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Windows Blue or now popularly known as Windows 8.1 is an enhancement release supposed to be installed over Windows 8. This post is not going to go into the details of what the great bug fixes and enhancements are, but rather I am going to list down a few download links and a very great way to activate your Windows 8.1. It can activate Windows 8, Windows and Windows 7. You can use these tools below to activate windows 8/. While the KmsPico activator activates your windows and Office and makes you access advanced versions even. Download windows 8.1 activator you could try this out. This amazing activator works without the internet and its very easy to use.

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Almost 4 months have passed since the official release of Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2020 R2, so its time for system administrators to update their IT infrastructure for full support of those OS. In this article we will discuss KMS (Key Management Service) activation issues for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2020 R2 on KMS server, roll out for the older Windows version. Windows – operation system from family of Windows NT, the production of Microsoft corporation, follow release after Windows 8 and before Windows. Windows 10 activator, WIndows key latest version free download. One should utilize the Windows Activator to actuate their windows to spare, time, and cash. Windows 8.1 Activator free download full version full download serial key keygen telecharger gratuitement.

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Some tips to make Windows 10 work better on a tablet device.

About two months ago I bought Windows 10 tablet, but I wasn’t 100% satisfied with it's performance, so I started to look for a ways to increase my productivity. Now I want to share them with You and anyone who would be looking in the future for some tips. I made it in Q&A form to make it easier to find a part which might be interesting for You.
How to quicky switch between two apps without going to task view?
Windows 8.1 had possibility to quickly switch between apps with one single swipe, but in Windows 10 swipe activates task view, which is useful when it comes to using three or more apps, but in case of using only two apps it is simply annoying to swipe and then choose the other app.
SOLUTION: To achieve this assign touch gesture to alt-tab hot key. It can be done by instalation and configuration of a free app called Gesture Sign. There is also TouchMeGesture Studio from Windows Store, but it isn’t fully free. This makes possible to switch between two apps without entering to the task view. It works well, if there are only one or two apps open. In other cases it’s better to use task view, because each gesture is representing only single alt-tab and to switch more you need to hold alt key, what can’t be achieved with gesture.
How to easily change screen brightness by less than 25%?
Action center has the ability to change screen brightness by 25% each time and what is more annoying it only goes up. So in order to decrease screen brightness You have to go all the way to 100% to make it then 0%. The other way is by opening settings->system->screen and then using slider, which is taking too much time to complete.
SOLUTION: Gesture Sign has the ability to assign specific gesture to increase and decrease level of screen brightness. It leaves to us the decision whether how much increase/decrease brightness with single gesture.
How to make start screen/menu better?
Start screen has less customization options than Windows 10 Mobile. Many apps has their own background color regardless of background settings and tiles that are pinned by user looks ugly.
SOLUTION: TileIconifier is the best app I know for customization. It doesn’t require a „proxy” app, so after clicking on a tile it goes straight to the app. On the contrary to OblyTile in Windows 8 it doesn’t create a new entry in start menu, so it is great option for people using Classic Shell along Windows Start Screen in both Windows 8 & 10. Basically it allows user to pick any icon, change its size and add background in any color. On the topbar in Utilities section there is a Custom Shortcut Manager, which can create shortcut to system utilities like Recycle Bin (to get icons for them You need to browse to system32 and open shell32 in Icon Selection window in TileIconifier), Steam Apps, Chrome Apps, any URL or any shortcut. Then we can edit them and pin them manually to Start from Tileiconify folder in Start Menu. Tileiconifier can also generete shortcut to any Windows Store app, which allows us to create a new tile for Windows Apps. This makes possible to:
  • change the background of the store app that doesn’t respect system background to create one color start menu,
  • create colorful Windows 8 style start menu by changing many apps backgrounds,
  • creating fake transparency effect, which may be familiar from Windows 10 Mobile. To get there would require to preprare pictures for every tile and add them as an icons.
Still the app has two major drawbacks. It „kills” the live tiles and can’t create large or wide tiles.
Which is the best touch-friendly web browser?
Most of browsers are focused on mouse and keyboard and that means they don’t natively support touch gestures and have address bar on the top of the screen. On the other hand browsers made for touch lack of the features of the best PC browsers like supporting extensions.
SOLUTION: Sticking to the web browser that is used daily is the best idea and then creating gestures with Gesture Sign based on hot keys (the gestures might be specified to work in only one app). That allows to open, close, switch between tabs, go to previous website and activate adress bar only by using touch gestures.
How to quickly access desktop from tablet mode?
There shouldn’t be even a need to open the desktop, but in reality there is strong habit to do so. To do this You have to turn tablet mode off and If You don’t have anything open, You’ll have to tap the start buton or if You were using some apps, clicking on the start will make it switch between them and start menu. So in order to access the desktop You have to minimilize every app or tap on show the desktop on the end of the taskbar, which will most likely result in opening calendar.
SOLUTION: Pin desktop folder to start screen or open TileIconifier, choose utilities->custom shortcut manager->create new shortcut->explorer then find show desktop pin it to start (or taskbar) from Tileiconify folder. You can customize it in Tileiconifier to make it looks like in the „glorious” Windows 8 days, by using desktop wallpaper picture as an icon and stretching it to fit.
How to access onscreen keyboard in every situation?
Some games and Win32 apps opens in fullscreen on the tablet mode are overriding the taskbar and are making it unable to access onscreen keyboard button.
SOLUTION: Go to taskbar settings and set it to autohide in tablet mode. Back in the app You can reveal the taskbar by swiping upwards from the bottom.
How can I go to and search websites faster?
Cortana works well, but it is still limited. For example it only searches web using Bing and opens url using Edge despite the fact that it isn’t the default web browser.
SOLUTION: Third party app called Wox, which opens url in default browser, supports search on any site (after customizing it), has file search based on Everything and few other useful plugins. There are few themes to choose and fonts to change. It may be opened by touch by Gesture Sign or pinned to Start/TaskbaTray. On the other hand it may not be for everyone, because it uses from 10 to even 40MB of ram. Still not bad in comparison to similiar app called Zazu, which can eat even 100MB of ram.
How to take screenshots on a Windows tablet?
Microsoft still doesn’t figuered out that sometimes there is a need to take screenshot. In Windows 8.1 there was an option to take the screenshot from charms bar but it allowed only to send it to onenote or through the mail to someone else. In Windows 10 situation is even worse and now there is a game bar which allows to record games and take screenshots from them, but still there isn’t same option for regular stuff on a desktop… There are some combinations of hardwere buttons that are supposed to works on Surface tablets, but they might not actually work on every device.
SOLUTION: There is a PrScn on the onscreen keyboard version, which is hidden in the ease of access folder in start menu. But it requires active cursor on screen to tap PrScn and even if You’ve taken screenshot You’re gonna see some part of the keyboard on it. But it's enough to enter the key in Gesture Sign during creation touch gesture. After typing printscreen it will show Sys Req, but it’s going to work fine. Tick also Win button in order to make screenshots save automatically in pictures library as JPG.
Other tips:
  • Instead of Facebook or any other app You can create Chrome web app from website by more tools->add to desktop and ticking the option „open as a window”. Then You can customize the tile in TileIconifier like it was mentioned above.
  • Touch Mouse Pointer is a free virtual mouse, which has few modes of trackpad (try fullscreen), artist pad and onscreen gamepad. TMP can be added to taskbar as a toolbar or as a tray icon, which can be customized in settings.
  • Task manager is quite hard to access on tablets, but still there is an option to pin it to taskbar or start screen. You can create shortcut in TileIconifier for task manager and then customize its look by going to utilities->custom shortcut manager->create new -> other->shortcut target and navigating to System32 folder to Taskmgr.exe
  • Gesture Sign has an option to open/hide onscreen keyboard by gesture, but since Anniversary Update it requires that the onscreen keyboard button was visible at the moment of doing the gesture.
PS. I’m not affiliated with any of the mentioned software and sorry for my English, I wasn’t using it much recently.
submitted by mosley93 to Windows10

The state of Windows 10 Mobile 10586.11 (the so called “RTM” build)

Hello everyone. I’ve decided to make a topic here because I kind of just feel the need to share my experience with this particular build, mostly because of its acclaimed “RTM” status. There are a lot of open threads about this build, but I feel this topic will cover most of what I and a lot of other insider users are feeling.
This is intended to be more of a report on the state of Windows 10 Mobile 10586.11, how it feels to me, and how I feel about it about it being a “RTM Build”. This is not intended as a criticism thread or even a hate thread. It will be a long one so, grab a few cookies and munch them as you read on. Or just skip it, it is long and boring :)
Let’s start with the basics: The phone I’m running Windows 10 Mobile 10586.11 on (Hard-Reseted after installing) is my daily driver, I use it for everything, It’s a Lumia 930 and the language of the phone is Portuguese from Portugal. This is important, as you’ll see later on.
First things first: Is the build perfectly usable? Yes. Does the build feel like an RTM to me? No. There are quite the number of oddities with this build, performance issues, battery drain issues, instabilities, lack of features that where present on Windows Phone 8.1 and are just gone now, amongst other things we’ll see below.
But, let’s not start with the bad first. Let’s talk first about it’s positive sides:
Amazing new UI
The UI feels much more polished, organized (especially the settings menu), much more customizable and overall revamped compared to Windows Phone 8.1. Using a WP 8.1 device actually feels strange to me now, as Windows 10 Mobile is actually much better.
Renewed Notification Center
This was also super welcomed: Being able to swipe away individual notifications, answer texts directly from it (as well as right at the moment when we receive it from anywhere on the phone) was a really nice addition, and especially the hidden buttons with more options and controls.
Universal Apps
This was the thing that actually made me like Windows 10 so much: Jumping from my PC to my phone does not seem like a world apart to me anymore: Calendar is the same as the PC, Messages, Mail, Store, Weather, settings syncing on a per-app basis (not all of them do this though, kind of sad, hope more follow, like “Unstream” does) etc, it just feels like I’m home: Same app, same functionality, options and settings in the same place as on my PC: Heck, even edge says “Protect my PC from malware and phishing websites” (In Portuguese of course). (And yes, it says that on my Phone haha).
The new Keyboard
Oh God, this is the stuff. The new Keyboard’s amazing, simply amazing. The tiny dot to control the cursor was an ingenious idea, it most of the time gets what I want to say even if I type in all the wrong letters, it’s really good. Just wish I could shrink the keyboard to the right side, as my hands are kind of small and it makes it hard to type with one hand.
The “OMG the screen is broken in half, but oh, it’s useful!” function*
I got scared when the screen broke in half at first: Oh god what have I done! But then, it was useful, and I saw it was indeed a new addition to the system. I now end up using it all the time with my phone. It’s just perfect, works very well, and mostly takes care of my issue with big phones (especially as I have small hands) and single-hand usage. It’s also a priceless moment when you tap the Windows Logo on a WP8.1 device and the screen doesn’t come down. That “oh….” moment I always experience haha. Nice addition indeed this one!
New messaging app
This is the stuff man. Really like it. No longer two apps to talk with people: Skype and texts all in one place. I know it’s still a work in progress, but it really works well, and I do love it. It would be even better if we could have other services integrated as well, it’s really cool! Now, we just need to be able to send files, pictures, and text from the messaging app on our other devices (PCs and tablets) and it will be perfect.
Edge Is mostly fast, opens all websites without issues, even websites before I had trouble opening open just fine now. Watching html5 videos on it is smooth, even on those streaming websites (anime or tv show ones for example). Also it blocks pop-up ads just fine.
This was the cool stuff that actually mattered to me. I really liked the new additions Microsoft made on this system and hope it only continues to improve. But now, let’s get down to the original topic: The state of Windows 10 Mobile on build 10586.11.
Ok, this, to me, is not an RTM build. I’ve been thinking lately: “What the hell is Microsoft thinking, they want to release this to the public in this state? Heck, they RELEASED IT LIKE THIS on the Lumia 950 / 950 XL already?! No way!”
This build, although very usable and mostly bug free, has a LOT of issues that makes me think like in the example above. I know this is by all means an “Insider Preview” build and that Lumia 950 / 950 XL most likely got a polished-exclusive build of Windows 10 Mobile for their launch, but so did the Build 10240 from the desktop and on that one my computer couldn’t even open the start menu until an update was released the day after, and it was an RTM build.
Let’s see, this is what I’ve been gathering from this build with my usage since I installed it, and comparing it with a colleague’s phone that still runs on Windows Phone 8.1 (Lumia 640 in case you’re wondering):
UI inconsistency
Although the new UI is very pretty, polished and organized, it’s full of inconsistencies. And I’m not talking about on the “picky” level, I’m talking about the actually noticeable level: Some apps have grey background, some have black (And won’t let you pick just black either, we all know how black background saves a bit of battery on AMOLED screens). Some have the hamburger menu on top, some on the bottom, some don’t have it at all. Some have colorful title bars, some don’t. Some have text in one font, some in another…. You’re getting the idea. Even the Settings part is full of this kind of craziness, apparently Microsoft is patching things in trough the store app, like the new “Touch” settings that was revamped from the old interface to the W10M one. This is not to talk about the darn ugly Action Center: Is it that hard to slap transparency / aero on it before launch? It feels out of place, especially when the Windows 10 Desktop counterpart already has this since day 1. Hoping they sort it out, but right now, it’s mostly spaghetti: A big mess overall.
Performance and Smoothness of the OS
This is where Windows 10 Mobile in my opinion falls really short: It’s just not as smooth or as fast as Windows Phone 8.1. The system, despite some people swearing on their grandgrandgrand children, it’s not smooth: It will a lot of times stutter, lag, act insane, etc. There are a lot of good examples on this, as follow:
  • Lockscreen information lag
This is annoying as hell. Unlocking your phone to be showed a wallpaper without any information at all is annoying. Having it pop up later on is even more annoying. Heck If you have a pin code to unlock your phone, swipe up to show it and then swipe down to call back the clock and date / on-screen notifications: Watch as it will hang for 1~2 seconds to show the clock again.
  • Start Menu
This is our phone’s home: Everything is here, we want it fast, reliable and smooth. It’s not. The start menu will often lag as you swipe up / down or open folders. Some folders, when you open them, will be cut off: I expect it to show me the full folder, but no. Sometimes I can’t even see the first row of apps on it at all, just the folder title, what gives? There is also this extreme sensibility to “Swipe Left” to call the applications menu: It will interpret a tap as a swipe a LOT OF TIMES, it’s really annoying. And let’s not talk about when I call the start menu from an app, and I’ll be just greeted with a black screen. Where is the Start Menu? Hello? Start menu? HELLO????? And then, after a lot of struggle, it’ll show up again. Uff, what a relief.
Oh, and let’s not forget about the live tiles. I rarely encountered a problem with Windows Phone 8.1 but on Windows 10 this is insane: Lots of live tiles will just stop updating forever because they felt like it. Some will work for a while then stop, and some will just stop showing stuff and be completely transparent. Maybe they’re just shy or something, why, I do not know, but this does happen a lot. I am one of those persons that people think it’s insane because I unlock my phone, stare at it for a few seconds and lock it again. But there is a reason for this: Live tiles are awesome, they have everything there for the taking: Missed calls, news titles, weather forecast for 3 / 5 days, text messages, calendar events, e-mail titles, etc etc. I stare at my main screen for a bit and know everything I need to know. This is what makes Windows Phone so personal: It’s the way we want it to be, organized as we like, showing what we want to see: this, right here is to me what makes this system perfect and to see such crucial part failing and falling apart makes be sad. Hope this is fixed soon.
  • Task Manager
What have they done to you, my dear task manager. You’re so slow. So really really slow. Grab a Windows Phone 8.1, open a lot of apps, call task manager and swipe to select one: It’s fast, smooth, not a single stutter. On Windows 10 Mobile? Get ready for a bumpy ride.
Oh, you want to close applications? Sure, press the cross or swipe down, it will surely get rid of it and immediately place in front of your finger the next app to close / open. Except it doesn’t. Lots of time the animation will be slow. REALLY SLOW. It will do this “hang” bit, then finally finish, and only then the next application on the list will be in front of your finger and this can take as long as 1 second. 1 Second doesn’t feel like long but, how would you feel to take 15 seconds to close 15 apps? Something you used to do in 5 seconds, dragged over to 1/4 of a minute. Not cool.
  • Application Startups / Switching to
This is not fast. At all. Some apps load really fast, which I appreciate but a lot, heck, most of them, don’t. Want to open the Messaging app? Takes time. Now to open a conversation: Even more time. Used to be literally tap-tap and bam, there I was texting. Switching tasks is not as fast: I haven’t really encountered a “Resuming…” screen, which is good, but I have encountered a LOT of times 2~3 seconds splash screens on simple apps like the Messaging app or…. On our beloved calculator. I’m not even joking on this one, it drives me nuts. This lack of speed is noticeable all over, even the “People” app is slow as heck opening. Takes a LOT longer compared to Windows Phone 8.1 to make a call. Hoping they seriously improve speed and smoothness in future builds / releases, this was for me the top mark of Windows Phone. Having a super smooth phone is one of the things (along with live tiles as I said before) that makes me really like this Operating System.
  • Application Performance Is Worse Overall
I noticed a significant decrease in application performance. Not just the system ones, legacy ones as well. Skype was insane before, but now it’s unbearable to me. Super slow, hangs a lot… People’s app is slow, navigates slow, sometimes it will not load the contacts fast enough leaving me with a grey full-screen while I wait for it to finish loading when I scroll, Messaging app takes forever to load a conversation, the calculator actually shows a splash screen to open up. The. Damn. Calculator, people. Overall it’s just slower to use, it is really noticeable compared side by side to a Windows Phone 8.1 phone.
The exception is Facebook. The new Facebook Beta app rocks! Super-fast, supper smooth, can’t wait for them to finish it!
EDIT #2: Here's a video showing a few of my issues with Start menu / Task Manager. Small video here: https://youtu.be/FmD_zgemxzU
  • Battery
Oh battery! What have they done to you my dear! Battery is a LOT shorter compared to Windows Phone 8.1, especially when the Messaging App acts up and drains my precious juice away. I’m sure it’s not just this particular app, the entire OS uses much more battery, the new apps as well, phone runs hotter than before… Oh well, hoping this gets improved along with performance. It does reach the end of the day however, which is great, still running 28% here and it’s 21:30 PM as I write this. Not bad.
  • Sound Issues / Crackling Ringtone / Loudspeaker Microphone [ADDED IN EDIT #1]
This is what makes it feel like a BETA. This Build is FULL of issues with sound. Issues start small, like some apps like spotify not being able to give any sound, giving sound too low on headphones even though the volume is maxed out, to issues much more worrisome, like, when i receive a call, most of the times my Nokia Tune will be all crackled up as if the phone's having an hearth attack (also gives me one, scary as hell). Since Windows 10 Mobile upgrade, my loudspeaker microphone (in Lumia 930 case, the one on it's top-front, inside the call-speaker) is also dead. I have to literally scream at the phone so other people can hear me. Downgrading to Windows Phone 8.1 fixes this so, i KNOW it is software related. This type of issues are incredibly irritating. There's also other issues with calling, such as, even with the option "Vibrate when call is picked up" activated, unless you have vibration turned on, it will not vibrate.
Missing Features that where present on Windows Phone 8.1 / Should have made it to Windows 10 Mobile RTM / Incomplete Placeholders
There are a lot of them, most likely I didn’t notice most of them, but the ones I did, I really miss them. This is what I can recall at the moment:
  • Contact Link and Quick Contact Link Suggestions
This was super useful. Link the contacts on one device, they would stay connected across all of them and even if I changed / reseted the phone they would stay linked. Now I have to waste a lot of time linking them again to Facebook, skype and worse it’s a dumbed down version of how to do it: Not only Windows 10 Mobile will no longer auto-link most of the contacts, it now doesn’t give you contact suggestions while linking as well. This worked REALLY well for me, it made the linking process so much faster. Now, not only the People app is slow as hell, I also have to painfully wait for it to load my contact list when picking a contact to link. What, don’t judge me, I like to see people’s faces when they call me / text me, makes it easier to decide if It’s worth it to go near the phone to pick up or not hehe.
  • Place Holder Crap (Quiet Hours and Search (AKA Cortana in other country’s)
Oh, I can set my phone in quiet hours now as well!? I read on the internet about this that’s cool, it’ll be really useful! Let’s set it u- Oh. I need Cortana to do it. So, why on earth do I have a button for quiet hours on my Notification Center? Just to be there? Mocking me? Showing me that it’s there but can’t be used? Heck, why can’t I use it Cortana-independently? Seriously, not cool.
Another thing is search. Windows 10 Mobile’s search is a SERIOUS step down from Windows Phone 8.1 Search menu. Search is slower to open now and to make matters worse, it’s basically Bing’s website now. I can’t swipe left / right to use the “Locals”, “Images”, “Videos”, etc. areas, I have to go all the way up there, tap, wait for a while while the page decides to load to actually get the content. Plus, “Locals” is mostly broken now. I used to type in, for example, “Mc Donalds” when I went to the capital, and it would immediately give me a location of all Mc Donalds near to me and provide a very useful button to start the maps app and guide me there. This was really awesome and useful and I find myself really missing this.
  • Horizontal Notification Center / Start Screen
There was a pool asking for this. Gabe poked Insiders to vote for this. Why isn’t this done yet?! It’s super annoying that I can do this simple thing on my Symbian Nokia 5800 and can’t do this on my Shinny Lumia 930. Hoping it’ll come in the future!
  • The small things
Here are some other small things that I miss from Windows Phone 8.1, that somehow are not in Windows 10 Mobile:
  • Last time the phone was charged;
  • Last time an App was updated by the developer;
  • Being able to know from which number a given contact called to me but I missed the call;
  • People’s Group area is now a text list. What happened to the pretty photo flipping squares? Kind of sad to see it go.
Hoping to see the system grow up, get better, improve itself and shine in future releases, I am quite the mini-microsoft-fanboy (It’s under control, I swear! Mostly haha), and have become even more fan of them lately, but Windows 10 Mobile made me think a little bit more on the subject: They used to be stability-focused, all their products where rock solid (to me and my clients at least), and now it feels we’re getting incomplete software, pumped with “Soon™” stuff, unstable, inconsistent…. Kind of sad, especially when Microsoft is heading down a path I really like: Consolidation of their ecosystem, Operating System Wise, App Wise, Usage wise. Really like where they’re headed, especially with continuum on new phones, I just wish they didn’t hurry it so much: I know they are late to the game, but they really don’t want to see them tarnish their image by hurrying too much and too fast.
Ok, this turned out to be one hell of a huge post. I’m sure I forgot about a lot of stuff here, but you get the idea. Go ahead and share your thoughts on this post!
Lion out.
[EDIT #1: Added IMPORTANT info about Sound-Related Issues. Can't belive i forgot about these!]
[EDIT #2: Here's a video showing a few of my issues with Start menu / Task Manager. Small video here: https://youtu.be/FmD_zgemxzU]
submitted by blacklionpt to windowsphone

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