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Old account posts archive part 2 (Large link dump)

Had to break this down into multiple text posts, because of how much text was involved.
Looking pretty!
Hello again everyone! So this is the first of a few random images I've found which don't seem to be from larger sets of photos. I figured I would post one of them every other day to alternate the albums which should mean a steady release of photos for the new few days at least. I assume no one would mind?
Found this caption for the image from another site:
At Tao nightclub's 3 Year Anniversary Party - November 8, 2008
Also found these additional photos from the same event, although they're Geddy images, so you'd have to pay to get them larger. (Probably worth it! :P)
EDIT: Never mind, those prices are ridiculous haha! Glad I've never had to license Geddy Image photos before.
Jenna to co-star in new show Apocalypse Slough later this year!
Sorry for the double post today. Just got a notification about this and thought other fans would want to know Jenna will be back on TV again for a bit in the near future!
"The Specials" movie premiere [2000] (Album)
Hey everyone! So as I mentioned in my post the other day, it's been quite some time since I last posted anything here, but I've gone on a hunt for new images to share with you all.
Now some of these images should be brand new to this sub (Or at least "new" in that I haven't seen them in the last 200+ submissions), and others will be albums containing more photos from single images or sets that have been shared before.
The latter is the case today for this small (2 image) album. One of the photos had been in an earlier set I shared of random Jenna photos, but I was able to find another one which I hadn't seen before. (I excluded a few with her ex husband in them, but should anyone want those for some reason, I could add them in).
EDIT: I should add that this would be one of her earliest public appearances at a premiere type deal. It wasn't until about 5 years later when The Office would start airing.
Also, I'm going to try something slightly different this time around, in that I'll be posting sets from different years out of order. For example, this set of photos was taken at the premiere for the movie "The Specials" back in 2000 (which Jenna had a very small roll in), while Friday's will be a more recent set from an appearance she made back in 2013.
Hope you all enjoy!
From behind
It's been a while since I've posted anything here, but I've gone a hunt for new images that I've never seen on this subreddit before. Should be able to keep things fresh for at least a little while by the looks of it!
Jenna and Angela
The "cover" for Jenna's unreleased grunge rock album
From Angela Kinsey's Instagram account. This earlier post of Angela's is also related.
The most recent photo of Jenna that I'm aware of
Angela Kinsey posted this photo last night on Instagram. If you're on Instagram and aren't following either her or Jenna, you probably should!
Dream Woman (Album in comments)
Hey everyone! So I've seen this image around here before, but never the full set of photos. After a bit of searching, I found out they were from a magazine called Page Six, and the specific article was called "The Office Perk". After a bit more searching, I was able to find scans of the rest of the article in quesiton, which you can view at the following address:
The main image (which I found on some sketchy looking Russian fan site) is a touched up version of the photo from this page of the article. EDIT: I tried touching up the original, larger source image and removed the text as requested. You can find that here.
Should anyone want to buy a phyiscal copy of the magazine that these photos are from, I believe this is the actual copy on eBay.
This will probably be my last submission for a while, as I don't have any other photos or albums in the pipeline to post. If I find any more photos that I haven't seen around here before though, you'll all be the first to know!
Hopefully this will work for you. Keep in mind, I'm no Photoshop pro by any means!
Still Beautiful (Album)
Just to clarify, by the title, I don't mean that she hasn't been beautiful at one point, I've just seem some comments lately about people thinking Jenna's starting to look a little older.
With that in mind, I thought I'd post these relatively recent photos of her from last May in which I think she still looks fantastic!
Leaving the Late Show
Found this picture just a few days ago, and it appears to be from a taping of the Late Show from around 2008. I had commented on someone else's post a while ago with the following pictures, which appear to be from the same night:
It was from around 2008 I believe. I had posted some photos that seem to be from the same event sometime ago, but I can't seem to find them at the moment. I think I might have just linked to them in some comments. I'll post back here if I can find them!
EDIT: Found them:
Beautiful in blue
This is a amateurishly touched up and cropped photo (I'm no expert by any means) from the following small Self Portrait article:
Jenna selfie
Walk Hard Press Photoshoot (Album)
Sleepy Jenna
Jenna is probably cheering on the Cowboys today!
Jenna in one of her earliest film roles, "Pardon and Peace... Remembered"
So just a little bit of backstory on this for those who may want it. A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across a random tweet of this DVD case, with the following caption:
"Maybe I should follow Jenna Fischer's path to fame and get God on my side early."
According to the person who tweeted that, it was actually her. I've never seen this educational film mentioned anywhere in reference to her, and searching for her name and the film doesn't return anything. To be honest, I wasn't 100% certain that was Jenna based on the picture of the DVD case.
Also, to my knowledge, the earliest film she had ever been in was 1998's Born Champion, according to IMDB, and with no mention of this short film on there, I wasn't to sure. (For a list of more of Jenna's earliest roles, click here.) I would like to guess this was filmed before Born Champion, just based on how old it looks, and from the one site mentioning the publish date as 1999, but Jenna didn't seem to start having straightened hair in her roles until around 2003/2004. (Not that people can't curl and straighten their hair as wanted mind you)
After a bit of searching though, I found out the DVD was for sale online. This page has a picture of the cover on it and a brief description, and the order now button takes you to an actual e-commerce store page, where you can purchase the DVD. As it was pay day that week, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a copy. At best, I'd get a copy of one of Jenna's earliest film roles, and at worst, I'd get a Catholic educational film I didn't really want.
I finally got the DVD this week though, and I'm happy to confirm that it's her in this short film. Also, just as a slight aside, it was one of the stranger DVD's I had seen. Loading it on my computer shows it containing only one file, in a .dvd format. I don't have a plain old DVD player to try it in, which it might work on, so I had to do a bit of searching and found out you could just copy the .dvd file and change it's file type to .avi or .mp4 for example, then run it in VLC. With that said though, it won't load into a number of video editing programs, as it appears as corrupted, most likely as it doesn't match a proper .avi/.mp4 format. Strange stuff indeed!
Please direct extra upvotes to hmblm12 who correctly identified Bill Erwin as the old man in this short film just from the cover picture. Bill Erwin had a role on Seinfeld as an Old Man, as well as the Old Man in this short film, based on the credits.
Jenna has a beautiful smile! (Album)
Random Photos of Jenna - Pt. 2 (Album)
Haven't seen this one around here before
A nice Jenna wallpaper (HD)
Stopping to smell the flowers
Miss Beesly
More of Jenna from the "Walk Hard" special features
This is a follow up to the Jenna's naughty deleted lines from "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story" (NSFW) video I had posted a few days ago, for those who haven't seen it already.
Sorry again for the crappy quality of this video. I don't have a Blu-Ray player in my PC, so I had to record the video off of my TV with my phone. I was able to record the audio directly through my computer though, so hopefully that makes it a little better.
For those who are interested, these scenes are from the Special Features part of the 2-disc Blu-Ray version of Walk Hard. I would highly recommend picking up a copy if you enjoyed the film at all, or just want more HD footage of Jenna!
All smiles
Possibly the earliest "film" that Jenna was in
I stumbled across a random tweet this morning with the following caption:
"Maybe I should follow Jenna Fischer's path to fame and get God on my side early."
Apparently it's actually her, and that DVD is still for sale. I've never seen this educational film mentioned anywhere in reference to her, and searching for her name and the film doesn't return anything.
Previously, to my knowledge, the earliest film she had ever been in was Born Champion, according to IMDB anyways, so this is pretty surprising, and since it's pay day this Friday, I might waste some money and buy a copy of it just to see it for myself.
Jenna's naughty deleted lines from "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story" (NSFW)
Sorry for the crappy quality of this video. I don't have a Blu-Ray player in my PC, so I had to record the video off of my TV with my phone. I was able to record the audio directly through my computer though, so hopefully that makes it a little better.
For those who are interested, this clip is from the "Line-O-Rama" extra from the 2 disc Blu-Ray version of Walk Hard. Aside from this scene, there's about 2 seconds of Jenna doing a Middle Eastern style dance during an alternate version of Dewey's acid trip scene, some impressive cleavage shots during the "The Last Word with John Hodgman" extra (Jenna's in the senior version of Darlene makeup mind you), a number of good shots of Jenna in the "Let's Duet" video, a clip of her talking about her costume assistant having to keep her boobs from popping out of her top, and a few more things that I'm forgetting at the moment. All of that definitely makes the 2 disc version worth purchasing though IMO!
So it's taking me a little longer than I hoped to get all of those clips together, but hopefully this very short gif of Jenna dancing will tide you over! I'm going to re-film that one though as it get's cut off on the right which isn't that great.
EDIT: Also, these:
Jenna's deleted scene from "The 40-Year-Old Virgin"
[A List of Jenna's Interviews/Talk-Show Appearances]
Hello everyone! As some of you may remember, a couple of months ago, I posted a list containing all of the pre-The Office TV show/movie appearances I could find of Jenna's.
I thought I'd do something a little similar this time around and come up with an easy to click list containing all of Jenna's talk-show/web type interviews that I could find. This is by no means a complete list, so if you find any other ones that you think should be added, post them below and I will add them in.
Also I've kept interviews directly related to The Office to a minimum, but if anyone wants to compile those and maybe have them added to this list, by all means go ahead.
Without any further ado, here's the list.
Comedy Bang Bang
Emmy Roundtable: Comedy Actresses
Jenna Becomes a P.A. on the set of The Office
Late Night with Conan O'Brien
Movie/Play Press Junkets/Inteviews
The Bonnie Hunt Show
The Late Show with David Letterman
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
Watch What Happens Live
Unfortunately, I can't find a copy of the full episode Jenna's apperance on this show, but I do know it was from Season 6, Episode 72, and I have watched it in it's entirety a year or so ago (Perhaps it's been pulled since then). Any who, here's all of the clips I could find on the Bravo website.
Not entirely interview type videos.
A young Jenna and her... cat!
"Taking the baby for a walk in my giant sun hat. Walking uphill. Ugh."
Up close and personal
Striking a pose
Looks like it was from an event in 2012 called the American Giving Awards. Here's a video of her at it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVEWVoWzQVA
An Interesting Pairing
For those that are interested, you can read the article that this photo is from at http://www.tvguide.com/news/funny-girl-talk-38656.aspx.
She's waiting for you...
Jenna's on Instagram now: @msjennafischer
Something a bit different: Jenna's voice over work for the Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Academy
All of Jenna's scenes in "Are You Here" (May not be viewable in all countries)
Jenna Kicking Ass (Gif)
A clip from Jenna's self-directed mockumentary LolliLove. Unfortunately, there's no HD version of the film out there, so I did the best I could with the source material I had.
You can watch the full movie at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJbk6eyM8UQ through TromaMovies official YouTube channel, which is pretty awesome. This scene in particular starts around 48:05.
I've never believed in angels until now...
Nothing great, but here's the original just doubled in size, using the default sharpen tool, and kind of an almost painted look using the reduce noise tool. I'm sure someone else with actual skill could do a much better job though!
In better news, I found three more pictures while looking for the source of yours, that are actually from another set I posted a while ago. Unfortunately, they were about as small as the one you were looking for. I did find another larger photo though that I haven't seen before, which I'll post in the next day or so!
EDIT: Almost forgot. The white dress photo shoot was apparently from an issue of Parade Magazine if that helps at all. Sounds like it might be from around 2007.
A Young Jenna At Grad
This was just re-tweeted by Jenna
I Have No Words! (Album)
Tea Time
This is actually from the same photoshoot as the one picture that The-Nard_Dog posted a few months ago, so head over there if you want to see that one!
Beautiful Curves
Cuteness Personified (Album)
Pretty in Pink
Not sure if anyone will see this, but I found three more images from this photoshoot, although they're quite small unfortunately. Sounds like they were from a Parade Magazine shoot though, and my guess from what I've found is it was from around 2007. With that said:
Jenna in Wisely's "Through Any Window" music video
For anyone who usually asks me for flattering pictures of Jenna's behind, you might enjoy the video around 2:14 and 2:26.
EDIT: There's a higher quality version at https://vimeo.com/915500, but I went with the YouTube version as I know some people on Reddit aren't the biggest fans of Vimeo.
Elegant (Album)
Jenna in White - Pt. 2 (Album)
New album of images from three different sets of Jenna in white! (More or less)
Also, would anyone be interested in copies of radio interviews with Jenna from the radio show Loveline? I found copies from two of her appearances on the show and they seem pretty interesting. (If you can get past Adam Corolla at times!) I was thinking of posting those here, but wasn't sure if MP3 links would go over well or not with the more visually oriented crowd.
Jenna & Angela Stretching it Out (Album/Follow up)
This is a follow up to a photo I posted a little while ago on here. I was able to find more photos from the set, and thought you all might enjoy!
Polka Dot Dress
I've been looking forward to posting this one for some time. That first picture is now officially my favorite photo of Jenna. She's so cute, it should be illegal!
Random Photos of Jenna (Album)
Sorry to anyone who clicked on the earlier link I posted, and can't get to it anymore. I had some issues getting Reddit to grab the album thumbnail, so I deleted the old album and made this new copy!
EDIT: I forgot to add this photo when I copied the album. It's been added to the new one now though! Also, for those that are curious, these, three, photos came from the WayBackMachine's archives for Jenna's (Pam's) Myspace page from back in the day.
Happy Jenna (Album)
Thanks! I've got 3 more albums ready to go, and one album that adds to a photo I posted about a month ago.
Also, I'll see what I can do about the other request haha! For the time being, I had found these a while ago:
As well as the obvious one: http://i.imgur.com/C4SeTqe.jpg
Jenna in red (Album)
Jenna in green (Album)
Found! Thanks again for pointing out the missing image.
Jenna the Softball Star (Album)
old_tombombadil posted a photo from this set a month or so ago, but I thought I would share the whole thing (Or at least what I could find) for everyone!
submitted by jffan to JennaFischer

[Table] IAmA: Hi! I am Simon Posford of the group Shpongle, amongst others. Ask me anything!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2013-07-29
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Mr. Posford. I Just want to let you know I am a huge fan. Your music, and projects you have been involved in have been hugely influential to me. The soundscapes you have created have helped change me through the years, and for that I have always wanted to say thank you. My question is what artists and music have influenced you, or do you enjoy listening to? So many artists... we often list them in the album credits... How about i make a Spotify playlist that shares some of my influences & what i enjoy listening to?
At your NYC Shpongle LIVE show at Hammerstein ballroom on Halloween 2011, I may have gotten a bit too "Shpongled" and decided to join you and the band up on stage not once, but twice. I wrongly thought the entire show was the culmination of my whole life and that I was going to be transitioning on to another dimension once the show ended. The first time the security was really nice to me and let me back in, but in my altered state of mind I figured I should go back up for a second go. Security was not so nice this time and dragged me out leaving me to wander the streets of New York Shpongled beyond all belief. Primarily, I want to apologize for making such a rude entry into your grand production... As for my question: Do you often listen to and/or produce your own music under the influence of psychedelics? Or are you naturally attuned to creating such incredibly mind bending music without the aid of substances? I think that one is able to draw from the experiences of the past, which is enough to help inspire creativity in the present... But to work a computer whilst under the influence is too much of a Brain Bocca... so i stay off them whilst actually working.,...
Can you briefly describe the sound collection process for an album? I mean, do you go out in the street, cave, or wilderness with a microphone? I have a handheld recorder made by zoom which i take with me when i go somewhere that i suspect might contain a rich seam of sonic ore - India, Bali, Japan etc. ... And i take as many recordings as possible. With some (like in India my ex-girlfriend and i recorded the singer and various samples that made it onto Ineffable Mysteries) it works very well... other times i will get the recordings 'home' and find that it is all wind noise... and i already make plenty of that myself!
Wow, so that was an original sample! Amazing. I had always assumed it came from a sample compilation. Where did you find that singer? How did it happen? For the 1st two records we used sample CDs, but around the 3rd we decided it's much better to use only our own recordings... My ex-girlfriend and i found the singer through our rickshaw driver in Jaipur, India... we went to a local music shop and recorded what we could, before discovering the singer and inviting him back to our hotel room to record him properly... i gave him a lo string drone and a soft beat to sing along to... The story is in the CD booklet i believe...
Greetings Simon. Thank you for a great new album and a whole career of great music! You've influenced modern trance music in many ways that most listeners probably don't realize. What's your opinion on the current genre of trance and psy-trance? What do you see as the future of Shpongle and the future of Simon Posford? More big live shows at festivals? DJ sets? Something completely new? I can't really offer an opinion on the current genre of pay-trance as i don't listen to it anymore. About 10 years ago it seemed to me that the music was sort of imploding - it was all starting to sound the same with very little innovation... The same basslines, the same Kik sounds and very little unique defining character that separated not just different artists, but different tracks... Very quickly i got jaded by the scene and lost interest in music that didn't appear to be progressing anywhere new... The trance musicians in the early and mid 90s had already performed all those tricks, played those riffs, and over-used those sounds... So if you show me the current innovators, i'll be better able to answer...
Do you use entheogens while actually in the studio during production? I have done... but it has never been conducive to actually progressing with the track we are working on... it ends with me on the sofa, listening to tunes and spacing out... which is exactly what we make Shpongle for! But to actually make the music i need to be able to follow thought processes... Raj will usually give each tune "The Acid Test" when i am close to mixing it...
making first contact with an extraterrestrial species? For this i think the best way is to use a chemical key, that opens the door to other universes & dimensions, allowing you to explore for a brief time... although it is difficult to bring back the treasures you can find there...
What's your normal life like? Is it like the average persons? Or do you do something different like shop at farmers markets or anything that would differentiate someone? Unremarkable. I live in a small town, i go to supermarkets buy junk food and consume it in bed while watching junk TV. Those are the good days. Other days i am racked with guilt at achieving nothing but completing a whole season of 24 on Netflix... my studio is calling but i'm not listening. Some days i'm typing absolute drivel into my laptop, humbled by the fact that a few people somewhere actually are mildly interested in what i have to say. Very occasionally i am on a stage in front of thousands of people... but that isn't really me... I'm out of my body by that point. I wish i could be out of my body when my physical form is sitting uncomfortably on a plane, about to be probed by an un-enlightened security guard who gropes people in an airport for a meagre wage. We are all the same but different... aren't we?
So what is the Kugla effect? The song titles on each album offer a lot of visual representation of the journey one goes through while listening to your music. How does that process come about? I imagine Raja Ram laying on a couch spitting out angelic banter while you're working away. That is very much how we work :) Raj fills books and books with drawings and entertains me with stories about growing up as a young Jew in Melbourne in the 40s... he tries to make me laugh & put me off my concentration, so sometimes i'll stick a microphone in front of him while he does it, to provide more sonic fodder for the track. He once told me about a housekeeper his family had called Mrs Kugla who cooked with preposterous amounts of oil... Even to boil an egg she would use pints of the stuff... One evening Raj decided to cook dinner at my house, and whilst it was delicious, he had definitely studied at Mrs Kugla's school of cooking... i started calling him "Mrs Kugla" as a joke. There are many boring hours during the making of an album, where i am engrossed in programming on the computer and Raj is clearly getting impatient and twitchy, so he will come up with a few ridiculous song titles or anecdotes that will lead to song titles...
Any chance for us to see Rajs drawings? Sure... they are all over the CD booklet! LOL... I might photograph a few also.
What's the story of how you met Raja Ram? We met at Butterfly studios, enjoying some home-cooked Indian food with the other artists that were recording there. We became instant friends and went to many parties and festivals together, making music under a variety of names. Raj provides the inspiration and running commentary, while i compose all the parts on the computer. It's a winning combination! If i can get him to stop talking for a moment :P
He does have a way with words. He certainly does... he is a cunning linguist, you might say...
Could you please ask Raja how to grow such a majestic mustache? I believe we posted a video explaining: Link to vk.com
What psychedelic experience/drug has influenced your musical composition and creativity the most? Marijuana.
What is your favorite song you have produced? Shpongle - And the Day turned to Night. Younger Brother - Your Friends Are Scary. Hallucinogen - Shamanix.
> Shpongle - And the Day turned to Night. Younger Brother - Your Friends Are Scary. Hallucinogen - Shamanix.
Is there any truth to a US live band tour? I recall you hinted at a live show at Red Rocks during Feed the Rocks. Also, your sunrise set in the Negev Desert a couple years ago blew my mind something great. Thanks for being the man! None at all. We will never tour with the band - it's too many people, too expensive, and too complicated. But we all would love to do a couple of one-off shows in the US... Red Rocks being one of them. If we can find anything exciting, fun and different that will persuade the 13 musicians we employ in the band to all give up their day jobs for a moment (which range from touring with Further, Bjørk, playing West End shows, to writing scores for 300 musicians in Dubai) then it becomes feasible... but most of the time it's just not practical, I'm sorry.
None at all. We will never tour with the band - it's too many people, too expensive, and too complicated. But we all would love to do a couple of one-off shows in the US... Red Rocks being one of them. If we can find anything exciting, fun and different that will persuade the 13 musicians we employ in the band to all give up their day jobs for a moment (which range from touring with Further, Bjørk, playing West End shows, to writing scores for 300 musicians in Dubai) then it becomes feasible... but most of the time it's just not practical, I'm sorry.
Thanks for doing this AMA Simon! What's your favourite genre/artist that people would find surprising? Probably the album "Breakfast in America" by Supertramp... part of the soundtrack of my childhood... I've always loved The Cure since i was 13...
What inspired you to include a tribute to Pink Floyd's On the Run in your most recent album? I turned to my friend at the Atlanta show a few weeks ago and said "is that, is that Pink Floyd???" Then I hear you say something like, "here's some Pink Floyd for ya!" Good times. In Atlanta is actually was Pink Floyd... with a Kik drum underneath... I have written many tracks inspired by On The Run... it's a great piece!
When are you going be working with Ott next? Ott and i recently discussed working on something... he lives quite far away though.
Are you performing at Burning Man this year? If not, do you plan to in the future? Working on it, but it's looking unlikely right now.
How much of your music is sampled vs composed? Like are the horn parts in "my head feels like a frisbee" sampled from something else is or did you and raja compose it? That was one of the last commercially available samples we used... We probably tweaked it around quite a bit, but a couple of times i have identified the original samples on other tunes... so eventually we realised, "Wow - everybody is using samples! Let's never use them again... and only record our own stuff from now on."
Follow up: who played the bass clarinet and bari parts on ineffable mysteries? was it raja or just some virtual instrument? I wrote that on the keyboard, using Vienna Instruments for the sound.
1) You always have an awesome bass tone, usually carrying the song, what machine makes that guy? 2) Any good DMT stories? 1..Whatever is convenient... On the first album i strung a massive elastic band across a wooden chair and used that... Often i will play bass guitar, sometimes i'll play the sh101 or another synth... Moog is good... 2... Yes, loads!
Hi, Thanks for doing this! What is your creative process? To clarify: When making music, do you start with some kind of a seed, an idea, or even emotion? Or do you start de novo, trying anything and expanding it when you start to feel it? What layer do you prefer to start with (bassline? main theme?) Amost always i begin with a blank canvas. Once i've chosen a tempo and a key, i like to start with the drums, then bassline, then synths and vocals and other stuff... I'll usually work with whatever is easiest and to hand: if a synth isn't plugged in then i won't use it... but if there is a crisp packet lying around and a microphone plugged in, i'll use that... I'm fundamentally lazy.
Mr Posford, Your music uses influences from cultures from all over the world. I have never run into another shpongler in the wild here in the us.So I was wondering what countries have given you the biggest reception to your music? Where are some of your largest concerts held? Without a doubt, Israel. Then there are pockets around the world: Russia, Japan, Colorado, Hungary...
Haha awesome! Hopefully you tried out the experiment to feel your nose a few feet in front of your face. It's such an unexpected experience. Again, thanks for the new album. It's nice to hear the finished project after all of those shows on the Masquerade tour. Stay Shpongled :::) I tried the hand one many years ago... It's extremely disconcerting!
Simon, I have every album that you and your music collaborations have released. I have to admit though, I have paid for very few of them. As someone that owns your own record label what is your opinion on piracy? How do you think it has affected your music and label? Don't get me started! Really?
Simon, What is your favorite type of pie? Also, what other types of music do you listen to on the reg? 3.14159265359 ... What's the reg?
I remember seeing half a promise of a new Hallucinogen album on the Twisted forums long time ago. Will it ever happen? Thank you for being great! Bought the new album, and can't wait to see you on the Troxy in October! Half a promise yes! The truth is i don't know if i will do another Hallucinogen album... I notice with Shpongle that some people's reaction to a new album is "I'm disappointed - it doesn't sound like my favourite earlier album" or "I'm disappointed it sounds too much like earlier albums"... in any case there is so much baggage associated with previous albums that it can weigh you down, so i'm more likely to release under another name... maybe even 'Simon Posford' :)
Who are some of the newer electronic music artists that you enjoy? Depends what you mean by new... Does Delia Derbyshire count?
E: favorite ways to process vocals? Favourite was to process vocals... mmm i spend not hours doing this, but possibly days! I love processing... If i'm feeling exceptionally brave, i might dig out Kyma, otherwise it's usually plug-ins... UAD, Waves, AutoTune, SugarBytes, Reaktor... for Filtering i'll use my hardware MS20 or Moog Voyager (or the UAD moog in software), for compression my hardware Distressor or LA-3A are unbeatable... For reverb, the Eventide H3000 or Lexicon PCM 91 hardware units, or Altiverb and UAD EMT plates in software... EQ my BAE audio 1028 or Thermionic Culture Rooster cover the hardware... Software would be UAD - Never or SSL or Sony Oxford. For mangling i usually use Reaktor.
Hi Simon, You recently posted a video on your Facebook page of a Logic Pro session, I beleive it was one of your new tracks. This session had over 200 tracks in it, is this normal for you guys to produce a song with so many tracks? Yes... Normally we have between 130 - 250 tracks before either the computer or my head caves in... On one tune i remember recording 75 tracks of guitar!! Of course we only used about 12...
Is Logic what you use primarily? Do you use Ableton as well? I use Logic in the studio and Ableton on the stage.
I'm a huge fan of Shpongle and Younger Brother in particular (like tons of folks here on this IAmA). What do you think of the Israeli crowd? What do you think is the reason Twisted and Psybient in general are so insanely popular down here? My biggest fans! I think there are possibly many reasons why psy-trance took off so massively in Israel, too long to go into here... but it's to do with oppression, national service in the army, escaping authoritarianism but through a heavily bonded bunch of people that leave the army and go to places like Goa, & experience freedom and counterculture with their friends...
What does a good idea taste like? Deliciously sweet, but not sickly... slightly tangy with surprise and a full-bodied satisfaction. William James describes somebody on laughing gas or laudanum or something who discovers the secret of the Universe... He fully understood the divine plan, why we are here and the answer to everything... luckily he had a pen close by and managed to scribble down his thoughts before they were lost forever... When he finally sobered up, he rushed to see what pearls of wisdom he had captured... on a piece of paper, he had written "A smell of petroleum prevails throughout."
Is your October gig in London Troxy a full live experience like the one in the Roundhouse or a dj set like last year's Twistival? I absolutely enjoyed Twistival, but would be pretty stoked if it was a live concert! It is one of the rare full band shows...
How is your relationship with Ott currently? What is the reason he split from the Twisted Label? (I understand if you would like to refrain from answering this one) We are still friends... there were no hard feelings and Twisted are proud to part of Ott's transition from recording engineer to successful musician.
Any future plans for Shpongle? What's next, album/sound wise? Any anniversary treats coming up? We are already talking about Shpongle 6!
How did you meet Michele Adamson? What's she like? I almost ran her over with my car leaving a party. She's one of my best friends.
What do you feel like when you're playing for a group of people and you look out over the crowd and just see a ton of teenagers zoned out on ecstasy and LSD at your shows. I mean, I personally am glad that MDMA and LSD exist on this Earth because I think they can be a positive influence when used correctly by the right people, but I also know that they are abused to ridiculous, extreme lengths every single weekend at shows across America. I think you make amazing music and I wouldn't want you to stop, but has there ever been a point where you look out at your crowd and think to yourself that for once in your life you'd like a play a show to a crowd that isn't 6 pills deep and completely zoned off various amphetamines, research chemicals and piperazines? I don't mind. I certainly don't condemn people for escaping their usual reality for a few hours... It works for me :::) Everything in moderation...INCLUDING moderation! I'd rather play to a crowd on LSD, or psychedelics, than a crowd on amphetamines or stimulants.
Simon, you have influenced how my roommate and I live our life more than any other source. What sources influenced you early in life to become the producer you are today? Robert Anton Wilson. More than a particular person however, i would say it's the friends we hold dear, the natural world around us, the books we read, the music we listen to, the stories we share and the culture that we absorb that influence us... Try to dive deep into the pool of creativity that mankind has sprung... and revel in Nature and Nurture...
I have seen you perform at the aggie and the Mishawka in fort collins and i have also seen you perform at red rock. You shows are all vary unique and each had its own touch, from the black light dancers at the aggie to the masquerade set up at red rocks. You have done a lot of visual artistry with your shows. Who does the Lights for your shows? Are you a big part of the visual performance? When you set up for a show, do you mainly use turntable, or do you incorporate other gadgets into your sets? DO you also do midi controller sets? What would be a normal Sphongle DJ set up any what would be a extravagant set up? For home production i know you work closely with Raja Ram, who is Bad Ass by the way. I was wondering what recording tech. do you use, both digital and analogue(Mic's, AMP's, Synths, D.A.W.'s, vst's... ect) Do you find any Big differences between the use of analogue and Digital and how do you like to incorporate these into your producrtion style and music? I'm not a massive part of the visual look... Zebbler has done visuals for the Shpongletron tours, and Xendarboh for the Masquerade tour. On stage i use Ableton running on a laptop with an Akai MIDI controller, an SH101 analog synthesiser, Eventide Time Factor and Eventide Space FX units. I tried using an OP-1, but didn't get much joy from it. The computer runs 10 outputs into a mixing desk, which i tweak and arrange on the fly. Occasionally i'll do a DJ set with good old fashioned CDJs, but this is increasingly rare.
Lastly what tools do you use to master? Other then your ear of corse, that is always number one haha. What is your home studio like, and do you use it for mastering or do you tend to go and master at other studios? I like analogue & digital. I love my BAE audio pre-amps, Distressor compressors, Eventide, Lexicon, Sh101, OScar, SH5, Moog voyager, Arp 2600, and Alesis Quadraverb. I run Logic on a Mac. For plug-ins i use UAD, Waves, Soundtoys, Melodyne and Native Instruments.
A mastering engineer! Another set of ears is vital... and not a mix engineer, either... I use Kevin Metcalfe at Soundmasters, UK.
Who would you pick as the emissary of our species if we're ever contacted by aliens? Great question!! I'd happily send Raja Ram... the right combination of Love, Humour, Fun, knowledge of art and music, and smooth talking...
Hi Simon, I'm a huge fan (my username is part of a line from a Younger Brother song). Can't wait to hear the new album! Where has been your favorite place to play in the US? How did you and Raja Ram meet? Colorado... and I answered the Raja Ram question earlier...
Thanks for all the great music over the years, Simon! I have only one question: Where did you get the audio of that hippie guy from "Even Dwarves Start Small?" The guy who doesn't like to work too often unless it's for something groovy... That was from a documentary about The Isle of Wight festival... in the 70s i think... the sample was from a carpenter who helped build the stage. I'm sure it's on YouTube... funny documentary, complete with a desperate promoter getting on stage and telling crowd to "F*ck Off!" and warnings about bad acid etc...
How is Raj doing? :) He is good... He's going out for Pizza with his grand-daughter tonight, i believe...
What Shpongle album do you and Raja Ram sit back and listen to the most? I will usually listen to whatever i've just completed a lot, until mastering... by the time it is released i have stopped listening. Occasionally i'll hear something in someone's car, for example, years later and for the first time i'll be able to hear it without all the mistakes and errors in judgement that i was so concerned about at the time... If i was going to put on a shpongle album right now, it would be the new one...
What's some of your favorite music you're listening to right now? Trentemoller, Flanger, Placebo, massive attack... i'm into audiobooks right now... David Sedaris, Alan Partridge...
Younger Brother has been one of my favorite groups to listen to over the last couple of years. I know the vocal tracks on the Last Days of Gravity were some of the most popular. Vaccine switched to a style that was much more focused on vocals, and a more mainstream sound. Has that effected the popularity of Younger Brother? Did Ruu Campbell write a lot of the lyrics for the songs? Ruu wrote the lyrics yes. I don't know how you measure popularity... We have only ever done what inspires us at the time... back then it was Indie Bands, now it is Electronic music again... who knows where we will end up. I have little time to work on YB, with my Shpongle duties... and Benji is now CEO of a multi-million dollar app company!
Have you ever seen someone frown at a Shpongle concert? From my experience at one I believe it is the happiest environment and people you can ever be around. Still the best night of my life. No, but i don't like it when people in the front row are just staring at me like dogs being shown a card trick!
Does the Shpongle "mascot" have a name? (Kind of like how Iron Maiden's mascot is named Eddie.) We just call it "the shpongle mask"
As someone who also recently turned their project into a live band I have a few questions to ask... What is your decision process for deciding what stems you separate for the backing tracks? What performance advantages come from a 20+ channel ableton mix? Also what's your workflow like for transcribing the sheet music for the string players? -Supersillyus. Ahhh, Supersillyus! How are you doing? I like to split the stems into Kik, Bass, Hats, Drums Lo, Drums Hi, Perc Lo, Perc Hi, Synths Lead, Guitars, Vocals, Strings, Horns, FX, Pads, Synths other... i'll space it over 16 outputs into a mixer, and this allows me to mix on the fly - to mute stuff or start with different parts or whatever and to bring out certain parts. As for the score, i can't read music so Harry Escott our cello player will transcribe the string parts, and Pete Callard our guitarist will do the guitar parts. All the musicians do their own notation once we have discussed what they are going to play.
A while ago I read 'the Night Circus' by Erin Morgenstern after seeing you recommend it, and massively enjoyed it. What did you like about that book, and what else would you recommend to the Shpongled reader? I liked the magic... the atmosphere of the book. Other recommendations: anything by Robert Anton Wilson, The Dice Man by Luke Reinhardt (and the sequels), The curious incident of the dog in the night... I'm just finishing "The Sense of an Ending" which is pretty good although i'm not at the end yet...
Is the accordion sound on 'My head feels like a frisbee" a real accordion? If so what post-processing made it sound that good? I don't remember... surely the best processing for an accordion is the MUTE button...?
of all, thank you so much for the new album. It is absolutely incredible! It makes me very happy and I haven't been able to stop listening to it since we got the download early! It's really sucks that you didn't get to play at Wakarusa this year because of the storm! My question is, on Divine Moments of Truth what did you use for that amazing springy/jiggly sound around the 2:10 mark? It was a drum loop through a buckety old phaser made by AMS. I turned off the LFO and tweaked it on the fly, to try and get it in tune and flow with the song...
I know that you like exploring new genres and I've loved watching your sound evolve. However, I live in Portland, Oregon and I live for true old-school Goa and Psytrance. Twisted introduced me to electronic music and remains my favorite electronic album. Your Shpongle sets do tend to get a bit heavy towards the end, but I am wondering: Do you think you might be inspired to play a true Hallucinogen full-speed psytrance set in the Northwest USA at some point soon? I'm certainly not against performing Hallucinogen anywhere there is demand for it.
At the live Halloween show you did in NY I remember seeing you outside the venue recording on a video camera all the fans that were in line around the block. Were you gonna release any behind the scenes footage of that, or did it come out somewhere and I missed it? I'd love to reminisce!! :::) My ex threw me in a swimming pool and i lost everything on that phone :(
Will you be releasing the song you did for the Magic Ball anywhere officially? Probably not.
I know you said a US tour is not in the cards, but is there a chance/plan to do what you did last time and play a couple of shows in NY and LA? Maybe Red Rocks. I don't think Raj is interested in repeating ourselves...
What inspired you to start creating music? The urge to create...
Simon, Where do you come up with your amazingly awesome percussion patterns? It's my favorite aspect of your music. Is this done via improv instrumentation in the studio? Or preconceived in your head? Made up as i go along...
A while back, you had mentioned an interest in having a subscription service app that would give subscribers access to the stream whole Twisted catalog. Did you scrap this idea? No, it has taken off in a BIG way... Benji is now CEO of a multi-million dollar app company, and it will be used to supply content from many other people... Twisted have rather been left behind by Benji now!
Thank you for many transcendent times, especially the few times you've blessed us with unexpected visits in Atlanta! :::) Where do you go to, physically, geographically or otherwise, for inspiration and relaxation? My bed, India, New York, Tokyo, Cornwall, my studio and my fridge.
When does the Museums of Consciousness US tour start? Not yet.
Simon, What's the best book you've ever read? Also, send my regards to Raja Ram. Oh and see you in at the Troxy in October! Cosmic Trigger by RAW.
Why, why, whyyy was Shpongle not at Bisco this year!? You guys were literally the only reason I even went to year prior, and y'all never even showed up:( Because we weren't asked. Simples.
You should look into playing at the Gorge in washington, absolutely the best venue in the world. That looks amazing! I'm not sure we could fill it though...
Hello, I remember seeing you at the Masquerade on May 21, 2011 which was the supposed date of the Rapture. I remembered when you walked back up for the encore you just simply said "unlike Jesus I'm back". That was cool. Lol... wasn't the venue called "Heaven", too?
I've never stumbled upon another Shpongler in the U.S. either. I find this strange. I'm from Oklahoma...not the most cultured state in the union, but still... I've stumbled across plenty! Maybe it's the hat ;)
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