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The game is added to your Origin account, you can download/install it from 'My Games' section in Origin client without redeeming the code. Command and conquer 3 tiberium wars 1.9 cheats money https://kaksdelatcvetok.ru/download/?file=654. Fixing the general error at cd key activation: : Command her explanation. C&c 3 Tiberium Wars Serial Key https://kaksdelatcvetok.ru/download/?file=667.

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Battle For Middle Earth II Patch 1.09 Is Now Live have a peek at these guys. Command AND conquer red alert 1 is a game by westwood studios that is the first game in the red alert series that is in the command and conquer series currently there are 3 games in the red alert series but there will probably be red alert 4, a good place to look is gamespot for more info and screen shots. The ultimate source of patches & addons for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Command & Conquer: Alarmstufe Rot 3 Patch Download traditional chinese patch. This application has age restrictions, the recommended age for using 6+ years.

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Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars Essentials Command & Conquer 3: Tiberi. KB: 9/2/2020: 2.2K: 10: Command & Conquer: Red Alert - Deadly War: mod: 86.6 KB: 12/16/2020: 2K: 10: Command & Conquer: Red Alert Strategy. Serial Key Command And Conquer General Zero Hour https://kaksdelatcvetok.ru/download/?file=668. This patch is a major enhancement packed with new balance changes.

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File Archive to the \PATCHES directory; Startup the game to apply the patch. Command & Conquer: Red Alert GAME MOD Command & Conquer.

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Command And Conquer Generals Zero Hour Serial Key Code you could try these out. Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars - v1.09 +9 Trainer - Download. A EA Games liberou o patch que corrige vrios bugs e adiciona novas funes ao game Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars Aproveite que. Command conquer 3 patch 1.9 crack.

Download command and conquer 3 tiberium wars 1.9 cheats

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars is a 2020 science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and published by Electronic Arts for Windows, Mac OS X and Xbox 360 platforms, and released internationally in March 2020. The real time strategy genre rarely leaves its comfy. The only solution that I have found is to play. C&C 3: Kane's Wrath v [ENGLISH] No-DVD/Fixed EXE; C&C 3: Kane's Wrath.

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Revo Uninstaller Pro 3.1.9 Crack & Serial Key explanation. Dont forget to read instructions after installation. Play Instructions: Install the game - Full Installation. C&C 3 Patch 1.09 Files - Command and Conquer 3 visit.

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This program uninstalls, erase, kill and solve any problems. EXE files, DLL files, and much more). Command amp; Conquer 3 PC Game trainers. Added a smoke flare delay when using the Magnetic Singularity support power.

[Spoilers All] My take on the Romulan-Borg Conspiracy theory

TL;DnR: I think the Zhat Vash are the Borg, who were created by the Romulans and Species 1 and 2 are the Klingons and the Remans.


Part 1: What do we know about Zhat Vash? Is this compatible with what we know about the Borg? Could the Borg possibly be the Zhat Vash?
Quotes from https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Zhat_Vash
1.1 "The Zhat Vash was said to be an ancient and secret Romulan cabal."
This is our hypothesis in part 2.
1.2 "Allegedly thousands upon thousands of years old, it was said to predate the Tal Shiar,"
The Borg are also allegedly thousands upon thousands of years old. Only the Romulans know when the Tal Shiar got started of course, but we know that they’ve existed for more than 30 years. It’s safe to say the Borg predate the Tal Shiar.
1.3 “which functioned merely as a mask for the Zhat Vash."
We have no clue why the Tal Shiar was founded, so it could have something to do with the Borg. More about this in part 2.
1.4 " "Zhat Vash" was also a term sometimes used to refer to the dead, the only reliable keepers of secrets. (PIC: "Maps and Legends")"
The Borg can be seen as dead, even though they are functional. At the very least their individuality is dead and some Borg are actually decomposing. They are also extremely good at keeping secrets as they hardly do any talking besides telling you they will assimilate you and they don’t trade technology or information unless absolutely necessary.
1.5 "Allegedly, the Zhat Vash operated without regard for treaty or jurisdiction, not just on Romulan worlds, but also in the Klingon Empire, the Gorn Hegemony, and even the Federation. (PIC: "Maps and Legends")"
This certainly fits the Borg.
1.6 "Its sole purpose was claimed to be to keep a secret so profound and terrible that just learning it can break a person's mind.”
The purpose of the Borg is to attain perfection by assimilating all relevant biological and technological distinctiveness. This results in the collective knowledge of over 10.000 species, which would be more than enough to break a human or Romulan mind. But maybe not enough to break an android’s mind.
1.7 "When she was a Tal Shiar recruit, Laris heard a drunk handler claim to her that the organization was motivated by hate, fear and pure unassuageable loathing for artificial intelligence, including androids, AIs, and other forms of synthetic life, which they attempted to seek out and destroy. (PIC: "Maps and Legends")"
We don’t know what motivated the creation of the Borg, but unlike any other species except androids, their existence definitely had a motivation behind it.
Locutus didn’t seem to like Data very much, saying that he’s obsolete. That’s the closest I’ve ever seen a Borg get to loathing. But then in Descent and First Contact the Borg say Data could be its king, so the relationship between androids and the Borg seems to warrant its own thread. But take into account the possibility that Soji could be the Borg queen.
In any case, if the Zhat Vash are Romulan, it’s a bit redundant to say they are motivated by loathing for A.I., since that goes for all Romulans. Really hard keeping secrets with A.I. around. If the Zhat Vash are so ancient and powerful and they are motivated by seeking out and destroying androids, where were they when Data was being decorated and celebrated? Did they not hear the news that he was an android?
All in all I chalk this paragraph up to the drunk racist projections of a Tal Shiar mother-in-law. The description “hate, fear and pure loathing” is straight out of the definition of racism and I feel like drunk people are much more strongly motivated by pure racism than mega-top-secret intelligence agencies are. I also think there’s a fair bit of misdirection in here. Laris and Zhaban are so sweet, but they are Romulan. They are playing good cop bad cop, with Zhaban taking Picard’s side constantly doubting everything Laris says. And Picard comes around. I don’t trust them. The dog doesn't take breakfast from Zhaban and the journalist still asked about the departure from Starfleet even though Zhaban assured Picard she wouldn't. I'm not even sure I trust Elnor and the Qowat Milat. Sure, you can be truthful. But not knowing what a cover is? I think they're pretending.
1.8 "The story of the "Zhat Vash" was sometimes told to frighten Tal Shiar recruits, with its alleged motives known to very few; Zhaban was largely skeptical of their existence and equated it to stories of "boogeymen". "
This can only be the case if 1.1 is the case, namely that the Romulans created the Borg. Notice that this is the first real problem with the Borg being Zhat Vash since 1.1 itself.
1.9 "In 2399, former operative Laris related the rumors about the Zhat Vash to retired Admiral Jean-Luc Picard; they came to believe that the Zhat Vash were likely behind the attacks on Dahj Asha on Earth. (PIC: "Maps and Legends") "
They are wrong, the Council of Eight is behind all of it.
Part 2: What do we know about the Borg? Is this compatible with the Romulans having created the Borg? Could the Romulans have created the Borg?
2.1 Hypothesis: The Borg were said to be an ancient and secret Romulan cabal.
2.2 The Romulans have existed since around the 4th century CE when some Vulcans who “marched beneath the raptor's wings" resisted Surak’ philosophy of logic and moved to Romulus. So the series happens a little over 2000 years after the birth of the Romulan species. This is not exactly thousands upon thousands of years, but in legends that’s what it would have become.
The oldest real proof we have of the Borg is from a frozen Vaadwaur from 1486. By that time the Romulans existed for about a millennium and the Borg had assimilated only a handful of systems in the Delta Quadrant. Getting the original drones from Romulus (or, in fact, Remus) wouldn’t be too big of a problem: it’s Star Trek, there’s wormholes around every corner.
The problem is that the Borg are also allegedly thousands upon thousands of years old. As Guinan says "They're made up of organic and artificial life which has been developing for thousands of centuries," but that doesn't mean the Borg themselves have been around that long, just that they assimilated species who were that old. How many centuries could they have been around before they conquered a handful of systems? A millennium or less, I’d say.
2.3 Do the Tal Shiar function as a mask for the Borg? We know the Tal Shiar were founded before 2369, but not when exactly. The first rumors that the Federation hear of the Borg is the mysterious Neutral Zone attack in 2364, which fits the description of “before 1369”. The Romulans say their outposts have been destroyed in the same manner as the Federation's, but we never get to see what happened there because it’s the Romulans. If the Shaenor victims are the first Romulans to have been assimilated as far as Hugh knows, this means no Romulans were assimilated on those outposts, because Hugh would have known about it even if he was assimilated afterwards, since it was a recent memory of the collective.
Now I know there have been other assimilated Romulans throughout the franchise, but that’s a whole other topic. At least one of those incidents also featured an omnipotent Borg Cube that mysteriously deactivated in an “electrokynetic storm”, basically space weather. Hugh might not have known about the ones in the Delta Quadrant, which is most of them, but the ones from the Neutral Zone outposts he would definitely know about.
Is there another Romulan controlled Artifact over there? And speaking of the word “artifact”, the most important thing called an “artifact” in Star Trek is the Kir'Shara, a Pyramid shaped box that contains the teachings of Surak. This Romulan “Artifact” is a Cube that contains the collective knowledge of over 10.000 species. Eat that, Vulcans.
2.4 So far, there is nothing in the timeline that would make it impossible for the Borg to be a 2000 year old Romulan conspiracy. Now let’s assume that it is, but first let us examine the motive the ancient Romulans would have had for doing this. What do Romulans love most of all in the galaxy? They’ve been pressing the point in Picard that the correct answer is ‘secrets’. The very first Romulans “who marched beneath the raptor's wings” did so because as Vulcans they wouldn’t be able to keep secrets, since they wouldn’t be able to tell a lie anymore. Now, beside Q, what entity knows the most secrets in the galaxy? The Collective. And all of them are relevant and distinct biological and technological secrets, with some recent personal experiences added in such as assimilating and being assimilated.
Looking through a Borg database would be every Romulan’s wet dream and come to think of it, it should have been the Federation’s main priority ever since the cubes started disconnecting instead of self-destructing. Federation ships don’t seem to have any Borg modifications added to them, even though they were the main guys fighting the Borg, but Emergency Hospitality Holograms are part of the standard installation of a small cruiser. Meanwhile, heavily modified Romulan ships are being sent back to the past to attack the Federation.
Picard said he had no idea assimilation could be undone on this scale, and by Romulans no less. Well, "what do the Tal Shiar need from a synth?" is a good question, but what do the Tal Shiar need from the xBs? There is a Romulan masterplan and it involves Borg technology. Now, if looking through a Borg database would be a Romulan’s dream, imagine what it would be like to create one.
Part 3. What if the Romulans created the Borg? How could it have worked? What would be the outcome for the Romulans and the Federation?
3.1 During or after the Time of Awakening, the Romulans settle on Romulus. They find the telepathic Remans on its sister-planet and enslave them, at least since the 22nd century but probably from the beginning, because the Remans weren’t a space faring race and if you’re going to enslave them at all, why wait? It might even have been a criterium for choosing a planet on which to settle.
So now you have all these telepathic slaves working in mines and such. And you have an unquenchable thirst for secrets. Why not combine these two by engineering your slave miners to become perfect slave spies? But if you’re going to commit such a heinous act, the pay-out needs to be huge, just in case someone ever found out.
So over a one or several lifetimes, you develop the technology needed to make these slave spies, you send them out to the far reaches of the galaxy and then you wait until they get back to you with all the intel they gathered. Romulan lifespans are 200 to 250 years long, so a millenium is only a handful of generations to them. They also like cloning, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the Council of Eight are clones of the first Romulans, pulling the strings for 2000 years.
3.2 Four technologies are needed to make the Borg. First of all, you need to link them up to create a hive mind. It helps if the species you’re using already has some telepathic abilities and then you need something to enhance that, which could be as simple as a round badge you wear on your heart that blinks green when there’s danger. This is the hardest out of the four, but remember that not only the Remans, but also the Romulans -having descended from Vulcans- are telepathic. They would have experimented with this and all it would take is genetically replicating that onto other species.
Second, you need scanning and extraction technology to acquire new tech. Romulans are known for their espionage technology.
Third, you need a way to replicate the tech you’ve gathered into your newly conquered drones and ship, which is the nanoprobes (Borg version of nanites, which sounds very Romulan). Nanotech is something we’re working on, so the Romulans could’ve managed it.
Finally, I think you need A.I. to link all of that up, to control the drones and sort out relevant from irrelevant victims. This A.I. is the final cornerstone of your 10.000 species slave race, so the Romulans must have dreaded ever having anything like that near them again lest it be used on them, and I’m sure the Borg, so the Zhat Vash, hate, fear and loathe it as well.Note that there is no evidence as far as I know that the Borg use A.I. They use artificial implants and artificial life, but it’s never said they use artificial intelligence. The brainpower of that many drones would be enough to do any calculation. But I still think they will make A.I. the cornerstone, because it’s a hot topic.
3.3 Next you need to put your slave spies on a ship. The nanoprobes will add all the new technology to the original ship so it grows. If an Enterprise got captured, first it would grow out to become a sphere and then it would become a cube. It would never be pyramid shaped, because that’s what the Vulcans do. It would also not stay as a sphere, because to be Borg is to strive for perfection and the cube is more perfect than the sphere for some reason. The original ship inside the Artifact will be a big reveal.
Now, what conditions should these cubes have? Romulan skin can absorb moisture directly from the environment and is constantly hot to the touch which means the cold would hurt them, so why not make the Cubes have a 92% humidity level at 102°F / 39°C hot?
3.4 The Borg would be the ultimate tool of Romulan espionage equipment. A millennium’s worth of disposable people. Romulans don’t go around shaking hands and exchange ideas with everyone like the Federation, they’ll just take what they need from you and get it over with. But they won’t even do it themselves, they’ll send their slaves (like the incest twins are the slaves of the council of eight and probably the children of the Romulan Empress, Sela, but that’s also another topic.) They want the technology, not the exchange. They send out the ship and sit back until it returns a million fold, then shut it the heck down because A.I. and start stripping it.
3.5 Then become the most powerful race in the galaxy. The Borg used to be that, but they were nothing to the Romulans, just a boogeyman to scare the children and recruits. I’ve never quite understood the ships I’ve been seeing from the Romulans lately, never quite taken them seriously. Now they make sense. Now I am scared of the Romulans again. If this is what they have been planning since The Neutral Zone, which it seems like; well done.
Part 4 What is Borg mythology and ritual? What is it like to be Borg?
4.1 On the surface, the Borg is one individual supercreature, a species of one. In reality, it is comprised of individuals. As soon as a drone is disconnected from the hive, they immediately regain control over some of that individuality, which means it must have always been there somewhere, suppressed by the A.I. We know that drones are conscious of their own experiences, their own actions. Picard remembers everything he did as Locutus.Now, what do drones do? Well, assimilate. So the life of a drone is constantly boarding ships, checking them out and then start assimilating the crew if the ship is worth it. Imagine you had to board the enterprise and start assimilating the crew, or just a family of colonists with a piece of pottery in a weird shape you’ve never seen, you don’t want to assimilate these people, but you can’t help it. The A.I. says assimilate these people. This is your life now, day in day out, jamming your arm tentacles up people’s throats while they scream and plead and beg for mercy and then stay silent while they become Borg, just like you, thanks to you.
4.2 Now you’re back on the Cube. You’re from a frozen desert planet but your kind had 250 distinct words for dry ice and the Borg thought that was worth assimilating so you’re here now, in 92% humidity at temperatures you didn’t even know existed. The guy in the alcove next to you is starting to decompose but you can’t hold your breath or scratch your nose because you’re not programmed to. That’s life I guess. I wish we had 10 of 10 Forward on this Cube.
4.3 Borg mythology is composed of the mythologies of all assimilated species. Some species’ mythologies were more foundational than others’ though. The first Borg myths must have been Reman. But according to these myths, the concept of what is a Reman is fluid. The Reman definition of “Reman” seems to be “slave to Romulans”, so according to that definition all Borg would be Reman.Some Remans believe that their souls will be reincarnated on Romulus where they can live in Paradise itself; however, many hold the more fatalistic belief that their existence in slavery is the only one that is available to them. There is no more Romulus. I wouldn’t be surprised if they destroyed it just for that, because they could’ve used any other star for just the Borg time travel to precisely the Kirk era Federation.
4.4 But, Remans also believe that one day a Reman not of their world would arrive that would free them from their bondage to the Romulans and usher in a new age for their kind; one where all Remans are free. Sounds like Seb-Cheneb, who will break the chains of the shackled demon Zhat Vash slaves.
4.5 The first Klingons - Kortar (or Kotar) and his mate, Shelka - destroyed the gods who created them, and as punishment, Kortar was condemned to ferry the souls of the dishonored to Gre'thor on the Barge of the Dead. The dead, you mean the Zhat Vash? So the Borg?Yes, it sounds like this Klingon was assimilated and put in charge of a Borg ship, while she was cursed to walk the living world forever. But more than that it sounds like the first Klingons were deliberately created in a genetics experiment, but then some of the test subjects killed a few Romulans... yeah, there I said it; the Romulans created the Klingons - killed a few Romulans and then at least one Klingon got punished by being sent on the Borg Seed ship.
Indeed Senator Letant said Klingons can be quite entertaining, so every Romulan zoo should have a pair. Even if that zoo is a Borg Cube. So more were probably sent along with Kortar to fight in the coming assimilations, while still leaving enough of the unassimilated but now genetically altered Klingons like Shelka alive to tell the tale and to use in the future.Kahless founded the Empire in the 9th century, so that would put the latest possible date of the Seed ship somewhere before that. The Romulans have existed for about 500 years at this time, which seems like a reasonable timeframe to develop the needed tech.
4.7 How many times have Klingons aided the Romulans? Maybe they have a hypnotic activator inside their genes to make them obey every Romulan command once a certain codephrase is spoken.And where are the Klingons anyway? They should be in a really good position right now after all that’s happened, but we haven’t seen them or heard anything about them. I think we’ll see a huge Klingon ship with Borg modifications quite soon. And it won’t have an Emergency Hospitality Hologram.
4.8 Finally, the third foundational mythology of the Borg is Romulan mythology itself, because Romulan mythology is about the Borg. Ganmadan might be the Day of Annihilation for the Romulans, but for the Zhat Vash Borg Remans it is the Day of Liberation. Ten thousand slave races set free. By Soji. But who is controlling Soji? She doesn’t have her original memories with Maddox, so who reprogrammed her? Just Section 31 again? Or something more interesting?
Part 6 “I still don’t believe that the Zhat Vash are the Borg or that Romulans created the Borg!”
6.1 Who are the Zhat Vash then? The spy twins? Commodore Oh? They are not dead and a lot of their secrets have come out already after just 6 episodes, even with the slow pacing in the beginning. What other dead, schackled demons do we know about that Soji could set free? What is the Romulan word for Borg? Are they just called “the Dead”, Zhat Vash? If Nameless is a name, then Dead is certainly a name.
6.2 Nobody knows how or why the Borg were created, but we know there was a motivation behind it because they would’t evolve naturally. We can also assume they are a slave race, because no free person would have their eye drilled out to get an ocular processing core and a holographic eyepiece. They are slaves, but to whom?
What would be more interesting? Them having been created by a new species we haven’t heard of yet? By a species that went extinct? Them just being an accident? Or them being created by one of the first races we’ve met in the franchise that we’ve been underestimating since TNG. Not knowing where they came from has always been eerie and maybe the best option, but it’s wearing out and this is terrifying. That’s why the pay-off needed to be so huge. Enslaving the weird looking creatures on your moon is one thing. Enslaving large parts of three quadrants in such a sadistic way is another.
There’s no proof, just lots of circumstantial evidence. But if even an unassimilated Reman slave like Shinzon can be a king now by being in the shadow of the Romulans, imagine what the real Romulans can do. We’ve seen the federation at its best, now let’s see it at its weakest. I don’t want to watch the same show for 100 years, let’s look at it from another perspective, really test the Federation or even have it destroyed. That’s showbizz.
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[H] Bulletstorm, Borderlands, Portal Bundle (1+2), Oblivion GOTY, Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, Quantum Conundrum, Dungeons Gold, Mirror's Edge, Just Cause 2 + DLC; Magicka Collection (Feb 2012) [W] 1:1 trades for Star Wars: KOTOR II ($9.99)

The sequel to KOTOR has finally hit Steam, so I'm looking to pick up a copy or two.
I'm also interested in Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, among other things.
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