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[Table] IAmA: I am David Brin -scifi author of novels that won Hugos and/or were kevincostnerized. Also astrophysicist &SETI expert. Futurist/tech-pundit. Mr Transparent Society.

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Date: 2012-06-26
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Questions Answers
You, like myself, have a wide variety of expertise. Outside of what you write about, what do you like to study? Hence, what I yearn for is improvements in PROCESS. The Enlightenment processes of markets and democracy, science etc have been spectacular! Guys like Clay Shirky claim the Web is making us hugely smarter in real time. But .... but I don't see that. There are many tools still missing and lobotomizing conversation to 140 words won't do it.
What can we citizens do, to overcome governmental resistance to transparency? The issue ends up buried under all the other partisan concerns -- yet every aspect of government would be so much better if transparent. How can we overcome the static friction and get the ball rolling? Those 6000 years show how obstinate the problem is, but they also show reasons for optimism! The Enlightenment's 250 year experiment has been amazing. Adam Smith said break up power into smaller chunks so the mighty will help us to hold EACH OTHER accountable!
"Too big to fail" is a symptom, I believe, that the power, once divided, is pulling itself back together. Hey, just askin. Me, I am a Smithian-Heinleinian libertarian. I distrust ALL accumulations of power! Look back across 6000 years and tell me who oppressed?
Mr. Brin, what do you think of the theory that humans can only hold about 125 people in their heads as close relations where they know the stories and histories of each one. It suggests to me that may be the base upon which to build our representation. Those 125 would be personally accountable. Why not use the strengths given to us through our development? More like from 2000 to 10,000. But our augmented reality glasses will deal with that for us!
See it depicted in Existence. Sorry for the plug but it is right there in great detail! Wish I weren't 7 hours reddit exhausted. Thanks!
What group of conspiracists worry you the most? Political, economic, military, scientific, insert group here? We all do selective perception. If you are "progressive" you notice conspiracies of the right and vice versa. (Personally, I find the "left-right axis" to be lobotomizing.)
I am Contrarian (My blog=Contrary Brin) so my libertarian friends get poked by me and they think I am liberal. My liberal friends hear my rave on and on about Adam Smith. But yes, I do believe that one conspiracy - HG Wells's "murdochs" - is the worst.
Those mutants in HG Wells... the Moordochs.
Repeat it slowly and think about it....
Sorry all1 Wish I weren't 7 hours reddit exhausted!
I may try to check in again tomorrow... or else follow me to Link to davidbrin.blogspot.com if you like. There's a good blog community down there in comments. Join in with detailed questions there I promise to answer!
I was thinking of the question more in terms of group/organizational structures than particular political groups. For example, current U.S. politics seems to be in a structural bind where neither Republicans nor Democrats can actually govern because the other group is willing to block or filibuster everything that the opposition proposes. But is this blocking of compromise actually an indication of conspiracy? I agree with what you say here... politics in America is dead and so is our national genius at negotiation and pragmatically working out practical solutions.
But I disagree with the assertion that it is equally the fault of both sides. One side repeatedly offers its hand and whines "let's negotiate." The other is the most disciplined partisan machine the republic has ever seen.
Republicans negotiate like Billy the Kid in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. "What I win, I keep. What you win... I keep." Well... it's a bit more complicated than that. The real diff is that there is still a distinction between moderate (the majority) pragmatic liberals and lefty kooks. The difference on the other side used to be distinct but it no longer exists.
the Democrats negotiate like Bill and Ted: "Sounds good to us, Mr. the Kid!" Instead, one side has become the most DISCIPLINED partisan machine in US history. That discipline is very very impressive. And deeply disturbing.
What are your thoughts on developing the intelligence of these species? Many will call EXISTENCE a prequel to STARTIDE RISING in that it shows one possible beginning to the Uplift Project. And it shows that it won't be easy!
Should we interfere or leave them to go on as they have? Oh, thousands of folks have written to me jazzed by the notion that we might someday spread the diversity of intelligent civilization on Earth - a worthy goal! We'll make other minds! AIs, uplifted dolphins and apes! Our children!
, rather, should we expand our ideas surrounding sentience to encompass these species (thinking mainly of cetaceans and other greater apes)? But then people realize it would take 200+ years and along the way? Pain.
Hey David, I am a huge fan or your writing as well as your opinions on technology and society (you have reversed my political opinions pretty much single handed). Most of all I enjoy the universe you created in the uplift saga, what was it that sparked the idea for an entire civilization built upon uplift? Do you see this as the inevitable progression of intelligent species or was it just a thought experiment? Finally are you planning any more novels, graphic novels or field guides (I enjoyed Contacting Aliens) placed within the Uplift universe? GREAT question. Almost all I do is informed by the Fermi Paradox. EXISTENCE lays down dozens of hypotheses (amid a rollicking, idea-drenched adventure! ;-)
In the Uplift Universe I wanted to do space opera with LOTS of alien races. Only how can that happen and be stable if everyone is colonizing and warring like mad... the galaxies would go to hell.
But the progenitors set up this cycle, see, in which your status is how many "offspring" races you raise up. This means everybody becomes fanatical to protect Nursery Worlds where candidate species can rise up. Wars are limited... see? It is not a friendly cosmos, but it does limit its worst failure modes...
ANswered in detail in one of the threads. I'd clip/repeat but, ooooog. Wish I weren't 7 hours reddit exhausted. Thanks!
(follow me to Link to davidbrin.blogspot.com (comments) if you like. There's a good blog community down there in comments. Join in with detailed questions there!
It seems as though we're in an age where technology is lowering the barriers to entry in writing and publishing books, particularly through the ebook phenomenon. Do you think that large publishing houses will still be playing a major role in 10, 20, or 50 years? Or will we have completely switched to a grass-roots self-publishing system? Think of human society. 99% of those before ours were pyramid shaped, with oligarchs atop -- and we may be heading back that way. But the West invented the DIAMOND SHAPED SOCIETY in which a thriving middle out numbers the poor or rich.
It turns out some professions are naturally diamond-like. Engineering. You MIGHT be rich or poor but are likely to have a house/car etc.
The arts will ALWAYS be pyramidal. For every steven King there's ten of me who are doing great but who hate/envy him (he's a nice man actually.) ANd so on down. What has changed is the PATH to climb the pyramid. You can still get plucked up to the top by mavens and pros (editors) OR you can climb the Ramp of Merit with online pubs and fanzines and e-books and upward.
I've been a longtime reader of much of your work but I'm particularly interested in some of the material you wrote about in The Transparent Society. How have the ideas from that book played into Existence? What's your opinion of deliberate data pollution - lying - by individuals in order to deflect overzealous data miners? Well, you'll recall in EARTH (1989) there were web pages and other not yet invented things. And one plot element was that in the 2020s there had been the "Helvetian War". The whole world against Switzerland. Nuked the alps. But we finally got the bank records!
Your question is whether data miners can be spoofed, either by individuals or by groups like the "Friends of Privacy" in Vinge's novel... flooding the net with so many auto-generated lies that you can't believe anything anymore! Will our age be viewed as lost innocence, when you could trust what you found online?
I call for a different approach to reclaiming and holding onto freedom and privacy. The "restaurant allegory"... that we need openness so we can catch the peeping toms.
You've been in and around the libertarian movement for a long time now, and I enjoyed reading the transcript of the speech you gave to one of their organizations. Which two or three ideas from that movement would be the most important TODAY to inculate into American political discourse? European? I am desperately sad that the Libertarian movement has been hijacked by followers of Rothbard and Rand, who declare idolatry of two things that should be utterly secondary... unlimited personal property and unlimited hatred of all government, all the time. And they never notice that always falling below 1% of the vote MEANS something.
I first read about Mondragon from Making Mondragon: The Growth and Dynamics of the Worker Cooperative Complex, which I highly recommend for an overview of the cooperative. Wish I weren't 7 hours reddit exhausted. Thanks!l.
If you were forced at gunpoint to write a fantasy novel, what would it be like? No need for gunpoint. The Practice Effect had all the fantasy furniture, princesses and dragons and such. All right, like Anne McCaffrey it was still MORALLY science fiction in that it favored progress, not static, endless feudalism...
And I have concepts for some fantasies I'd like to write. But I suppose in those too, the heroes would be sons and daughters of blacksmiths, who want to end lordly oppression. So I guess I am stuck.
The practice effect was sooooooo good. I love hard core sci-fi but that novel was so much fun. Thanks for that. You are soooooooooo nice to say so!!!
No need for gunpoint. There are SOOOOOOO many tales I'd love to write! Including many fantasies. Problem is limited-linear lifespan! And parenting teens. ;-)
But it's fun! It is why I fantasized the self-duplicating tech in KILN PEOPLE! Oh to be able to do everything in parallel!
That novel was such a cool different book!!!! )
Thank you very much for doing this AMA. I'm sorry that it didn't get the attention it deserved but hopefully you'll be able to respond to some of the questions that may appear now that the AMA is properly highlighted. Maybe you could get back to them tomorrow, I know I'll check back! Anyway, I am a definite fan of your works and Kil'n People is my favourite book. I loved the mystery set in a world where personal time is not a scarce commodity. It intrigued me greatly so I do thank you for the entertainment. Of course I loved the Uplift books as well - the first trilogy more so than the second which I found somewhat more dry and less exciting than the first. You've done some excellent work and thinking on SETI. What are your thoughts on the ideas espoused in Orson Scott Card's Ender series which looked at the possibility of "varelse", an alien species which was so foreign that we could never communicate with them? (Apologies if you haven't read it but the short summary should give you the basic idea) There have been a lot of 'solutions' proposed to the Fermi Paradox. One of the most interesting (to me) was proposed by Charles Stross that species stayed close to their stars of a post Singularity conversion of much of their solar system's mass to computronium. What idea(s) do you find most compelling that explain the Fermi Paradox? Sorry Klarok, but am I writing my answer here just for you? Or will everybody see it? Pardon my klutziness, but shouldn't I give priority to public questions? These are fascinating issues that you raise! But could you raise them in the main thread? Or else come to my regular blog community (under comments at Link to davidbrin.blogspot.com) and ask there? 1a: on Earth all higher level creatures seem to understand some general concepts like quid pro quo. Cephalopods like octopi have amazing overlaps with us and communicate in primitive but real ways that are limited by their abilities, not by their differences from us. 1b: Humans are diverse. If aliens land in a shopping mall in southern california, we may not understand them, but 5% of my neighbors will try to date them! Seriously, is that what his fans want? Is that what YOU want? And what if the uber guys you fantasize being... turns out to be some other doofus and not you?
1c: I am not a fan of Scott Card's repetitious, single minded theme, that average human beings (or merely above average folks) are hopeless fools and salvation can only come by allowing some Nietzchean uber-man take over and tell everybody what to do. I am more interested in the story of a civilization that might be smarter than all of us. Because all of us pitch in to be as smart as we can be. It's what got us the party we're all enjoying, notwithstanding SciFi ingrates.
I do enjoy your stories, but I am aware you also do real science. What are you currently working on? I do little guerilla raids into branches of science that interest me, and screw credentials! Hence, I just had two papers in a new psychology book called PATHOLOGICAL ALTRUISM... which focused researchers on a real problem. That oft times we try to do good for others and wind up wreaking harm.
I analyzed how altruism can be addictive! And why the real thing is rare in nature. (And may be rare among aliens! But now I am getting into the topic of my novel! ;-)
What did you conclude with regard to altruism being naturally rare? Link to www.setileague.org
It's interesting!
Interesting, I have wondered that myself (whether aliens have altruism that is) do you think that though altruism may be rare, that it will be incredibly beneficial to those species which develop it? Alas, the core group at the SETI Institute hold to the "altruism is automatically universal" mythology for reasons of their own.
They run interfeerence for others who are rudely beaming "messages" into space (METI) without consulting peers or colleagues or the public, all based on the altruism assumption. Many of us have resigned from the SETI committees in protest.
See this laid down at: Link to lifeboat.com
Is there really such a thing as altruism? Wouldn't Pathological Altruism really simply be a selfish person, group, organization, government's addiction to the feeling they get when being altruistic? A very good question since most altruism in nature is kin selection... and yet... well... I talk about this in Existence...
, no, I'm not a Randian. She was an idiot. Wish I weren't 7 hours reddit exhausted. Thanks!
What was the focus of your academic life and do you miss doing research or do you still participate? And what pushed you towards a career in writing? Which other hard sci-fi authors do you enjoy reading the most and what do you draw inspiration from? In my bio I talk about growing up in a family of writers. Always knew I'd do it. But looked around and realized: ALL societies had artists/storytellers, but only one developed millions of scientists whose aim was not to convince people to BELIEVE in a temporary tale... but to know what is true. Verifiably true. And I wanted that!
Did it! Batted a few out of the park. (All nature shows that depict comets show dusty fountains... my theory and thesis.)
But civilization proved willing to pay much more in $ & admiration for my stories! Well well... who am I to argue with civilization?
What's your take on book piracy? I mean, I took a look in places and your new book is already out there. Please email me separately with some of those piracy sites? Please?
It turns out many of them will remove the item if you ask nicely.
Look I have kids to feed. I am Mr. Transparency and I believe in general info openness. But we need to remember why IP (intellectual property) was invented in the 1st place... to end 6000 years in i which creative people could only benefit by keeping things secret! That's how we lost the Baghdad Battery, the Antekithery device and Heron's steam engines!
Yes, let's move on from Copyright fascism! But in an orderly way that still lures creative folk into the open.
On this topic, I am curious of your thoughts on the open-sources/creative commons movement. Any thoughts on this different model to promote creativity? I take a middle road. I must pay for college educations! But I know the world is changing and I am willing to discuss OTHER ways to solve the riddle of getting creative people to end 6000 years of secrecy.
And I do give a lot of stuff away or price them low.
Replied to this exactly in thread. Sorry but it's been 7 hours.....
How much college do you need to be a scifi writer? I like to think that creativity in the hands of an artist is natural. It's not how much college... it is your ATTITUDE while at college. If you DEVOUR those 4+ years and hungrily grab every chance at eclectic mind-gorging... then an English major can get you there. Witness english majors Greg Bear and KS Robinson who write the best hard SF around!
Of course science does help and my PhD don't hurt. But dig this. Sci Fi writers are more often experts on HISTORY than on Science. Figure why?
Advice for college students and graduating high-schoolers Link to www.youtube.com
Since writing The Transparent Society, have you changed your opinion about the potential for transparency to improve society? Do you track projects related to implementing the concepts presented in that book (and if so, do you have a list of active and/or defunct projects)? Are you interested in being involved in such projects? I grow increasingly convinced that the four great innovations of the Enlightenment: Democracy, Markets, Science and Justice, absolutely depend on most of the participants knowing most of what's going on, most of the time.
All four languish, sicken and die if secrecy prevails.
I am a moderate! The Transparent Society is filled with discussion of exceptions and privacy is important!
But ironically it can only be defended if we see well enough to catch the peeping toms.
Ever think, "Hey, at least I didn't write Waterworld"? Yeah, well... don't get me started on Costner. He was an absolute jerk to me, beyond belief. Yet I helped him and was a team player, and overall I refuse to hate him. Because the final film, while abysmally stupid, was actually rather BIG HEARTED! It tried to convey a moral message similar to the one in my book.
Also, like all Costner flicks, it is visually and musically gorgeous.
Gorgeous, bighearted and dumb? Yeah. I guess that's okay.
Yes, the movie was big hearted and I'll have to admit that I enjoyed that part of it. That said, I enjoyed your book much much more! Janet Asimov called Foundation's Triumph her favorite non-Isaac book in Asimov universe.
I was absolutely enthralled with your work (Foundation's Triumph) with Greg Bear and Gregory Benford creating the 2nd Foundation trilogy. I felt that you (and the other B's) had channeled Dr. Asimov himself! It must be hard to write with another writer's voice. I felt honored to tie his loose ends.
Care to comment on that? Wish I weren't 7 hours reddit exhausted. Thanks!
Who are your favorite Sci-Fi authors? What am I reading now? Many fine choices! I recently read Vinge’s Children of the Sky. Now reading Stan Robinson’s 2312. Next up: Scalzi’s Red Shirts.
My favorite Science fiction authors? John Brunner’s five years as the mad god of 60’s SciFi. Poul Anderson as story-teller. Fred Pohl as explorer. For example hi AGE OF PUSSYFOOT... nailed personal phone/assistant/Siri back in 1980. Stunning book.
My own list of favorite Science Fiction & Fantasy Books: from Asimov to Clarke, from Bradbury to Brunner: Link to davidbrin.blogspot.com
Recommendations for Young Adult Science Fiction: with books from Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke, Philip K. Dick, Robert Heinlein…Link to davidbrin.blogspot.com
Existence is a big book; if it was broken up into several parts, you would make more money... uhhh, right? Just curious about the thinking that goes into sizing and splitting a big story like this. That would be unfair. As-is, I felt sheepish about breaking up Brightness Reef/Heaven's Reach, which was twice as long! EXISTENCE gives you your moneys worth! Yes the hardcover ain't cheap. But divide the cost by the number of hours of enjoyment ? There's only one better value... ...video games... okay I'll admit you get more hours per dollar. But do they give you more ideas? Or skills? Or moments of drama to remember decades later? ;-) I still like books tho!
Also, I've heard that e-books return less money to the author. Is that right? Or generally true? In fact, e-books return a higher % to the author than hardcovers do. Moreover, if you go to Link to www.davidbrin.co there's a way to get a signed bookplate so your e-copy is "signed."
Speaking of book trailers, were you as disappointed as I was at the entries for the CG Challenge on the Uplift Universe? Good call... yes I was deeply disappointed. It turned out that most of the CG Challenge guys live in Eastern Europe or South Asia. None of them had read Greg's books OR mine! But Greg created a thirty page outline to guide them and I said have fun I leave it to your creativity!
After that fantastic EON trailer, I wanted to see dolphins driving starships and pissing off the Gubru. But no, all we got were half-assed aliens from people who didn't even bother reading the source material. I learned a lesson.
What were the Buyur up to? What was that ancient fleet with the mummy up to? First I must answer #1 and #3 in the long awaited "creideiki-orley" novel, which is my next BIG PROJECTS. I must still finish FOUR other things first! But that's what I promised folks. Ain't getting any younger.
Your Uplift Novels are among my favorite ever. There hasn't been anything in a while though, despite the hanging ending you gave us in Temptation. When will we see some more? Will we find out more about Earth or will we be focused solely on Jijo from now on? Those books didn't sell as well as I expected. But I have 40,000 words of another (great!;-) Jijo novel and hope to get to it. Oh how I wish I had the self-copier from KILN PEOPLE! I would put it out in no time!
They are among my favorite books too. Although, candidly, I found the first trilogy more enjoyable than the second. Understandable. The Jijo novels were all one big connected saga. The first three stood alone.
I do hope to get back to Tom, Creideiki and the others soon.
Till then, see the story "Temptation" downloadable at Link to www.davidbrin.com
Some will argue that "Existence," is uplift!
When you wrote for Ecco the Dolphin, how much direction were you given? Was it like an outline that you had to flesh out or did you have free reign to do whatever you wanted? Great Question! I loved that project. Usually, the writer makes the story and then the artists must follow. That is as it should be!!! ;-)
But it can be fun the other way. Start with art and then write a story to fit it. In this case, the action scenes for ECCO were already underway and they had a good logical path. A great game! But they needed reasons why Ecco would be on a quest through time. So I supplied that plot and story and narration...
And it turned out to be something really beautiful.
After dumbstrucking myself as I usually do with these sorts of AMAs... I finally know what question to ask. Is there a possibility for a a Dziga Vertov approach to expanding or morphing human archetype(s)? Another way of asking this is, when or will technology change the "steadfast" compartmentalism of the human condition? Wow. Thanks for a fascinating, intellectual question. But it's been rough. Now, after 7 hours, suddenly people are swarming in! BAsically, I do not believe in eternal verities. There is human improvability or why live? Much of what you ask about is in EXISTENCE.
Edit: the SiaSL question is mostly there because of your mention of being influenced by H. That book was something I'll never untangle from. Wish I could hang around. But slammed... and brain won't wrap around your question.
As in who makes the scifi today that you can't put down regardless of its quality and who makes you say, "Goddamn, now that is done speculative fiction!"? My favorite Science fiction authors? John Brunner’s five years as the mad god of 60’s SciFi. Poul Anderson as story-teller. Fred Pohl as explorer. For example hi AGE OF PUSSYFOOT... nailed personal phone/assistant/Siri back in 1980. Stunning book.
Is there a song you listen to in order to get the futuristic juices a-flowing? Huh! Well music is great. I gotta admit. Sometimes I put in Polodarus's film score for CONAN THE BARBARIAN. It is SO cinematic and storytelling and over-the-top dramatic. You must either be repelled or just give in and let it FORCE you to fantacize!
What do you think of other authors, like Douglas Adams, and Michael Crichton? I miss Doug Adams terribly... and in his honor I am writing a sci fi comedy! Comedies are very very hard to get right, so I am nervous. But a lot of people say it's gut-busting so I am hopeful.
Michael Crichton was a very nice man who always wagged his finger at us all warning us against scientific ambition. He helped to inspire one of the major characters in my new novel. In fact, you'll glimpse him in the trailer! tinyurl.com/exist-trailer.
BTW... my sci= fi comedy I just mentioned is the more sober of two. There is a shorter one that is simply outrageous!
Link to www.amazon.com
Yes! One of the greatest movie soundtracks ever! Also Victory at Sea, Hunt for Red October, anything by Elfman.
I'm very fond of the Lord of the Rings soundtracks, too. And Last of the Mohicans. Thing about Conan is that when I mention it to people, they always wrinkle their nose, and I have to reassure them that "Really, it's good!" It's one of my favorites to play when I'm coding. The movie was "perfect" at being what it meant to be. Not great cinema! Just perfect.
Could you stick to the subject of Rampart, please? Oh so I am Harrelson now??????
If I weren't 7 hours reddit exhausted... why I oughta!!!
Yes thanks! I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to my post. I guess I just felt like adding, because, it seems somewhat relevant to talking with you, I guess my dream with science would be helping man kind establish and sustain life in space (i.e. base on the moon, colony space stations) as a permanent solution for life besides just the earth. I know that based on what you've said finding a prof who takes me in as an assistant is the crucial part, and getting to a point where I could study something related to my "dream" might be much harder than I think. Is it worth persuing a dream like that, or is it better left set on the back burners and focus my work and effort else where? But yes we must recover the dream....
How can I become a futurist? Get a time machine! In fact. Because I just gave you this advice, you will become obsessed and get rich and powerful and then send one back to your present day self, to find... hm... behind your garage. It is disguised, of course.....
It sounds like your new novel, "Existence," has a lot of "coming of age" observations in it. Looking ahead to the future, what advice would you give to today's young people for a happy, purposeful life? Well, first you might have kids view this little posting I offer of advice for college students and graduating high-schoolers - how to make the most out of university life! Link to www.youtube.com
Do you know where your own contrarian streak comes from? A sense of how desperately little time we have to get things right. And that everybody who enslaves themselves to a simpleminded dogma is betraying their own agility of mind or ability to learn from one another.
What think about EARTH novel? was written in 1990 and you show us lot of things that we enjoy now. And thanks to you and gracias, friend. It happens that fans have set up a wiki to track predictions made in EARTH and in The Transparent Society - with a score of about 40% hits and another 40% "not yet proved". Hoping SOME of the predictions in Existence go similarly... though som I hope will not come true.
I'm waiting the arrive of Existence now, but you know when will be translated to Spanish.
Eeek I have been on for 6 and 1/2 hours and answered the Fermi question several times. Could you skim for those answers among the threads? Oops... I meant to say: Arguments rage on and on about the so-called "Fermi Paradox" or "The Great Silence"... the puzzling fact that we see no signs of advanced civilizations among the stars. Nor evidence that Earth was ever even visited, during the two billion years that it has been prime real estate, with an oxygen-rich atmosphere. Many theories have been offered fervently by very smart people, each of them convinced that he or she has the aha-answer! But way back in 1983 I published what is still - to this day - the only major review article about alien contact, surveying almost a hundred different hypotheses and ranking them according to plausibility.
It is the focus of my life. Both in science and fiction. My new novel (Link to www.davidbrin.com ) covers dozens of explanations.... Surprisingly, there have been almost no new ideas since then, though plenty of heated opinion! Quarterly Journal of Royal Astronomical Society, fall1983, v.24, pp283-309 Link to adsabs.harvard.edu
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Multispam Build (Supression Fire + Punishment)

Haven't seen this build floating around yet so here it is. This is mainly meant for dealing lots of damage in a wide area, taking advantage of Multishot's ludicrous AoE range and inherent piercing capabilities.
My gear (it sucks)
Staples of the build: Active: Multishot - Supression Fire Active: Preparation - Punishment Passive: Nightstalker
This basically allows you to spam Multishot with unlimited hatred in packs of 6 mobs or more.
Why it works:
1) 4 Multishots cost 100 Hatred and generate up to 24 Discipline (thanks to the Supression Fire rune). 2) Extra Discipline is refunded thanks to Nightstalker. 3) Punishment rune converts 25 Discipline into 75 Hatred. With decent passive Hatred regen and Discipline gains from Nightstalker, you will never run out of either resource. 4) Infinite loop complete.
Stack some Multishot % damage items and you're golden. The only downside is you won't be able to maintain resource regen on small packs (Champion packs, bosses, etc.)
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