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It's finally here! Tautulli v2 [beta] (formerly PlexPy v2)

It's finally here! Tautulli v2 [beta] (formerly PlexPy v2).

The long awaited for PlexPy v2 is finally here with a new name Tautulli! Also check us out on the new Plex Labs!
I'm looking for some brave people to help me test some new feature before I fully release them. It's a very big update so I want to make sure everything is working.
Warning: This may mess up your PlexPy install and/or your database. You have been warned. Only join the beta if you are serious about testing and reporting bugs, otherwise I strongly recommend you wait until the final release.


v2.0.0-beta (2017-12-18)

  • Monitoring:
    • New: More detailed stream info including subtitles, bitrates, bandwidth, and quality profiles.
    • New: Terminate sessions from the current activity (Plex Pass only).
    • Change: Monitoring uses websockets only now.
  • Notifications:
    • New: Completely new notification system.
      • Allow adding multiple of the same notification agent and/or duplicating existing notification agents.
      • Each notification agent has it's own notification triggers and notification text.
      • Notification agents are stored in the database instead of the config file. Some notification configurations may have been lost in the transfer. Sorry.
    • New: Discord notification agent.
    • New: GroupMe notification agent.
    • New: MQTT notification agent.
    • New: More customizable info cards for Discord, Facebook, Hipchat, and Slack.
    • New: Script notifications are configured individually per script with separate arguments for each notification action.
    • New: Icon and duration options for Plex Home Theater and XBMC notifications.
    • New: Notification for Tautulli updates.
    • New: Added , , , and notification exclusion tags.
      • is renamed to , and is renamed to
    • New: Preview notification text in the notifier settings.
    • New: Properly group recently added notifications when adding a batch of media.
      • The {season_num}, {episode_num}, and {track_num} parameters will be substituted with the range (e.g. 06-10)
    • New: Option to group recently added notifications by show/artist or season/album.
    • New: More detailed media info (video, audio, subtitle, file, etc.) notification options available.
    • New: Added notification text modifiers to change case and slice lists.
    • New: Custom notification conditions using parameters to filter notifications.
    • New: Button to trigger manual recently added notifications from the info pages.
    • New: Lookup TVMaze and TheMovieDatabase links.
    • Remove: The shared Imgur client ID has been removed. Please enter your own client ID in the settings to continue uploading posters.
    • Change: Notifications with a blank subject or body will no longer be sent at all.
    • Change: Line breaks inserted automatically in Email notification text.
    • Change: Notifications for season/episodes now use the season poster and album/track now use the album art.
    • Change: The {action} parameter is no longer capitalized.
    • Change: Notification success or failure added to notification logs.
  • API:
    • New: Added check for Plex Media Server updates with the Tautulli API.
    • New: Added show/artist and episode/track titles to the "get_history" API command.
    • New: Added manual trigger for recently added notifications.
    • Remove: Defunct API v1.
    • Change: The "notify" API command now requires a notifier_id instead of an agent_id. The notifier ID can be found in the settings for each notification agent.
    • Change: The returned json for the "get_metadata" API command is no longer nested under the "metadata" key.
  • UI:
    • New: Updated current activity, watch statistics, and library statistics cards on the home page.
    • New: Toggle stats and recently added categories directly on the homepage.
    • New: Ability to delete synced items from the Synced Items page.
    • New: Updated platform icons to a uniform style.
    • Remove: Setting for number of top items for watch statistic cards.
    • Change: Separate API and websocket logs.
  • Android Tautulli Remote Appbeta:
    • New: Download the Tautulli Remote app on Google Play!
      • Link the app using a QR code in the Tautulli settings.
    • New: Push notifications directly to the Tautulli Remote app.
  • Other:
    • New: Option to update Tautulli automatically when an update is available.
    • New: Option to switch the tracking git remote and branch.
    • New: Option to change the path to your git environment variable.
    • New: Option to use a HTTPS certificate chain.
    • New: Option to override the Plex Web URL for click-through links.
    • New: Separate watched percentage for movies, episodes, and tracks.
    • New: Show changelog after updating Tautulli.
    • New: Support for IPv6 geolocation lookup.
    • New: Download the Tautulli configuration file or database from the settings.
    • New: Log failed Tautulli login attempts.
    • Fix: Modal popups not working on mobile Safari.
    • Fix: Prevent password managers from autofilling the password in the settings.
    • Fix: Unable to search with special characters.
    • Remove: Some unused options have been removed from the settings page.
    • Change: The database schema has been changed, and reverting back to PlexPy v1 will not work.
    • Change: The dev branch has been depreciated. A mastebeta/nightly system is used instead.

v2.0.1-beta (2017-12-19)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Missing video_height database column.
  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Join API key.
    • Change: Temporarily disable broken browser notifications.
  • UI:
    • Fix: Incorrect fallback image for music watch statistics.

v2.0.2-beta (2017-12-24)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Websocket connection fails to start with existing streams when upgrading to v2.
    • Fix: Long request URI for refreshing current activity on the homepage.
    • Fix: Missing subtitle database columns.
    • Fix: Details for synced and optimized versions reporting incorrectly.
  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Recently added notifications sending for previously added items. It is now limited to past 24 hours only.
    • Fix: Source video/audio/subtitle parameters showing up as blank.
    • Change: Validate condition logic when saving a notification agent.
  • API:
    • Change: API is enabled by default on new installs.
  • UI:
    • New: Add logo svg files. (Thanks @Fish2)
    • New: Updated stream info modal.
    • Change: Media info tables sort by sort title instead of title.
  • Other:
    • Fix: Updating library IDs message on libraries page.
    • Fix: Watched percentage settings not saving after restart.
    • Remove: Video Preview Thumbnails setting no longer used.
    • Change: Add back HTTP Proxy setting under the Web Interface settings tab.
    • Change: "Group Table and Watch Statistics History" and "Current Activity in History Tables" enabled by default on new installs.

v2.0.3-beta (2017-12-25)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Missing sync ID error causing logging to crash.
    • Fix: Incorrect optimized version title column name causing logging to crash.
  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Report correct beta version for Tautulli update notifications.
  • UI:
    • Fix: Missing CSS for stream info modal.

v2.0.4-beta (2017-12-29)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Current activity cards duplicating on the homepage.
  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Concurrent stream notifications being sent when there is an incorrect number of streams.
  • UI:
    • New: Info pages for collections.
    • New: Button to test Plex Web URL override.
    • Fix: Library and User pages return to the correct tab when pressing back.

v2.0.5-beta (2017-12-31)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: IPv6 addresses overflowing on the activity cards.
  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Error sending Join notifications.
  • UI:
    • New: Added total required bandwidth in the activity header.
  • Other:
    • Fix: Failing to retrieve releases from GitHub.
    • Fix: CherryPy SSL connection warning. (Thanks @felixbuenemann)
    • Fix: Sanitize script output in logs.
    • Change: Login sessions persists across server restarts.

v2.0.6-beta (2017-12-31)

  • Monitoring:
    • New: Beta Plex Cloud support.
    • Fix: Update paused time while still paused.
  • UI:
    • Fix: Stopped time showing as "n/a" on history table.

v2.0.7-beta (2018-01-01)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Incorrect LAN/WAN location on activity cards.
    • Fix: Paused time not recording correctly.
  • Other:
    • Fix: Failed to retrieve synced items when there are special characters in the title.

v2.0.8-beta (2018-01-03)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Incorrect HW transcoding indicator on activity cards.
    • Fix: Long product/player names hidden behind platform icon on activity cards.
  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Notifications failing due to some missing notification parameters.

v2.0.9-beta (2018-01-03)

  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Notifications failing due to incorrect season/episode number types.

v2.0.10-beta (2018-01-04)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: HW transcoding indicator on activity cards incorrect after refreshing.
  • Notifications:
    • Remove: Notification toggles from library and user settings. Use custom conditions to filter out notifications instead.
  • UI:
    • Fix: Incorrect examples for some date format options. Also added a few missing date format options. (Thanks @Tommatheussen)

v2.0.11-beta (2018-01-05)

  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Some notification parameters showing up blank.
  • UI:
    • Fix: Stream data showing up as "None" for pre-v2 history.
  • Other:
    • Fix: Ability to login using the hashed password.

v2.0.12-beta (2018-01-07)

  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Incorrect Plex URL parameter value.
    • Change: Custom condition logic is now optional. An implicit "and" is applied between all conditions if the logic is blank.
  • UI:
    • New: Added separate required LAN/WAN bandwidth in the activity header.
  • API:
    • Fix: Notify API command not sending notifications.

v2.0.13-beta (2018-01-13)

  • Notifications:
    • New: Added dropdown selection for email addresses of shared users.
    • New: Added more notification options for Join.
    • Change: Show "OR" between custom condition values.
  • Other:
    • New: Use JSON Web Tokens for authentication. Login now works with SSO applications.
    • New: Allow the Plex server admin to login as a Tautulli admin using their Plex.tv account.

v2.0.14-beta (2018-01-20)

  • Monitoring:
    • Change: Added "Cellular" bandwidth to "WAN" in activity header.
  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Plex Web URL for tracks now go to the album page.
    • Fix: Recently added notifications being sent for the entire library when DVR EPG data was refreshed.
    • Fix: Notifier settings not loading with an apostrophe in the custom condition values.
    • Fix: Custom email addresses not being saved when closing the notifier settings.
    • Change: Re-enabled Browser notifications.
    • Change: Renamed "PlexPy" update notification parameters to "Tautulli".
    • Change: Emails no longer automatically insert HTML line breaks.
    • Change: "Date" header added to email notifications.
  • UI:
    • Change: Show all changelogs since the previous version when updating.

v2.0.15-beta (2018-01-27)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Live TV sessions not being stopped in History.
    • Fix: Stream location showing as "unknown" on the activity cards.
    • New: Improved Live TV details on the activity cards.
  • Notifications:
    • New: Added labels and collections to notification parameters.
    • New: Added more server details to notification parameters.
    • Change: Renamed "PlexPy" update notification parameters to "Tautulli".

v2.0.16-beta (2018-01-30)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Timestamp sometimes showing as "0:60" on the activity cards.
    • Fix: Incorrect session information being shown for playback of synced content.
    • Fix: Sessions not being stopped when "Playback Stopped" notifications were enabled.
  • UI:
    • Fix: Stream resolution showing up as "unknown" on the graphs.
    • New: Added user filter to the Synced Items table.
  • Other:
    • New: Option to use the Plex server update channel when checking for updates.

v2.0.17-beta (2018-02-03)

  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Unable to use @ mentions tags for Discord and Slack.
    • New: Added Zapier notification agent.
  • API:
    • Fix: get_synced_items returning no results.
    • Fix: get_library_media_info returning incorrect media type for photo albums.
    • Fix: get_library_media_info not being able to sort by title.

v2.0.18-beta (2018-02-12)

  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Default text for Tautulli update notifications using the wrong parameter.
    • Fix: Playback pause and resume notifications only triggering once.
    • Change: Negative operators for custom conditions now use "and" instead of "or".
  • UI:
    • New: Added button to delete the 3rd party lookup info from the info pages.
    • Fix: Missing host info in the login logs when logging in using Firefox.
    • Change: Cleaned up settings. Advanced settings are now hidden behind a toggle.
  • API:
    • New: Updated API documentation for v2.
  • Other:
    • Fix: DeprecationWarning when using HTTPS with self-signed certificates.
    • Change: Deleting the Imgur poster URL also deletes the poster from Imgur (only available for new uploads).
    • Change: GitHub repository moved to Tautulli/Tautulli. Old GitHub URLs will still work.

v2.0.19-beta (2018-02-16)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Connect to Plex Cloud server without keeping it awake.
    • Fix: Reconnect to Plex Cloud server after the server wakes up from sleeping.
  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Don't send Plex Server Up/Down notifications when Tautulli starts up.
    • Change: Better handling of Watched notifications.
  • UI:
    • New: Added Plex server selection dropdown in the settings.
    • Fix: Libraries and Users tables not refreshing properly.
    • Change: Updated the masked info shown to guests.
    • Change: Check for updates without refreshing to the homepage.
  • API:
    • New: Added update_check to the API.
    • Fix: delete_media_info_cache not deleting the cache.
    • Change: Document "refresh" parameter for get_library_media_info.
  • Other:
    • Fix: Show the full changelog since v2 on a fresh install.

v2.0.20-beta (2018-02-24)

  • Notifications:
    • New: Add poster support for Pushover notifications.
    • New: Add poster support for Pushbullet notifications.
    • Fix: Incorrect Plex/Tautulli update notification parameter types.
    • Change: Poster and text sent as a single message for Telegram.
    • Change: Posters uploaded directly to Telegram without Imgur.
  • UI:
    • New: Add "Delete" button to synced items table on user pages.
    • Fix: Button spacing/positioning on mobile site.
    • Fix: Music statistic cards not using the fallback thumbnail.
    • Fix: Logo not showing up when using an SVG.
    • Change: Graphs now respect the "Group History" setting.
  • API:
    • New: Add grouping to graph API commands.
  • Other:
    • New: Added Google Analytics to collect installation metrics.
    • Fix: Reconnecting to the Plex server when server settings are not changed.

v2.0.21-beta (2018-03-04)

  • Monitoring:
    • New: Identify if a stream is using Plex Relay.
    • Change: Don't ping the Plex server if the websocket is disconnected.
  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Pause/resume state not being sent correctly in some instances.
  • Other:
    • New: Add Patreon donation method.
    • Fix: Catch failure to send analytics.
    • Fix: IP address connection lookup error when the country is missing.
    • Change: Updated all init scripts to Tautulli.
    • Change: Move database to tautulli.db.
    • Change: Move logs to tautulli.log.
    • Change: Move startup file to Tautulli.py.

v2.0.22-beta (2018-03-09)

  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Pushover notifications failing with priority 2 is set.
    • Fix: Expanding selectize box for some notification agent settings.
  • Other:
    • Fix: Update check failing when an update is available.
    • Fix: Item count incorrect for photo libraries.

"I'm interested! Where do I sign up?"

Assuming you already have PlexPy installed using git, all you need to do is follow these steps:
  1. Backup your database! Go to the PlexPy Settings > General tab > Backup Database. You will need to restore this if something messes up. I'm not helping you if you mess up your database and you didn't create a backup.
  2. Shut down PlexPy by going to Settings > Shutdown.
  3. Using your shell/command line, run the following from the PlexPy folder:
    git fetch git checkout beta 
  4. Start Tautulli as normal.
  5. Post below if you find any bugs (include logs). Please don't post on GitHub issues or the Plex forum thread with bugs/issues from the beta test. If you do, I will laugh at you and delete your post.
    • Please read the issues guidelines before report any problems, and refer to the FAQ for common issues.
    • New features can be submitted on FeatHub (use the search to see if it has already been requested). Please read the feature request guidelines before requesting new features.
    • Join the Discord Server chat for faster help and general chit chat. (Note: the Gitter chat is no longer being used.)
If you want to revert back to the version of PlexPy before beta testing:
Warning: You will not be able to use your v2 database with v1!
  1. Shut down Tautulli by going to Settings > Shutdown.
  2. Restore your backed up plexpy.db file (it can be found in the backup folder).
  3. Using your shell/command line, run the following from the PlexPy folder:
    git checkout master 
  4. Start PlexPy as normal.
Buy me a coffee if you want to support the project! - PayPal | Bitcoin: 3FdfJAyNWU15Sf11U9FTgPHuP1hPz32eEN

Answers to your questions:

  • Why did you call it Tautulli?
    • Because it sounds cool and means "to watch or monitor" in Inuktitut.
  • I don't like the new name!
    • That's too bad. Also, that is not a question.
  • When will v2 be out of beta?
    • When I feel like there are no more major bugs with it. SoonTM.
  • Is there an iOS app?
    • No, there isn't. It costs money to be an iOS developer.
submitted by SwiftPanda16 to PleX

FAQ/Q&A (Week of January 10, 2018) | Read BEFORE Asking / Making a Post!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the weekly Q&A Threads. Please post your ToL-related questions here!
Before posting, please skim through our available resources to see if your answer can be found:
Friend Request Link
Account Trading Link
Teambuilding Link
The Beginner's Guide
FAQ Table of Contents
Stamina and Rank
Strengthening Units
Leader Skills
Active Skills
Mystic Artes
Battle Mechanics
Common Issues


Hero Stones: Hero stones can be used to summon, buy gels, increase inventory space, and revive during battle (though this is not recommended). You are given one Hero Stone for successfully completing every stage of story/quest mode. You are also given one Hero Stone for completing all stages of any area. Hero stones are also given out during Events, Log-In Prizes, and can be bought with real-life currency.
LP: LP is used to level units, as well as a requirement for awakening. Aside from normal quests, LP can be gained by selling undesired units (especially 1 and 2-star units), selling excess guardians, and completing stages in the Key of Metal and Key of Darkness dungeon. Various events also reward LP as prizes.
Gald: Gald is used to level and upgrade equipment. Aside from normal quests, Gald can be obtained by selling undesired equipment and completing stages in the Key of Galdbird dungeon.
Hero Points: Hero Points are used in Hero Point Summons, where gear and guardians can be obtained. When using friends and adventurers, 10 and 5 hero points, respectively, may be obtained on their first use of each day. Hero Points may also be given out in events or as log in bonuses.
Stamina and Rank
Stamina will naturally regenerate at a rate of 1 Stamina per 5 Minutes. You can also use S Gels to regen half your stamina, or L Gels to regen all of your stamina. Please note that you cannot exceed your maximum stamina with gels.
The maximum stamina increases by 3 every 4 levels as the player ranks from Rank 40 to Rank 200, after that, the maximum stamina increases by 1 every 2 levels.
Currently, only Malik Keys and Ares Realm are reliable places to farm EXP for stamina gain.
Strengthening Units
Herbs and other stat increasing items may be obtained from events and log in bonuses, as well as prizes from some summons. These items can increase unit ATK, HP, and RCV. Herbs are very important and give a notable stat increase for units, and priority is often given to units which will be used in teams frequently or as vital parts of the team, such as finishers or healers. For more information on herbs and where to obtain them, see the wiki page.
Limit Breaking:
Units can be limit broken by fusing two or more of the same units together. This increases the number of times it can be leveled. Most units can be limit broken up to 4 times, though some can go higher.
Elements: The base unit's element should be considered when Limit Breaking. Elemental rings have been introduced and can be used to change to a desired element, but are currently still limited resources and should be used wisely. Elements are typically chosen based on the strong weapons available or upcoming per type. A compiled list of these weapons can be viewed here.
Here is a guide on limit breaking, as well as selecting the element for units.
Hawks: Hawks are also available to limit break units. (Please note that there are special units that cannot be Limit Broken using Hawks. These units are listed here.) Also refer to this guide if you wish to get a better idea on who to hawk.
Some units may be awakened into 6-star units from their 5-star versions. There are two types of Awakening: Power and EX. Power typically uses common pool units, while EX uses newly summonable units. Awakened units receive updated stats, a second leader skill, updated active skills, and a fifth passive, as well as an increase in LC. For more information and the awakenable unit list, see the Awakening page on the wiki.
Special Hawks, called Forcebirds, are available to awaken Power Awakening units. These will only work on Power Awakening units (not EX Awakening units), but will work on any of them regardless of type.
Arte Types: Artes are special skills that activate in battle which deal extra or special types of damage. Some may use multiple hits, while others use one large damage burst. They may also hit multiple enemies.
Elemental Artes: If an arte has an element associated with it, it acts as another weapon element when calculated in a chain.
Healing Arte/Vampires: Artes may also include special effects, such as Healing Arte, which restores HP from the damage dealt.
Delayers: They may also have a Delay Arte, which may increase the amount of turns an enemy takes to attack temporarily.
Leveling Artes: Artes may be leveled by activating the arte on a unit. There is no way at this time to speed through the process, besides creating auras to force an arte activation, either through an active skill or with the heart trick. For more information on artes, please see the wiki page, located here.
For a list of different types of passives and what they do, please see the wiki category.
Leveling: Passives may be leveled simply by a unit killing an enemy. Malik Keys expedite the process, as Hard multiplies each kill by 3, while Mania multiplies each kill by 5. Every other area is treated as 1 kill per enemy, so leveling passives outside of Malik Keys should be done anywhere with many enemies.
The last unit in a chain will be the one that receives the kill credit, including the kills from another unit's AoE arte activation.
Leader Skills
Leader skills activate when conditions are met automatically. The leader skill can be combined with a friend unit, multiplying any stat boosts they give. The skills may activate based on unit type, tile color, HP conditions, or various other conditions.
To view leader skills and search for units with particular types, please see the wiki category.
Active Skills
Active skills can be activated by using LC to enable their effects. Skills may multiply damage considerably, restore HP, or change tiles to others to enable larger damage combos, as well as many other miscellaneous effects. A list of units and their active skills may be found here.
Boost Types: The same type of active skill (such as two skills that boost star tiles) cannot be activated at the same time. However, if the skill boosts two different things, such as tiles, and type (for example, boosting star tiles and boosting thrust units), they may be combined. A third type of skill, which reduces HP for a boost, may also be combined for an even larger damage boost.
A unit's element, when activated by a guardian, will determine its strength or weakness. This in turn will cause the player to do more or less damage, as well as take more or less damage depending on the element. Weapons also give elemental advantage/disadvantage, but the weapon equipped will not make the player take more damage.
The four basic elements of fire, water, wind, and earth, all work in a circular fashion of strength and weakness. If an element is stronger, it will do 1.5x damage to an enemy, while if it is weaker, it will do 0.75x damage.
Light and dark elements have different properties, and are strong against each other: these two will always do more damage to the opposing element. However, the player's light and dark heroes will not take extra damage when hit by the opponent.
Guardians are units that can be obtained through the Guardian Hero Point Summon or the Guardian Ticket Summon. Hero Points can be obtained through quests and special events. You can get Guardian Summon Tickets from Quest stages, as well as from events. You can equip up to three guardians at a time, 1 Defense, 1 Attack, and 1 Support. Attack guardians give slight boosts to your team, depending on their elements. Defense guardians slightly lower enemy attacks based on element. Support guardians provide buffs like preventing status ailments. For more information, please click here.
Equipment adds additional stats to a unit depending on the gear. Units may equip two pieces of equipment, even if the two are both weapons or both armor. All units may equip armor, while the weapon type must match the unit type.
Elements: Equipment may add elemental advantages (and disadvantages) against enemies, adding another multiplier for damage. However, if both pieces of equipment have the same element, the multiplier will only be added once.
Passives: Some equipment have passives. The passives will stack multiplicatively, so using more than one of the same passive is a viable strategy.
Limit Breaking: Equipment can be Limit Broken by fusing two or more copies of the same equipment together. This serves a dual purpose, as it will level the base equipment and give it slightly higher stats at the same time. Most equipment can be limit broken up to 5 times, but some items cannot be limit broken at all or have a different number of limit breaks available. One thing to keep in mind is that +'s aren't taken into account when limit breaking equipment. For example, fusing a SR++ weapon with a SR+ and SR version of itself will give the same result as fusing 3 of the same SR++ weapons together.
Evolving: You can evolve a piece of equipment up to two times, from (for example) N -> N+ -> N++. Each evolution requires special evolution material and the equipment being evolved must be at max level. Standard equipment use the same evolution materials, but event items usually require different items to be evolved. Each time you evolve a piece of equipment, its level starts back at zero.
Masterwork/Mastwork Weapons: Masterwork/Mastwork weapons are special weapons obtained as rewards for clearing various story quest stages. They can't be upgraded, but can instead be Limit Broken 99 times. “(Element) Blacksmith Rezo” now appears in certain story chapters and drops Mastwork gear upon being defeated.
Mystic Artes
Mystic Artes (MAs) are used on specific units to increase their damage significantly by an amount dependent on the rarity of the Arte Soul. The Arte Souls are typically obtained from Soul Arena, which is hosted every three weeks and features particular units. Rarely, they may be obtained through log in bonuses or other events.
Equipping Arte Souls: Arte Souls are equipped on a unit's information page, similar to how gear is equipped. There will be a button for the Mystic Arte near where the Level Up button is displayed.
Upgrading Arte Souls: Arte Souls can be upgraded with Goddess Drops (R to R+), Goddess' Bless (SR to SR+), and Goddess' Love (UR to UR+ to UR++). These materials are obtained by rank in Soul Arena. Note that you cannot upgrade Mystic Artes from different rarity types (such as SR to UR), but R, SR, and UR Arte Souls can all be obtained in Soul Arena.
MAs are activated when a 9-link is performed, and the chain ends on a unit with an Arte Soul equipped. The damage overwrites the usual arte multiplier. The displayed damage is effectively doubled.
Arte Soul Damage:
Rarity R R+ SR SR+ UR UR+ UR++
ATK 0 0 0 0 0 100 100
Multiplier 150% 200% 250% 300% 400% 400% 500%
Please note Vargas Sara has a different formula.
Available MAs: A list of currently obtainable, as well as future arte souls, can be found here.
Battle Mechanics
Damage Calculations:
Damage Calculator
Tile Appearance:
7 4 1
8 5 2
9 6 3
Link Multiplier Progression:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
x1 x1.2 x1.5 x1.9 x2.4 x3.0 x3.7 x4.5 x.6.0
Common Issues
My character isn't appearing in my hero box!?!: Check who you sent to go on a mission with Lippy. While with him, they won't appear in your box. If they are not with Lippy, check to see if your filter is on. If they're not in either place, you probably sold them. If you wish to avoid this in the future, please favorite heroes you do not wish to part with.
Rerolling Guide
Technical Issues and Lost Accounts:
Customer Support can be found here:
Backing Up Your Account: To back up your account, select the Menu. Then,select "Transfer." There should be two options: "Transfer Code" and "Facebook Binding." Facebook Binding will bind your account to a Facebook account of your choosing. The transfer code method requires a user-generated password and the transfer code itself. It is recommended to either screenshot or record it somewhere safe. Transfer codes expire after a month, even without use. Be sure to grab a new one monthly! Please also remember to write down your user ID number in the event that something happens and your account is lost.
I'm stuck at XX content, how do I get stronger?: Check out this teambuilding guide!
Team Building Guide
  • Strengthen your gear and take advantage of elements.
  • Make sure your leader skills and active skills are optimized for your party.
  • Make sure your equipment is optimized according to the content and at full potential.
  • Level heroes, unlock passives, and maximize arte activation level.
  • Clear more story stages for stones to roll new heroes.
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