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Firefly Studios - Strategy Games

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Your name (Login to post using username, leave blank to post as Anonymous). All Games - Firefly Studios continued. Stronghold 2 Free Game Full Download Jan 11, admin Strategy 8 Stronghold 2 was released in April, a real-time strategy game in which the player develops a stronghold in the Middle Ages.

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Announcing my 'Retirement'

I've really got no idea how to write this, especially as I'm writing it on my phone because I have no Internet in my house. But I've been on holiday/vacation for the past 3ish weeks, which is why you guys haven't seen me around.
But alas, it's time for me to move on to better and bigger things (lol jk it's only college) so I need to really focus on it, and get it sorted. I've put a LOT of time, effort and money into this community over the past year and a half, and the majority of it has been great fun. I've learnt a lot, made a lot of friends, made a few enemies, but overall I'd say its been pretty fucking fantastic.
You may still see me in a few games every now and then, but it won't be very often at all, only if I have a spare moment, and I cannot ever see myself coming back to host and moderate the subreddit again. I also have a lot of people from here on Skype; I'll be keeping good friends on Skype, so please don't be offended if I remove you, it's just because I'd like to tidy my contacts up a bit.
I'll wrap it up here because we'll, I'm on my phone and I don't fancy writing my whole UHC history out on here. But I would like to give some special mentions to the people that have made this community extra amazing for me (most you will know, some you may not);
Jackalmen - thanks for trusting me with Jackal's (Dragon's) Den when you quit over a year ago. If it wasn't for you, I'd have never got into hosting and I'm 99% sure I wouldn't still be part of this community at all.
TerryNL - I remember you we're the first person I ever teamed with on Jackal's Den, and man it was fun. I know we've had our differences, but you're a good guy.
Sepulchr - you were always the one we had to try and kill on Jackal's Den. You and your brother were an unstoppable force, and honestly that's one of the things that kept me coming back again and again; trying to kill you and Catrinus.
iTiamo - you were a great host back in the day (albeit the only one) and your games were always so fun, when every game meant something because it was the only game for a whole week. I remember I came 2nd to you in my first ever Mindcrack style UHC, after digging out a huge room because I was afraid of caving. Also, thanks for hosting the first UHCS; SO many fun times were had there.
Audicymc/Luke_Is_1337 - yeah, I remember that account. Even though we've sometimes had our differences too, I've teamed with you a lot over the past year or so and it's been fun every single time. Me, you and Duppys in Skype calls were always hilarious. You're a great guy.
Anariston - no idea if you still browse here or not (someone direct him here if he doesn't pls <3) but you were probably the best friend I had in this community this time last year. We had so much fun playing Portal 2 co-op, and then 'pranking' (more like gifting) each other on the UHCS with BoI pixel art and nether wart farms and stuff. And you also really helped me out with some IRL issues which I really, really appreciate man. Kinda bummed we don't talk anymore, but that's life :(
EighteenQs - on a similar note to Anar's; you really, really helped me out when I needed someone to talk to, so thank you for that, thank you a lot. I also hope that I've taught you how to host properly enough ;)
ttaylorr - I remember first speaking to you on the MCRS I think, when I joined via Luke. Since then you've helped me a TON with plugins and server stuff and you're generally a really helpful and great guy. When you show me the stuff you do over Skype, it's so damn complicated my head just hurts :(
Fairyjuice - you're too goddamn good at Super Hexagon :( but in a serious note, I've teamed with you a lot of times and you're a really really fun guy to play with and be around, and I appreciate that.
xXSwiftArrowzXx - haven't really known you well all that long, but holy fuck that night when me you and Firefox played Annihilation for hours on end is one of the funniest times I've ever had playing Minecraft. It was an absolute blast, and you're absolutely hilarious to play with.
firefoxvulpix - same as I said to Swift, but also when me, you, dibz and Eighteen had that Skype call; I don't think I'll ever forget that, I was nearly crying from laughter.
Dibzcraft - you're just an amazing guy all round. Me, you and sasuke WILL eventually get round to playing Borderlands 2, and we WILL complete it. One day. And I promise I'll team with you one day soon in one of my last games! But I still don't forgive you for ditching me for MrKdidster. :'( oh and I will never let you forget the things you told me, Eighteen and firefox. ;)
JoeyKin - my favourite Aussie. We had such a good time in the short spell we had playing MineZ. Another one of my favourite memories from this community, especially when we tried Anemos Sanctum.
SeanMcDee - you're one of the funniest guys to play with, especially in MineZ. That fucking grey bow, I don't think I've ever laughed as hard as that before in my life.
BloodStinger745 - the teammate everyone always wants. Every game I played with you was great, and you're a really funny guy to talk to and play with.
TGMB1 - even though we haven't spoke to each other a lot, you're a great guy, and I'd like to thank you for looking after the UHCS for me while I was away. You're also the #1 hacker catcher so keep it up! ;)
EestiCrafter - had our differences lately, but you're a good guy and like I said to TG, thanks a ton for watching the UHCS for me. Your mind is just a tad too perverted though. :p
Final shout out is to EVERYBODY that donated to me in my time hosting; it means so much to me, and you're all fucking brilliant people for doing so. <3
I know there are some people I've missed and I apologise hugely for that, but my phone is so hot it's burning my hands, I've been writing for nearly an hour. So I'll wrap it all up here.
I am gonna miss this community a lot, but I will still check back every now and then. But please don't message me with mod related things from now on, as I can't and won't help you with them. Also regarding the UHCS, news to come on that in a few days when I have Internet access on my computer again.
<3 you all
TL;DR - I came, I saw, I conquered, I left. See ya!
EDIT: if I did remove you off Skype and you want me back, you can add me back. Also, I use Snapchat all the time, so if you have it, my username is delqhic. And I also have twitter at the same username, if you want to follow what I'm up to via that. And Instagram, at let me guess; delqhic again! It's a recurring theme you see.
EDIT 2: As a very final edit, I thought I'd add my most memorable moments from this community. In no particular order:
  • Zhuria nearly burning my house down on the UHCS.
  • CMatt and Costanza (I think) not believing me that Blood was the mole EVEN THOUGH HE KILLED ME.
  • Playing Annihilation with Swift, Firefox and Pip (I think).
  • MineZ with Joey and co.
  • BIGJ0N thinking he'd won my mole game because he killed his whole team. Still makes me laugh.
  • Sean and the grey bow.
  • beastofmc killing me when I had invisibility potions.
  • My Amnesia live stream.
  • Me and Fairy being killed by Eesti and Try(?) in the stronghold when we had an uber apple.
  • Mine and TG's snowball fight in the nether.
  • Always hunting down Sepulchr and Catrinus on Jackal's Den.
  • When Avidya joined my server. :D
I know there's a ton more but they're evading me right now. :(
submitted by delqhic to ultrahardcore

I'm working on Lord of the Manor, a medieval city building browser game.

I've been working for the past 4 months on a prototype for a city building idea I've had floating around in my head for some time. You assume the role of Lord of the Manor, and you must set up your Manor House, start gathering resources and planting crops. With careful direction your farmstead can thrive and evolve into a busy city.
The current version is a prototype that you can play directly in browser by clicking on the link at the top. It's completely free, and will be for the forseeable future. Right now mobile isn't supported, and recommended browsers are Chrome and Firefox. It doesn't have any online components at the moment, although I could see it becoming an online MMORTS of some sort if I can get the time and funds to do so.
I know this isn't 100% a base building game, but I see Anno and Stronghold are listed in the Wiki, and those are pretty big influences for me. I plan to add fortifications such as walls and towers when I get the opportunity, to make freebuilding castles and walled cities a possibility.
I appreciate feedback and encouragement (or telling me my game sucks, that's OK too). There is a discord: https://discord.gg/5AcWc9p
I look forward to seeing some of your Manors!
submitted by sebovzeoueb to BaseBuildingGames

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