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In Cursor visibility panel choose Hide. Battle Realms was the first game created by Liquid Entertainment and was published by Ubisoft way back 2020. Battle Realms Full Map Software - Free Download Battle https://kaksdelatcvetok.ru/download/?file=911. Dalam game ini anda menemukan karakter seperti samurai, ninja, werewolf, dan pendekar Geisha. Genre: Action, Adventure, RPGSize: 3. GBDeveloper: Ion Storm. Battle Realms V1.10j By Tlacson7 this contact form.

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UGN no CD Battle Realms vg ENG. Battle Realms Winter of the Wolf Download Free Full Game is the expansion pack of the real-time strategy computer game Battle Realms, developed by Liquid Entertainment and Crave Entertainment and published by Ubisoft. About Battle Realms: Zen Edition CD Key. Torrentz will always love you. Liquid Fatal Out Of Memory Battle Realms 18. Free Full Download Game Battle Realms - Rio Manihuruk.

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Download; Free Download Game Battle Realms Terbaru Full Version Pc Portable; Chamkila All Songs Mp3 Download; God Of War 3 Pc Cd Key Generator Free Download; Amor Estranho Amor Completo Dublador; Nba 2k17 Crack Online. Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf Download other. Set seven years prior to the events in Battle Realms, Winter of the Wolf casts you as Grayback of the Wolf Clan, a burly rebel with a hankering to free his. Help us squash it by reporting it here! INSTALLER 4) INSTALL IT TO YOUR BATTLE REALMS FOLDER. Before the artifact can be sealed away forever, Malthael–Angel of Death–manifests in the mortal realms with a deadly new purpose: to steal the Black Soulstone and bend its infernal power to his will.

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Often, focusing on subtle details over a flood of features makes for a title worth returning to again and again. GAMIVO.COM - Cheap Game CD Keys. Download Trainer Battle Realms Winter Of The Wolf Pc. Battle Realms + Winter of the Wolf – Kenji, exiled heir to the Dragon throne, must stake his claim in a chaoticworld wracked by the subversive intrigues of the Serpent, Wolf, and. This program received 2 awards Liquid Entertainment Jul 18. Full enables you to convert PDF to Word files with original structure and good quality remained.

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Download battle realms wotw for free! The Digital Stores displayed are verified by our staff to make sure they are safe to buy on but remember that if you buy from. Increased Building HP by 25%. New downloads are added to the member section daily and we now have 421, 093 downloads for our members, including: TV, Movies, Software, Games, Music and More. It's the Battle Realms Widescreen support hack/fix/patch and a program that changes Field Of View in the game (even on 4: 3/5: 4). Battle realms 1 full crack.

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Crusader Kings 3 Patch 1.1 Notes: What They Actually Mean

Game Balance

  • Just because your dad is an asshole and called you a failure and cast you out of the family doesn't mean no one anywhere in the world will ever let you inherit anything. I mean, he was probably right about you but if you get on a boat to India they probably won't know or care yet.
  • If you spend hundreds of ducats of your own money building a fabulous new church, God's not gonna just be like "sure fine whatever I guess"
  • Lower-rank clan rulers won't get penalties for failing to have an entire harem anime going on.
  • If you are below the waifu quota for your rank, though, God is gonna be twice as mad about it. He tunes in to this show to ship you with various hotties and nothing on heaven or earth will save you if you fail to deliver.
  • Partition was all kinds of fucked up and would often explode from even momentary contact with certain other game mechanics. We're sorry. We're working on it.
  • Courtiers who you had an illicit love child with are less likely to dump the baby in your lap and disappear forever and not even pay child support.
  • Refusing a call to arms now does something, up from basically nothing.
  • It's now much harder to make literally everyone in the world love you just because you read a lot of books on rhetoric. Sorry political youtubers.
  • Characters should now experience a gradual decrease in fertility instead of knocking up all three concubines with quadruplets one day and suddenly having their balls turn to dust and blow away in the wind the next.
  • Greedy characters will no longer gain stress from giving away a city or temple, because as we all know, administering anything that isn't a castle gives poor feudal lords the hurty brain and it's just not practical to expect them to do it.
  • Heresies should no longer replace like 90% of all Catholic counties by two weeks in to every 867 game.
  • Inheritance succession can now go up to 6 generations upwards to find a distant relative rather than just 3 in case, say, you ended up getting the first 20 people in line for the throne killed because you keep forgetting to go click Forbid on the Knights screen.
  • It's now much harder to murder someone you're at war with and practically impossible to abduct them because they've seen the exploit videos, too, and they're not falling for that bullshit again.
  • Knights who are constantly swinging swords around and not getting killed will probably get better at it over time.
  • The Emperor of the HRE or any similarly impressive realm is probably not going to immediately prostrate himself and accept your weirdo naked incest religion even if you declared a holy war and are somewhat stronger than him.
  • You can no longer ask the Pope for money while at war with the Papacy. Just sack Rome and take it. Asking is for schmucks.
  • Tribal leaders who have massive armies that get paid in exposure will no longer have a harder time becoming famous for some reason.
  • That dumbass Radulf is now somewhat less likely to somehow get himself maimed multiple times in battles where you had a 3-to-1 numbers advantage.
  • Being in debt now does something, up from basically nothing.
  • Lustful characters will no longer lose stress every time they fail at No Nut November.
  • The Mongols are legit scary now and they heard you've been talkin' shit.
  • Weak realms are now much more likely to agree to subjugation by the Mongol Empire, unless you're the Shah of Khwarazm and have a nail in your brain or something.
  • Telling your failson to go shave his head and live in a dark building he's not allowed out of where he can only eat bread and sing hymns no longer gives you piety, because never having to see him again is its own reward.
  • That mission in KCD was pretty cool though, huh?
  • The AI is now reluctant to betroth boys to old women, even ones that have been described as total QILFs.
  • AI rulers should no longer recruit claimants to their court who are like, fifth in line for some desert village they've never heard of clear over on a different continent.
  • AI rulers who are bankrupt and facing rebellion should no longer froth at the mouth and scream from the parapets that they refuse to so much as discuss a white peace until you hit 350% warscore.
  • We've introduced a cap to living dynasty member Renown gain so you can't just rush all the perks by having 5000 stupid, ugly babies.
  • The Inbred trait is now less likely to be passed on as long as you don't take an already Inbred character and continue to inbreed them. We know you're gonna do it anyway, of course. You're all gross.
  • Successful Crusaders should no longer fold to a faction demand and convert to Islam 100% of the time.
  • Clan vassals who aren't allowed to bang at least one of your kids are going to be way more angry now, especially if they're powerful.
  • Partition succession should now look mostly at splitting up the total number of base level counties evenly, rather than saying Louis gets less land because he gets to keep the fancier hat, leaving him with like a third of the levies of each of his brothers to defend a realm that is now on the express train to disaster.
  • Björn Ironside has sat down with all of his vassals and explained to them that he probably can't protect them if they go conquer like, fucking Cyprus or something and they should prioritize grabbing counties that are at least within a few months' sailing distance of Scandinavia.
  • Said vassals should also concentrate on conquering counties in a single, contiguous geographic region now, instead of trying to, I don't fucking know, have at least one outpost in every de jure kingdom on the map? What exactly was your logic, there? It's not like you're grabbing centers of trade. This isn't EU4. Calm down and finish your Wales before you start trying to dominate North Africa.
  • When you win a Crusade, some of the Crusaders who came with you should stay around and help you man the fortifications instead of being like "gg c ya"
  • Wandering characters with absurd amounts of gold will now tend to spend it all on improving themselves booze and hookers so you can't invite them to dinner and then accuse them of witchcraft and seize all of their wealth.
  • AI spouses are finally getting over their netorare phase. Like, we get it but jeez. Find a new tag to follow.
  • The Alans in 867 have no longer somehow completely forgotten how to do horse archery.
  • The Pope will no longer let Catholics form the Empire of Germania. You'll have to create the HRE instead, unless you wanted to maybe Protest his authority.
  • Dynasty of Many Crowns now rewards you with something more than a shitty intramural soccer trophy that probably cost like $12
  • Peasant leaders may now pay their rabble in exposure.
  • You can no longer get the living legend achievement by simply starting a game as Haesteinn. It was simply OP to allow him to be as cool as we all know he was.
  • Characters whose religion involves reincarnation are less likely to reincarnate from a really shitty ancestor.
  • Alexandria is no longer a holy site for an East African religion practiced mainly by people who have never heard of Alexandria.
  • The AI will no longer go nuts writing long facebook posts about how all of your children are illegitimate that your dumbass vassals will read and believe in.
  • German vassals with Stammesherzogtum unlocked should now realize they can wield more power squeezing the desiccated corpse of the empire than they could claiming independence from it.
  • The Restore the HRE decision requirements are now Kinda Reasonable, down from Fucking Ludicrous.
  • You will now get ticking warscore against independence factions for holding any land in any of the rebel territories, not just the capital of the asshole who started it.
  • Brutally killed North Korea Mode. You're bad for using it and you should feel bad.


  • The AI should no longer decide in the middle of a war that a boat trip would be fun when the wargoal is like a kilometer away by land.
  • Vassals of a cowardly liege will no longer pretend to be cowardly when he's in the room to make him feel better.
  • Allied AI ultra-doomstacks should no longer roll up like "hey wyd" and try to have a chat with you while you're doing a siege if it would cause both armies to lose thousands of hapless souls to disease and starvation.
  • Varangians have been reminded that they're river vikings and they should stop trying to appropriate ocean viking culture.
  • The AI should no longer nope out with their 4000 troops, leaving your 3000 to fight a 5000 stack and get half your court killed when it would have been an easy win if they could have pulled their pants up and stayed still.
  • AI characters are less likely to join a claimant faction for a one-eyed, one-legged 90-year-old with leprosy and brain cancer.
  • AI understands that "matrilineal" marriage doesn't actually mean anything if you're keeping it in the family like a proper Crusader Kings player.
  • Your freaking worthless father-in-law should no longer call you into three consecutive offensive wars for one shitty tribal county when you're trying to desperately defend against a full-scale invasion of bloodthirsty foreigners.
  • AI characters who aren't of the same religion as a holy order will no longer be chill just letting the Templars hang out in one of their cities sharpening their swords and singing songs about how all heathens must die.
  • Lower-tier Norse rulers will be less likely to decide it sounds fun to sail all the way to Sri Lanka or something to raid when there is plenty of pillage to be had nearby.
  • Allied AI armies now have object permanence and understand that just because we can't see the enemy right now doesn't mean you can safely fuck off across the kingdom to siege some worthless barony and leave the player's army alone to get rekt the next time the bad guys show up.
  • The AI has been reminded that this game doesn't have naval combat so you don't have to row full-speed away from an approaching enemy fleet. Poseidon will rise from the seas and make sure no one is allowed to hurt each other's boats or anyone on them.
  • A whole bunch of other AI changes that could be at least partly solved by adding an "allow attachment" button to player armies.
  • AI will no longer treat enemy armies marching through neutral territory as "out of bounds" and therefore completely unable to be attacked.
  • AI will no longer park its second army right next to a relatively even battle in progress and kick back like, "I think you guys got this handled."


  • The little suggestions widget thingy will now let you know when a vassal is mad because you're not his rightful liege, and his rightful liege is mad because you're giving immediacy to his vassal, and it would have been really nice if someone had brought this to my attention before you both went and joined the independence faction because it's extremely easy to fix.
  • Added explanation for the Unreformed Pagan Combat Bonus, which there's like a 60% chance you didn't even know existed until right this second.
  • Clicking a region in a cultural innovation tooltip now highlights it on the map, which I guess is okay but I'm still unsure why we don't have a regions mapmode.
  • You can no longer include an "OR ELSE!" clause in a vassal contract that is fair and both of you already agreed upon amicably.
  • Fixed the " has no reason to stay at court" message claiming the child is your stepbrother or sister rather than child. Although knowing you lot, it's very possible that they're both.
  • Fixed the Find Concubine window in some cases showing someone who is already your concubine. Listen, he just reinstalled the app as a joke. Why are you getting so upset about this?
  • The little icon that tells you how likely you are to win a battle should no longer be completely full of shit most of the time.
  • Fixed the game sometimes claiming a marriage has no chance of children despite both parties being fertile. Like, yes, she is way out of your league but I think her sense of duty is at least sufficient to lay back and think of the realm.
  • Victory screen for Crusades in which you didn't get any land should now tell you exactly how little your sacrifices mattered instead of simply saying it didn't.
  • Fixed unpause tooltip in single-player sometimes saying "Game is Paused by U̵͈̳̠̼͉̲͙̣̎̓̍̆͋͛̋͋͘͜͡N̸̨̲͈̗̱͎͂͋̿̿͒̕͢͜ͅK̨̛̙̙̮̻̯̫̙͒͗̀͘͜͞͞Ņ̹̗̗͙̳̫̈́̽̒̔̌͒͆́̕͞ͅO̷̡̧͙̖̮͉͂̈͒̾̓̇̈̚͘͡ͅŴ̸̡̢͓̜̠̫͙̙̩̀͆̋͊͗̐̉͡Ǹ̵̛̞̟̼̑͗͊̂̏͘̚͟͜"
  • Fixed you in some cases getting a "your child can marry" notification for someone you have no power to marry off, so you can call them and bug them about it repeatedly.
  • Hovering over options in the dropdowns in the Barber Shop will now show the resulting change on your character model so you don't have to spend twice as much time trying on hats as you do actually playing the game.
  • Made it clear in the Knight game concept that Knights represent both the character and their retinue of troops, even though everyone's head canon is going to say that they did personally cause 30 casualties because that's way more metal.
  • Made sure the friends panel can be expanded if at 8 or more, even though you will never have that many friends.
  • The "Pending Crusade Participation" alert now only shows up if the head of faith would actually be upset at you for not participating. You've disappointed him enough by now that he probably doesn't care.
  • The game will no longer claim that your guest's claim on a title that's already in your realm, or which has no holder, is useful
  • You now get a notification in the lower-right corner when a part of your realm gets sieged by someone you're hostile to, which is information that I guess your marshal didn't think you needed to have until just now.


  • South Indian/Dravidian characters no longer look like they were dunked in flour.
  • Also added Slavic, East African, and Arctic visual ethnicities. Remember when we would charge actual money for this and half the time it looked like they escaped from a haunted wax museum? Rejoice that we now live in more enlightened times.
  • Improved teenager animations to not be neutral and really get across the VIOLENT STORM OF PAIN AND ANGER IN THEIR SOOOOOOOULS


  • Added an alternative text for holy war if one has the pluralist doctrine to explain that it's like, you know, just kind of a chill holy war, dude.
  • Added description for Parliament Special Building explaining that this one structure which grants some passive modifiers meant to represent an entire sea change in the understanding of the role of a monarch is hopefully just a placeholder for adding real council mechanics back in later.
  • Changed the "Consolamentum" tenet to "Ritual Suicide" for anyone but Catholics so non-Catholics don't have to go look up what the fuck that word even means.
  • Children who are believed to be the reincarnation of a really shitty ancestor will no longer act super stoked about it.
  • Fixed a scope mis-match in the lover reveal event which caused the event to describe people having affairs with themselves. We all do it but the entire court doesn't need to hear about it, okay?
  • Re-named the 'West African' culture group to 'Guinean' to get everyone speculating about if we might add the Kongo later.
  • Renamed the Wendish Empire to the Southern Baltic Empire, which is a monumentally less cool but I suppose more inclusive name.
  • Updated the tooltip for Divine Marriage to clarify how it works even though we thought the memes had explained this pretty well by now.

Game Content

  • Added a notification toast when your liege changes to inform you who your new liege is and why they became your new liege. Which, again, you'd think someone on your council would have thought to inform you about this rather important piece of information before now.


  • Broke up some of the ridiculous turbokingdoms at game start in freezing, pastoral Northern Scandinavia.
  • Made the Guiyi Curcuit an independent realm in 867 to help ease the pain of waiting for the inevitable China expansion.
  • Aquitaine is sexist and has been cancelled
  • We made up some extra Cumans specifically to prevent bordergore so don't say we never did anything for you.
  • Kashmiris no longer start with elephants because it's honestly not a great place to raise elephants.
  • Socotra is now part of the Duchy of Socotra. Aswan is still not in the Duchy of Aswan for some reason but we're getting around to it.
  • The Aghlabids are no longer independent in 867 because they weren't.
  • Volga Bulgaria is now feudal in 1066, because all the other steppe khanates had already labelled them as lame asses by then.


  • You can no longer farm Devotion by telling your court architect to start building something that costs a bunch of piety and then kicking it over and telling him to go home on the second day.
  • You no longer have to change at least one thing when reforming a pagan faith to prove that you're hip and modern.
  • Fix unnecessarily handling controller input and rotating/zooming the camera, which is something 90% of you didn't know you could do until just now.
  • If your religion requires approval for divorce but has no religious head, guess what asshole, I'm the queen so I'm the one that gives approval. Now get out of my sight before I have to have you dragged out of it.
  • Fix war participant tooltip not listing the number of knights but just repeating the word knight
  • knight
  • knight
  • knight
  • knight
  • knight
  • knight
  • Fixed an issue where, as a prank, you would tell some rando that came along on the Crusade that they were getting the county of Jerusalem just so you could immediately laugh in their face and take it away.
  • Fixed excommunication being available for faiths with Communion but non-spiritual heads. Malcolm is just up there chugging the blood of Christ and scratching his ass but there's nothing we can legally do about it.
  • Listen closely. I know he's well-spoken but no matter what the prince tells you, word of his father's death and his ascension to the throne does not grant him a "Get Out of Jail Free Card," you oaf.
  • The Reclaim Britannia decision no longer changes effects based on dejure drift. It's a damn island and it all belongs rightfully to the Celts.
  • Children should no longer run away from home purely out of boredom.
  • A faction will no longer courteously greet you before calling you a tyrant. It's called sarcasm but you spend your days torturing small animals and banging your sisters so we probably shouldn't have expected you to get it.
  • It is no longer possible to farm guardianship events by repeatedly encouraging your child to engage in animal abuse. I can't believe we're actually having to patch this but I guess nothing should surprise me at this point.
  • "Know Thyself" will no longer result in you getting daily texts from the reaper telling you the number of days until the Big Day and how excited he is.
  • Added an alert for when you have no player heir to your titles but there's someone landed in your dynasty still alive somewhere because of a marriage you totally forgot about arranging like 200 years ago. So anyway I hope you like Siberia.
  • Made it easier to kill grandma.
  • Added triggers to notifications so that marshal vassals don't gain opinion of themselves when they do something good. That asshole is already full of himself enough as it is. Yeah, yeah, tell us about the Battle of Acre again. We're not tired of that story at all, you old fuck. Get back to work. I don't want to have to fight another populist rabble.
  • Babies will no longer be assigned commander traits through a yearly event. I know everyone wants to brag about how smart your kid is but I'll believe he can pull off a double envelopment when he stops shitting in his pants.
  • Blocked Vlach rulers from taking the Unite the Slavs and Unite the Southern Slavs decisions after realizing that our Somewhat More Arbitrary new way of doing non-linguistic culture groups has some drawbacks.
  • Blocked the seduction of characters who are imbeciles or incapable. Again, not necessarily surprised we had to do this. Just disappointed.
  • knight
  • Rad ass hats are now mandatory in the Byzantine Empire.
  • Characters who become wanderers are now less likely to just nope out of any relationships and vanish, leaving confused loved ones behind.
  • The Adamites have finally made a ruling on capes: Funny but no.
  • Children under 4 should no longer be lecturing their peers about theology.
  • You can't force someone in your prison to educate your shitty kids. Torture them. Maim them. Anything but that.
  • Children will no longer demand you hold a feast even though that seems like exactly the kind of thing your shitty, spoiled kids would do.
  • Courtiers of Theocracies and Mercenaries will no longer wear inappropriate clothes. We're trying to sell this as an honest operation, Helgi. Gods dammit take that ridiculous thing off.
  • Crusader Helmets will now always show up when appropriate, which is at all times.
  • Devouring people will now have a clearer impact on your stress level. I still have several questions.
  • Tribal MaA who are paid in exposure won't give you a discount on the amount of exposure based on traits you have that normally decrease upkeep.
  • You can now tell a vassal who is mad that you're "not their rightful king" to sit down and shut up because you're the damn EMPEROR.
  • Taking someone as a concubine against their will might upset their family. You know, just a little.
  • No longer possible to farm divorces for personal profit. sigh
  • Fixed an error which caused the event 'Differences in Faith' to trigger for counties of your own religion even though that's basically what was going on everywhere all the time.
  • Fixed an inverted value that caused children with a 'bad' education affinity to do better at their education than children with a 'good' affinity even though everyone who has ever been labeled "gifted" relates to that pretty hard. (Credit for this joke goes to Rowan)
  • Fixed being able to send multiple Blackmail interactions to the same character while waiting for their first response because you keep coming up with even more fucked up things to threaten them with and just can't wait to talk about it.
  • Fixed broken god reference in a death transition text.
  • Y̼͍͉̞̱͖͎̰͒́͂͊̃̐͛͘͞Ő̪͖͇̹̜͕͛͐̔͗̄͋̍͜͜U̷̢̟͚̤̤̯̠̤̐̓͋́̿͠ͅ Ḿ̧̟̖̥̟̀̔̓̂͑͡U̧̧̠̻̗̪̽͒͒̀͂̒̍̚͞S̢̡̭̝̗̙̠̠̥̜͋̔͋͂̾̓̋̚͘͘T̸͔̳͍̫̃̐̀̓̈̀͢͢͠͠ Ņ̶̧̢̡̘̩̫̼̫̰͂̾̌̐͆Ë͇̠͚̝́́̾͐̀͑̕͟͠V̛̫̹̦̖̱̮͂͊̉̎͒Ȩ̶̹̬̠͖̀͌́͑͠R̥͔͂̅̒̔̏̌͟͜͟͡͞ͅ R̸̮͍͈̞̓̔͊̈́͜͞E̢̳͔̖͉̔̑̀̍̀̀F̢̹̯̱̹̦͎̞̏̔͒̌͝Ě̱̳̯͙̻̦͈̇̃͡͞ͅṞ̡̮̙͍͎̮͂̊̎̽̐͞͝ͅĘ̵̧̮̮̻͕̜͎͓̼͊͆͐̽̊̂͡Ṉ̬̬͇͙̄̓͋̒̀͟͠C̴̗͍͙̯̗͚̼̿̆̔̀͑̓̓͜͝Ę̳̹͈̖̫̱̺̅̈́̒͌̎̅́̈́̕ T̛̟̱̼̻̪̻̈͑̈̈̒̇̃̿͘H̴̢̖̬̥̹̤̗̺̔͆̓̋̐̾͗̀͟E͖͍̦͙͇̔̔̎̾͆̄ B̴̨̧͍͇̐̄͐̊̔̔͌̊͜R͙͚̣̠̃͊͂̏̏͂͘̕͘͟͡ͅȎ̢̢͕̙͇̖̽̋͂̓͑͝K̡̡̧̛̞̭̮̜̦̙̤̂͋͌͋͌̎͐̚Ę̸̗̖͈̫̓̂̉̓̌͗N̨̡̛͖̭̦̺͔͔̈́̔̇̒͌̚ Ǧ̺͕̙̦́̆̅̑ͅŐ̸̹̳̪̣͍̳̙͖̓͋̆͋͌͢͜D̵̥̤̳̖̮̯̥̱̣̀̊̈́͗́̐̚͞ͅ.̯̻̺̻̗̘͔̀̿̏̽̓̐͜ T̨̡͎̫͇̦̗̻̦͂̈́͋̉̾̓̀͡͞H͈̫̩̯̳͖̑̑̉͋̋̈̚͞ͅE̜̻̹͎̫̣̒̅̋͋͂̅̐̆͐͝ B͓̭͉̟̄͌͛͆̎̚͞͝ͅR̷̫̪̝̜̳͇͂̿̂͐͂͠͝͠͡O͎̰̲͕̩̊͌͛̋͌͘͢K̢̢̢̛͚̥̙͇̝̥̂̾͋̏̀̅͢͝E̡̻͖̪̞̦̤̼͍͒̌̄̀͜͝N̸̨̗̳̜̭̱̘̯̄̎͋͊́́̈͘ Ğ̨̢̗͓̞̖͚͇̘͗̍̇̂͂͑̚ͅO͎̱͈͍̲̳͙̥͆̋̽̀̚͠͝D̷̡̥̹̖̔̄̂̕̚͜ Ĩ̢̢̱͉̞͒͑̈́̓̌̀͡Ş͕͍͙͈̲̩͓̹̊̀́̀̿́̏̕̚̕͢ É̟̜͖̭͔̍͘̕͞͝V̝͎͎̙͇̜̅̉́̈́͋̃̽͞ͅË̵̹̜͓̺̯͕̹̗́̒̃̊̕͟R̴͕̞̯͍̯̱̲̬̟̰͂́̎̌̽͘̚Y̶̧̘͇̗͊̏̈̆͌͡ͅW̷͈̠̘̪̘̆͗̒̊͐͂̈̈̚Ḩ̳̘̰͔̱̖̥̈͛̿̓͡Ȇ̡̡̗̰̭̟́̌̀͛͂̽͠R̷̢̖̭̬̦̻͇̳̓͆̌́̊͆̌͜͞Ḙ̸̢̛̺̘̠͔͚̙͐͐̒̂͋͟͡.̪̘̮̣͇͗̌͐͝͝ I̡̨͚̖͔͚̘̻̎̅́́̈́͆̇̄̐͟T̰̬̗̺̮͓̝͖͌̓͑͂̐̅͜ W̢̢̟͎͍̦̜̞͑̃̅̉̄̒͊͢I̱͈͍̩͇͚̤̎̆̾͋̽̆͛̒͠͝L̡̲̖͓͓̺͙̞̋̅͆̽̍̒L̢͎̳͙̞̠̏̊̊̀̀̉̽ Ḧ̵̪͇̖̠͔͎͍́̌̌͢͡͝E̶̮̲̝̝̦̥̎̽́̚̚͟͠A̘͈̜͓͔̪̻͖̔͋̀̀̄͝R̷̡̟̠̘̞͓̪̫͕͂̅̍̿̕̕͝͠ Y̧̘͇͖̼̻̙̞̾͌͋̍̔͋̑̈́͊͜͜͝Ò̪̩̫̥̬͖̤͓͋̅͐̓͐̕͟͝Ù̸͈̥͙͕̖̱̼̲͈̏́̌̃̽͘.̧̝̟̪͙̞̠̰̼̑͐͆̽͑
  • knight
  • Fixed embracing English culture sometimes converting landed spouses or family members without their consent, even though that would be pretty accurate to English history.
  • Fixed lowborns getting kinslayer traits when murdering other lowborns. The proper trait for this is "Class Traitor".
  • Fixed the kingdom of Pontus capital being set outside its de jure area. The capital is now set a-WAIT WHAT THE FUCK PONTUS IS IN THIS GAME??
  • Guardians will no longer keep teaching your kids after fleeing the realm. We just didn't have the technology for distance learning in 867.
  • Guests with claims on your vassal's vassal's titles will no longer show up at your court and then be like, "Oh... well this is awkward."
  • Head of Faith looks at incest as a divorce reason based on faith's doctrines, so you can be like Henry VIII but with your own siblings. Don't pretend like you weren't already thinking it.
  • Historical characters will no longer be their own parent. But we're sure you would be if we gave you that option.
  • If you promise a vassal to educate their child they will now be miffed if you try to return the child after it turns out that they suck and you don't want to deal with it.
  • You no longer get tyranny for putting someone in horny jail if the secret is known and adultery is criminal in your faith.
  • Many achievements are now possible, up from impossible.
  • It's now possible to negotiate an alliance even if your family is very inbred. So all of you can finally use the alliance mechanic now.
  • Secret lovers should no longer expose themselves at a feast by trying to copulate through the bars if one of them is in prison.
  • Lowborn bastards no longer try to belong to a House. They dun wan it.
  • Lowered the amount of gold the recipient needs to have to unlock the Demand Payment interaction. Apparently my landlord worked on this patch.
  • Married couples will no longer be exposed as if they have an affair if they're also lovers, as shocking and scandalous as it must be that a married couple in the middle ages more than tolerates each other.
  • People that are terrified of you are now more likely to agree to marriage, as long as they don't have to marry you. I'm more than willing to sacrifice one daughter if you leave me alone forever. She's not even smart.
  • People will no longer judge you harshly for breaking a betrothal to an Eunuch. Except, I guess, said Eunuch.
  • Pilgrimages no longer come with a bunch of hidden fees they didn't tell you about when you booked it.
  • If someone you really don't like recovers from illness or injury, instead of losing stress you might be like, "Ah, fuck..."
  • Rebuffing the advances of a romantic interest now correctly ends their scheme instead of forcing you to become soulmates anyway. I tried that dating strategy at one point and it definitely does not work.
  • Reforming to Feudalism no longer involves setting your entire seat of power and everything in it on fire.
  • Rum now no longer takes dynasty names, always retaining its title name regardless of the holder's culture, so you'll never be left wondering why is the Rum gone
  • Sick characters now dress the part. That gambeson is fuckin' sick bro!
  • Split the Take Vows decision into two, one for "I hope you bleed out on the uncaring sands of the Levant" and one for "I just want you to go lock yourself in a room with some manuscripts and never talk to me again."
  • Spread Assyrian culture a little. ASHUBANIPAL IS PLEASED.
  • Svend II of Denmark now spawns as either bisexual or heterosexual, and either way I'm into it.
  • The Mongol Empire will no longer destroy itself when winning a war, as happened historically.
  • The Pope can no longer publicly accept cannibalism.
  • Publicly.
  • The elope scheme will now run smoother than it did for those two Italian kids.
  • The game will no longer tell you to take more concubines when you've had enough, which makes it more polite than most dating apps.
  • Two players having a child together will no longer have a screaming competition about the name. At least, not in-game.
  • If a vassal refuses a title revocation, you can't pretend it was just a joke and avoid the tyranny hit.
  • Unlanded characters will no longer be able to drag prisoners around in a big cage on wheels.
  • The stupid little widget will no longer constantly remind you that you can declare war when you're in debt and literally can't.
  • You can no longer tell a pregnant admirer to get her prenatal ass out there and kill a wild animal for you. Unless that's acceptable in your culture.
  • Women in equal or female-dominated realms with concubinage will get the same penalties as men for not meeting their Himbo Quota.
  • You can no longer attempt to find dead people's secrets even though I think that's the plot of at least half of all thriller novels.
  • You can no longer lose a friend you didn't have. So if you're reading this: look on the bright side!
  • You can no longer owe a favor to yourself because of a necklace. I think that was also the plot of a movie though.
  • You can't just constantly fire your child's tutors, Karen.
  • You don't have to break up with your concubines before asking them to marry you. It would still be pretty funny though.
  • If your spouse leaves the realm because you're an asshole, you get to keep the kids because you have castles and armies and they don't so suck it.
  • If your spouse really sucks you will not be sad when they die.
  • You will no longer think less or more of yourself depending on how good you are at romancing someone else, which is highly unrealistic.
  • You will now be told why you can't debate people 24/7: Because it's fucking annoying. Log off. Go outside. Have a real life.
  • You will now only be notified of the establishment of Norman culture if you're in Europe. The Maharaja of Bengal doesn't know or care what you're talking about.
  • You'll no longer get events in third person about how virtuous you are. You'll have to keep doing that in the mirror every morning before you load your save.
  • You can no longer Promote Christian Settlements in Hungary if Hungary has been Christianized for over 100 years.
  • Made Aethelred I significantly more unlucky whilst Alfred is alive and heir so maybe the English at least have a fucking chance.
  • Spouses can no longer be both happy and unhappy with their spouse even though that pretty accurately describes every marriage ever.
  • A beacon of the faith who is discovered to have a bastard child will only lose one level of devotion instead of being immediately yeeted directly into the deepest circle of hell with no appeal.
  • Having concubines no longer protects you from becoming a concubine. I think this means you can have polycules now but I'd have to test it out.
  • Seduction compliments now only has two outcomes, good or bad, as is true historically.
  • knight
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Who is Guizhong, and her relation to 1.1

Foreword: a lot of this information has already been compiled by Chinese players, and in particular I cross-referenced my research frequently with this post on nga.cn; this wouldn’t have been possible without the tireless work of others as well!
Obvious spoiler warning ahead, especially for 1.1 content below! With that, let’s get into what we know:
1. The Basics about Guizhong
A lot of people first see mention of Guizhong by the Guizhong Ballista which she created (and we fixed) in the story, which was later used to defeat Osial. But mentions of her actually appear even earlier than that.
In Custodian of Clouds AKA the quest where you cook food to summon the Cloud Retainer, the table seats three people: Cloud Retainer, Rex Lapis and Guizhong. From this, it’s clear she’s an old friend of Rex Lapis and other adepti.
The biggest loredump comes from the Treasure Lost, Treasure Found world quest, which is the one in Guili Plains where you have to beat up a bunch of Ruin Guards and find stone tablets to compile information for the scholar, Soraya. From these tablets, you learn that:
  1. Guizhong was the Goddess of Dust, and a kind-hearted gentle deity
  2. She protected the people of Guili along with another god whose dominion was over Geo (Rex Lapis)
  3. Guili Assembly was named after the combination of their two names (most likely, Gui from Guizhong + li from Zhongli)
  4. Whatever was once Guili Assembly is now nothing but ruins.
A further explanation is provided in the Stone Tablet Compilations (I)). Particularly: “It later came to pass that the gods each strove for dominance, which brought catastrophe upon the land. Though the adepti fought to protect the Guili Plains, they could not stop the tide of war, which ravaged the plains and took the life of its ruler, Guizhong. Thereupon, the Lord of Rock Rex Lapis took his people south of Mt. Tianheng. Thus the people departed from the Guili Plains for good, never to return, and it was left to become a wilderness.”
When the ‘gods each strove for dominance’, this is referring to the Archon War that swept across Teyvat over 2000 years before the current game’s plotline. There’s a lot of cool lore concerning Venti and Andrius’ involvement in the war concerning Mondstadt, but for now, what you need to know is that Guizhong was one of the Archon War’s many casualties. After which, Rex Lapis took the people of Liyue south, AKA where Liyue Harbor is now.
2. Debunking the ‘is Guizhong actually Madame Ping/is Guizhong actually Salt Goddess’ theories
Just to get this out of the way, Guizhong is almost definitely not Madame Ping as some people have speculated. Firstly because Guizhong is very dead and Madame Ping is old, yes, but still alive. However, the Cleansing Bell you get from Madame Ping is interesting, but we will expand on that later.
Secondly, around Sal Terrae and the Customs of Liyue Vol 1, you may have noticed mentions of a Salt Goddess who is buried there, likely in that weird inaccessible area with the blue glowey thing stopping us from entering. This is probably not the same person as Guizhong, as the Diary of Roald the Adventurer mentions that the Salt Goddess’ people settled in Sal Terrae where her body now lies, NOT the Guili Plains as Guizhong & Zhongli are credited towards.
3. Speculatory Territory: How exactly did Guizhong die?
So we’ve established that Guizhong’s life ended during the Archon War. One would assume that, being a war and all, she was likely killed by someone trying to control Liyue. But things get a little more interesting than that. Warning: some mention of translated leaked Chinese lines from currently unreleased characters incoming!
Theory 1: Guizhong was killed by the Chi of Guyun/Osial/some other monster
Pretty clear-cut: Guizhong was killed by one of the many terrifying beasts Liyue had to face. The Chi of Guyun world quest expands on how Rex Lapis killed it, and it’s possible Guizhong may have also been a casualty in the struggle, but other than that there’s not much evidence.
As for Osial, a leaked line from Zhongli reveals that he doesn’t like seafood because they bring back bad memories (我不喜欢海鲜。仅仅是看到海鲜,就会想到那种...该怎么说呢,滑溜溜的触感,洗不净的腥味。哦,原因的话... 唉,说来话长,就当是应为我的记性太好了吧。= I do not enjoy seafood. When I see seafood, I think about... how do I say... the slimy texture, the feeling of being unable to clean oneself. Oh, the reason why... ah, I’ve been rambling, let’s just say that my memory is too good). Coupled with how Xiao states he’s ‘very familiar’ with Osial’s attack, it’s not too much a stretch to imagine that their first conflict was probably pretty terrible. Possibly terrible enough to turn Zhongli off seafood after thousands of years and kill Guizhong.
This is supported by Soraya’s musings: “But it was the gentle gods who were ultimately powerless to protect their people. Look at Guizhong — it took an elaborate treasure hunt just to preserve the four commandments that were once the lifeblood of a whole civilization.” Despite the intricacy of her inventions, especially the ballista, Guizhong herself simply wasn’t strong enough and was killed.
Theory 2: Zhongli killed Guizhong because she became corrupted
The mask in the Archaic Petra set has lore which states: “He knew right from wrong, and never missed his mark: in those days of tumult, he would show no mercy, even to friends-turned-foes.”
That specific remark about ‘friends-turned-foes’ is interesting. As seen in the Treasure Lost, Treasure Found quest, Soraya reads: "...and there they fought upon the Guili Plains, where black dust choked the heavens and a thousand rocks splintered..." Black dust from a corrupted Guizhong, and rocks splintering being associated with Zhongli = Guizhong and Zhongli fought, and it is their battle which destroyed Guili Assembly?
Of course, this brings into question how she possibly got corrupted in the first place. Admittedly, I couldn’t find much information on that front, but (pure speculation) the Cleasning Bell you get from Madame Ping is actually called 涤尘铃 in Chinese, which more specifically means “Dust-Washing Bell”. The 尘 symbol is exactly the same as the one used in Guizhong’s title as Goddess of Dust (尘神归终). Perhaps they had tried to cleanse her with that bell, but ultimately failed? Afterwhich, Zhongli wore it on his person and eventually gave it to Madame Ping.
Also, while Zhongli rambled on and on about the Silk Flower perfumes and other customs surrounding the Rite of Parting, he said nothing about the Cleansing Bell. What part did it had to do with the rite? Well, maybe it had... nothing to do with the rite. He just wanted a memento of an old friend back before he fucked off into retirement.
Theory 3: Adeptus Xiao killed Guizhong
In his leaked Chinese lines, Xiao states "别被污染,我不会留情的" = “Don't be corrupted, I won't show mercy.” And another: “如果有一天,连你也陷入黑暗。就由我来—” = “If there comes a day where even you fall into darkness, then I--” (implying “I won’t hesitate bitch” and kill you)
These voicelines imply he’s had to do this before, perhaps to Guizhong? Or perhaps he is referring to the other yakshas, as one of the CBT lorebooks imply that some of the yakshas went insane because of the violent nature of their duties.
(Fun fact: Xiao is Alatus and the only surviving yaksha, who are a special class of adepti specifically tasked with defeating the demons that rise from the undying grudges of old gods defeated during the Archon War. All his friends are dead. The Yaksha’s Wish world quest implies Bosacius, one of the five strongest along with Xiao and the only other to survive till peacetime, took his own life.)
It’s very possible both of these are true, where Zhongli and Xiao had to kill her together to save their people.
4. Speculative Territory: The nature of Zhongli and Guizhong’s relationship in explaining Zhongli’s 1.1 actions
A new weapon, aptly named Memory of Dust, contains a snippet of Zhongli & Guizhong’s first meeting-- and final parting. In particular, that they met when the Glaze Lilies were in full bloom, and how she was the brains and he was the brawns. Therein lies an implication that amongst the two, Guizhong was the ‘human’ one, the gentle goddess who was empathetic towards the fears of humanity, while Zhongli just stabbed things and summoned meteors. Such a cruel, emotionless god is a jarring image to place onto our beloved dastardly himbo, but other lore tidbits support this:
Venti calls Zhongli a “brutish blundering buffoon” and “old block-head” in his voicelines. But in Chinese, he specifically insults Zhongli with 不懂人心的死脑筋 = “A dead brain who cannot understand human feelings”.
Let’s look back at the Archaic Petra lore too: “It is said that during the years when gods contended against one another, Rex Lapis' aspect was that of boundless slaughter. In those god-eat-god battles, one could never have ascribed gentleness to him... [...] Rex Lapis' stone-cold expression never once changed throughout that storied age. They say that only when the dust settled did he lay down that unmovable visage. But it had been necessary, for he had donned it to fulfill a contract.”
From all this, we can see that Zhongli obviously struggles to understand human emotions. In the past, he led Liyue as a God of War. In current times, such wartime prowess is unneeded, so he is basically left as just the weirdest human ever (as he basically bumbled through Liyue with 0 social awareness or understanding of Mora, despite it, literally, being his namesake-- he has simply been revered for so long he is insanely out of touch with normal day-to-day human actions). But what if Zhongli is aware of this gap? What if he realizes, intimately, that he is incapable of relating to the humans he is meant to lead? What if his inability to ever unlock the Memory of Dust which Guizhong left him, still haunts him?
Many were confused at Zhongli basically just giving his Gnosis up and roleplaying as a human (and potentially sending Teyvat into a ruinous financial crisis in the process as they will now be unable to produce Mora, oops?). From what Zhongli said about ‘finishing his duty’, many assumed he was just tired of being in charge and this is his way of turning in his resignation before an eternity-long retirement.
But in Zhongli’s Chinese voicelines, he makes many nostalgic mentions to an old friend who is heavily implied to be Guizhong. Furthermore, remember that Rex Lapis likes perfume associated with mature women: a reference to Guizhong? Let's not forget how mad he got at the Treasure Hoarders for damaging the ballista. The maintenance notice for the ballista is also... aggressive.
All of this lends credence to how Zhongli still misses her, still lingers on her words, and perhaps, still wants to accomplish her challenge to him: to unlock the Memory of Dust. To understand humanity. Perhaps he lets go of his duties, not just to fuck off and have fun, but because he finally realizes Liyue can stand on its own two feet and now he can pursue a personal goal he has put aside for over two millennia: to be human.
Unfortunately, to that end, he retires by basically sitting aside sipping a pina colada while Liyue nearly gets swallowed by an old sea god, likely giving everyone in Liyue PTSD, but he wouldn’t be Zhongli if he didn’t go out doing something catastrophically out of touch.
5. Additional Trivia
  1. Guizhong seems to be quite the respected tinkerer, as Cloud Retainer was very proud of the fact that both Guizhong and Rex Lapis praised her creations. (Cloud Retainer: In fact, even Guizhong and Rex Lapis themselves found one's technological accomplishments to be worthy of commendation.)
  2. It’s possible the person who designed the Guili Assembly riddle was actually Zhongli. It is, after all, incredibly detailed despite most people forgetting Guizhong ever existed.
Soraya: How fascinating. In all the documents I've ever read, I've never come across any mention of two gods who coexisted peacefully... let alone who actively worked together...
Soraya: It seems they were more than two allied gods — they were best friends.
Soraya: Whoever designed this riddle must have truly revered Guizhong.
Soraya: So much so that they preserved Guizhong's Four Commandments for future generations, even though the Guili Assembly was wiped out.
  1. Maybe Zhongli left the Glaze Lilies to the last task because he knew it would bring back painful memories of Guizhong. (pain)
That’s all I’ve got, folks! Hope you guys enjoyed! Do tell me if I missed anything out and I hope this piqued your interest in the lore of this game, because it runs REALLY DEEP. If you want, you can read my fanfiction catch me on twitter where I do nothing but ship Xiao/Zhongli all day so maybe you shouldn't.
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