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Valkyrie - Chapter 1

Next Chapter
20 October, 2582
“I mean, ultimately I guess we all just have a job to do, you know? You do your best and hope--”
“Sorry,” I interrupted the young blonde woman sitting across from me as I stood.
“Commander Swann, do you have time for an interview?” I yelled out the briefing room door. “Lieutenant Jameson and I are almost done.”
The man had just walked by and I wasn’t about to miss an opportunity to schedule him. Maybe with his co-pilot here he’d me more amiable to it. I didn’t hear his footsteps and wasn’t sure how far he’d made it down the hall, but he reappeared a few moments later and leaned on the edge of the doorframe.
“How many times did you have to ask her?” he asked with a nod towards Matrix.
“Just the once.”
“I’m disappointed, Matrix,” Swann said with a grin. His co-pilot spun in the chair to face him.
“I saw how persistent she was with you and that you were being your usual grumpy self,” Matrix replied. “Figured I’d give her a win.”
Commander Swann gave a single laugh and disappeared down the hall before I could ask again.
“Do you have to interview him?” Matrix asked, spinning back around.
I plopped back down in my chair with a sigh. “No, not technically. But it’d be best if I could. From purely a public affairs perspective, his experience makes his input valuable. Plus my boss knows him, so I’d feel bad if I went back empty-handed.”
“Well shit, try that then.” Matrix waved her hand dismissively.
“Try what?”
“Cara, in the flying community names and relationships are everything. Just drop your bosses name, say it’s a favor or something.”
I pursed my lips. “That seems...cheap.”
“Maybe. Depends on how bad you want it I guess.” Matrix leaned back in her chair and kicked her feet up on another. I mulled the advice over in my mind. In my fleet course to be a Public Affairs Officer we were taught that name-dropping would get you filtered answers. The interviewee would inevitably want to maintain a certain perception to whoever the connection was with. I didn’t really know the nature of Captain Meyer’s relationship with Commander Swann though, so maybe it wouldn’t alter Swann’s answers. He certainly didn’t seem the type to care about much and it was the best option I had short of hoping he slipped and ended up confined to a medical bed.
“What’s the next question?” Matrix’s voice pulled me from my dreams of the salty commander tripping down a flight of stairs.
“Oh, sorry.” I glanced back down at my tablet. “What do you think of your role in this war?”


Traveling to the UNN Spitfire had been a two-week trip, but it had given me plenty of time for some spin-up reading on my assignment. I learned that the SRTS-5 “Chimera” was a bit of a hot topic for more than just its role in the current state of affairs. While the modified transport shuttle was catching a lot of flak in the public purview for becoming a go-to close air support asset, old discussions were also resurfacing about when the UNN had actively sought to discontinue the program more than a decade ago. Experts argued that the new starfighters provided both terrestrial and orbital small-vessel superiority, removing the need for a small shuttle capable of defending itself. The Chimera managed to survive in administrative limbo, undergoing several modernization programs--if you could call them that.
The result was a Frankenstein vessel of two old, overpowered engines controlled by mechanical inputs in the cockpit that starkly contrasted the state-of-the-art avionics program, digital readouts, and other holographic displays. The SRTS-5 had been dubbed the Chimera when the two door guns had been added a year later. They were, surprisingly, one of the most advanced parts of the craft; able to use a variety of ammunition, providing an overwhelming volume of fire, and supported by computer-aided targeting. They were a top-notch weapon system, though limited in their field of fire due to the small wings that jutted out from below the cargo bay doors.
Any attempts to fully automate their targeting by Fleet Command had been shot down from all sides. The pilots were too busy with the other flight systems and weapons to control the massive guns and letting the computer auto-target was seen as inhumane by policymakers within the United Nations of Earth. The engineers had made the most of it, affixing a harness for a gunner position and altering the cargo doors to open by sliding backward. The doors were then reinforced with additional armor so they would help protect the reactor nestled behind the small cargo bay.
It wasn’t the most interesting assignment, but it was a way to get off-planet, something I desperately needed if I were to promote quickly. The Chimera crew aboard the Spitfire I decided to interview were as standard as they come: a senior lead pilot, a junior co-pilot, and mirrored experience for the two enlisted gunners.
When I’d first met the two gunners they were in their heavily armored flight suits, the faceplate of their helmets covered by some added tech that made them look like robots. Despite the intimidating look, they had been nothing but kind. Over the past few weeks I had even grown accustomed to Corporal Strong's uncouth jokes. At first, I had wanted to reprimand him, specifically when he’d wolf-whistled at me, but Chief Hardin had informed me that the standards were different when a ship was underway and that the jokes were in good spirits. Also, the young corporal apparently hadn’t known I was an officer. I kindly reminded the Chief that rank didn’t matter and, while I was still within earshot at least, he gave the corporal a verbal reaming.
Corporal Strong was your typical meathead, covered in tattoos and muscle-bound from spending every free moment at the gym. He was young and enthusiastic about his job shooting a big gun and more than willing to tell anyone who would listen about it. I had spent most of my interview with him trying to get him to focus on answering my questions, preferably without cussing, and not just telling me cool stories.
Chief Hardin, on the other hand, was a grizzled senior enlisted with five o’clock shadow at all hours of the day and seemed to live on caffeine alone. He had a knack for always seeming busy and didn’t speak unless he felt the need. Luckily for me, he considered answering my questions as part of his job and our interview had been one of the best I’d had.
Lieutenant Junior Grade Jameson was nice as well, splitting the difference between the two enlisted on the crew personality-wise. She was rather intimidating to look at; beautiful blonde hair, a strong jaw, toned muscles visibly filling out her flight suit, and a full head taller than me to boot. She reminded me of the pictures of the Viking women from history lessons I’d had in college.
Surprisingly, I learned that she spent more time studying than anything else. My curiosity piqued, I had skimmed her bio on the net. She received her callsign, Matrix, for being such a quick-study. It was a reference to some old movie I’d never seen, but I assumed it made sense somehow. She had been top of her class in flight school, which earned her the freedom to choose her airframe and assignment. One article had quoted several of the instructor cadre who stated their surprise at her choice to fly one of the oldest vessels in the inventory rather than the starfighters. I felt the same, but I also never claimed to understand pilots.
Lieutenant Commander Swann, though, was a problem. The first time we met I had mistaken his vessel for the shuttle that would take me to the surface of the planet the Spitfire was orbiting. He eyed my large duffel only briefly before stating it was too big to fly with. A joke, I’d later been told. The weight of my gear was irrelevant. The two engines on the Chimera had enough power to turn its occupants into pink jelly if the pilots ever felt like disabling the onboard computers that limited their output.
Since that moment Commander Swann hadn’t stopped treating me like an outsider. After dodging my first two requests for an interview I hadn’t been able to pin him down to ask again. Ultimately I could do without his inputs, but I was supposed to gather information from every combat-related position of all ranks, and Swann was the highest-ranking combat pilot on the ship.
The other Chimera crew was as green as they came and therefore not particularly helpful. Their vessel had some large mechanical failure before I arrived that left it unable to fly. That meant the crew spent most of their time in the mess hall or goofing off, making it hard to track them down. Besides, not one of them had seen real combat despite the few hundred flight hours between them.
Swann, on the other hand, had cut his teeth as a junior pilot during the end of the Third Contact War and had now been part of the war against the rebellion for a little over three years. Captain Meyer had been very forthcoming with that information when giving me the assignment. He knew Swann personally, he’d said, and was eager to hear how an old acquaintance was doing.
Now, after resorting to name-dropping Captain Meyer, Commander Swann half sat, half leaned on a large, thigh-high crate in the middle of the hangar with his arms folded across his chest. I gritted my teeth. I had wanted this to be a bit more formal. But fine.
Searching for something to sit on, I found a small ammo can nearby and slid it over. I powered on my tablet and opened the recording program before maximizing the script with my questions. I knew he was watching me, but I couldn’t let him intimidate me out of doing my job. I finally had him. I was going to make the most of it.
“Your name, for the record,” I asked.
“Michael Swann.”
“And your current rank and position within the Fleet?”
“Lieutenant Commander and SRTS-5 Pilot, 15th Fleet. Currently assigned to the UNN Spitfire.” He sounded bored. I didn’t need his actual voice, the recording was just for my memory as I wrote, but I didn’t want him to fall into a rhythm of cookie-cutter, uninterested answers.
“You go by the callsign Darth, correct?”
“Does that offend you?” It was an off-script question so I wouldn’t be permitted to use his reply, but I needed to break the current trend. It worked, seemingly, as I noted his raised brow.
“Why would it?”
“Well,” I explained, “I’m told that in the old movies it was a title given to evil, magic-wielding lords who killed people.” That got me a slight chuckle.
“It’s just a name, Ensign.”
I nodded my head slightly, scanning through the list of questions on my tablet. Not of all them applied to every interviewee, but I didn’t want to miss any.
“Alright, would you please state your experience in your current position?”
“I have just over seven hundred combat hours.”
“Over what timeframe?” I asked.
“Eight years and eleven deployments with various fleets. Listen, Ensign, if you want my background or bio they’re listed on the net. Let’s get to the real questions.”
I curled my lips. He wasn’t wrong, but this was part of the process. I certainly didn’t want him to feel like he was in control of the interview. Even so, I didn’t have much ground to stand on.
I shifted to sit straighter on my makeshift stool. “Fine. Commander Swann, in your opinion, is there justification for using weaponry that far outclasses that of the rebel faction, as they’ve been named by the United Nations of Earth?”
“And what is that justification?”
“The people you’ve,” he pointed at me sharply, “been interviewing for the last month.”
“OK. Would you care to expand on that?”
I could tell this interview was going to be tiring. Swann thought himself better than the whole thing and I didn’t like having to dig to clarify answers, it made it easier for people to say they’d been guided into giving a certain response. Unfortunately, it was part of my job. Surface level information was dull and therefore useless.
“Right now,” Swann began, “you’re interviewing me, but I’ll bet the only reason you remember my name a month or two from now is because I’ve aggravated you. Or because Captain Meyer will ask about me. How many others have you interviewed on this little assignment? Do you remember their names? Have any idea what their life is like outside of the Fleet? These rebels, revolutionaries, whatever they want to be called, want to kill your interviewees.”
“And that justifies using superior technology to kill them?”
“We’ve got the tech, why wouldn’t we use it?” he said with a shrug. “You want us to forego our advantage? It doesn’t matter what weapons we use, Ensign, they want to kill us simply because of what we represent.”
“Don’t you want to kill the rebels because of what they represent?” Definitely not an approved question, but I couldn’t help myself from turning his words against him. Commander Swann licked his lips and pressed them together. I couldn’t tell if he knew admitting to it would be a bad look or if he was just holding back anger.
“Do you know why our callsign is Valkyrie?” he asked.
Don’t dodge the question, I thought and fought to suppress my scowl. “No, I thought it was Chimera.”
“That’s just an administrative name for the ship because ‘SRTS-5’ doesn’t roll off the tongue,” Swann said casually. “Valkyrie is what the ship is called while on missions.”
“OK, so why Valkyrie?” I cursed myself the moment the words left my lips. I’d indulged him when I was supposed to be the one asking my questions. Now he would get to ramble on about whatever he wanted.
“When this rebellion started more than a decade ago, Chimera’s weren’t launched at the start of skirmishes, largely due to the limitation on the use of force against our own kind--the policy that the public is so concerned about that the UNN has to send public affairs out here to interview us to make sure the Fleet doesn’t feel bad about doing its job.”
I flexed my eyebrows briefly, overlooking the off-handed insult as he continued, “So our guys would be down there dying and, much like the old Norse legends, we would descend from the skies and collect the critically wounded. Do you know how many people survive a high-G burn back up into orbit with severe wounds?” He paused just long enough for me to consider offering an answer before starting again. “Almost none. By the time we showed up, we were ferrying the dead. A Valkyrie.”
Swann seemed to collect his thoughts as he ran his tongue across his teeth behind closed lips. I was about to re-ask my question, but he began again. “In the last six years the Chimera program has been in over eight hundred engagements, almost all of them for close air support. Only three bases have been overrun in that time. You want to know what I think of these limited force policies? They’re garbage. We’re here to win. If I had it my way there wouldn’t be a ban on finite orbital bombardment. Not to be used preemptively of course, but so that every time the rebels group to attack us the heavens welcome them and not another member of the Fleet.”
Well, he answered your question, Cara, I thought, though his views were certainly a bit extreme. I could admit the rebels were better armed than they claimed, but they certainly had no defense against a warship turning them to ash from orbit. I also had no ability to fact check his statistics, though they seemed believable based on what I’d been reading the past few years.
“What about the civilians around the rebel combatants?” I asked.
“Marines risk their lives every day patrolling the colonies. There’s a waiting hand to save those who want to escape from a rebel settlement. Some take it. The ones that don’t are complicit.”
I took a moment to collect myself, scrolling down my tablet. Swann certainly was...stalwart in his views, though I suppose I had expected that. He hadn’t yelled, but his tone had changed from bored to fierce and I could tell I was getting to how he actually felt, however uncomfortable it made me feel. I found it hard to believe that Captain Meyer was friends with this guy. Swann was...ruthless.
“What do you think of your role in this war, Commander?” I asked, pressing on.
“Me personally or as a Chimera pilot?”
I wanted to say personally, just to see what he thought of himself, but that wasn’t the approved question. “A Chimera pilot.”
“The UNN has a single job. Protect the UNE. Protect means fight those that would do us harm. Everyone in the Fleet has a job and each job contributes to our ability to win that fight. My job is a direct reflection of the Fleet’s ability, but even the administrative jobs keep this whole war machine running. Shit, you look deep enough the janitor has an impact on how lethal we are.”
“So you see your role as protection. And by fighting I assume you mean killing the enemy?”
His eyes narrowed. “Ensign, do you understand what combat is actually like? People die. Not just the helpless bad guys,” he said with air quotes. “Two months ago a Chimera was shot down on Kepler-442b. All four crew members died on impact. If they had survived the wreck instead of becoming burnt corpses they probably would’ve been captured and tortured like the crew on KOI 4427b two years ago. The UNN’s hands certainly aren’t clean from some of the things we’ve done, but this war is not as one-sided as the holo’s back on Earth make it seem. Yes, a large portion of my role is killing people as part of the larger UNN effort to win this war. Where do you see yourself in that picture, Ensign? Do your articles sway public opinion in our favor? Do they help bring an end to the war? Or save UNN lives?”
“You would prefer I write propaganda, Commander?” My snark reply earned me a slight chuckle.
“If it would help.”
Commander Swann rose from the crate he’d been leaning on and walked away without another word. I bit my lip. I had other questions, but none of them were from the script on my tablet. Had he known that was the end? He’d certainly gotten the last word. I could almost respect how much pride he had, but his warped worldview was repulsive. How could he so blatantly not care about killing people?
A growing thump of boots against the hangar floor pulled my attention.
“How’d it go?” Matrix asked as she approached.
“Well,” I said, saving the recording and rising from my ammo box, “he answered my questions so, good, I suppose.”
“You don’t seem satisfied.” Matrix hoisted herself up to fully sit on the crate, legs dangling over the edge.
I made my hand relax and felt the stiffness in my knuckles from clenching my fist. “How do you put up with him?” I asked. “He’s all about the war. At least Corporal Strong’s enthusiasm about it is comedic.”
Matrix seemed to smile at the thought of Strong’s cheesy, gung-ho attitude. “He doesn’t like the war more than anyone else, he’s just damn determined to be good at what he does.”
“Killing people?” I asked, tapping through the menus on my tablet to create a folder with Commander Swann’s name and archiving the audio files.
“Saving them,” she answered. “Cara, it’s not that he doesn’t think the rebels are people, but, for now at least, they’re the enemy. They want to kill us too. If a pilot hesitates we endanger the whole crew. We have a responsibility to the people on the ground that we’re there to protect. All of this is far from ideal, but it’s the hand we’re dealt. We just have to have faith in the people with the power to make the decisions that send us to war or bring us to peace.”
“Why can’t he explain things nicely like that?” I asked, locking my tablet and rising from the small ammo crate.
Matrix let out a hearty laugh. “He is salty, that’s for sure.”
Hey everybody! This is one of the first short stories I ever wrote. I've always been a lover of sci-fi--Halo, Old Man's War, The Expanse...there are so many cool possibilities in the genre! Since I'm very new to writing I wanted to take a more focused look and make a story out of that. Valkyrie is only 3 chapters plus an Epilogue, so I'll put one out a day (the last chapter and Epilogue will be posted the same day).
Tomorrow's chapter will be on the planet's surface and, spoiler, they're under attack!
I hope you enjoy!
submitted by Lightenant to HFY

IronHorse Text Guide with builds

So you want to complete the Iron Horse Raid? Well I have some good news for you! This is a comprehensive guide brought to you by Tenacious! You might find yourself wondering "Where have I heard this before??" Previously we were given some shoutouts from players who joined our Discord for Dark Hour carries. Jonykyu TM was made reddit famous for awhile and we had many carries to perform after that. This is a 8 page guide typed up with humor involved. This will be a long read. You can PM me for discord info if you need help but I don’t want to break any rules about advertisement here.
Moving onto the raid itself. This guide will go into minor detail of raid comp per boss. This is an important key to speed running or attempting a flawless run. If you have members of the raid that are not going to change their builds or specs for a given fight, you may want to look for other members. Lets get some quite obvious talent(s) that are not a good fit for a raid unless you have complete trust in the other members to do their part. The following talents are in no particular order.
GLASS CANNON/Sacrifice - If you are doing this, you're wrong. Wrong....WRONG. I can't say this enough. Stop it, your 30 percent extra damage is not worth you going down on every encounter. BUT MY DPS BRUH. I got you, this is the learning phase where you get to find other options!
IN SYNC - This is the new DPS bad boy right here. Lets break down this talent and why it is a DPS god. Hitting an enemy grants +15% skill damage for 5s. Using a skill or damaging an enemy with a skill grants +15% weapon damage for 5s. Damage increases are doubled while both buffs are active at the same time. Now I know you might be scratching your head here with questions... "BossAchren, I am a dps god, I don't use skills for DPS!!!" Well on every single engagement, you have adds that are just put there to make your day miserable. What do adds love more than anything? Turrets! Throw down that Turret and BLAMO, you get 15% dmg with your weapon. The next part is rather easy, you point and pull the trigger. That is another 15% damage to skills AND weapon damage. You're welcome you have now obtained 30% weapon damage without needing Glass Cannon.
FOCUS - Pretty straightforward, slap an 8X scope on that sweet sweet ALMG/M1A of choosing that has IN SYNC. Aim at the heads of your enemies, wait until you see the whites of their eyes and pull the trigger. Jokes on them though, with 8X, their eyes are white at all times and let the headshots roll.
OBLITERATE - Same as the Focus, point and shoot. You should be rolling into the raid with at least 40% CHC and ROUGHLY 90% CHD. Your mileage may vary. I've seen builds rolling in deep with 180% CHD.
INTIMIDATE - This is being classified as a NO GO talent for the raid. You can not agree with me on this decision. But moving on to the next talent is the reason.
OVERWATCH - You run this over Intimidate at all times because you buff the raid with your 12% increased damage while you stay in cover. Got news for you, you will be in cover alot. With these being the primary goto for the "TNC Cookie Cutter" Dps build, here is what one might look like.
DPS Build
There are 3 other important rolls per fight. These are flexible depending on the fight. Key builds per fight will be addressed at the fight explination. Spoiler 1 Healer, 1(2) tanks, and 1 CC.
Tank Build
Healing Build
CC Build
If you do not have FI or FB Chest/Backpack, Still maintain the 4 piece. Healing goto is Empathic Resolve until you can obtain the chest piece.
Boss 1, the ultimate DPS check of the ages. You think you have what it takes to get past this guy? I mean he is a DPS check! Breakdown of the comp as follows. 6 DPS - 1 Healer - 1 CC.
The fight seems like a chore but it can take less than 2 minutes with only the initial 3 shield adds being up. If you DPS this correctly you do not need SweetDreams to rid the initial adds. Remember the IN SYNC talent with turrets? 4 DPS setup the Turrets at the add spawn locations and forget they were out there. You get to do DPS and they CC the adds that are spawning allowing you to FOCUS on the boss. I intended to use FOCUS as you should be using it too. Now that you are shooting at him with 8X scopes straight into the dome, he will have a backpack that will charge up and give him healing/armor. WIth an 8X scope, tap the shit out of that backpack when it turns blue. Set 2 DPS to also run PULSE. PULSE gives his backpack added vulnerability. Goodbye healing for him!
Healer should be running a healing hive and corrosive chem launcher. POP the BTSU gloves at the beginning and just lay into him with the chem launcher. This will be enough to shred the 3 shield guys allowing for the DPS to just blow him away.
CC is running Eclipse Protocol to spread that sweet sweet fire to any additional adds that your turrets fail to maintain. Allowing the team to just DPS the boss. Chem Launcher is FOAM. Easier to hit a non-moving target.
Boss 2, the "What the fuck is going on Boss, Part 1". This fight is not hard. Let me say this again, he is NOT hard. What makes this fight hard is the people in it and the mechanics they must do. Comp as follows. 6 DPS - 1 Healer - 1 Tank.
A tank? Do we really need a tank? This is where we introduce you to the "Double" healer that is the tank. The tanks primary job in this fight is to pump out POINTMAN/VANGUARD every 30 seconds, full stop. This will buy you more time to DPS all the adds that continue to spawn. This is a good thing! The healer gets to roast up top like a turkey on Thanksgiving. We and you should do this with a solo healer in the control room. Practice this as you will need the DPS elsewhere. Setup - 1 DPS on A and the Tank on A. 1 DPS on A stairs and 1 DPS on C Stairs. 1 DPS on B. 2 DPS on C.
The fight. This fight has 2 phases with multiple mechanics in the "Phase" if you want to call them that. First phase is getting the Lava poured onto the train, second phase is post water pour onto the train. Key notes, only the tank goes into the room twice. Once just to start the event and once to pour the water. If the tank has to go in for ANY OTHER REASON, there is a timing issue that can't be worked around. This is FINE. This usually indicated the tank had to exit the room to either A) Fire a rocket, B) Avoid the AOE inside, or C) Run another code to reset the carbon monoxide mechanic.
Phase 1 - The team has to successfully hit the Red Power boxes within their sector 5 times to A) Bring up the Boss and B) Fill the Crucible/Move Crucible. These boxes are all tied with yellow cables to a Screen that indicates a "Code" that must be matched. You better have a tank and healer who are on talking terms because they will be doing most of the talking. The tank will sit inside the A airlock and read out the codes to the control room. The control room will then match the code to HIS set of codes. He/She will call out his code and the DPS in either A, B, or C will have to find it on the screen and shoot the associated red power box. If done correctly, the crucible files up and eventually becomes moveable. The codes are as follows when called into the control room.
Code Layout
DPS on the A stairs and C stairs need to kill the purple add that comes out of a random door on the top. If that purple add breaks the electrical panel at the top, the control room goes dark. This will hamper the rest of the fight to move forward. If the purple does break the box, A stairs DPS and C Stair DPS need to both coordinate flipping the switch at the same time. Once again, don't let that purple get to the box. Use the turret! The Tank can move freely in and out of the A airlock to assist with codes and DPS adds on A. He can also pick up the rocket from the A side and move it into the Airlock. Rockets? Yes, Rockets! The dps on A and C need to move a rocket that drops on their respective side INTO their airlock. When an Alarm horn sounds, the tank at A needs to call Alfa(Alpha) to indicate he is ready to shoot. Fire the rocket into the train on your Left. The DPS at C needs to call "Charlie" when he is ready and fire the rocket into the train on the right. Once the Alarm is done sounding, you have avoided the wipe mechanic. Both A and C need to continue to place rockets into A and C airlock until the train is cracked from a water pour. Continue to gather codes and shoot out the red boxes until the Crucible comes up which would be 4 total codes to fill it or 100%. Once the Crucible is up high, the DPS at A enters the airlock but does NOT go into the room. He can shoot the 3 weak points at the top of the room to assist in moving the Crucible. The DPS needs to call when it is broken. The control room person can sometimes see it but call it out. Once a weak point is called, the control room person moves it and states it's done. This will happen 3 times. This is a very short timeframe. BE PREPARED TO DO ANOTHER SET OF ROCKETS WHEN THIS IS HAPPENING. The A dps in the airlock will pick up a rocket waiting for him at the door and the C DPS will shoot another set. Again, move another set of rockets into the A and C Airlock when given the opportunity. If all is going to plan, the control room person is pouring the molten steel onto the train. This concludes Phase 1.
Phase 2 - Continue to DPS the adds that will continue to spawn. The tank at A needs to position himself into the airlock to enter. Open the A Airlock and allow the tank to shoot the boss to initial his AOE. Once the AOE is triggered, the DPS needs to send up water to the controller. BossAchren, you didn't say anything about water! Welp, send it up! The tank will enter the room and throw a Decoy away from the two water jets in the room, he will position himself on a jet and prepare to water down the train. DPS at A, B, and C, will send up exactly 80 to 85 worth of water. The gauges in the A, B, and C, sector will read 25 or 15. BEFORE YOU START THE FIGHT, calculate which ones will be sent up and send them up. You will also have to send more than is required because it falls faster than a plane without wings. Once the control room says "Water is in" or "Water is ready", or "DOUSE THE MOTHERFUCKER", the tank will start to pour water onto the train. After roughly 2 seconds of water flow the train will crack regardless if you stay on it for the full water length. The Tank OR Control room calls "Everyone to Bravo". ALL DPS EXCEPT STAIRS DPS moves INTO the B airlock. The Tank is also running into the B airlock. Once the DPS are in the Airlock and Tank is in the Airlock, you close B. This gives the tank time to drop his fire stacks. Once it is clear (Takes about 3 seconds) he enters the B Airlock and DPS the boss. This is it, this is the moment you have been waiting for. If the Control room needs to refresh his healing hive, the door will close on you. You whip that gun around 180 degrees and shoot all the adds you see. YOU NEVER LEAVE THAT AIRLOCK. When the doors flip back around, CONTINUE TO DPS THE BOSS. If the Boss initiates his AOE attack, the door can stay OPEN. It will not hit anyone inside the airlock. NEVER EVER LEAVE THAT FUCKING AIRLOCK. Once the boss is dead, you whip once again to 180 degrees and decimate every add still up in Sector A, B, and C. This concludes boss 2.
Boss 3, the "What the fuck is going on Boss, Part Deux". The one fight to break them all. This is probably the harder boss of the raid. Some might argue that 2 is, but IMHO boss 3 is the hardest. The fight has 4 to 5 phases depending on how you look at this but 4 is enough in the explanation. Comp as follows.
7 DPS - 1 Healer - 1 CC OR
5 DPS - 1 Healer - 1 Tank - 1 CC
It's decision time! Do you know this fight well and can steamroll all the mechanics? Well do I have good news for you! You get to roll as 6 DPS, 1 CC and 1 Healer. Are you attempting this for the first time or just need practice on all the phases? DING DING DING, 5 DPS - 1 Healer - 1 Tank - 1 CC. If you run 7 DPS, 1 DPS is top of tower and 1 DPS is mid tower on Blue phases. If you run the tank, Tank is top of the tower and 1 DPS is mid tower. Once again, the tank is there to POINTMAN/VANGUARD like it is going out of style to throw armor out every 30 seconds full stop. CC continues to pass out Fire and Foam AKA first boss strat.
Phase 1 - The Pressure plates. Here we define this by the COLORS on the map. I have seen people call out the actual elements but we don’t have time for elements. COLORS PEOPLE. RED, YELLOW, BLUE. The tower person goes up to the top and holds down the button on the diagnostics panel, the lower team of DPS and the healer will assign 1 DPS to click the matching color button at the bottom to start the fight. This will be either Yellow or Blue, it is never Red. Rinse and repeat 3 times. Once the buttons are pushed at the same time, someone calls “Down, drop, get off, leave the tower, GET DOWN” because there is an audio bug that will sometimes not go off. The red light in front of the tower person will also light up when its time to GTFO. If the tower person doesn’t drop, they are killed immediately when the mechanic starts a purge. Once the purge stops after roughly 5 to 7 seconds, he goes back up. Now the color will be random and will require the party at the bottom to rotate as a group/blob to said platform. Guess what DPS blob, adds! Yay adds! We all love em!. Priority as follows, Snipers on top ring > Shit tier adds > Chunga. The Chunga is at the end because they will spawn far away from the blob and only become an issue when the blob moves. If you see a Chunga, just call where it is and DPS it when you cross it. Here are the pressure mechanics per color outside what is already stated.
Red - There are 4 red pips on the walls on the lower OUTER level. 2 Away from the platform and 2 right on it. Find the pipe that spits out fire to the right of the box, once it is found, YOU HOLD ONTO THAT PIPE AND DON’T LET GO. I don’t care if 3 shotgunners are running at you. HOLD THE DOOR. At the same time, DPS needs to throw a DECOY on the red platform door. When the tower tank/DPS see the tower stop burning, that means the DPS are HOLDING THE DOOR. Run to the diagnostic table and HOLD YOUR BUTTON. When both are held, the platform DPS need to push the panel and when you hear the alarm, GTFO the tower. The person holding the red pipe can leave it and return to the blob. The DPS pushing the button on the platform can GTFO it because the BOSS IS MAKING SWEET SWEET LOVE TO THE DECOY. DPS the Boss to force him off the map. Red Pressure Complete. Tower man back to the top.
Blue - When Blue is called, the DPS mid tower goes up to the top and drops down to the 2nd tower level and finds 3 blue pipes having a 420 moment. Close the valves and the boss will once again spawn when the 3rd pipe is closed. Drop the DECOY at the door and allow the platform DPS to click the button. DPS the boss down and call the 2 tower Tank/DPS to drop off. Tower Man back to the top.
Yellow - When yellow is called, Tower will hold the diagnostics panel and all the yellow electrical panels around the room have a chance for a white spark to appear out of the lower right of the box. All 3 need to be flipped. The DPS mid tower person can come up and check the tower while the DPS blob checks the bottom. Once all 3 are flipped the boss spawns at the door (DECOY the door) and allow the DPS to push the button. Call the tower man off. Tower man back to the top.
Notes, If the tower is burning going into phase 2, REDO the red platform to clear the fire. The boss will NOT spawn after 3 are complete.
Phase 2, the return of pac MEN - My guide will explain the tower man and DPS tower man linking up to line up the pacmen (Gears). You can have 1 person do this via the clock method and I will NOT explain that here. The tower tank/DPS goes back up to the top of the tower, drops down to the second level and links up with the person at the bottom near the RED platform to line up the gears on the bottom of the tower. The bottom person will call to start and will tell the top tower person when to stop holding the wheel to like up the pacmen at the bottom. It is best to say stop when the tooth hits 1 rotation before it locks in. There is a minor delay to when it actually stops. You will do this 2 times per location. Total of 6. Once all are locked in, you will shoot the bright orange lights that appear when they are locked. Shoot all 6 at once. This will avoid having to fight the boss 3 times vs 1. 2 DPS will run to the others on the floor and just shoot them while the boss is out. Once all 6 are popped, DPS the boss once again and force him back into hiding. The Boss at this point is now releasing sticky foam balls. The CC can foam the actual release of the balls to avoid getting to the team. IF YOU ARE FOAMED, you can shoot your legs via hip fire ONLY. Do not ADS. You can shoot your other team mates' legs to free them. Now where you shot all the pac MEN, there are 3 fire bits that need to be DPS’d down. Shoot all 3 in a rotation and DO NOT STAND IN THE DIRECT LINE OF THE BLAST. When they break it will be an instant down for anyone standing there. Shoot them from a 45 degree angle. End of Phase 2
Phase 3, I know my ABC’s - This phase is rather chill but still chaotic with adds all around. The tower man will go back up top and read a large screen that will have 4 letters of the alphabet. He will read out LETTER DOWN/UP or LETTER LESS/MORE. The lower tower person will shoot the associated gear to match up. A good 15 round burst of an AR or LMG is enough to cause the change. Once all 4 letters are in the blue, the top person will change the page and read off the next 4 if they need changes. This continues for a total of 16 letters if need be.
DPS needs to watch the boss on the 2nd ring and DPS the minigun he moves to. Once he mounts a minigun, you can shoot the weak point that appears. There will be a total of 3 guns. Adds on the BOTTOM floor will drop rockets that can be used to speed up this mechanic, use them. Once all the letters are done and the 3 guns are destroyed, enter phase 4.
Phase 4, 2 minutes to Wipe - All the work you just did means nothing in the long run but here we are. Remember the CC? He needs to burn adds and foam the boss/sticky balls. Move the entire raid to the top of the tower. The Tower Dps who was already up top throws the first DECOY to turn the boss around on the bottom? Why might you ask? Another healing mechanic! Pop the backpack and FOCUS the boss’s head/bag. Also DPS needs to be aware of snipers that spawn and drop them before they drop you. Once the Boss dies, everyone needs to drop to the bottom floor. You have 30 seconds to complete the raid at this point. The tower tank/dps needs to loot the boss for the key. ONLY 1 PERSON GETS THAT DAMN KEY. Once they have the key, they get back to the top and enter it into the master console. All the DPS are scrambling to move to a color platform again! People need to call out which color they are going to, Ideally 2 per platform. Once at least 1 person is at a platform, hit the button AFTER tower enters the key. Oh, I forgot, continue killing adds! If you do this correctly, that's it for the hardest boss.
Boss 4, The final Boss (Also easiest) - This is it, this is what you have been working for. Now you get to find out how easy this last encounter is. The comp as follows.
5 DPS - 1 Healer - 2 Tanks
Tank 1 - POINTMAN/VANGUARD = Running Chunga Keys
Tank 2 - Tardigrade/Ravenous or Merciless = Kiting Boss Phase 2a/2b/3
I am sure many of you might have issues with this comp but it gets the job done. The off tank CAN be switched for another DPS but it is rough going in the end.
Setup, 2 DPS on the left side of the field + healer to roam and 3 DPS on the right side of the field. 1 Left DPS back and 1 right DPS back for ROCKETS. Bored Tanks can also work rockets when they have time.
Phase 1. (Note all phases are similar except some mechanics). When the fight starts, you are clearing adds, killing the single Chunga, and moving to your spots. For this guide the positioning will be roughly explained but not in detail. All dps positions need to move into a position that AVOIDS the line of sight of the GAU-8 (minigun) in the middle of the field. The front DPS on both sides need to have line of sight on their respective doors, the left being on the back of a semi trailer and the right being inside the Bucket/Crucible or to the right of it. The right read DPS can sit behind a semi trailer there and the left DPS sits behind a fallen over Crucible. Tanks can roam and eat the gun while the healer just ducks when need be depending on where they are. The mini gun will swing either to the left or right on a timer, you will hear an alarm when it is about to spin up. The CHUNGA tank will be picking up a key and running it to the center of the GAU-8 gun. When they stand there and activate the circle to 100 percent, they can activate the gun when the alarm sounds. This will break the smaller gun armor. DPS need to kill adds that spawn at their respective door AND call out when a sniper appears on either the far left train car or right car. These will one shot players. The other important mechanic is the wipe mechanic that starts at every phase. The left and right rear DPS needs to kill a rocketeer that will spawn behind them and shoot said rockets that drop into the LARGE RED BULLET loading into the gun. After 6 rockets, the gun will reset and now you can start using rockets to shoot the smaller 4 cannons on the train. 2 rockets per gun and you will use 6 rockets. The last gun on the far right will be DPS’d down by players. The 2 rocketeers that will spawn will be killed and leave the rockets on the ground. When the 4 gun breaks and the rockets are on the group, the boss will spawn. You can not do damage to her but the entire raid needs to move to the middle under the bridge. Both tanks need to deploy their shield for a wall just inside the water and now in the playing field. Anyone not behind the tanks are pretty much dead etc.
Phase 2a/2b (There will be 2 rounds of this). Everyone back to their positions, Fire the 2 rockets that should be on the ground at the large RED bullet. Obtain 4 more to clear the wipe mechanic. There will be 2 miniguns that spawn on the train that can be DPS’d a little to stop them. The tank with merciless or ravenous is now going to kite the boss shooting her with an explosion when she starts to launch a rocket herself. The DPS can use DECOYS to keep her attention as well as the tanks should have DECOYS to help keep her in a general area. Once the GUN is reset, allow for 2 more rocketeers to spawn. Kill the rocketeers, move to the middle and dps the boss. There is a BUG in the game that if she starts her rocket firing phase and is DPS’d into the wipe/wall phase, she will run to her hole and STILL SHOOT OFF THE ROCKETS. Even though the animation has been canceled, they still shoot off and will kill 3 people or the entire raid as you are now grouped up to be behind shields. Get behind the shields.
Phase 3 - Everything above is still at play, but the Chungas are BACK. Once again, clear the RED bullet with 6 rockets. Once done, the back DPS can move forward and assist front DPS. The tank will have to run 3 total keys to the GAU-8 which will finally destroy the train. Call the Chungas when they spawn so DPS can kill them. Watch for snipers and watch your doors. At this point you should understand all the mechanics of the fight. Once the bullet is down, DO NOT go to the middle, keep working until you kill 3 Chungas. Once the GAU-8 has destroyed the total train with 3 total hits, EVERYONE goes back to the middle and DPS’s the boss. The kite boss still needs to stay on top of her to watch for her rocket phase. She will once again retreat to her hole and everyone needs to be behind shield walls of the tank.
End Phase - Everyone runs out. Shoots the boss and fires 1 rocket into the bullet. The raid is now over!
Version 1.1a
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