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MMM - Pornographic Princess Imprisons Peachy Petticoats, Peruse a Path Out, Please? (Summer 2017 Part 2 Gacha)

If I get arthritis for writing so many MMM's in the span of a week, I'm suing DW.
Welcome once more, treasured viewers and prisoners to gacha despair, to the MMM. This issue may feel a bit abnormal, considering you've likely seen and experienced all the new servants several times over, but that does not make the assessment quota any less necessary!
As much as I'd wish otherwise...on with the show!
#179 - Arturia Pendragon (Alter) (Swimsuit)
5* Rider
Max Atk: 10776 (10776 effective)
Max Hp: 14256
Star Rate: 9%
Base NP gain: 0.59% / 3%
Card Set: BAAQQ (2/3/3/5, fourth value is Extra)
Passive Skills:
Riding B rank - Boost Quick card performance by 8%
Magic Resistance B rank - Raise Debuff Resistance by 17.5%
Independent Action EX rank - Boost Critical Damage by 12%
Active Skills:
Summer Sweeper! - A rank
Apply [Attack Up] to self (20/21/22/23/24/25/26/27/28/30%) for 3 turns.
Apply [Quick Up] to ally team (10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/20%) for 3 turns.
8 turn cooldown.
Coaching - A rank
Reduce skill cooldowns of target ally by 1.
Apply [Star Generation Up] to target ally (30/32/34/36/38/40/42/44/46/50%) for 3 turns.
Target ally loses HP (1000) [Demerit].
8 turn cooldown.
Reloaded - C rank
Apply [Quick Up] to self (20/21/22/23/24/25/26/27/28/30%) for 3 turns, 1 time.
5 turn cooldown.
Noble Phantasm:
Indomitable Burning Sword of Victory, Sequence Morgan - C rank
Quick (80%)
Strong attack to a single enemy (6 hits).
1200% / 1600% / 1800% / 1900% / 2000% Upgraded with NP level
Apply [Critical Chance Down] to target enemy for 3 turns.
30% / 40% / 50% / 60% / 70% Upgraded with Overcharge
Charge own NP gauge.
Starting things off, as always, with the SSR. And scarily enough, Arturia Pendragon the Forbidden One is slowly nearing completion. Well, now it's actually pretty impossible to have a team using every Arturia in the game, so perhaps we're saved from the Saberface apocalypse.
For now.
Looking at her base stats, Maid Alter has easily the most defensive lineup of any 5* Rider, rocketing above Medb's HP stat in exchange for her HP...but she has 500 more attack than Medb? I should sue. Though defensively-aligned, Maid Alter's base stats aren't lacking in actual force, with her attack not sitting too far behind Drake's despite having about 1.5k more hp than her. Simply put, she's what you'd get if Quetz's amazing bases were more HP-leaned.
On the generation side of things, it's a bit of a sadder story. With a base NP gain of 0.59 and a BAAQQ deck, you'd think Maid Alter is attempting to mimic her Swimsuit counterpart. However, that's not the case. With a 3 hit Arts and Quick card, her Arts NP gain is 1.77, while her Quick NP gain is 1.91. For an Arts card, that's slightly above average, while for a Quick, it's a bit below average, being worse than a vanilla Lancer's Quick card for NP gain. And for a servant entirely centred on Quick cards, that's bad tidings. Maid Alter's Extra NP gain and star generation on the whole is also decidedly average, due to her pretty 'stock' hitcounts of a 3 hit Quick and 5 hit Extra.
Moving to skills, or what I would call, "the good part". First we have Summer Sweeper! Don't forget the exclamation point, it's important. This skill raises Maid Alter's attack stat by 30% for 3 turns at max level, while also giving the entire team a modest Quick buff. I'll admit, I bet Assassin of the Nightless Castle feels cheapened out. This skill is both an excellent self-damage buff and team support buff, giving Maid Alter a 56% damage steroid on her Noble Phantasm for 3 whole turns, while being tied to a reasonable cooldown. While it has a longer downtime than most 3 turn buffs, the overall power is a bit higher, so it's a reasonable tradeoff.
Next up is Coaching. This skill is downright busted, especially with a certain foxy Caster thrown in the mix. While being able to reduce the skill cooldowns of a target servant by 1 turn alone is an excellent ability for a vast range of situations, you also get a sweet little star generation buff on top. For servants like Swimsuit Nobu, this can both let them spam team support skills for a longer duration, while making her BBB chain produce a very legitimate amount of stars. However, this does come packing with a 1k HP debuff on the servant you target, and if you end up spamming this thing with Tamamo-style assistance then you may find yourself eating into your own team's HP. So be a little careful.
Last on the platter is Reloaded. Giving me a bit of Demiya flashbacks, this skill applies a one-time (aka, the first card it applies to uses up the buff) Quick buff for 3 turns, and with an exceptionally short 5 turn cooldown. This skill looks amazing on paper, but it's actually kind of dodgy. 30% increased damage on a single Quick card once every 3 turns at skill level 10 is ultimately just a 30% increase to the weakest kind of card in the game. To explain what I mean, let's say you have a solo Maid Alter and you use this skill then pick a chain. If you do a BAA chain, you're getting a 150% multiplier card and two 100% multiplier cards benefiting from the Buster first card bonus and the later card position multiplier. If you use this skill and do a BAQ chain, you're getting a 150% multiplier card, a 100% multiplier card and an 80% multiplier card which is being boosted by 38%, making it around 110%.
So my point being, outside of Salter's NP, this skill barely increases her hypothetical damage output at all, since it only benefits a single card in the turn it's expended. As a NP damage steroid, however, it's excellent, raising her total NP damage steroid to 95%, the highest of any single target Rider, ignoring a high-overcharge Kintoki Rider. The real question, however, is if Maid Alter can actually get her NP up once every three turns to benefit from this skill's super low cooldown. I have my doubts.
Time to touch Maid Alter's Noble Phantasm in a completely platonic manner. As a Quick NP, this benefits from the usual perks of giving both stars and NP gauge as refund on each use, as well as the slightly superior damage multiplier compared to other NPs. Furthermore, it has a pretty handy 10% NP gauge refund built-in, while applying the pretty mediocre critical chance down debuff. For stall teams such a thing is nice, but really Maid Alter has no synergy with it. This NP has nothing particularly wrong with it, but I'd warn that despite the evidence pointing toward it, this NP can't be spammed particularly well. The NP's hits itself only provides a measly 3.5% NP gauge refund to Maid Alter, and even with her Quick buffs that'll only raise to 6% or so. A NPAA chain with Maid Alter (her best NP gain chain following a NP) will produce 35% NP gauge with no crits or overkill, and assuming her Quick boost skills are active. While that's still reasonably good, you need to remember Maid Alter's NP gain is decidedly unimpressive, hitting average figures all around. Without crits, it'll take a minimum of 3 good brave chains to go from 35% to 100%, which aren't going to show up over 3 or even 6 turns unless the card deck shuffling Mystic Code is used.
In other words, tough luck, Maid Alter, you're not Archuria by a long mile.
As much as it may seem like I'm ragging on Maid Alter, she's really not that bad. Though her statline isn't very offensively-orientated, her insanely high NP steroid boosts raise her NP damage far beyond Ozy's or Quetzalcoatl's, and her stargen with those buffs up isn't half bad, since she is throwing Quicks all over the place. Add in her star weight and her extremely high Independent Action rank and she makes a fairly self-sufficient critical damage unit. That's not even mentioning how good a skill cooldown reduction skill is.
On the whole, she has some great strong points:
  • Incredibly high NP damage output, while also producing a decent sum of stars and better NP refund than her competing Riders.
  • Unique support skill with incredibly strong applications will make her a centre point in some crazy team compositions.
  • Quick-orientated card set, combined with her Independent Action and Rider star weight, makes her a fairly self-sufficient critical damage dealer.
However, she has some big weaknesses:
  • Possesses zero durability skills despite her high HP, making her actually more fragile than Quetzalcoatl and Ozymandias in most situations. If she uses Coaching on herself, that gets even worse.
  • Only a single Buster card and mediocre NP brave chains as a result means even if her NP damage alone is higher, Ozy and Quetzalcoatl will far out-damage her in a NP brave chain from their powerful attack and Buster buffs.
  • Despite what her kit suggests, can have NP gain issues due to how mediocre her Quick cards are, while not being compensated for by her Arts cards.
On the whole, Maid Alter's a pretty odd servant, possessing an incredibly team support skill but kind of failing to carry her own kit forward in a complete manner. When it counts she'll definitely bring the pain with her incredible NP damage steroids, but in other situations she'll fall short to her competitors. If it weren't for her amazing skill cooldown drop skill, I probably wouldn't approve her.
But she does have it, and so I shall. Rath™ Seal of Approval, with a warning that while she's very usable, for the sake of a single-target Rider she won't do much that Rider Kintoki, who is free to most players, can do.
#180 - Helena Blavatsky (Swimsuit)
4* Archer
Max Atk: 9446 (8974 effective)
Max Hp: 11404
Star Rate: 8%
Base NP gain: 0.38% / 3%
Card Set: BAAQQ (1/5/3/3, fourth value is Extra)
Passive Skills:
Magic Resistance C rank - Raise Debuff Resistance by 15%
Independent Action C rank - Boost Critical Damage by 6%
Active Skills:
Summer Vacation! - A+ rank
Charge ally team's NP gauge (10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/20%).
Apply [Gain Critical Stars per Turn] to self (5) for 5 turns.
10 turn cooldown.
Nyafu! - B rank
Apply [Damage Up] to self (1000/1100/1200/1300/1400/1500/1600/1700/1800/2000) for 5 turns, 5 times.
Drain target enemy's NP gauge by 1 step.
8 turn cooldown.
Colonel's Summer Vacation - B rank
Apply [Arts Up] to self (20/22/24/26/28/30/32/34/36/40%) for 1 turn.
Apply [Debuff Immunity] to self (1 time) for 5 turns.
7 turn cooldown.
Noble Phantasm:
God of Venus, White Silver Halo, Sanato Kumara Wheel - B+ rank
Arts (100%)
Powerful attack to all enemies (4 hits).
450% / 600% / 675% / 712.5% / 750% Upgraded with NP level
Apply [Debuff Resistance Down] and [Defence Down] to all enemies for 3 turns.
10% / 15% / 20% / 25% / 30% Upgraded with Overcharge
Of course Helena would be in a school swimsuit, hell, why wouldn't she be? She's the loli face of Grand Order, and even more of a granny loli than Shuten is, since she actually plays up being a mother and having kids.
You people are sick. At least pick the lewd lolis so your conscience is clear.
Helena's base stats are, quite frankly, weak. Compared with Anne and Mary swimsuit she has less HP for the same attack stat, while Nobu and Tristan outclass her in every single aspect. Furthering this is the fact she has an awful Independent Action rank for an Archer, making her critical damage potential even lower than her competitors.
When we look at generation stats...the picture gets worse, if anything. Here's a tip for the future, when you see a 5 hit arts card and an Extra card with less than 5 hits, they're suffering from chronic Multihitartiritis. It's an incurable disease which has infected many such as Kuro, Swimsuit Marie and Caster Gilgamesh. Though some can overcome it, it dumps many in the bench for eternity. In Helena's case, she has a respectable Arts NP gain of 1.9, a little bit above average, however in exchange she has 1.14 Quick gain and Extra card gain, the former only slightly better than Lancelot's, and the latter even worse.
In fact, Helena Archer's Extra card is the worst Extra card in the entire game. How 'bout that, give her a round of applause!
Multiartiritis isn't all doom and gloom, though. It makes getting overkill on Arts cards easier, meaning more resultant NP gain, and with stargen CE's you can produce stars with Arts cards! Shame it doesn't cure gaining only 24% NP gauge from a AQA chain. That's less than what most Berserkers get from BBA, while doing immensely more damage.
Moving on to skills, we get the bit which Helena is good at. Summer Vacation! (once again, exclamation marks, folks) is basically Helena's original mana tuning skill on steroids, also giving 5 stars every turn for 5 turns in exchange for a 1 turn longer cooldown. While this skill remains excellent for popping Kaleidoscopes to 100% gauge on turn 1 and generally aiding the team's NP gain, that 10 turn cooldown hurts. Nobu Swimsuit's fake Garden of Avalon, in comparison, gives double the stars and almost as much NP gauge in addition to a decent heal on the same cooldown, making this thing look outdated if anything. Regardless, stars are good, NP gauge charge is good, can't complain.
Next is Nyafu! Nyaufu? Nyafufu? I have no idea what kind of onomatopoeia this is supposed to be, but that's the skill. This skill is, quite frankly, great. Amazing, even. Giving Helena a 2k damage up buff for 5 attacks, this could also be called a free 10k damage on the enemy once every 6 turns, at level 10. Considering across 5 cards a typical servant will produce around 30k-50k damage, that's anything from a 33% to 20% damage increase, completely unaffected by defence buffs. If that weren't enough, you also get a nice little guaranteed NP gauge drain for all your stalling needs. Don't worry Tamamo Cat, you'll get that skill strengthening someday...
Wrapping Helena's skills, we have Colonel's Summer Vacation. Playing the role of Helena's NP steroid skill, this gives a below-par 40% Arts booster at level 10, in addition to a 1-time debuff immunity for 5 turns. So far as NP steroids go, this is fairly standard, losing some of the typical increased damage and NP gain for a nice anti-debuff safety net. In a NPAA chain this may possibly let Helena get back to full NP bar with crits and the right CE, but it's really unlikely to happen, and takes a lot of work.
Finishing things off, we have another Venus-related NP from Helena. Sanato Kumara Wheel is very similar to her normal NP, hitting 4 times in an AOE and reducing the enemy's debuff resistance and defence. The NP refund from this isn't particularly amazing for an Arts AOE, reaching around 14% without any modifiers, and like a kick in the teeth, its overcharge effects are pretty bad compared to OG Helena's, with worse scaling and one less debuff. For an AOE NP this does its job reasonably well, but Helena doesn't exactly pack an incredible damage steroid for this NP, and you can throw any hopes for a NP interlude out the window...
So on the whole, Helena has some interesting strong points:
  • Team NP gauge charge allows Helena and her allies to immediately gain a full NP gauge with a Kaleidoscope or a 50% charge CE and a 30% NP charge skill, letting her support some nasty turn 1 NP's.
  • With her Damage Up buff she can inflict some intense pain with regular cards, vastly improving her damage output, while also being able to support stall teams.
But uh, unfortunately, she's crippled with immense weaknesses:
  • A long cooldown on her best skill and the skill itself being inferior to some similar ones dampens its actual utility.
  • Her NP gain outside of her two Arts cards is absolutely abysmal, even when her Extra card comes into play.
  • Compared to fellow Archers, her potential as a damage dealer is lower due to her weak attack stat for her HP total and low Independent Action ranking.
  • For an Arts servant, she doesn't have the NP gain and refund to properly contribute to an Arts spam team.
  • Just use normal Helena, seriously. She has higher NP damage, a better NP, better support skills and even better NP gain, and HER NP gain is pretty awful, too.
So yeah, don't touch swimsuit Helena, it's bad for both your teams and you may get arrested some point down the line. In more positive news, I believe Multihitartitis has gotten another success under her belt. Good for her!
#181 - Minamoto no Yorimitsu (Swimsuit)
4* Lancer
Max Atk: 9168 (9626 effective)
Max Hp: 12112
Star Rate: 11.8%
Base NP gain: 0.75% / 4%
Card Set: BBAQQ (1/4/3/5, fourth value is Extra)
Passive Skills:
Magic Resistance C rank - Raise Debuff Resistance by 15%
Riding A+ rank - Boost Quick Card Performance by 11%
Madness Enhancement C rank - Boost Buster Card Performance by 6%
Divinity C rank - Boost Damage by 150.
Active Skills:
Shadow of the Public Morals Committee Chairwoman - A rank
Apply [Star Focus Up] to self (500/550/600/650/700/750/800/850/900/1000%) for 1 turn.
Apply [Critical Damage Up] to self (30/32/34/36/38/40/42/44/46/50%) for 1 turn.
7 turn cooldown.
Wrought Iron Carriage - C rank
Apply [Buster Up] to target ally (20/22/24/26/28/30/32/34/36/40%) for 3 turns.
Remove debuffs from target ally.
8 turn cooldown.
Summer Catastrophe - EX rank
Apply [Attack Up] to ally team (10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/20%) for 3 turns.
Apply [Star Generation Up] to ally team (20/21/22/23/24/25/26/27/28/30%) for 3 turns.
7 turn cooldown.
Noble Phantasm:
(Translation omitted because it's too damn hard), Shakedayakan Vajra - A+ rank
Buster (150%)
Strong attack on a single enemy which pierces defence (6 hits).
600% / 800% / 900% / 950% / 1000% Upgraded with NP level
Gain Critical Stars.
20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 Upgraded with Overcharge.
Rounding off the gacha 4*'s for this summer event, we have our good mother Raiko, dressed in a perfectly modest fashion to enforce discipline upon this unbelievably lewd event.
Get why she still has Madness Enhancement, now?
Anyways, Raiko rounds off this summer event's gacha, filled with both superb servants, middle-of-the-road and disappointments all round. What will the whims of DW decide for her, I wonder?
Raiko leans toward the offensive side of the 4* Lancer roster. With more attack than most of her competitors and also more HP than those with similar attack stats to her, her stat total is one of the better of her class, though still nothing compared to Larturia Alter's amazing statline.
...damn Saberface bias.
To supplement this, Raiko has a downright incredible set of generation stats. With 0.75 base NP gain and a 4-hit Arts card, she's getting 3.0 Arts card gain, dead tied with King Hassan for the best Arts card in the game. Her two Quick cards aren't slacking, either, with her Riding rank giving them 2.5 NP gain, better than most Lancers and breaching the point where you could say they're good for NP gain. Finishing off with a 5-hit Extra card, her NP gain and stargen both are pretty good, fitting in with the Lancer directive of trying to be the best class in the game.
As we tackle Raiko's skills, the news doesn't necessarily get worse. Shadow of the Public Morals Committee Chairwoman is a hell of a skill name, and one I had to figure out through breaking out a dictionary. Well, assuming the Chair of the Public Morals Committee is Raiko, it's correct. This skill is, quite simply, Larturia Alter's Blessings of the World's End, but slightly worse. With identical numbers but no built-in star button, this skill's a pretty good critical burst skill, and one which works incredibly well with Raiko's kit. One thing to note about this skill is that it's one of the best star focuses in the game - raising Raiko's 90 Lancer star weight to 990 at level 10. For comparison, most star focus skills bring one up to 600 star weight or so, triple a Rider's star weight. Some, like Nobu Swimsuit's, only raise their star weight to 300 or so.
Next is Wrought Iron Carriage, completely unrelated to a certain Hero of Wrought Iron. This skill may as well be called "Hero Creation (Alter)", giving a 3 turn Buster buff to a targeted ally, while also handily removing any debuffs stamped on them. While the Buster boost isn't as big as Nightingale's or Merlin's Buster boost, it's still more than big enough to make a difference, packing the same cooldown and duration. Whether Raiko uses it on herself for a huge damage boost, or on an ally to do the same, it's a superb skill.
Lastly, we have Summer Catastrophe. No exclamation point, this time. This skill I prefer to call "Hijikata's Buster buff but better", giving an attack boost instead of a card specific buff and a larger stargen buff on the same cooldown. Not only does this help significantly with Raiko's own damage, but it also gives her further team support orientated toward Buster teams, making her role particularly clear. Charisma clones are always good.
Finally we'll touch on Raiko's NP. Shakedayakan Vajra is both a mouthful and also a pain in the ass to translate, like most things pertaining to Raiko. Its subtext should have something to do with a measured offering of a divine portent, but I have no idea how to translate it and it's some sort of Japanese Buddhism thing, so I just gave up. This NP is very straightforward, doing single-target damage and piercing any defence buffs, then providing a huge chunk of stars afterwards. Honestly, my favourite kind of NP overcharge effect. Though straightforward, this NP hits HARD - Raiko, counting her Madness Enhancement, gets a steroid of +75%. In fact, she nearly out-damages Tamamo Lancer on a non-male enemy despite their rarity difference. Though this is kind of a side-note, the 6 hits of the NP itself will produce a few stars, especially with Raiko's charisma buff up, making its real star production something like the overcharge number +5.
On the whole, Raiko Lancer has a lot of strong points:
  • Excellent NP gain and above-average stargen makes her incredibly self sufficient for both her NP and critical damage, which then play into each-other and make her kit even stronger.
  • High NP damage steroid makes her damage output extremely good for a 4*, and she can even use it on her allies to aid their damage output instead.
  • Some level of utility from her targetable debuff cleanse, which can help in a pinch.
  • Good team support from her Charisma skill, which in itself is also orientated toward Buster crit teams.
  • Good personal critical damage output due to her first skill.
However, she does have a few weaknesses:
  • Absolutely no durability skills makes her quite fragile, despite her good HP pool for a 4*.
  • Her NP gain is reasonably reliable on her Arts card, with NPQA chains giving a complete refund on crits, but a NPQQ chain is far from that. As a result, she's subject to RNG in order to get good card draws.
On the whole, Raiko is a superb Lancer and servant in general, with strong synergy for popular supports and meta compositions, but also a very self-sufficient kit. Her weaknesses are ones which are covered by her most optimal teammate pairings, and her numbers are simply the best of any 4* Lancer for NP gain and damage output.
Rath™ Seal of Approval with a recommendation.
#182 - Ishtar (Swimsuit)
4* Rider
Max Atk: 9603 (9603 effective)
Max Hp: 10692
Star Rate: 9%
Base NP gain: 0.68% / 3%
Card Set: BAAQQ (5/3/2/3, fourth value is Extra)
Passive Skills:
Riding EX rank - Boost Quick Card Performance by 12%
Independent Action A rank - Boost Critical Damage by 10%
Divine Goddess Core B rank - Boost Damage by 225 and Raise Debuff Resistance by 22.5%
Active Skills:
Shining Water Clothes - A rank
Apply [Quick Up], [Buster Up] and [NP Gain Up] to ally team (10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/20%) for 3 turns.
7 turn cooldown.
Accelerator Turn - B rank
Apply [Dodge] to self (1 time).
Apply [Critical Damage Up] to self (30/32/34/36/38/40/42/44/46/50%) for 1 turn.
6 turn cooldown.
Summer Breaker! A rank
Apply [Invulnerability] to self (1 time).
Apply [Critical Damage Up], [Star Generation Up], [NP Gain Up], [Debuff Resistance Up], [Healing Amount Up] to self (30/32/34/36/38/40/42/44/46/50%) for 1 turn.
After 1 turn, Apply [Stun] to self [Demerit].
8 turn cooldown.
Noble Phantasm:
The Rainbow of Akebon About Gouden Heaven, Angarta Seven Colours - EX rank
Quick (80%)
Apply [Quick Up] to self for 1 turn.
20% / 30% / 40% / 50% / 60% Upgraded with Overcharge
Powerful attack to all enemies (4 hits)
600% / 800% / 900% / 950% / 1000% Upgraded with NP level
Last, but far from least on the lineup, we have our welfare servant of the event, Ishtar. Naturally, with all welfare servants, they're a free NP5 so they're pretty much worth having no matter what, but in this case, Ishtar has a bit of a standard to live up to - one set by another Quick-based welfare Rider, and also a high-damage AOE NP welfare Rider.
Woo boy.
Compared to most 4* Riders, Ishtar has an incredibly offensive set of bases, with the second-highest attack stat and simultaneously the lowest HP stat, making her look more like a Berserker than anything. The only person who beats her? Kintoki Rider, another welfare. One hell of a precedent. However, Ishtar does have superior passives to Kintoki and most Riders in the game, packing high-ranking Independent Action, EX rank Riding and Divine Goddess Core, all increasing her damage output in small but significant ways.
As for generation stats, Ishtar isn't exactly golden. With 2.06 NP gain on her Arts card, and a respectable 3.4 NP gain on her Buster, Ishtar's NP gain in a ABA chain is pretty good. However, her two-hit Quick produces 1.52 NP gain even after her Riding is factored in, less than pretty much every release Rider on their Quick card, then again Kintoki, who gets practically triple that amount on his Quicks. Her Extra card isn't much better, producing a measly 2.06 NP gain, less than, once again, most release servants like Ushiwakamaru or Alexander. As a result of these low hitcounts, even her stargen is pretty pathetic, producing something around 15-16 stars on a BQQ chain at best.
Touching on skills to lighten our mood, we start with Shining Water Clothes, an amazingly powerful all-purpose team buff. Giving damage, stargen and NP gain boosts to Quick cards, Buster cards and pretty much every card, this vastly supports Ishtar and her team. With this skill at level 10, she gets 2.15 NP gain on her Quick card instead of her usual amount. While still worse than most Lancers, those numbers are much more reasonable, especially considering she can keep this skill active for 3/5 turns in any battle due to its cooldown and duration. On the whole, one of the best team buffs in the game, capable of aiding a vast range of teams.
Next up is Accelerator Turn, or "what I wish Instinct were". This skill gives Ishtar a 1 time dodge (meaning it's indefinitely until she gets hit) and a moderate critical damage buff for a turn, all on a sweet 6 turn cooldown at base. This skill is also superb, giving Ishtar a pinch, low commitment dodge for tough situations while also boosting the damage from any crits she may get at the same time. For a servant with Rider star weight, there's really no complains for this skill.
Lastly, we have Summer Breaker! It seems our favourite exclamation mark has returned with a vengeance. This skill buffs Ishtar up to heck on all the 'utility' stats, while also giving her a 1 time Invulnerability, functioning the same as her dodge. This skill, you may notice, is essentially a worse version of Tamamo Lancer or Kiara's Goddess Metamorphosis skills, giving a 1 time Invulnerability instead of 1 turn. Regardless, it's a handy skill, albeit one with a hard downside to it. I'd recommend saving it purely for when you need an Invuln in a pinch, unless you're running Ishtar alongside someone with a debuff cleanse or prevention skill, like BB. If you do meet that criteria, this is an excellent skill to pop for one of Ishtar's NP Brave chains to vastly increase her damage, stargen and NP refund.
Finally, we'll touch on Ishtar's NP. Angarta Seven Colours is a straightforward Quick AOE with a moderate hitcount and a pre-attack damage buff, essentially an AOE version of Kintoki's NP, even down to the hitcounts. With Ishtar's team buff up this NP has a respectable 40% damage steroid to it, while working with a NP5 multiplier, meaning it'll hit pretty damn hard. Furthermore, it actually produces a good sum of stars and NP gain with Ishtar's first and third skills up, refunding 13% NP gauge without her 3rd skill, and 16% with it. Add in a few Arts cards afterwards and Ishtar can spam her NP decently well.
However, it's worth noting that Ishtar doesn't even scrape Santa Alter's AOE NP damage, due to Excalibur Morgan's unique 650% Buster NP modifier at NP5.
Ishtar is a pretty solid welfare servant with a fair few strong points to her:
  • Very powerful Quick / Buster hybrid team buff, giving good support to both Ishtar and her allies.
  • Modular and non-committal durability from her 2nd skill, due to its low cooldown and turn-independent nature.
  • Good NP spam potential with the right skills active, and possibly a bit of team support.
  • High critical damage for a Rider due to her Independent Action skill and low-cooldown critical damage buff, paired with another 50% critical damage buff if needed.
However, she has some drawbacks, especially when compared to her competitors:
  • Her NP gain is extremely Arts card dependent, needing skill buffs active for her Quick cards to produce anything reasonable for her NP gauge.
  • Her NP damage in both single-target and AOE is outclassed by her fellow welfare Riders.
  • One of her skills is often too risky to use in tough situations without properly knowing the upcoming cards, provided no debuff cleanse or prevention is available.
  • Compared to her competing Riders, her stargen is quite weak outside of a NPQQ chain with all her skills active.
On the whole, Ishtar is a bit of a flawed but dependable welfare servant. Though she doesn't throw the numbers which Kintoki Rider or Santa Alter can provide, she has far superior durability and team support, which are two aspect you can often find are more important than anything. However, when you really need solid and high damage Ishtar will often let you down compared to Kintoki Rider. She's certainly someone it wouldn't hurt to invest in, but don't be too rushed to put her to use if you've already got a Rider in the running.
Rath™ Seal of Approval.
Good grief, this has been a wild run. I even nearly hit reddit's character limit with all these servant entries.
As always, thanks to the Japanese wiki, Kazemai and Cirnopedia for their datamines and information. We have no idea what lies on the horizon, but for now let's enjoy summer and try to escape Medb's prison of despair and questionably kinky activities, all right?
...we're gonna try and escape it, right? Despair's supposed to be bad, guys.
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Upping the overall performance, and smoothing out the non-loading, frame drops, crashes and glitches...

For those on CONSOLES who might be interested...
I moved my game over to my external USB 3.0 SSD last night, and it made an instant and HUGE difference on all the things mentioned in the post title and more! (*Xbox One btw)
Since I installed NMS last year, before I added the external drive, I forgot when I updated to Beyond that it was still installed on my internal drive. Decided to move it over to my SSD to see if that would help with texture loading, since that was my biggest annoyance lately. Didn't even imagine it would help with much else. But boy was I surprised. Upon first load-in, all objects in the environment appeared almost instantaneously, with all levels of texture to follow almost immediately after. This alone was a MASSIVE difference in how my game has been handling lately.
Then as I played, buildings would load in quicker, which prevented me or my ship from being stuck locked onto them occasionally. Flora and fauna would load in and populate faster. And just transitioning in and out of starships, in and out of freighters (where the hangainterior switch over happens), and in and out of dialog events (ruins, portals, computers in facilities, signal boostewaypoint events, etc) were far smoother and no longer felt that "hang up" they sometimes do.
I have no idea if PS4 allows for similar moving and/or installing of games on externals, or if this technique would help on that console or not. But at least for Xbox One, this was a very welcome upgrade to how the game performs. And PS4 users may find the tip useful.
**Side note... while doing this I noticed my internal drive was 83% full. After moving NMS to my external, I decided to move a handful of other games as well, dropping my internal drive usage to around 60% now. It's very possible this additional freed up space could have contributed to the performance boost/smoothness. So I wanted to include that point just in case.
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