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The ability for the Cybran ACU to safely destroy 100's of basic units has been attributed to a known glitch, which. Alliance over Death- THQ day Found: alliance, Money located. Supreme Commander 2 PC Game Free Download.

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A 'scale and gameplay modification' that changes more than just unit sizes. System Requirements: Here are the Supreme Commander 2 System Requirements (Minimum) CPU SPEED: 2.6 GHz; RAM: 1GB RAM (XP) 1.5GB RAM (Vista/Windows 7) OS: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7; VIDEO CARD: 256 MB VRAM DX9 compliant with Pixel Shader 3.0; TOTAL VIDEO RAM: 256 MB; HARDWARE T&L. Supreme Commander 2 Pc Game (1 Dvd) Download Search Tips Your search for Supreme Commander 2 may return better results if you avoid searching for words like: crack, serial, keygen, activation, code, hack, cracked, etc.

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Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars Full ISO 100%. This patch will update your beta client to v3.8 from the previous v3.0 version. Take the role of one of the three enigmatic commanders.

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Supreme Commander is a Real-Time Strategy Game RTSG designed by Chris Taylor, set in a far future world.

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Product Description Platform: PC Download From the Manufacturer Set 25 years after the events of the original game, Supreme Commander 2 begins with the assassination of the newly elected president of the Colonial Defense Coalition. Download Game PC Supreme Commander 2 Full ISO 100%. Download Supreme Commander 2 Full Game Direct Link.

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In Supreme Commander 2, players wage war by creating enormous customizable armies and experimental war machines that can change the balance of power at any given moment. Supreme Skype Patch; our Serial yeah Alliance, Aug Forged some Missile. Supreme Commander 2 100% Free Steam Key click this link now.

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Supreme commander 2 full crack. THE SUPREME COMMANDER HEAVY TANK IS LESS THAN 100 BLOCKS AND IS AN EPIC END GAME PAPER KILLER UNIT i saw barely any supreme commander builds on the workshop so i made my own and i only saw 1 supreme commander 2 build on the workshop stats: x2 AP light cannons can make a hole in paper. Supreme Commander 2 is a real time.

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Uploaded 03-06 2020, Size 2.96 GiB, ULed by Ardelle2025: 0: 0: Games: Supreme Commander w/latest patch. Experience brutal battles on a massive scale! Supreme Commander will install a small series of display updates and add compatibility for amBX support.

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Supreme Commander 2 Multiplayer Crack. Command hundreds of land, air, and sea units in spectacular. Buy Supreme Commander 2 - Microsoft Store.

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I bet you didn't see this one coming. Broadly, it's very similar to the first SupCom and its standalone expansion - three sci-fi factions pitting delightfully vast. The graphics cards are a few years old.

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Supreme Commander 2 (Video Game 2020) - Full Cast & Crew https://kaksdelatcvetok.ru/download/?file=1698. In Supreme Commander 2, players will experience brutal battles. Share or Embed This Item.

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Downloads - Supreme Commander - Mod DB. Play Instructions: Install the game - Full Installation. Serial number free serial number key download.

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submitted by Deleriant to SteamGameSwap

I'm bored, so here's every character in XV2 with unique mechanics.

By 'unique mechanics', I mean an aspect of a character that's abnormal in some way compared to the more standard characters (like Vegeta, Krillin etc), or if they have exclusive supers or ultimates, or variants of existing ones that can't be used by CaCs (like Saibabeam, Zetsumei Bullet etc). All damage stated was recorded in training mode at Lv99, and does not account for the damage buffs that are usually granted to Crystal Raid Bosses.

Kid Gohan (4 star Dragon Ball hat alt only)

Takes double damage in ranked matches and PQs.

Saibaman (& co)

Takes double damage in ranked matches and PQs.
Exclusive skill 1: Saibabeam (Kaiwareman and Kyukonman only) - A green, short-ish range ki beam with about 600ms (0.6 seconds) of startup. Deals 1946 damage when used by Kaiwareman.
Exclusive skill 2: Self-destruct (Saibaman, Tennenman and Jinkouman only) - An ultimate strike skill with a lot of startup and bad range. If it lands though, it deals 24367 damage with Jinkouman - basically a OHKO on anything that's not utterly stacked in health... although it also KOs the Saibaman in the process.

Saibaman (Boss alt)

Can only be used in Crystal Raids when playing as the boss.
Exclusive Skill 1: Acid - Launches 3 dark green balls of stomach acid in an arc similar to Murder Grenade, with a spread similar to Genocide Shell. Each one deals 643 damage and inflicts the slow debuff on any enemy hit. They can all hit the same target for 1929 damage in total, and will stagger them in place to serve as a combo extender. Acid can be chained into itself a few times due to the generous hitbox.
Exclusive Skill 2: Saibabeam (Boss version) - This version of Saibabeam comes out instantly, and deals much more damage (3855). It's so fast that it can chain into itself once before the enemy is knocked out of range.
Exclusive Skill 3: Self-Destruct (Boss version) - This version of Self-Destruct has Saibaman stun the opponent with a strong, staggering punch before lunging. This lets it chain into Self-Destruct mid-combo. The move itself is also ABSURDLY more powerful than its normal counterpart, dealing more than 66788 damage. I say "more than" because it OHKOs Ribrianne with her Super Soul active and infinite HP mode on in Training Mode. There's literally no way to check the exact damage without modding, but it doesn't even matter. This move is a combo ult that's an utterly guaranteed OHKO, and the single strongest move in the game... and this version doesn't hurt the user at all.


Takes double damage in ranked matches and PQs.
"Exclusive" Skill: Guldo Fighting Pose - It's literally just Fighting Pose C. I don't know why it's named different.

Appule (& co)

Takes double damage in ranked matches and PQs.
Appule cannot use stamina breaks.

Rasperry (& co)

Takes double damage in ranked matches and PQs.
Rasperry cannot use stamina breaks.
Rasperry's YXYXY finisher causes a charged rifle shot to impact the opponent, making it a ranged, unvanishable combo finisher.
Exclusive Skill: Beam Rifle - Rasperry fires up to three purple energy beams from his arm mounted rifle. It's slow to fire and doesn't combo well, but the damage adds up to a surprisingly high 6496 damage if all shots land.

Android 16

His YYYYY finisher launches his fist downwards like a bullet to knock the target down.
His YXYXY finisher is has him remove his hand for a spray of ranged ki bullets. As it's ranged, the finisher is unvanishable.
Exclusive Skill: Rocket Punch - 16 fires off his fist as a rocket-fuelled projectile to punch an enemy from a distance. If it hits, the enemy will be staggered in place, and 16 will vanish to the front of them, allowing him to continue the combo. It does 1937 uncharged, but can be charged further for up to 2490 damage and sending them into a small tailspin (which can still be followed up on).

Android 17 (standard), Android 17 (DBS custom preset)

Exclusive Skill: Smile Charge - 17 vanishes and lunges forward, grabbing the opponent and choking them for a moment before blasting them away for 3303 damage (on regular 17). It's unblockable and hard to approach, since the grab means it can hit through lag similarly to normal grabs and scripted attacks like Time Skip, Super God Fist etc.

Super Android 17

YYYYY combo finisher has Super 17 take off his hand for a spray of bullets. Not ki blasts, literal bullets. The ideal follow-up afterwards is Thunder Eraser, as it does more damage from behind or against a launched opponent.

Imperfect Cell

Imperfect Cell's grab has a different animation depending on whether you're airborne or grounded. Airborne tosses them downwards. Grounded tosses them into the ground then stabs them with his tail.
His X combo string has him dart around the opponent and hit them from behind during it. This is useful for bypassing block.
Exclusive Skill 1: Life Absorbtion - A close-range, but blockable command grab similar to Super Drain that deals 2392 damage by draining their life force with his tail, then blasts the opponent away. This also restores 1000 health to Imperfect Cell.
Exclusive Skill 2: Zetsumei Bullet - A command grab ultimate that has Imperfect Cell lunge forward and grab his opponent, similarly to Darkess Rush (Melee), though unlike that move, this one is blockable. Imperfect Cell deals 8977 damage with a deadly green ki blast from his hand while choking them, then unceremoniously drops them on the ground.

Cell Jr.

Takes double damage in ranked matches and PQs.
These little freaks' combos are totally inflexible, meaning they must use YYYYY or YXYXY or XXXXXYYY or whatever. They can't switch mid-string. Their combos don't blend.


Takes double damage. (Normal alt only).
Hercule can only throw stones instead of proper ki blasts, as he can't use ki.
Hercule can't Z-Vanish out of combos. His only option to escape combos is using his evasive skill.
Hercule's XXXXXXXX and YYYYY combos have a LOT of endlag if he stops while punching due to getting exhausted.
Hercule's grab has twice the usual amount of endlag if he misses due to slipping and falling.
All of Hercule's Combos can be restarted at any time mid-combo by blocking. This also lets him avoid being stunned by his own combos.
Hercule's YX has him jab, then bob and weave, then jab again. This bob and weave is interesting in that he has total I-frames during it, lasting until he jabs again.

Hercule (Boss alt)

Can only be used in Crystal Raids when playing as the boss.
Hercule's combos are completely different as a Raid boss, and genuinely competent like most other characters, and unlike normal Hercule. He can also vanish and fire ki blasts properly too, and flies without a jetpack like everyone else.
Exclusive Skill 1: Dynamite Kick (Boss version) - This version can't be charged, and though the initial hit still deals a piss-poor 29 damage, the rest of the attack still comes out as if fully charged, dealing 6894 damage in total.
Exclusive Skill 2: Rolling Hercule Punch (Boss version) - Since you'll already have armour as a boss, the move instead has a hitbox during the attack similar to when you hold X or Y while flying around during the Majin CaCs' Purification transformation. Holding the button extends the roll duration with ki. The maximum possible damage (in training mode at least) is 14893 if you spend all your ki grinding them against a wall.
Exclusive Skill 3: The Savior Has Come (Boss version) - Instead of excessively gaudy and glamorous showboating, this version actually has some weight to it in the form of a powerful explosion, similar in range and speed to Super Ki Explosion. It deals 8925 damage in training mode.


Takes double damage in ranked matches and PQs (pigtails alt only).
Videl can't charge her basic ki blasts.

Majin Buu (Good)

Takes double damage. (Small alt only.)
Buu's charged heavy (Y) starter has super armour.
Buu's grab is ranged, and looks like Go-Go Gum.
Exclusive Skill: Cookie Beam - A combo-friendly ultimate attack that has Buu stroll forward, then turn his enemy into a cookie and eat them for 8740 damage. This move also restores 1500 health to Buu.


Janemba's Z-Vanishes and step vanishes have a unique sound and visual effect instead of the normal one. No other character has this.
His YXYXY and XXXXXYYY utilise ranged punches through dimensional holes and ranged sword beams. These parts of the combo are unvanishable.

Broly (DBZ version and DBS Version)

His charged basic ki blast is a unique type. It's a green bomb ki blast with high speed, excellent tracking and potential to follow up from when used in the right combos.
Exclusive Skill: Gigantic Slam - A quick, lunging grab that has him hold his prey up by the face, then blast them down with a burst of legendary green ki. Absurd range for such a quick move, and good damage too.

Whis, Vados and Demigra

Exclusive Skill: Warp - The user warps and becomes invisible for a couple of seconds, moving freely while doing so and disabling enemies' lock on you. Basically Instant Rise but with a bit more breathing room, and it costs more stamina.


Jaco can't use ki, so he throws stones instead of basic ki blasts. Same as Hercule.
His grab has him pick up the enemy and lift them over his head like a dumbbell a couple times before throwing them away. Top tier grab for disrespect.
Exclusive Skill: Elite Barrage - Blinds the opponent attacking you if they're right in front of you, just like Fake Blast. Costs more stamina, though.

Nuova Shenron and Eis Shenron

Their YYYYY combo finishers stun the opponent with burning and freezing respectively.

Omega Shenron

Exclusive Skill: Dragon Thunder - Omega Shenron extends the spikes in his back to skewer an opponent behind and/or above him. It deals 5019 damage, but it's rather hard to land unless you read a Z-vanish or step-vanish attack.

Hit (Awoken)

Exclusive Skill: Pure Progress - A transformation with 2 stages that costs 500 ki to advance by one stage, and cannot be deactivated nor sealed. First use boosts all damage dealt by 10% permanently. Second use adds another 20%, making it a permanent 30% damage increase.


Exclusive Skill 1: Energy Release - It's literally just a fancy Energy Charge. Bad.
Exclusive Skill 2: Science Vanish - An evasive nearly identical to Whis' and Vados' Warp, except it's red.

Towa (bikini alt)

Exclusive Skill 1: Position Shift (bikini version) - Instead of straight up switching positions, this version moves Towa right behind the target after they're moved to where she fired the attack, allowing for a follow-up.
Exclusive Skill 2: Time Bullet (bikini version) - This version of the move actually does decent damage while holding them in place now, dealing 2921 damage.
Exclusive Skill 3: Energy Release (bikini version) - It still only charges about as fast as Energy Charge, but this version also restores stamina at the same rate, making it a sort of budget Darkness Mixer.
Exclusive Skill 4: Science Vanish (bikini version) - It lasts 4 seconds now, twice as long as usual, and Towa can press X or Y to appear early and knock an opponent away for... 116 damage. Awful power, but it's something, I guess.

Fused Zamasu

Fused Zamasu's combos are interesting in that they're all primarily ranged and caused by his cosmic influence, and many of them are unvanishable as a result.
His heavy starter is different from most characters' in that he fires pink ki blasts from his halo that are stronger than the usual basic ki blasts. These heavy ki blasts can be fired up to 8 times, and he can move while firing them. If one hits, Zamasu can press X to proceed into his ranged YX string. This also means that he has no conventional YYYYY string. These blasts can be reflected like normal ki blasts, though - even the charged ones intended to break an enemy's guard.

Majin Buu (Gohan Absorbed)

Buu's grab has some EXTREME range and speed, spanning about half the World Tournament Ring while maintaining the same endlag as most grabs.
His heavy (Y) starter has him back off and hang in the air for a moment before attacking, similarly to Pearl Flash. Great evasive utility.


Tapion's charged heavy (Y) opener lets him vanish and lunge forward like Super Saiyans.
His backhit has a different animation when fully charged where he spins and tears into the opponent with his sword before continuing his combo.

Android 13

13's backhit is actually a ki blast. It's fast, but it can actually be reflected like Fused Zamasu's heavy ki blasts, even when charged.
His combos have surprisingly amazing tracking and priority, as he vanishes and charges forward for his XXXXXXXX and YXYXY combos.

Ultra Instinct Goku

If Goku isn't attacking or charging ki, he'll auto-dodge anything that isn't a ki super or ult, including grabs and uncharged basic ki blasts, by consuming 1 bar of stamina. He'll also have an opportunity to strike back during the resulting I-frames. There are some exceptions, though, like being able to dodge Crazy Finger Shot.
Exclusive Skill: Surging Spirit - Basically Ultimate Charge, but a little bit faster and with a much cooler pose.


Fu's charged heavy (Y) opener lets him warp behind an opponent to attack if he's close enough. His charged combo heavy (XY) is also both ranged and step cancellable.
Fu's combos have a lot of fast and tricky ranged segments in them, resulting in quite a bit of dancing around an opponent in conjunction with his difficult setup-focused supers.
His charged backhit is similar to Tapion's, except he kicks rather than slashes.
His grab is literally Rock Lee's Primary Lotus Taijutsu technique from Naruto.


Like Imperfect Cell, Kefla's grab is different depending on if she's grounded or airborne. When grounded, it's identical to Goku's Dragon Throw. When airborne, it's not unlike SSG Vegeta's Raid Blast super, where she vanishes above them and pummels them downward.
Her dashing heavy (Y) knockback is interesting in that it doesn't attack on its own, but instead warps you behind the opponent and stops the enemy in place for just a moment. Attacking after that causes an automatic backhit. Similar to the stun from Gigantic Breaker, and good for maintaining a combo rather than just continuing a knockback.

Super Baby 2

Baby's backhit is much like Android 13's. It's a ki blast. It's slower than 13's, but charging it will fire 3 of them in a fan shape, making it much harder to avoid. Like the others, though, it can still be reflected like basic ki blasts.

SSB Gogeta

Gogeta's grab in this form is actually designed to link directly to his basic combos. It's a combo starter, rather than a "get off me" tool like most grabs.
Exclusive Skill 1: Big Bang Kamehameha - Unlike SS4 Gogeta, SSB Gogeta's Big Bang Kamehameha is coded to be able to warp by fully charging it, same as when the normal version is used by Super Saiyan CaCs.
Exclusive Skill 2: Super Mad Dance (SSB version) - This version of the strike skill is recoloured slightly to match Gogeta's Punisher Shield, which is a nice touch. It also does the full 5 hits that transformed CaCs can do with the normal version.
Exclusive Skill 3: Super Kamehameha (SSB version, aka Super Bluff Kamehameha) - This version of Super Kamehameha can be cancelled to give Gogeta a 25% damage boost buff for 20 seconds. Quite a useful comeback tool.

Broly (DBS Version only)

His backhit isn't a physical attack or ki blast like other characters. It's a shockwave of raw force that can hit to his sides as well.


Ribrianne's combo finishers have fighting poses, aka buffs, built into them. These buffs last 20 seconds and can stack with each-other. Stacking them refreshes the duration of all active buffs.
XXXXXXXX grants stamina auto-regen.
YYYYY grants ki auto-regen.
XYY grants a speed boost.
YXYXY grants a defense boost.
XXXXXYYY grants a damage boost.
Exclusive skill 1: Pretty Charge - It's literally just a flashier Maximum Charge.
Exclusive Skill 2: Lovely Showtime - A buff ultimate, of all things. It takes a long while to activate, leaving Ribrianne VERY vulnerable, but if she pulls it off it gives her every buff mentioned above at the same time, AND the block damage buff from Lovely Cyclone, AND increases her max ki AND stamina to 10 bars like Meditation on steroids, AND fully restores her ki and stamina. Utterly terrifying.

SSBE Vegeta

Exclusive Skill 1: Final Charge - Same as Surging Spirit. It's just Ultimate Charge but a little bit faster.
Exclusive Skill 2: Final Flash (Evolved version) - Final Flash as a super attack instead of an ultimate. Who'd have thought we'd see the day. It has the same animation as Super Baby 2's Revenge Final Flash, costs 2 bars of ki, and deals a whopping 6371 damage. VERY good for such a quick beam super.
Exclusive Skill 3: Final Blow (Evolved version) - This version has a bit of startup to it, but in return its range and accuracy are MUCH greater, spanning the entire lock-on range. It also staggers the opponent in place if they're not in a combo, letting it act as a combo starter.
Exclusive Skill 4: Atomic Blast (Evolved version) - This version of the move has a damaging trapping hitbox where the influx of energy is, giving it close-range combo utility.
Exclusive Skill 5: Final Explosion (Evolved version) - This version of the move doesn't leave Vegeta quite as vulnerable after it ends, and doesn't make him fall to the ground.
Exclusive Skill 6: Final Galick Rush - A new ultimate for Vegeta where he charges forward, barraging the enemy in melee before knocking them back, backflipping and blasting them with a Super Galick Gun. The charging forward part of the move has practically perfect tracking, assuming the enemy doesn't warp behind Vegeta.
Exclusive Skill 7: Flash Strike (Evolved Version) - An evasive skill version of the move where Vegeta warps away and blasts the enemy with the move from behind. It's still Flash Strike, though, meaning it still does a LOT more damage if it's used on a launched opponent.

SSG Vegeta

Vegeta's combos have a neat mechanic in this form. Some of his combo finishers have a sound cue in them. If you time your input with the sound, he'll do much more damage with the finisher hit.

Majuub (Kid outfit)

Exclusive Skill 1: Energy Charge (Majuub version) - Same painfully slow charge rate as the normal variant, but this version also immediately restores 50 ki (half a bar) by just tapping the button once, which can be helpful in a pinch or as bait. It also has interesting properties with his versions of Angry Hit and Super Dragon Fist, where it will cancel their endlag and enable him to continue the combo from it. Canceling endlag this way will reduce the 50 ki restored to 20, though.
Exclusive Skill 2: Super Dragon Fist (Majuub version) - This move functions largely the same as the normal version, with one exception. It can chain directly to and from his other supers.
Exclusive Skill 3: Super God Fist (Majuub Version) - It's still mostly the same, but like the others, it can be chained into directly from his other supers, though not into them since it's strictly a combo finisher. When used after Super Dragon Fist, it'll actually warp to them exactly like Savage Strike does.
Exclusive Skill 4: Angry Hit (Majuub version) - The key difference with this version of the move is that it staggers the enemy in place, rather than knocking them down. Uub can't follow up by just mashing X or Y, though, but he can if you cancel Angry Hit's endlag with Energy Charge first. Like the others, Uub can chain this move to and from his other supers. He can actually volley an opponent back and forth with Angry Hit and Super Dragon Fist repeatedly, then either use Super God Fist to end the chain or Energy Charge to return to basic combos. All of Uub's supers with this alt have VERY devastating damage and versatility if used well.
Exclusive Skill 5: Innocence Breath (Majuub version) - This version of the move knocks an opponent back with a shout before firing the pink blast, guaranteeing that it'll hit and making it very combo-friendly. It also has him do a unique pose afterwards - one that's much less goofy than the normal version.

Android 21

21's charged ki blast is actually a flurry of ranged ki blades from her kicks. It's very stylish, all things considered.
Her backstep and sidestep have unique animations and sounds where she twirls as she steps, and her lab coat makes a fluttering noise that replaces the usual step noise.
Her grab is also a Candy Beam that restores 1 bar of ki. Very cute.
Exclusive Skill: Appetising Rush - This ultimate can't be used mid-combo, probably because it's basically guaranteed to connect with how it warps behind the enemy and attacks almost immediately. The resulting attack rush does 10845 damage and resembles some of her combos from Dragon Ball FighterZ.
Exclusive Skill: Total Evasion - Literally just Total Detonation Ball, but as an evasive that warps upwards and deals 33% less damage.

Supreme Kai of Time

Her Maximum Charge has a cute little animation where she poses and makes peace signs after she's done charging.
Her grab has some deceptive reach to it, as she uses magic to make up for the range she physically lacks, and it deals more damage if they hit the ground.
She smol.

Fused Zamasu (Half-corrupted)

Only playable as a Crystal Raid boss.
This version of Zamasu has a lot of combo strings absent. His X combo only has 5 parts, and his charged combo heavy (XY) goes straight into the Y combo and isn't its own string. XXXXXYYY is impossible since the combo ends at the 5th X. YXYXY can only be used on its own and can't be chained from XXXXX nor YYYYY.
His ki blasts are also completely replaced by a slower, singular Soaring Fist using his giant right arm. The odd thing is that this is also the exact same as his YYYYY finisher.
Exclusive Skill 1: Celestial Hammer - A large overhead lariat with his corrupted arm. Tracks super well and deals 3330 damage. Best used after his Soaring Fist airblast thing.
Exclusive Skill 2: Light of Justice - A large red ki beam fired from Zamasu's mouth. Same range as Gigantic Roar, and deals 4162 damage.
Exclusive Skill 3: Spiral of Condemnation - Basically three Whirlwind Blades that scatter from Zamasu in a fan shape at high speeds, dealing 2497 damage. Hard to avoid since they fan out, and they break an enemy's stamina if they try to block it.
Exclusive Skill 4 (/5?): Flames of Retribution - Infinity Explosion if it was good. Serves as both super and evasive, and deals 3604 damage to anything near Zamasu.


Only playable as a Crystal Raid boss.
Demigra's combos suffer much the same fate as Corrupted Fused Zamasu's. Thankfully, his combos have a few neat gimmicks to offset that.
His basic ki blasts are much like regular Fused Zamasu's, except much faster and much more powerful. He can also step cancel out of them to chain it into itself.
His heavy (Y) opener hits wherever he's locked on to, and whichever combo he follows with teleports to their position. This means he can stamina break an opponent that's about to use an ultimate attack from the very edge of lock-on range.
His combos generally have good range and quick vanishing volleys spread through them, similar to Android 13's.
Exclusive Skill 1: Seasoning Arrow - Summons a rain of ki blasts around Demigra, dealing 1417 damage and paralysing anyone hit by them for a couple of seconds.
Exclusive Skill 2: Time Shackles - Causes a black hole-like ki cage to trap the enemy, dealing 2098 damage. It's a command grab, and can't be escaped once caught. It also drains a bar of stamina from the enemy.
Exclusive Skill 3: Energy Jet - A powerful ultimate where Demigra gathers dark energy around himself, letting his staff swirl with it and trap any opponents that touch him. It's then focused forward, blasting off and dealing 8277 damage. It does much more damage if activated with an opponent trapped in front of him, instead dealing 15432 in total.

Mira (Final Form)

Only usable as a Crystal Raid Boss.
Same combo difficulties as the other two boss-only characters, but his YYYYY string does combo straight to Serious Bomb, and it looks super cool. At the very least, he actually has normal ki blasts unlike the other two, with a power-type charged ki blast.
Exclusive Skill: Instant Charge
The single coolest-looking charge skill in the game, bar none. Mira vanishes for a moment (for some reason), then lets off a crapload of time distortion around him as he charges 6 bars of ki in barely a couple of seconds. It's a shame that it doesn't hurt anyone that gets too close, what with his charge skill alone looking like a raid boss time rift and all.

Earthling CaCs

Earthlings very slightly naturally regenerate ki, and deal 10% more damage with their basic attacks when their ki is maxed. Great for retaining ki for supers and ults in drawn out fights, or for switching strategies to all-out melee in a pinch.

Saiyan CaCs

Saiyans get a natural damage bonus when low on health, and keep that bonus for the rest of the fight after being KO'd and revived.

Namekian CaCs

Namekians naturally regenerate health when it's low. Excellent longevity if you play smart.

Frieza Race CaCs

Frieza's Race get a natural speed boost on low health, and regain a little bit of stamina with every basic attack they land.

Male Majin CaCs

Male Majins naturally take 20% less damage while they're above 25% stamina, but take double damage when below that. Outstanding sustain if played well, but absolutely destroyed by pretty much anything if they make one too many mistakes.

Female Majin CaCs

Female Majins naturally recover from Stamina breaks 50% faster than normal.
submitted by HeirT0TheMonado to dbxv

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