes

Using this install order has not resulted in any issues for me. Other orders resulted in issues ranging from Black / Triangled face textures to even game crashes.
The modification to move the interact function to melee ( Tweaks section ) was selfmade so let me know if you have any issues. For me it works great and feels a lot smoother than the original do all with one key approach.


UTC 6. Jan 2018 01:51 : Adjusted melee command so it does not melee when leaping and updated Coalesced.ini download
UTC 6. Jan 2018 02:10 : Adjusted melee command so it does not unintentionally melee when triggering a dialogue and updated Coalesced.ini download
UTC 7. Jan 2018 14:36 : Moved cover mechanic back to sprint to avoid inability to melee near cover and updated Coalesced.ini download
UTC 9. Jan 2018 16:02 : Adjusted melee command : Fixed leaving mission not working with weapon drawn and updated Coalesced.ini download
UTC 9. Jan 2018 21:23 : Added note that ALOT is being reworked right now
submitted by LucidStreamer to masseffect

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