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[Discussion] It's high time we got Atticus Rhodes... with THOSE cards!

[Discussion] It's high time we got Atticus Rhodes... with THOSE cards!
You know those polls at the end of every event asking players what they want in future Events? I've been asking for Atticus Rhodes/Fubuki Tenjoin ever since the Duel Island - Gladiator Beast Event. Y'all remember this Event? Me neither. That's how long I've been waiting for Atticus to be added.
In this terrible excuse for a post I'll quickly present Atticus as a character before moving on to the cards that could/should be added alongside him, all in the futile hope of starting the Atticus Rhodes Hype Train with the ultimate delusion that Konami will eventually stumble onto that post and add Atticus.

1- Who's Atticus?

Atticus Rhodes is a Yu-Gi-Oh! GX character, being the brother of Alexis Rhodes and former best friend of Zane Truesdale. He's most well-known in the show for being the first host of Nightshroud, a minor antagonist in the first 3 seasons who turns out to be the main villain of the 4th and final season of the show.
thats him officer, thats the guy who plays red-eyes in legend
As Nightshroud, Atticus uses a Dragon-themed deck focusing on his ace monster, Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon. His addition would be an interesting opportunity to add some minor Red-Eyes support cards, obviously prioritizing the ones Atticus himself used in the show.
I'm not gonna talk about Manga!Atticus, because I didn't read the manga and also most of his cards from there (Troposphere, The Atmosphere, etc) are already in Duel Links.
ANYWAY, onto his cards!

2- Atticus' cards and why they should be added

Atticus used a bunch of Dragon cards, the most important of which are Red-Eyes support cards. It should be noted that some of them, namely Red-Eyes Wyvern and Red-Eyes Spirit, are already in the game and were pretty strong when they came out.
First and foremost, let's talk about Atticus' ace monster: Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon.
unga bunga dragon
  • Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon is a Level 9 DARK Dragon with 2400 ATK and 2000 DEF. It cannot be Normal Summoned or Set and can ONLY be Special Summoned by tributing a Red-Eyes Black Dragon.
  • Its only effect is that it gains 300 ATK for each Dragon in your GY. That's it.
  • REDD was weak even in 2005 when it first came out. Sure it has an easy Summoning condition condition Red-Eyes loves recursion, but at the end of the day it's just a big beater. It's 100% safe to come to Duel Links.
A card that is sure to be a bit more contentious tho is one of the most powerful Dragons ever printed: Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon.
one of the few cards in the game to eat an errata and still be viable
  • Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon is a Level 10 DARK Dragon with 2800 ATK and 2400 DEF.
  • It can be Special Summoned by banishing a face-up Dragon you control, but it can also be Summoned through other ways with no restriction.
  • Its effect allows it to Special Summon any Dragon from your hand or GY (provided it can be Special Summoned), except another copy of Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon.
  • Post-errata, both the Summon and the Dragon Summon effect are hard once-per-turn.
  • REDMD is currently Limited in both the OCG and the TCG, and has been for a while. It has historically been used in Chaos Dragon decks to quickly swarm the field, and remained relevant through Dragon Rulers format due to, well, Dragon Rulers being Dragons. As of today, it is now searchable with Black Metal Dragon, and is a vital piece in the "Dragon Link" combo deck which sought to use REDMD's effect to extend their plays, hence the errata preventing Dragon Link players from recycling said effect.
  • I think REDMD would be fine at 1 in Duel Links for several reasons. First of, its swarming ability is much less powerful after the errata and considering the limited amount of monster spaces in the game. Second, unlike in the TCG/OCG where REDMD is just a piece in a larger combo, meant to be Linked away to Summon more threatening Link Dragon monsters, REDMD would be a basic boss monster in DL, with its effect only providing you with extra-muscle.
  • There are powerful targets for REDMD in the game at the moment (White Night Dragon, Blue-Eyes Solid Dragon, Tyrant Dragon, Guardragon Andrake, Arkbrave Dragon etc are such targets, depending on your definition of powerful), but none so powerful that they would break the game if made easy (or easier) to access.
  • All in all, REDMD would be the centerpiece of aggro Dragon-themed decks... which wouldn't accomplish much in Duel Links. It wouldn't accomplish much more in a dedicated Red-Eyes Deck, so I'd argue it has long been powercrept.
And now for a non-Red-Eyes card, because I genuinely like it: Masked Dragon!
the mask makes it dragon-type, but it's actually a wyrm
  • Masked Dragon is a Level 3 FIRE Dragon with 1400 ATK and 1100 DEF.
  • Its effect allows it to Summon a Dragon-type monster from the Deck with 1500 ATK or less when it itself is destroyed by battle.
  • Look, it's Mystic Tomato but for Dragons. Mystic Tomato has seen wide competitive use in the TCG/OCG due to the large pool of often meta-relevant monsters it can access. The best can't be said for Masked Dragon. The most play it has seen was in the school's playground as an easy way to access Armed Dragon Lv3 during your opponent's turn while hoping they wouldn't destroy it with a card effect during their Main Phase 2. What I'm trying to say is that Masked Dragon has been desperately powercrept just like how Mystic Tomato was powercrept when it released alongside SHIRANUIS of all things.
  • It's weak but also I still want it in the game because I was that kid playing that Armed Dragon deck in the schoolyard and Atticus never even used it in the show (but Chazz did) and I have no other excuse. Drop Reward please.
Back to Red-Eyes card with a Spell: Inferno Fire Blast!
this card is in rush duels, people.
  • Inferno Fire Blast is a Normal Spell that would allow you to target a Red-Eyes Black Dragon you control and inflict damage to your opponent equal to HALF its original ATK (at least if we're going by Duel Links' burn damage nerf rules), but the monster you targeted cannot attack for the turn.
  • It doesn't have "Red-Eyes" in its name, so it cannot be searched by cards like Red-Eyes Insight.
  • Burning for 1200 at the very least sounds nice, and it sounds even nicer when you realize that Red-Eyes Fusion changes the name of the monster you summon to Red-Eyes Black Dragon.
  • I think this card would be fine at one, being a dead draw most of the time but hey, maybe winning you a Duel every once in a while.
But wait, there's more! Swing of Memories is here!
monster swingborn
  • Swing of Memories is a Normal Spell that allows you to target 1 Normal Monster in your GY, Special Summon it, but it gets destroyed in the End Phase.
  • We already have 2 copies of this card in Duel Links thanks to Alexis. Swing has already been powercrept by the likes of Silent Doom or Silver's Cry. A third copy wouldn't hurt.
Well that was quick... hopefully the next card will be too! Uh oh it's Super Rejuvenation.
thank you auto-correct for pointing out i can't spell rejunevation
  • Super Rejunevation is a Quick-Play Spell that allows you to draw cards during the End Phase equal to the number of Dragon monsters discarded or Tributed from the hand or field this turn.
  • This card was BANNED for its interaction with Dragon Rulers, which could notably discard themselves to search any Dragon monster (or, in the case of the baby forms, Special Summon their parent). It came off the banlist rather recently as Konami's way to promote their new Dragonmaid archetype, long after the Dragon Rulers' dominance ended.
  • I'd argue this one would be fine as a Drop Reward, seeing how limited its usage would be in a game with neither Dragon Rulers nor Dragonmaids for the time being.
And last but not least, a Trap: Red-Eyes Burn!
ring of red-eyestruction
  • Red-Eyes Burn is a Normal Trap which can be activated when a Red-Eyes monster is destroyed to inflict damage equal to HALF its original ATK to both players.
  • It's a weaker Inferno Fire Blast, but at least it can be searched. It'd be totally fine to have as a Drop Reward as well.

3- Final thoughts

... and that's it for now! I still have no idea why Atticus wasn't even hinted that THIS DEEP into Duel Link's history to the point where even Axel Brodie gets to have a release before him, but if this post somehow convinced you that Atticus has cool cards, please consider doing what I do and endlessly beg for Konami to make it a reality.
Especially you, Red-Eyes players. I know you've been aching for a Skill that would make your archetype stronger, even just a little, and Atticus would be the perfect fit for it.
Regardless, I hope you enjoyed the read, and don't hesitate to let me know which cards you'd like to see come with Atticus, if any!
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Our media is failing us, badly, by focusing on symptomatic issues that enrage and divide us, while remaining silent on the causal matters of vital importance to all of us.

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