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Gird on your sword, don your armour, summon your followers and ride forth to win glory on the battlefields of Calradia. April: After 12 years as US president, Franklin D Roosevelt dies from a massive stroke. Get ready to show special gorilla commando skills to cope with all the troubles and show your extreme sniping powers to win all the stealth wars. League of Legends hack 4.0.

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Without training troops, you can recruit from over 50 Heroes and their squads of mercenaries! Things to fix: Feel free to report any bugs, tips or suggestions!

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Forge of Empires Cheats and Cheat Codes, PC. Web Media Network Limited, 1999 - 2020. Army Men: Air Attack (USA) Army Men: Air Attack 2 (USA) Army Men: Green Rogue (USA) Army Men: Sarge's Heroes (USA) Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2 (USA) Army Men: World War (USA) Army Men: World War: Final Front (USA) Army Men: World War: Land, Sea, Air (USA) Army Men: World War: Team Assault (USA) Arthur To Astaroth: Nazo-Makai-Mura: Incredible Toons. We present you 100% working hacks for all the games. Hacking Portugal v1.1 get more information.

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See more ideas about Cyber security, Hacking computer, Geek stuff. Hack The Army also gave hackers more exciting targets than the public-facing domains like [HOST] that were up for attack during Hack the Pentagon. Beyond its borders, new kingdoms rise. Crash Bandicoot 3 - Warped (Europe) 4.93: Gekitou.

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Army attack hack v1.1. MegaGames - Game Trainers, Cheats, Mods, Fixes, News and. Featured First Uploaded: January 07, 2020 Last Updated: March 13, 2020 Last. GIOCO COMPLETO: Download Prison Architect.

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Login; or; Sign up; Dark mode. Working with Forces and key stakeholders to further develop guidance and good practice 2.5. Steam Key Generator (Steam Keygen) Steam Keygen; Stronghold 3 Gold MULTi4-PROPHET (PC/ENG/2020) Texas Holdem Poker Chips Generator Hack; The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Hearthfire (Full Download) The Elder Scrolls V: SKYRIM [FULL REPACK UPDATES] The Hunter 2020 v1.12 (2020/ENG/Repack) The Sims Social Cheat Engine v1.1. This was known as a Mirage IIIO, but did not receive a RAAF serial number as, although this modification delivered superior performance, its cost was prohibitive and this project was discontinued.

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When playing Art of War: Legions, you will become a commander, lead your army to the battlefield and defeat the enemy forces. Mod Features -Spawn unlimited bodyguards/enemies -Very configurable bodyguards -Very configurable enemies -You can set when headshot is activated -More orders for your bodyguards -Aim orders for your bodyguards -Bodyguards can use cars and helicopters -Taxi by car and helicopter -Support for add-on peds -You can select the available weapons -Save config Use: Press T to open mod Menu, use. KEY-GENS, HACKS, CHEAT: Close Combat: Panthers in the Fog. In the Blood Brothers game, you are the hero, and you can choose among the eight warlords hero available from White Knight, Red Samurai, Purple Knife Dark Elf Sorcerer, Green Healer High Elf, Black Brute.

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Dragon Fortress v1.1 Created by Naze Map Info: This is an asymmetrical, unbalanced melee map that is supposed to be played 2 versus 3, 1 versus 2 or even 1 versus 3 - you decide! From the trailer, we noticed there are possibilities of using 2 different kind of scopes on the same gun. Unlimited DVR storage space. The Multi Filters themselves are configurable for parallel or serial signal flow using six topology options, which also determine the position of the Ensemble within the chain.

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The description of Missile Attack Army Truck 2020: Army Truck Games Join the military and drive us army missile launcher to bomb missiles on militants. For your army, you have to build barracks and train them. Space Empires 3 v1.09 cracker: Cosmo Cramer - AnThraX nfo: registration. A script that brings a whole new element to stormy weather in GTA V. With this script installed, it brings the possibility that a violent tornado will spawn in when the weather turns bad.

Smoke Revamp

I made a Smoke koncept a while back but decided to do another one as a sort of Fresh Start. Enjoy
Bio: Concentration- Tomas Vrbrada had his childhood stripped away from him. With little to remember of his past and an unnatural ability to control smoke and steam, Tomas went on to join the Chinese based league of Assasin's, The Lin Kuei. Now under the name of Smoke, Tomas began fighting alongside the Lin Kuei, taking a special liking to his now close allie, Kuai Liang. After being brought to the present through Kronika's time warping, Tomas was disgusted to learn of what him and the Lin Kuei became. Now utilizing his Enenra counter part, Tomas has teamed up with Kuai Liang to restore the Lin Kuei once and for all!
Gear: Ninja Mask, Dussack, Kusarigama
Appearance: Smoke is a 5"11 Male with light pale skin and long silver hair. He is Czech and speaks in an accent that is similar to that spoken in his country. Smoke also has scars covering his body from where his captives had harmed him as a child. Smoke uses two new weapons, a Dussack which stays sheathed to his side, and a Kurisgama that stays sheathed on his other side. Smoke's summonable Enenra is taller than him, appearing as a 6'4 humanoid demon who's figure is made of smoke. The Enenra has glowing white eyes and wears a garb similar to cyber Smoke's from Mk Deception. No customizable gear is available for the Enenra, but its mask changes to match Smoke based one which one you pick
Skins: Default Skins(Modern redesign/update), One With Enenra Skins(Revenant themed skins, Smoke's skin is smoldering with apparent blistering and smoke rising from it, he has flowing smokey hair and glowing orange eyes), Lin Kuei Rebel Skins(Smoke wears his hair in a pony tail that drapes down his back, aswell as armor made from old parts of Lin Kuei Cybers including cyber gauntlets, boots, chest armor, shoulder pads and boots) and Klassic Skins(Mk2 inspired, Smoke wears a gray pallet swap Mk2 skin)
Gameplay: Smoke is a zoning fighter who is best when keeping his opponents away from him. He reaches them using various tools such as his chained Kusarigama and smoke abilities. Smoke uses his Enenra counterpart similar to how Noob uses his shadow. The Enenra can be summoned to grab, throw and do much more to the opponent from far range. If needed however, Smoke is able to use his speed in order to get close with his opponent, playing as a semi Rushdown fighter
Special Moves:
Vapor Rings- Smoke sends out a blast of vapor rings that fly towards the opponent. Amplifying allows Smoke to teleport with the rings, appearing wherever they are before hitting the opponent
Shake- Smoke covers his chest in the classic shake formation as vapors cloud around him. If hit while in this stance, Smoke teleports above the opponent and falls from a cloud of smoke, dropping down and stabbing the opponent in the back with his Dussack(crushing blow if Vapor Shake counters a projectile). Amplifying makes only Smoke's Kurisagama drop down from the smoke cloud, and the blade drags them into it causing them to burst out of a smoke cloud next to Smoke, letting him combo off of it
Smoke Pellet- Smoke throws down a smoke bomb that engulfs the opponent in vapors and transports them closer to Smoke. No amplify
Tournament Variations:
V1: Deadly Vapor's- Adds Gassed Out- Smoke swings out his Kurisagama and wraps it around the opponent, following up by sending smoke through the chain that gasses out the opponent. Amplifying makes Smoke send hot steam through the chain, burning the opponent and dealing damage over time
Vapor Rush- Smoke fades into smoke and dashes through the opponent, turning them into a button masher for 5 seconds. No amplify
V2: Inner Demons- Adds Steam Lurker- Smoke summons his inner Enenra and the demon hovers behind Smoke's back, using its longer reaching fists and weapons to fight for Smoke(lasting for 5 seconds), Smoke cannot jump or block while this is activated. No amplify
Spinal Reassignment- Smoke sends a blast of steam from his hand. If the blast hits the opponent, Smoke's Enenra teleport punches the opponent from behind(crushing blow if the opponent had just landed from a jump). Amplfying makes the Enenra stab the opponent with its Dussack and drag up, gashing the opponents back
Gas Sweep- Smoke summons his Enenra to swing its Kurisagama under the opponents feet, tripping them. Amplifying makes the Enenra swing the Kurisagama in circles mid air for 3 spins
V3: Loyal and Lethal- Adds Lock Jaw- Smoke swings his Kurisagama up causing the blade to enter underneath the opponents chin(crushing blow if this is a counter) and he swings it behind him, slamming the opponent onto the ground. Amplifying makes Smoke slam the opponent down as soon as he hook them, causing them to launch into the air
Lung Pierce- Smoke tosses his Dussack into the air and round house kicks it at the opponent. If the blade connects it goes into the opponents lungs. If amplified, Smoke engulfs the blade in smoke before kicking it, dealing damage over time if it connects
To The Curb- Smoke swings his Kurisagama over his shoulder. If the hit connects the blade goes into the opponents shoulder in which Smoke then yanks down causing them to face plant. Amplifying makes Smoke lunge onto the opponent after they face plant, following up by him stabbing the opponent in the back of the head with his Dussack(crushing blow if To The Curb was blocked on the previous try)
Forward Throw- Smoke grabs the opponent and kicks their leg in following up with shoving a his steam covered Dussack into their gut causing the opponent to launch into the air
Back Throw- Smoke grabs the opponent and shoves the blade of his Kurisagama into their shoulder, following up by kicking them into a smoke portal only for them to come out of one behind him in which Smoke catches them with a punch to the face
End Of Round Taunts:
Smoking Hazzard- Smoke hovers above the ground as vapor covers his feet
Sinister Voices- Smoke holds his head in concentration as his inner Enenra hovers behind his back
Steamed Up- Smoke swings his Kurisagama onto the ground and drags it, causing steam to rise from the crack
Patience Is Key- Smoke unsheaths his Dussack and swings it around while placing his finger against his face as to make a "silence" gesture
Assasin's Tease- Smoke spins his Kurisagama and launches it at the opponent appearing as though it will stab them until it suddenly bursts into smoke at the last minute
Hot Steam- Smoke's inner Enenra summons from behind him and spews out a cloud of smoke from its mouth
Fading Away- Smoke looks back and suddenly fades into vapor only to reappear a few steps away
In Control- Smoke forms a ball of compacted smoke and walks away while examining it
Trust Fall- Smoke falls back into a cloud of smoke and disappears only to rise from a cloud of smoke that forms a few steps away
Too Predictable- A Cyber Ninja runs behind Smoke, preparing to attack and Smoke senses him, flipping over the robot and stabbing it in the neck with his Dussack before throwing it off screen
End Of Round Taunt Dialogue: "The Lin Kuei will be restored!", "I fight for what is right!", "For The Lin Kuei", "Where there is smoke there is fire", "Just like that I vanish", "I fight in the shadows"
Intro Dialogue Examples:
Johny- "Jesus! Your lungs must be rotted"
Smoke- "My breathing and endurance remains in tact"
Johny- "Now that is a miracle"
Smoke- "In a previous timeline, I was the one cyberized"
Subzero- "I am grateful that you did not endure that fate"
Smoke- "If it ment you not suffering it would've been worth it"
Smoke- You and Sektor have torn this Clan apart!
Frost- "Torn apart? I assembled the Lin Kuei to perfection"
Smoke- "Arrogance blinds you from your lies!"
Sindel- "Oh its you"
Smoke- "I'm putting an end to your corruption"
Sindel- "The only ending I see is me snapping your neck!"
Smoke- "What has Quan Chi done to you?"
Noob- "He has perfected me in every way"
Smoke- "Do not let his tricks make you forget those who cared!"
Intros: Sudden Appearance- Smoke is seen standing far away from the camera with his figure blurred. He suddenly throws a smoke pellet onto the ground and vanishes, only to suddenly drop down from a cloud of smoke and into his fighting position
Vapor Hemrige- Smoke is seen fading into smoke repeatedly, always appearing in different spots until he is at his fighting position
Translucent Rebirth- Smoke's enenra is seen standing in his place, glaring at the opponent. Suddenly, the demon begins fidgeting and opens its mouth in which Smoke rises from within the demon, hoping out as the Enenra fades away
Darkest Fate- A Cyber Lin Kuei is seen prepared to fight. Suddenly, Smoke's Kurisagama goes through the cyber's face and is dragged back by Smoke who then walks to his fighting position
Outros: Honroable Dismissal- Smoke slams his Dussack into the ground blade first. The camera then goes back up to Smoke as he places his finger over his face and begins to fade into vapor(still shot)
Two Sides Of The Same Koin- Smoke shoots his arm up into a klassic Lin Kuei Pose. Smoke's Inner Enenra rises from behind and performs the same pose, though the demon lifts the arm opposite of Smoke(still shot)
Chain Gang- Smoke back flips and instead of landing he fades into smoke. The camera then pans up and suddenly Smoke flies down from a cloud of smoke with his Kurisagama flying towards the screen(still shot)
Redemption Ark- The camera cuts to show Smoke, Sub Zero and a group of Lin Kuei members near an entrance to the Cyber Lin Kuei factory. With a countdown the clan burst the door open and get into a fighting position as we see a prepared army of Cybers in the factory from the doorway(still shot)
Fatal Blow: Deadly Pollution- The Fatal Blow is triggered when Smoke stabs the opponent in the gut with his Dussack and slashes it out turning them around. The Fatal Blow begins with Smoke backing up and jumping into the air only to come down onto their head Dussack first, causing the blade to go through(slow mo). Using the blade as leverage, Smoke swings underneath the opponent and between their legs. He flips into the air taking the Dussack with him and fades into smoke. The opponent falls to the ground and Smoke falls from a vapor cloud above them. With his Dussack in hand he front flips, slashing the opponents stomach and lands the flip with jamming the Dussack into the opponents face(slow mo). Smoke then back flips and fades into vapor only to then appear at the opponents head. His Inner Enenra appears on the other side and the two slam their Kurisagama's into the opponents chest following up with dragging their blades across the opponent in separate directions(slow mo).
Fatalities: Forced Entry(close)-Smoke kicks the opponents ankle in and stabs them in the bicep with his Dussack. As they scream in pain, Smoke shoves his hand into their mouth and sends smoke through it. We see an inside shot as the opponents body fills with smoke, causing their lungs to shrivel up. The camera cuts back to the opponent as we see them coughing uncontrollably, spitting up blood and tissue. Suddenly the opponent clenches their chest and let's out a giant cough that causes their eyes to burst out and their entrails to rise from their mouth(still shot)
T For Team(mid)- Smoke summons his Inner Enenra and they both take out their Kurisagama's. They then swing their weapons towards the opponent, hooking the blade into their arm area. Smoke and his Enenra pull back on their Kurisagama's, stripping away all of the opponents skin. As they scream, Smoke and his Enenra fade into vapor and reappear right next to the opponent, Dussack's in their hands. The two jam their blades into the opponents lower chest and pull back, cutting the opponent in half as their upper half spins in mid air(still shot)
The Klassic(final hit must come from Uppercut) Smoke uppercuts the opponent's head off
Steam Fried(final hit must come from Forward Throw) Smoke grabs the opponent and kicks their leg in following up with shoving a Steam covered Dussack into their gut that transfers the steam into them, frying them up from the inside
Open Wound(final hit must come from Back Throw, must press forward forward forward) Smoke grabs the opponent and shoves the blade of his Kurisagama into their shoulder, following up by kicking them into a smoke portal. They appear out of another one behind Smoke and instead of a fist he catches them with his Dussack, shoving it in their gut and dragging it out, gutting them and kicking them back into the portal to never be seen again
Short Ended(final hit must come from amplified Shake, must press down down down) Smoke stays in his spot as his Kurisagama drops down from a smoke cloud and hooks the opponent, pulling them up. Halfway into the cloud Smoke closes it, cutting the opponents lower torso away causing it to fall to the ground
Stripped Away(final hit must come from Gassed Out, must have performed 3 Gassed Outs prior) Smoke swings his Kurisagama towards the opponent and it wraps around them with the blade entering their neck area. Smoke then pulls back on the chain, causing it to unravel and strip away the opponents skin leaving them flayed
Disassembly Required(final hit must come from Vapor Rush, must have Fatal Blow available) Smoke turns into smoke and fades through the opponent. No wounds are seen at first, but soon they begin falling apart in bloodied meat squares as steam rises from them
Trophy Hunter(final hit must come from amplified Spinal Reassignment, must press y and x rapidly) Smoke sends a blast of smoke at the opponent that causes his Enenra to teleport behind them on impact. The demon lunges into their back with it Dussack and drags up, making an open wound in which it shoves its hand inside and pulls out the opponents skeleton, holding it up triumphantly
3 For 1(final hit must come from Gas Sweep, must have 40% health or more) Smoke summons his Inner Enenra and the demon swings it's Kurisagama under the opponents feet, amputating them. As they scream the Enenra swings the Kurisagama again, this time decapitating the opponent with it
Asthmatic's Nightmare(final hit must come from amplified Lung Pierce) Smoke engulfs his Dussack in vapor and Round house kicks it towards the opponent. After the blade connects it transfers smoke into the opponents body, and the behind coughing hysterically until their lungs suddenly burst creating a bloody crater in their chest
Two Faced(final hit must come from To The Curb, must have 30% health or less) Smoke swings his Kurisagama over his shoulder. The blade goes into the opponent's shoulder on impact in which Smoke then yanks down, pulling them to the ground. Smoke then summons his Inner Enenra who begins tearing the opponents back side off, leaving them with their front half planted in the ground
End Of Brutality Poses:
Clouded Triumph- Smoke raises his Dussack into the air and places his onlther hand to his chest as his Enenra lifts him up
Maze Of Gass- Smoke raises his arms up, summoning geysers of smoke from the ground
One Way Streak- A smoke cloud summons above Smoke and he swings his Kurisagama into it, causing him to be pulled into the cloud and vanish
Study Of Deceit- Smoke pulls out the head of a Cyber Ninja and begins examining it curiously, seemingly studying it
Vapor-Ized- Smoke gets in his Shake move pose and begins shaking violently as smoke shoots out around him
End Of Brutality Dialogue: "The Lin Kuei Live On!", "A minor inconvenience", "Pro Čest!", "Disgraceful", "Žádná Důstojnost!"
Friendship: Smoked Sušené Maso!- Smoke pulls out a piece of raw beef. He then engulfs it in vapors, smoking the meat into jerky, in which he and his Enenra eat happily until you press continue
Tower Ending: I had been brought forth by Kronika who expected me to join her and her allies. But after learning of the Lin Kuei's fate...of Kuai Liang's fate! I now had different motives on my mind. Reuniting with my long time companion, we joined arms and began training our Lin Keui Soliders. I was bewildered upon finding that an alliance had been made between the Lin Kuei and Shuri Ryu. While skeptical at first, I quickly joined the idea, embraced it. Now with Kuai Liang, Hanzo Hisashi and our warriors, we will take on the Cyber Initiative head first. No longer will we be subject to the corruption put upon our clan. The Lin Kuei will live on!
submitted by videomadnezzyt to MKcharacterConcepts

[Procurement]AUS 2025

Procurement Template v1.1

Category Designation
Defence Spending $40,000,000,000
FMF Funding $2,350,000,000
Procurement % 22.10%
Year 2024
Research & Procurement Budget $11,190,000,000
Total Spent Research & Procurement $10,824,000,000
Remaing $366,000,000


Designation Type Nation of Origin Quantity Unit Cost Total Cost
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0


Designation Type Nation of Origin Quantity Yearly Cost Years to Build Total Cost
Hunter-Class 1 Frigate AU 1 $500,000,000 2/3 $500,000,000
Hunter-Class 2 Frigate AU 1 $500,000,000 2/3 $500,000,000
Attack Class SSK AU 1 $375,000,000 1/4 $375,000,000
Attack Class SSK AU 1 $375,000,000 1/4 $375,000,000
Hunter-Class 3 Frigate AU 1 $500,000,000 2/3 $500,000,000
Hunter-Class 3 Frigate AU 1 $500,000,000 1/3 $500,000,000
Attack Class Submarine AUS 1 $375,000,000 4/4 $375,000,000
Hunter-Class 3 Frigate AUS 1 $500,000,000 1/3 $500,000,000
HMAS Australia LHD USA/AUS 1 $1,000,000,000 3/4 $1,000,000,000
Hobart class Frigate Spain 1 $230,000,000 3/3 $230,000,000
Attack Class SSK AUS 1 $375,000,000 3/4 $375,000,000
Attack Class SSK AUS 1 $375,000,000 3/4 $375,000,000
HMAS Australia LHD USA/AUS 1 $1,000,000,000 2/3 $1,000,000,000
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0

Air Force

Designation Type Nation of Origin Quantity Unit Cost Total Cost
Loyal Wingman Drone AUS 24 $3,500,000 $84,000,000
B-1R Bomber USA 9 $415,000,000 $3,735,000,000
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0
$0 $0


Designation Type Years to Complete Total Cost
NGD-AU Fighter Program 5/9 $400,000,000
submitted by Covert_Popsicle to Geosim

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