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Bowmancer Guide

While this meme build has existed for a while, I haven’t seen a guide for it yet. It uses the Necromancer’s Deadly Poison skill, delivered via Multishot from the unique crossbow Doomslinger.
Table of content

  1. Important notes
  2. General Pros and Cons
  3. FAQ
  4. Main Guidelines/Gameplay
  5. Notes on Gear, Attack Rating and +% Poison Damage
  6. Breakpoints
  7. Skills/Stats/Variants
  8. Gear options
  9. Corruptions
  10. Socketing options
  11. Mercenaries
  12. Other ideas
1. Important Notes
This guide is heavily based on the awesome bowasorc guide by bonecollector66 (https://www.reddit.com/pathofdiablo/comments/dpg13x/indepth_bowasorc_guide/). I’ve copied its formatting and I’m simply transposing its advice to the necro. There are overlaps, but also many important differences.
I only tested this on softcore, but I imagine it is viable on hardcore with some tweaks since necromancers generally have good survivability.
I am not a regular necromancer player. I’m sure there are details I may have missed and I expect corrections in the comments.
I am not a rich man, nor do I have an insane amount of time. I have never seen a Jah rune in-game. As such, I have tested a few of these variants but obviously can’t afford all of them. Here is a link to my armory: https://pathofdiablo.com/p/armory/?name=psngfhalg
2. General Pros and Cons
  • Reason #1 to play a meme build: style. Walking around with a doomslinger, you feel like the baddest motherfucker in Sanctuary (until you are in game with a real bowzon, then you just feel a little inadequate)
  • Actually viable meme build. Makes a great chaos runner, and it can map albeit slower than meta builds
  • Great durability. With summons and a blood golem, you only die if you aren’t paying attention or get ambushed.
  • Out-damages desecrate. Deadly poison’s damage scaling is better than desecrate above 30 skill points. While you can’t stack damage like desecrate, for non-bosses this isn’t an issue.
  • Cheap. You need specific gear, but most of it is off-meta or unpopular, meaning you can make a budget version of this build for oocs/mid runes. Necro torches and skillers are dirt cheap. You can get fully geared (but not fully optimized) for maybe 2-3 HR.
  • Very few unbreakable immunes. Only two maps – Frigid Plateau and Burnt Forest – have poison immunes you can’t break with lower resist. You can still kill them with corpse explosion
  • Flexible. If you don’t like this build, with a few gear changes you are a poison/CE necromancer.
  • Gear dependent. You absolutely need a Doomslinger with several sockets
  • Slow. You can sacrifice some durability to get high Convocation, but for most builds you’re walking everything. Maps take at least 40 minutes no matter what density just because you need to walk everywhere.
  • Slower kills. Poison takes time, and meatier enemies like Venom Lords will take 2-3 seconds to die.
  • Need to remember to re-cast deadly poison. You can get in dangerous situations when you are shooting and suddenly nothing is dying. It does have a display aura, but that is easy to miss.
  • Hard to find some gear on the trade site. Good bolts and +Deadly Poison gear are not things people pick up to trade
  • Lots of skills. I have all of my hot keys filled and I still have skills I need to switch to manually. If you want a build where you just hold down right click and cruise, this isn't for you.
3. FAQ
  • (most of these questions are copied straight from the bowasorc guide)
  • Is this build expensive? Nope. Starter gear is oocs/mid runes. Low necro torches are < 1 HR. Armor and jewelry will be the most expensive part. You can certainly min-max and get more expensive though
  • Is this build a ladder starter? Nope. It is cheap but needs some very specific items which isn’t good at the very beginning of the ladder.
  • Where do you farm? Cows/Chaos/Shenk is easy with low gear. Once you have more durability, you can do any map. Frigid Plateau and Burnt Forest are hardest due to unbreakable poison immunes, but even those are doable
  • How is survivability? Great. Revives + blood golem gives you plenty of meat shields to hide behind. You only die if you aren’t paying attention or get impatient
  • What are your biggest threats? Large packs of ranged attackers, especially around blind corners. Most of my deaths are from moving ahead of my summons and getting murdered by a group of bush barbs/succubi/horror archers
  • What do you use for single targets/bosses? Decrepify + desecrate. Your swap weapons make you pretty much a fully geared poison necro. Desecrate is better for bosses since 1) it always hits and 2) its damage stacks on unmoving targets.
  • Isn’t this just a Poison/CE necro with more steps? Yeah but this one goes pewpewpew
4. Main Guidelines/Gameplay
This build requires Doomslinger because it gives +1 Multishot, allowing you to do Deadly Poison damage to a lot of enemies at once. Then you need a lot of gear with +1 all skills (not + Necromancer or +Amazon skills) to increase the number of arrows you shoot.
How does this build actually play?
Before combat: Using your swap gear, cast deadly poison and blood golem. Then cast desecrate and bring up some revives.
In combat: Walk toward enemies and multishot while your summons take all the hits. Wait a second or two for everything to die. If there are poison immunes, cast lower resist or corpse explosion. Use convocation to keep your minions organized and use decrepify/desecrate on bosses. When Deadly Poison runs out, swap gear and recast.
Your Deadly Poison damage will be around 30-40k/2 seconds. Since extra hits only add to the poison duration, not damage, it is better to spread your shots around and hit as many enemies as possible rather than focusing fire. If you want to be especially careful, start shooting before you see enemies to get off screen kills.
5. Notes on gear, attack rating, and +% poison damage
There are a few important things to think about when considering gear and damage. This gets a bit detailed, so I put the important conclusions in bold.
Make sure you upgrade your Doomslinger to a Cho-Ko-Nu. This reduces the increased attack speed you need to hit the 11 frame max breakpoint from 35% to 8%. The recipe for this is Sol + Ral + P Emerald. Further upgrading to a Demon Crossbow is not helpful as your physical damage is irrelevant and you don’t want to increase the dex requirements.
On the topic of attack rating: yours will be shit. It is essential that you have a way to ignore target defense or you won’t be able to hit anything. This means you’ll want your Doomslinger to have 4 sockets to put in 4x Eth runes (-25% target defense each) or be rich and put a Jah rune there (Ignore Target Defense). There are some caveats to this, which you need to understand how % chance to hit works to understand.
The formula for chance to hit is:
% = 200 * (Your attack rating / Your attack Rating + Enemy Defense Rating) * (Your level / Your level + enemy level)
This is capped at 95% and 5%. As you can see, even ignoring target defense, your level is a big factor in chance to hit. So even with a properly socketed Doomslinger, you’ll still need to level up to hit things. By level 80 you should have ~95% chance to hit on all normal monsters.
Two big notes on this topic:
Your character sheet does not consider -Target defense, so your chance to hit is actually much higher than what it shows.
-% Target Defense only works half on unique monsters and even less on bosses. Ignore Target Defense does not work on bosses. For packs with unique monsters in them, multishot is fastest, but when trying to kill Diablo or map bosses you’ll want to switch to Desecrate, which always hits.
On the topic of damage:
% Poison Damage interacts weirdly with Deadly Poison. Your character sheet double counts the increased damage – it is applied both on the skill (when you cast deadly poison) and on your weapon damage. This is correct for melee weapons but not ranged. For ranged weapons, only the % damage increase on the skill actually counts. To get the actual damage, you must divide your sheet damage by your % damage increase. This is a known issue for Enflame and Frigerate as well.
An example from my character:
My base damage without +%poison damage gear is 19k. When I put on Trang-Oul’s gloves (+25% poison damage) and Bramble armor (+45% poison damage) my damage goes up to 32k. Then I re-cast Deadly Poison and my damage goes up to 55k. This looks awesome, but only the second increase is real – my actual damage is around 32-33k.
What does this mean for gear choices: +% poison damage only applies to gear you are wearing when you cast Deadly Poison. -% Poison resistance only applies to gear you are wearing when you shoot. If you put poison facets in your Doomslinger, only use +3/-5 ones. If you are putting facets in your swap gear, only use +5/-3 ones. Only use +5/-5 facets in your helm and armor.
6. Breakpoints
Relevant Breakpoints
  • Necromancer: FCR: 0/9/18/30/48/75/125 FHR: 0/5/10/16/26/39/56/86/152/377 IAS: 8% (If you upgraded your Doomslinger once, otherwise it’s 4%/16%/35%)
  • Act 1 Merc: FHR: 6/13/20/32/52/86 IAS (Blade Bow): 7/18/35/60/109
  • Act 2 Merc: FHR: 14/20/30/42/60/86 IAS (ThresheGiant Thresher): 8/22/42/75/142
  • Act 3 Merc: FHR: 5/8/13/18/24/32/46/63/86 IAS (Phase Blade): No clue, not included in calculators since they only weapon attack in POD
  • Act 5 Merc: FHR: 15/27/48/86 IAS (using Legend Sword): 10/23/42/75IAS (using Colossus Sword): 11/22/32/48/70/105
7. Skills/Stats/Variants
Skill Points:
  • Poison and Bone
  • Deadly Poison: 20
  • Desecrate: 20
  • Poison Nova: 20
  • Bone Armor: 1
  • Corpse Explosion: Variable
  • Clay Golem: 1
  • Blood Golem: Variable
  • Metal Golem: Variable
  • Fire Golem: Variable
  • Summon Mastery: Variable
  • Skeletons: 1 (prereq to revive)
  • Revive: 1 (with +skills this gives you four revives. Lots of allies for minimal investment)
  • Convocation: Variable
  • Decrepify: 1
  • Lower Resist: Need to reach 18 total with +skills gear to break resists
  • Dim vision/Confuse: If you want them. Situationally useful for damage reduction
I put variable in the skills that you have some flexibility with. You want at least 1 point in corpse explosion, convocation, summon mastery, and the golem of your choice. How you divide up the remainder is up to you. I’ll summarize the pros and cons of using each:
Corpse explosion: You need at least one point here to deal with unbreakable immunes. You can invest more to become a hybrid poison/CE necro, which is very powerful but strays from the intent here.
Convocation: One point is necessary to keep your summons organized and hop over annoying barriers. If you run too far without using Convocation your revives will disappear. This is a weird bug but very manageable. If you want more mobility, you need a large investment to get the cooldown to 0.5 s. Basically with this it is either one point or 20.
Golems: I personally go with a blood golem because it gives you a lot of health and its aura makes your summons really tanky. An iron golem can give you an extra aura and a fire golem is probably the highest damage option. Does anyone use clay golems?
Summon Mastery: keeps your summons alive. Honestly not sure what a worthwhile investment is in this skill, but I have about 5 points here and between this and my blood golem my revives only die when they run out of time or get lost. When I respec I’ll probably keep this at one and see how necessary it is.
Other variants I know less about: bone armor may boost survivability, and some people like bone wall for the crowd control. I don’t recommend skeletons as they need a larger investment to stay alive.
  • Strength: Enough for gear (armor will probably be the limiting factor here)
  • Dex: Enough for Doomslinger
  • Vita: Rest
  • Energy: None
8. Gear options
General advice: You want to stack a lot of +All skills (not +Necromancer skills) since this is how you get more arrows on your multishot.
You need +8% increased attack speed somewhere in your gear. Potential areas include bolts, glove corruption, and sockets. A little mana leech/gain can be helpful. I have 4 mana per ranged hit on my bolts and never need mana pots when multishotting. Stacking pierce is also very helpful to increasing your damage output. Between Doomslinger and Razortail you’ll have 68%, which is fairly effective, but more is better.
There are a few trap stats that may look good but are not very helpful. Life leech only works on physical damage, so it doesn’t really help you since most of your damage is coming from poison. Life/mana on hit only triggers on the middle arrow of your multishot, so it is less effective than you might think. Ditto for knockback and hit freezes target.
  • Shako is best all around. If you’re on a budget, get a CNC one and Larzuk in a socket.
  • Andariel’s Visage: +2 skills and +strength is nice, but the attack speed is overkill and life leech is wasted. -Fire resist hurts a bit too, and poison resist is redundant if you go with Bramble armor.
  • Nightwing’s Veil: +2 skills is great and dex is nice but most of the other stats are wasted.
  • Crown of Ages: Good for survivability but very high strength requirement
  • Delirium: Good stats but turning into a fetish sucks. Would not recommend
  • Peasant’s Crown, Lore: Good budget options
  • Budget:
    • CNC Vipermagi is good. +1 all skills and resists are very helpful. I don’t think 4os Vipermagi is worth the price for this build.
    • Que-Hegan’s Wisdom has +1 all skills but is even more caster focused than vipermagi so not ideal
  • End Game:
    • Bramble: Best damage option. With a good +% poison damage roll this easily out damages all other options.
    • Enigma: Best utility option. Warp means you can ignore convocation
    • Chains of Honor: Best survivability option.
    • Arkaine’s Valor: Best flexibility option, also fairly cheap. High str requirement, but +2 all skills, lots of extra life, and it can corrupt for four sockets which gives a ton of options
  • Trang-Oul’s gloves: No other options, these are just way too good. +25% poison damage, +2 curses, cold resist, can corrupt for IAS.
  • You’ll want faster run/walk, resists, and (if possible) faster hit recovery and life. I use Aldur’s Advance but you have a lot of options here.
  • Razortail: +pierce makes these almost necessary. +dex is also helpful
  • Arachnid Mesh: +1 all skills makes this competitive with razortail, but pierce > all skills
  • You’re looking for +all skills. Some options:
  • Eye of Etlitch: +1 all skills is nice, but life leech is wasted
  • Telling of Beads: +1 all skills and some resists. Best budget option.
  • Highlord’s Wrath: +1 all skills and lightning resist is nice. Increased attack speed is meh since you only need +8%.
  • Seraph’s Hymn: +2 all skills, but all other stats are wasted. Use it if you’ve got it laying around on a mule, but not the best option
  • +3 Poison and Bone skills magic amulet: highest damage option. With a +1 all skills corrupt you sacrifice a multishot arrow but gain 2-3k damage.
  • Mara’s Kaleidoscope: +2 all skills, resists, stats. Best all around option
  • Bul-Kathos’ Wedding Band: +1 all skills, +life. Very good option.
  • Stone of Jordan: +1 all skills is good, +mana is kind of wasted unless you are going heavy on the corpse explosion. BK is better, but if you’re rich and have a few extra lying around it’s a good option.
  • Wisp Projector: +10% damage, faster run/walk, MF. Obviously great if you can afford it.
  • Raven Frost: cannot be frozen is very nice, +dex and AR also good. You’ll either want to wear one of these or put a Cham in your helm.
  • Doomslinger: duh. You’ll want to get one with at least four sockets or be rich and have a spare Jah rune so you don’t have to worry about AR. Also make sure you upgrade it to a Cho-Ko-Nu to lower your increased attack speed requirements. This can be done after corrupting without changing the maximum number of sockets.
A 4os Doomslinger should cost around a Mal/Ist, though some delusional people will ask for an HR or more because they don’t understand the demand part of supply and demand. Ignore them and shop around. Worst-case scenario buy clean ones for an ooc and corrupt it yourself. You have about a 12% chance of rolling >=4 sockets.
In order of importance, you’ll want: +1 all skills / pierce / >=8 IAS / resists / MF
Since people don’t pick up bolts to trade, you probably won’t find bolts with everything you want. I use +1 all skills, +all resist bolts and I’m pretty happy with it. Also another example of people not really understanding demand – don’t pay more than a few oocs/pul rune unless they have everything you want.
Your swap gear is very important - it is probably the cheapest way to add damage to this build. Always always always cast deadly poison with your swap gear – it adds +10 to deadly poison, which translates to >10k extra damage.
  • White (Dol Io): Cheap, easy to make, probably best in slot for pure Deadly Poison. Shop for a base from Drognan in Act 2 Normal. You’ll want +3 Deadly Poison at a minimum (+6 total with runeword). Secondary things that are useful include +Desecrate, +Corpse Explosion, +Lower Resist, +Convocation
  • Blackbog's Sharp: Unique dagger that gives +5 to Deadly Poison and +4 to Desecrate. With 3os corruption and facets this is probably the best in slot.
  • Death’s Web: More expensive option. Worse for deadly poison damage (since -enemy poison resist won’t apply to your shots), but better for desecrate damage. You could use it, but at that point why are you even playing a bownecro?
  • Splendor (Eth Lum) Shrunken Head: Splendor is a great, cheap way add +1 all skills and some fast cast rate to a shield. Finding a head with +3 deadly poison is harder since you can’t vendor it, but not impossible. Same deal as the White base, be on the lookout for bonuses to your secondary skills as well. 10FCR from Splendor and 20FCR from White get you to the 12 frame breakpoint, which isn’t bad.
  • Darkforce Spawn or Boneflame: More expensive, they provide less of a bonus to deadly poison, but more bonuses to other skills. Use these if you want to lean more into the corpse explosion play style or feel you need better boss killing speed. If you get one with the +10% poison damage corruption it will probably out damage Splendor.
  • Torch and anni. Low necro torches are cheap, I still haven't bought an anni and I'm running fine
  • 9 x +1 Poison and Bone Skills: You can get these for a few oocs/um/pul each. Get a few with +FHR and +life as well if you can afford it. After your swap weapons, this is the second cheapest way to increase your damage.
  • Use small charms to make up stats you are short on. More resists, FHR, FRW and MF are good options, and life is always helpful
9. Corruptions
  • Helm/Armors: sockets
  • Swap Weapon: sockets for facets
  • Swap Shield: +10% poison damage if using Darkforce Spawn or Boneflame, Sockets also amount to the same thing if you put facets in them.
  • Gloves: Great place to get your increased attack speed. Resistance is also nice. Life gained on hit is meh – you’ll already have plenty of this if you go with a blood golem
  • Belts: +8% pierce is easily the best option
  • Boots: Resists. Dexterity may be helpful if it frees up points to dump into vitality. Cooldown is wasted unless you’re going hard in convocation.
  • Amulets: +1 all skills, no competition
  • Rings: All are useful to some extent. Phys damage reduction is great for survivability, and faster run/walk will be a big help if you did not invest in convocation. Cast rate is helpful if you want to hit a higher breakpoint for your corpse explosion / desecrate but worthless otherwise.
  • Bolts: Increased attack speed if you don’t have another source of it. Otherwise all resist or vitality. Life/mana gained on hit is not very helpful
10. Socketing options
  • Cham: Cannot be frozen lets you drop Raven Frost and stack more +All skills.
  • Um: +15% All resists. My gear is currently low on resists, so an Um’d Shako is really helpful
  • Tal/Ral/Ort/Thul: Budget Um if you only need to increase one resist
  • Ber: +8% damage reduction if you are dying a lot and are rich.
  • Shael: +20% hit recovery. Good if you find yourself getting stunlocked by ranged hits, but make sure it will actually get you to an FHR breakpoint.
  • IAS Jewel: If you don’t have another source of increased attack speed to hit the 8% breakpoint. Look for other useful modifiers with it, but don’t waste money on %Enhanced Damage since you aren’t doing physical damage.
  • Poison facets: Extra damage. 5/-5 is worth it in helm/armor
  • Ist/Topaz: Stack that MF
Swap weapon/shield:
  • Facets: Use +5/-3
  • Since you don’t have a good source of attack rating, you need sockets in your Doomslinger to ignore defense. You have two options here:
    • Budget: 4x Eth runes
    • Expensive: Jah
  • With extra sockets, you have more options:
    • Ist: MF
    • Poison Facets: As explained above, you’ll want 3/-5 facets here
    • If you don’t have IAS from other gear, a Shael rune or IAS jewel here will get you to your breakpoint
  • As mentioned above, Nef and Cham are not very effective with multishot
11. Mercenaries
Your merc is useful as an aura source and a meat shield. With a blood golem they have decent survivability since they have ~50 life gained on hit. A few options:
Act 2 Defensive merc (Defiance aura): More defense is always nice and increases the durability of your summons as well.
Act 2 Combat merc (Prayer aura): A little redundant if you are running with a blood golem since you already have a source of life regeneration. Still doesn’t hurt to add more summon survivability.
Act 2 Offensive merc (Blessed aim aura): Only use this if you couldn’t get four Eth runes or a Jah in your Doomslinger. You’ll still miss a lot, but your AR won’t be garbage.
Act 1 Merc (Inner Sight): same as above. Does have some interesting gear options though.
Act 3 Defensive merc (Cleansing aura): Reduced curse duration is really useful on maps. Decrepify is annoying, and anything that reduces its impact is welcome.
Act 3 Offensive merc (Meditation aura): You won’t struggle at all with mana if you are going pure multishot, but it may be good if you are going more heavily into corpse explosion
A few notes on gear: Other guide’s advice on helms and armor still applies: stacking leech, damage reduction, resists etc. are essential to keeping your merc alive. For weapon choice, some commonly used ones are not as useful to this build:
Insight: You don’t need mana unless you are doing a lot of corpse explosions
Infinity: Conviction does not reduce poison resistance, so this is only helpful for corpse explosion damage.
LawbringeFaith/Beast/Pride: decrepify procs are pointless, and increases to physical damage only help your minions. Large investment for marginal gain
Doom may be a good choice for the Holy Freeze. Another interesting but untested option is to use Ice on an Act I merc.
Harmony on an Act I merc will give you vigor, which should help with your speed problems. Haven’t run it yet, but I plan to soon.
Another interesting option is Tomb Reaver. You poisoning everything means your merc has a lot of opportunities to kill weakened enemies, and summoning more meat shields as Reanimated is helpful. This is my current setup on an Act 2 Defensive Merc. Definitely not optimal, but can be fun.
12. Other Ideas
Another option is to use Widowmaker and fire Magic Arrows. With 100 Dex and using Moonfire arrows, you would fire five magic arrows, which all would have 100% pierce. Also Widowmaker has the Ignore Target Defense property, so you could still ignore attack rating. You would probably want to put Shaels in sockets. In addition, Widowmaker gives you Guided Arrow, which always hits and would be useful on bosses. qles74 made an Assassin Widowmaker guide that would be useful if going this route (https://www.reddit.com/pathofdiablo/comments/hoabbc/legacy_of_a_sniper_the_widowmaker_bowsin_guide_w/).
The downsides: Magic arrows disappear at the edge of the screen, meaning you don’t get the offscreen kills that are a big part of the appeal of multishot. Also you fire fewer arrows (5 vs >9) and need to stack a lot more IAS. Still, it might be viable and would give you even more style points.
The weirdest option I want to test is to go full melee. This would use the Passion runeword in a phase blade and deliver your Deadly Poison via Zeal. This has the advantage of actually using the double-counted +% Poison Damage, so you could easily do 60k+ damage with this setup. In addition, blood golems give a large life gained on hit, which may help with survivability.
The downsides: You can’t put Eths or a Jah in your weapon, so you actually need AR. You also need attack speed (Necro Zeal IAS BP with a phaseblade: 7/20/24/39/70). If you’re wading into combat, you need more life and you’ll probably want to use a Stormshield and socket things with Bers and Ums. One strategy might be to use Decrepify, Confuse, or Dim Vision, then use convocation to jump into the cursed group. Would it be the best build? No. But it would be rad as hell, and that’s all that matters.
Edit: Sabell300 posted a video with a similar build here if you want to see it in action.
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