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Additional language packs will be created by individual team coordinators. Press the Next button. Download Free Lock On Flaming Cliffs 2 Pc-Game Full Version.

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Free games to download. A virtual Forward Observer model is used to perform corrections for medium to high altitude winds based on impact point analysis. Lock-on Flaming cliffs: Raptor_77th: Bugs and Problems: 1: 10-04-2020 12: 27 AM: 0 Activations left (Flaming Cliffs) Ben Dexter: Payment and Activation: 9: 06-01-2020 07: 49 AM: Serial Number for Lock On: Flaming Cliffs, where is it?

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Serial Number for Lock On: Flaming Cliffs, where is it? How to create a 3D Terrain with Google Maps and height maps in Photoshop - 3D Map Generator Terrain - Duration: Orange Box Ceo 4, views. Lock on: Flaming Cliffs 2 Frame Rate Drops & Bugfixes.

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Lock on flaming cliffs 2 keygen hardware id Login: Password: Remember password. Special thanks to the individual artists and Mustang for the compilation. Lock On: Flaming Cliffs combines a large stable of modern U.

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Flaming Cliffs 2 is a PC-based combat flight simulation of the following modern combat aircraft: Su-27. LockOnFiles is a Flight Sim Community Website online since 2020. Posts: 127 Thanks: 0. Thanked 0 Times in 0 Posts I remember it having Starforce.

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FC2 patch is. M+ Fixed numerous errors in the encyclopedia+ Fixed errors in the radio commands menu+ Fixed the auto- start, installation and uninstallation functions + Increased the draw distance of foreground ground textures+ The Pg. Up key will now function correctly during a cold start in an Su- 2. Lock On Flaming Cliffs 2 Free Download PC Game Cracked in Direct Link and Torrent. Many uncovered errors were corrected and some enhancements were added.

Patch 1.2.1 for LockOn: Flaming Cliffs 2

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LockOn: Flaming Cliffs 2 (English download version) A virtual Forward Observer model is used to perform corrections for medium to high altitude winds based on impact point analysis. The new version is not multiplayer compatible with version 1.2, and they also warn that flight recordings from the release version 1.2 will not play back correctly under the new version. Hello and welcome to this training mission on the use of the GAU-8/A 30 mm gun and Hydra 2.75 inch aerial rockets.

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Lockon flaming cliffs 2 serial number. Afterall the Su-25T was the original "Flaming Cliffs" add-on for Lock-On Modern Air Combat. FC3 aircraft provide an easy learning curve for new players and focuses on a broad range of aircraft rather than a detailed single.

"LockOn: Flaming Cliffs 2" - Combat Simulator

Problem downloading flaming cliffs 2 Thank you for your help. Lock On Flaming Cliffs 2 Key Mappings(English version) Hello everyone! Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 3 PC GAME + CRACK Free Download 2020 Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 3 (FC3) Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 3 (FC3) is the next evolution of the Flaming Cliffs series.

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Flaming Cliffs installation 5) Start Single Player Flaming Cliffs 2 game 6) Select 'Quick Start' 7) Activation applet appears - leave it open 8) Use included keygen to generate key 9) Choose 'Other' link in Activation Applet 10) Enter Key from Keygen into Activation Applet, this should generate a hardware key. The original game is getting on for eight years old, but Flaming Cliffs 2 gives it a significant new lease of life. Apr 29, 2020 Download now the serial number for Lock On Flaming Cliffs.

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Lock On Flaming Cliffs 2 Crack Status https://kaksdelatcvetok.ru/download/?file=1692. Add on Sounds like "pull up" "bank angle" 6 answers and 4990 views Nov 01 2020. More detailed terrain to include more ground objects, larger forests, and.

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Lock On Flaming Cliffs 2 Keygen. Download & Streaming Anime Naruto Shippuden Episode 490 Sub. The most popular versions of the LockOn: Flaming Cliffs 2, and This PC program was developed to work on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 and is compatible with bit systems.

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By Diveplane 1, 681 P-51D. Lock On Flaming Cliffs 2 Serial Numbers. By Bookmark Sim 1, 417 SweetFX FlightFX Manager.

Serial code lock On: Modern Air Combat / LockOn 1.1b: Flaming Cliffs

Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 1 & 2 I have both LOMAC and Flaming Cliffs. The Automatic Activation is now. This is an upgrade to the unofficial Lock On: Flaming Cliffs add-on.

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I can't figure out what I'm supposed to do with the keygen. Lomac Flaming Cliffs Crack torrent published here. CALL US TODAY FOR A CONSULTATION 1-800-000-0000.

  • Patch 1.2.1 for "LockOn: Flaming Cliffs 2"
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User Files - Digital Combat Simulator home page. Lock On/Flaming Cliffs 2.0 - CombatACE News https://kaksdelatcvetok.ru/download/?file=1694. Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 2-ARTiST Games - PC. LockOn Flaming Cliffs 2. The most popular versions of the LockOn: Flaming Cliffs 2 2.0, 1.2 and 1.0.

LO FC2 Soundtrack remastered.

‘Daddy, show me that music for the game, please’ asked my son this summer. And I found out the track is pretty popular on YouTube even if it was never properly published.
Finally, the remastered soundtrack for LockOn Flaming Cliffs 2 game, including both the in-game version and the original one is available for preorder here: https://c0ff.bandcamp.com/
You will immediately get the in-game version of the track. Full release will come October 10th on all platforms.
I still love this track and hope you will too.
Kind regards, Dmitry.
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(FH Community, Please help me get this seen). Improving For Honor YEAR 2 and beyond. My masterlist.

This is gonna be a long post, so ill try my best to break it up into titled sections and bulletpoints, but I feel like I have to write this feedback after seeing some of the recent changes soon to come, and to list all of the increasing issues and bugs in hopes of getting many addressed. I think the Dev team are awesome and dedicated to this game, and I have huge hopes for the games future. But I also have a lot of concerns and gripes that have been dragging down the experience for me, and have been long standing issues at this stage. This last season was particularly a rough one for me, and it has come down to a combination of broken mechanics, balance, timesnap, and a plethora of other issues that are piling up one after the other. I think this is probably my favourite and the most unique game I have ever played, thats why Im putting in the effort to write this, but the state its in on console atm, in my opinion, is probably the lowest point. I understand we are on the cusp of servers and other massive changes, so much of this may be totally irrelevant, but this is my entire list of every issue I can compile that is chafing my nipples.


  • OBSTRUCTIVE UI BANNERS. The current UI is very intrusive, and often appears centre mid screen. This often obstructs hit indicators and can be immensely distracting. It would be great to see an option to fully turn off all of these effects, banners, and skulls, that specifically appear centre mid screen. For people that would like to play with these notifications on, they should be reduced in size, and moved to a corner of the screen that is less obstructive.
  • MINIMALIST UI OPTION. I think another thing that would benefit the game, is having an extreme minimalist option for the UI. Currently turning the UI to minimal removes important elements, yet many thing seem large and unaffected. Would love to see an attempt at overhauling the UI with 2 goals in mind; 1. To reduce the size of all icons to the absolute miminum size necessary to relay the information to the user.** 2. **If possible, to push all of this UI features to the very top & bottom boarder of the screen. If done correctly, it would allow people to enjoy the beauty of this game and could also help people create better for honor clips, If they could simply add a small movie boarder to the top and bottom of the screen that would cut these UI elements out in editing, allowing for more immersive community content, and a more movie like feel to peoples best clips.
-GUARDBREAK INDICATOR COULD BE LARGER? EASIER TO SPOT IN A GANK. Its not so bad when fighting 1v1, but in a gank it can be very hard to make out when youre being GB with the amount of stuff and effects going on on screen. Would be great if there was maybe a toggelable option/effect to make it more pronounced.
  • OVERBEARING EFFECTS. It might just be me on this one, but many of the ingame effects on unblockables flames, banners, shinobi health regen feat, other feats etc can be seizure inducing and make it hard to concentrate on the important stuff, they can also detract from the feeling of realism that the incredible animations, maps, and gameplay provide. Wouldnt mind seeing a more minimalist tweak to some of it? (Or preferably an option to tone it way down if it is possible to change, like the way effects were done)
  • DEAD ZONES ON TRIGGERS. Can we please get the option to adjust out dead zones on console triggers? Would be a really welcome addition.


  • TIMESNAP AND REWORKS. I am extremely concerned after seeing the new hero reworks, and the impact they will have on console. I have faster than average reaction times, and the optimal low ms response time setup, yet it feels like the majority of the casts lights are just entirely unreactable. Anything lower than 700ms feels like its entirely connection based, and anything 600ms or lower is totally prediction based. I am hoping that this lag comp will fix this, but im also worried to see heroes like kensei and the new zerker rework make it to console. There are posts on this forum of centurions admitting they have never learned to feint, an its not even necessary on console to win. I know people like to bag on just assasins for this, but the truth is its almost the entire casts lights for a majority of players. We will see what happens after lag compensation, but I wonder if separate console and PC balancing would yield the best experience if this does not work out.
  • GUARD AFTER HITSTUN Maybe its due to timesnap, but there is something severely broken with the way guard has been performing, and is probably my number 1 gripe. Taking lawbringers heavy-shove-top light as an example here: Lawbringer hits you with the heavy and shove, and in prediction that this lawbringer is going to hit me with the top light next, I raise my guard to top while im still eating the shove. But for some reason, my guard never comes up, its like there is a weird delay after I have come out of stagger frames, and its like any directional block input before my character has exited the stagger is just totally forgotten. So it seems like you have a 20ms window to input your guard, too early and nothing registers, too late and you get hit. It feels dreadful, and all my fights are just constant janky blocking that dosent work even if predicted right. Im gonna link a thread that was posted earlier from onurizim_o3o, showcasing what im talking about perfectly https://www.reddit.com/forhonocomments/7wmj5b/ps4_can_you_please_fix_this/ Almost all my aramusha fights seem to go like this even when instinctively blocking top.
  • REFLEX GUARD. Ontop of this, there is an issue with reflex guard (maybe even regular guard, I dont know) just randomly switching directions. Someone recently posted clear evidence of a bezerker in "advanced training" with the two captains, and would bug out and still hit him. I couldnt find the post after trawling through a few pages, but if anyone finds it ill ad it here.
-GANKING & STAGGER. Another issue I have noticed is becoming way more pronounced, is taking one hit in a gank, and having no ability to raise your guard until you are fully dead. Its like each hit resets your stagger state before you have an opportunity to block, and you just get fully stunlocked 100-0 health. This has become fairly common when fighting aramushas, and probably has something to do with the points I raised about stagger above. Eitherway, this is not fun, and I wonder if something can be done about this to allow the player the opportunity to raise their guard after each stagger state, and not get continuously staggered to death?
  • HIT INDICATORS. Since they have been tweaked, they have become very annoying against good players that are ganking you. If youre enemies feint attacks at you, it becomes very hard to know when to switch guard, as another enemies attack that was previously invisible just come right outta nowhere. I have also has issues where I have been blocking the first enemies attack, but was killed by the second enemies attack (with no hit indicatior) before the first one hit me, not sure if its lag, but I think it needs further work. Also sometimes it picks up attacks that are whiffing somewhat nearby, but wont hit you.
  • HIT INDICATORS & ATTACKS FROM THE BACK. I know this issue could come down to better positioning on my part, but I wonder could anything be done about hit indicators from behind switching sides at the last split second? In a 3 man gank, you cant always ideally reposition yourself to cover your ass, and many heroes have erratic fast spin and dodge attacks that will literally change hit direction on the very last frame. Given the state of ganking and stagger, this often leads to getting 100-0 killed. Itd be great if there is a way to change it so attacks cant switch sides once initiated on one side? I feel this would benefit everyone, and quell unnecessary frustration if it can be tweaked.
  • GUARD BREAK. Since timesnap (or actually I think a patch or two after its removal possibly), it has been super janky and very finnicky. It seems like its so much quicker than it used to be, almost unreactable from neutral stance unless you have your thumb over the CGB button in anticipation (when I used to be a master of CGB before timesnaps removal), some heroes that feint a heavy into GB happen so lightning fast I cant move my thumb from the stick to the CGB button in time, even when Im certain that the enemy is going to open with this combo. It also seems like you have to mash the CGB button now, as sometimes it just wont work, especially if two players went to do it at the same time. This used to function a lot better, and one press used to suffice. I hope it can get reverted.
  • ZONE ATTACK. Since flicker was fixed, the window has become very tight (seems to be worse for some heroes), please give us the option to bind zone attack to clicking R3 on the controller. It also seems to be wonky when trying to press ZA directly after landing a heavy, it never does a ZA but always seems to do a second heavy attack. Get killed all the time because of this.
  • DEFLECTS. The coolest thing about the game imo, and the most rewarding and satisfying thing to do. But I have a few issues with the way they are implemented. I think the insane stamina regen pause of 4.5(?) seconds is so entirely discouraging, and I think it should be removed or reduced to 1 second at most. If the deflect is what caused you to go OOS, you are often stuck with a 4.5 second timer before your stamina will even begin to replenish. If you go OOS, the deflect stamina timer should not stack ontop of this. Also, I think more heroes (not just assasins) could use a deflect, maybe assasins should have slightly bette more deflect options, but I think other classes would benefit from them too, and it would add another layer of fun and depth to each persons character. Many friends specifically dont play heroes because they dont have a deflect. Warden could have a halfswording hit on deflect, nobushi maybe a light kick, aramusha a slice etc.
Also, ive noticed many heros seem to be able to stagger you out of deflects. Aramusha and shaman can continue attacking and prevent orochi from a fast deflect. Centurion can punch orochi out of his hyperarmor heavy deflect, if you deflect the cents initial jumping leap. Ive had some pks light attack me out of orochis heavy deflect too.
  • DEFLECTING UNBLOCKABLES. Please allow us to deflect unblockable attacks. Given that many new heroes can spam unblockables, and also given that due to lag and reaction times of many other players (many on console use wifi with a regular tv), Reacting fast enough for a parry is simply out of the question for many (and will be even when lag comp is in), whereas due to deflects being able to be executed last minute, this is the last achievable defence and counter for some with poor reaction times or non optimal setups. I believe this is an important change that should happen.
  • ASSASSINS HAVING ISSUES ROLLING DUE TO REFLEX GUARD. It seems like there is a bug where assassins cant unlock and roll away until their reflex guard in gone. Its very frustrating and would be great to see it fixed.


There are many issue I have with revenge, and I think its at a point where it could look into another round of proper tweaking. Ill list each of my concerns below. Overall I think revenge could use a buff in larger ganks, but could do with a nerf 1v1.
  • AUTO PARRY BROKEN. First off, revenge auto parry is just not working at all. Some heroes it seems to work better on, and some never seem to get auto parried by it (centurion).
  • SOME UNBLOCKABLES IGNORE REVENGE. Some heroes have been fixed so that unblockables and disablers wont maul you in revenge (this is great) yet some heroes seem entirely unaffected. Centurion again, can hit straight through your auto parry activation, punch you right onto your ass, and have the entire gank slap you back to the spawn screen faster than you can roll your console down the stairs. His pin also does this. Please have a look into fixing some of this stuff.
  • LOW REVENGE GAIN ON DODGING. Dodging seems to give almost no revenge gain, whereas blocking gives heaps? I though assasins were meant to gain more from dodging around in ganks (and also blocking too). Lower HP heroes cant really afford to take the chip damage off 4 people in order to get revenge.
  • CUSTOM TWEAKED REVENGE PER HERO? This probably wont be a popular opinion, idk, but I think revenge could be slightly tailored better on a hero to hero basis. Some heroes struggle in ganks so hard due to poor, longwinded movesets, while some thrive because of large HP and excellent widesweeping movesets/unblockables, and end up getting multiple revenge pops solely due to having more HP. Ill let the devs be the judge of who could use a hand in either slightly extra health or attack when in revenge based solely on the data they have access to, but it would be nice to see a little personal tweaking here.
  • REVENGE ACTIVATION. Can we please get the ability to activate revenge as soon as you have it.
  • REVENGE BUFFS & TWEAKS. I think revenge could use a bit of a buff at the moment. Players are all now generally better than they were at launch, and use optimal tactics to gank. If I could change it, I would make it more dynamic. Give a little more health and attack damage if getting 3v1'd, and give a moderate amount more health and attackd when getting 4v1'd. There is also the issue of 2v1 where a player beats one person and then has an unpopped revenge for the second person who may have only arrived to watch his teammate die and get a single hit on the enemy granting his foe full revenge. I wonder if you could tweak the system so the unpopped revenge in this case immediately gets converted into a small health boost instead, like bounty hunter for assasins. (as i believe the system currently in place can recognise when there is only one enemy left). Just my thoughts anyway, I feel many many not agree on this, so please let me know in the comments.
  • REVENGE VS. HYPERARMOUR. I think anyone in revenge should be able to stagger people out of their hyperarmour attacks as if they were just normal attacks. Currently you can use a zone attack in revenge in the hopes of just creating a little bit of breathing room and distance so as to judge incoming attacks better, and stop that one a**hole spamming GB like he's getting commission for it. But it just happens so often that you do a zone attack, hitting all 3/4 people, but they all swung a hyperarmour attack at you and insta killed you.
  • ELIMINATION was my favourite mode in this game, especially at launch. But with the enormous revenge nerf, and little done about revive speed, this mode was entirely abandoned. I loved this mode the most, but left because revenge seemed lacking, and revives were very OP. I would love to see this mode make a comback, and I think some change in these areas would help. And probably make elimination its own playlist again.
  • REVIVES. They are currently very strong and very fast. And in a gank, if one person keeps reviving enemies you keep putting down, it becomes impossible to keep up. You have the dilema of needing to hit the reviver so quick before the person is back up, but also the issue that you cant affort to feint or plan a mixup to hit them off, you pretty much have to throw a light out or just yolo over with a lunge attack, often getting yourself killed with such a predictable attack. I think revive speed needs to be a fair bit slower, and that people that have been revived should have 50% health, out of stamina, and stamina wont regen foe 5 seconds.


I Love the customisation in this game, and the artists work is second to none, but there are a number of areas I would like to see future improvement, and better incentives/ rewards. And although I love the weekly content, I wonder if maybe we could get less abstract battle outfit designs and decals, and maybe more embossing, armors, materials and fabrics?
  • ARMOUR VARIATION. I think the most sought after customisation people want is new armor types, that are quite unique (wardens full plate, chainmail raider, orochis no armor, lewd PK etc), as they allow you to stand out more. I understand this is probably the single most time consuming thing for the devs to make, but I think people would be happy to wait the extra time necessary for this type of customisation.
  • REP 50 EXCELLENT REWARDS. My biggest issue is the lack of incentive to rep a character past rep 9ish. You unlock your last material (which is one of the best ways to stand out), and all thats left on the road to rep 40 is maybe an embossing/engraving provided youve got a character that can showcase them well like the knights. Honestly emblems and decals dont really provide a big incentive as they all just blend into the 100's of others that come with other outfits. The best thing id love to see is a very unique armour set at rep 50. Maybe also a unique helmet skin at rep 48 (like a shinobi mask with an oni face on it, the faaram helmet for the wardens etc). Some new embossings. Maybe a universal emote per faction?, A season 5 gold & black paint color that can be worn in team modes? NEW fabrics/ materials?
  • FABRIC CUSTOMISATION. Would love to see an option to change the fabrics on certain armors too. Maybe this could be added in the "material" section as unlocks from rep 10-50? Change shinobis headband too.
  • MORE INVENTORY SPACE. I understand this can be costly for developers as I think storage space is stored on the servers, and more slots for everyone can really drive up the price on your end, but 60 slots with all these new armors and weapons is very hard to manage. Not sure how to fix this but it would be a very welcome addition if possible.
  • MORE THAN 3 HERO LOADOUTS. Many of us only have one main, and like having different stats and styles of armor over one hero. IF it is possible, could we get an extra 2-3 more loadout slots per hero? could be unlocked with steel/salvage.
  • Please allow us to remove the mandatory paint color some heroes have to have on their right (?) side shoulder piece, and have a "no paint" option for both sides like many other heroes have.


One thing I think would really help balance this game faster, is if there was a bug report forum where known issues are listed for each individual hero, and gamemode. Community members can read the list for their heros, and report in new bugs/( reproduce steps/videos too) that get added to the list. I can honestly say there is about 20 bugs with shinobi that have been in since launch, and Im sure there are many for other heroes too. I think this would seriously help. Maybe even a forum where HERO tweaks and balancing ideas are proposed too? (although I can see that being a bottomless salt mine)


The last 2 seasons here in Sydney, I have left my ps4 running for probably 60+ hours trying to just find a single tournament duel so I can (hopefully) win some ornaments. Its dead. I think two things must to happen to fix this.
    1. Drastically increase steel & XP earned in these modes. I know the data collected says both dominion and tournament duels are equal, but if you end up waiting 1+ hours/years to find a game, its never going to be worth it.
    1. Create one big steel payout order, thats on a 24 hour timer before it disappears again, one day every week, to go play in a ranked mode of your choice. Some dont like these orders that pidgeon-hole you into doing stuff, I get that, but considering some of the best loot is just being entirely wasted is the bigger issue. Even just "compete in one tournament" as an order would be more than fine.
(also, some are saying they have to purposefully lose in order to get the mid tier rewards, maybe just bump those rewards to the top if people have all the ornaments)


  • EMOTES BUGGING OUT. With many heros, emotes seem to bug out when trying to use them, only the first half second will play. Going into lockon mode and out again fixes this.
  • Shinobi has a bug where paint color is faintly applied to the leather on his foxglove, mandrake & oak armor pieces.
  • Shinobi has a bug where the players custom made emblem is applied to both shinobis front and back, when it should be applied to his back only.
  • Shinobis deflect bleed wont stack (on multiple deflects in a row) AND/OR wont even top up bleed if the opponent even has 1tick of bleed.
  • Shinobis heavy feint into heavy/GB sometimes bugs out animation wise, and does some weird glitchy animation where he dosent do the attack and is open to getting hit.
  • Shinobis attacks relentlessly miss downed enemies point blank.
  • Shibobis kick wont stagger other enemies it directly passes through.
  • Female shinobi has some broken idle animations compared to male shinobi. The one where she drops both kamas and then swings them back into her hands is bugged.
  • Friendly players can knock you out of an execution (this may have been fixed)
  • Shinobis throwing stars wont hit lawbringer (recently happened) and I think a few other heroes. even if they stand still point blank. The replenish times for stars could also be looked into, its like 8 times longer than orochis throwing knife for the same damage.


  • INCENTIVE TO PLAY AT MAX REP & LEADERSHIP IDEA?. (at rep 50 you are given the option to opt in/out to do this, and can toggle it on/off in settings) There would be be a few small bonuses to this idea. The game could announce "A Samurai Daimyo/ Knight Commander(or lord)/ Viking Jarl has joined the fight" (Not sure if im correct with viking kings, jarls, chiefs?, im not sure what would be the right title here? IF someone knows ill replace it). (only one person can be leader if there are multiple rep 40s in a lobby)
    1. It could give a small XP/Steel earned gain bonus to your team having a master hero on the field?
    1. The Commander can give orders in dominion/team modes to go to certain areas/ hold points/ go to markers/ group up, and if your teammate completes the task they get a small renown boost. This would be symbolised in the chat wheel with a different color and title by your (Commander)gamertag. Has a 1 minute cooldown so it cant be spammed and abused. I think this could also help incentivise newer players to see what some of the more experienced players want them to do, but everyones more than free to just ignore it if they want to.
  • Another thing I would love to see is profile synching between PC and console if possible. I know there are a number of PC players that moved to console, and some that would like to play both depending on peak hours. It would be cool if you could freely continue on your account across platform.
  • I wondered is if it is in any way possible to get platform crossplay in the future, at least between xbox and PC. This could really help populate less popular gamemodes, and be a big draw to incentivise new players. Especially as many of us have friends on other consoles, if this game could offer that it could attract a new crowd. Honestly I have no idea at all how difficult/ impossible this is, just a thought.
  • Would be great if we could get an emote wheel so we can use more emotes. press triangle to use one emote (so you can still emote spam) but holding triangle for one secone will bring up an emote wheel.
  • I think a set of universal emotes across all heroes would be great too, like one sitting emote, one bow.
-And please can you give the shinobi some more serious emotes, like some ninja flips or something! Theres a lot of goofy ones that kinda break the immersion, wouldnt mind a few more threatening/ninjaish ones.
  • And could the map team consider also making a dominion map/ice brawlers map inside the vultcano? All the maps have been 10/10 in this game.
Anyway also wanted to say thanks to the devs, this is such a great game and Im excited for its future.
Thanks for reading, feel free to disagree and leave you're thoughts on it. Cheers.
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